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Abu Eesa Niamatullah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a decision that will cause people to lose weight and feel sick. They ask questions about the situation and encourage people to eat chocolate or go to the restaurant. The speaker also talks about a new fitness lesson and a fight with a coffee machine.
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I just want to say that from today, we have to have, we're making an official statement, an official decision executive decision, which is going to delight some people and upset other people. It's going to delight the people who want to try and lose weight and it's going to upset those that are just suddenly seeing this as a freeloading session. Yeah, with no more chocolates.

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No more junk food.

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No more calories being added in this lesson. So let's take some questions. And more importantly, let's eat some chocolate. Or what a short that's what I'm talking about bro.

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Allah Akbar

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i see cubs hot flip Panek

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what is going on the people on the line they get the day they've they've made a lot of all sugar you went to the homes is sick.

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Bro, these timbers are sick. By the way, I can't share this out you have to come to the table for Timbits because this is messy. We had to Hoover the machine last time by the way. Yeah, okay, that was not fun. Oh, sugar you sick guy? Oh, yes. But there's some complaints were put Zephyr said that Yan is very bad that you stopped things up at bringing these sweets and everything and she said of course he and he is getting lonely as well. Because he was dependent upon those sweets. Me I want to Excuse me

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What did you say? I said that she said like sweets

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All right. Okay, so that doesn't matter

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if you believe that okay if you believe that anyway, I My wings are like a shield of steel All right, I am now I wear

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an Iron Man I'm a British

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well we are a laughingstock we're a laughingstock did Islamic world. Overdose eat chocolate in His grace people online dating what kind of grace is this

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oh my goodness off

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this one by the way

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that's fine.

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I want to understand do we give a woman to have a party now?

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Or do we have an after because you know then after the uncles take over and then it all becomes miserable that's what happens

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no you don't you

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no chocolate no chocolate Eagles What the heck is Ira who said no more food? Oh my oh I'll tell you what we love we love the jumbo versions

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what a fitness lesson you're not a bad you know

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the PA what is going on bro

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this is legitimate excuse I just want to say which excuse are we using the saber? Saber? Yeah this is legitimate excuse this is legitimate I don't care all the haters online okay

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that's a different one

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so heavier never seen according history books are heavy my life

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is back. I don't know anyway

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okay, I just wanted to show this is so bad. But this is so good. Mashallah. NIF mashallah was blessed with the baby daughter nusseibeh. God Allah Subhana Allah to bless her makeup masala has an audience at the mercy of Allah. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make her the corners of her parents eyes and to protect the parents Allahumma Amin

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and I'm very glad that you got me this for my daughter. That's for my first job and this is for my second job.

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And maybe we can share that box with everyone. Uh huh. Oh my goodness. All right, we're just only we just tried this to freak people out

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I'm sorry yes

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yes, this is legit. Yeah.

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The next Wallah he I swear by Allah.

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I swear by Allah I'm serious. No more. I have to guess I'm going to lose weight. Walla Walla are the immunity from that. That's it. There's a last week unbelievable. No more food ever. No, you've already known it.

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Haram not to waste it.

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