Tarek Kareem Harris

Tarek Kareem Harris

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About Tarek Kareem Harris

Tarek Kareem Harris, better known as Dr. TK Harris – MD DpOL (Oxon). Dr Harris is medical doctor who specialises in everyday mental health and wellbeing in Islam. He is ever thankful of his friend Mufti Menk, who introduced his work to the public.

He trained medically in Edinburgh and Oxford some 25 years ago and first worked as a heart surgeon, where he became fascinated as to how stress and bad news caused problems like heart attacks. He found his true calling in examining how the mind and body affect each other, and turned to neuroscience. He has been a neurospsychiatrist since then, helping thousands of people regain their mental health without financial cost to them.

Tarek Kareem Harris, later returned to Oxford to do study advanced organisational leadership, and began helping high-functioning people to thrive in their chosen fields using performance coaching methods. He studied the connections between the sciences of happiness, mental wellbeing and mental illness, and how they connect to Islam in everyday life.

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