Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #106 Nov 26th 2014

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of the Hadith and its use as a secretive act. The segment also touches on the dangerous practices of men and women in the aftermath of the American Social Security Administration, including the use of money for personal business and political affairs. The segment emphasizes the importance of following rules and not blaming one another, as well as the importance of settling debts and showing the Prophet peace be upon him. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book on good deeds.
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Ah heavy

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allah God is the greatest alone and only glory to Him. He bought me Good Omens to be the best and give his best neuroligin to them. Allah God has the greatest

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glory to him

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is to be the best and give his best.

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A salaam alaikum alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ALA and Abby Hills for Pharisee Eden and Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Manuela who are dark brothers and sisters, I would like to welcome you to a new episode in our CS Guardians of the pious today insha Allah is going to be an episode number 123

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While explaining chapter number 26 And that is going to be the eighth episode in explaining the chapter which is known as the prohibition of oppression and the command of restoring others rights. We will begin with Hadith number 215. And this hadith is collected by a Muslim so dealing with the sound Hadith generated by a companion was known as rd ignore Omega al kindI probably Allah Juan and rd in your omega tell Condi about the Allahu Anhu called semiotic, rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam alcool many stamina hoomin Kumala Ahmed in Sakata mana mithya upon Fernando Kahu Cana have Google and hear TV I will milk em for comma lie about rollin s Hua Domina onsolve Kelly alzado Eli

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for Kalia rasool Allah, Echo Bella Nyan Allah, Allah Allah. Allah semeiotic semiotica taco Okada, Waka color, we're an APU en Nani stamina who Allah Hamelin fairly basically he worked as theory for ot I mean, who are his former OT? I mean, who else has won and who he unknown to her brother who Muslim? I didn't know may or may Allah be pleased with him, they rated that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Whoever among you is appointed by us to a position and he conceals from us anything, even a needle or less, it will amount to stealing or war or misappropriation, and he will be called upon to restore it on the Day of Judgment.

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Or they ignore May Allah may Allah be pleased with him Al kindI added, then a black man from Al Ansari stood up, I can see him still I can visualize him until now. And said O Messenger of Allah take back from me your assignment.

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The Prophet peace be upon him said, What happened to you? So the man said, I have heard you saying such and such referred to the previous statement. Then the Prophet peace be upon him said, I say that. And I say that even now, whosoever for you is appointed by us to a position he should render an account of everything big or small. And whatever he has given, whatever he is given there from he should take and he should desist from taking whatever is a lawful.

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The hadith is collected by Imam Muslim.

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So a lot of sulfat brothers and sisters in iron number 24. Allah Almighty said, walking home in a mess Oh.

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On the Day of Judgment, Allah will order the angels to stop everyone. We're talking about the believers of course, because the non believers from the beginning the long story will make it short and it will be thrown in fire. But now the hisab and the detail account will be for the believers Mr. Arun, question in a second. About what and for what you want to know.

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In the Hadith, which explains this as well and the views of Allah Allah selama said let us who cada Muhammad in Yamaki Emma hardtails Allahu Akbar.

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No one will be dismissed on the day of judgment before having to answer four questions. The first question is about his entire life and only he feels

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If not, the second is about his youth, how did he use it and utilize it is strength. And the third is about his worth. And a question concerning the worth consists of two parts

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mean a Enactus

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were female and fucka. How did he earn it? lawfully or unlawfully? Okay, then you earn lawfully good for you, and how did he spend it? A lawful means or an unlawful means moderately, or he wasted it.

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And the third is about his knowledge. What did you do with your knowledge? Did you benefit yourself from this knowledge and act upon it or not? So the four questions as interview salada selama said, no one will be dismissed on the day of judgment,

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and will be sent to his fate final abode before having to answer those four questions, which obviously, will determine his fate,

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work before home, in the home mess alone. So the question will be concerning everything which is big, or even little, Al Anon we will hurry May Allah bestow on him collected the Hadith Narrated by Abu Hurayrah the Allah Allah in this regard, they said, on the day of the conquest of Hiber, we did not really have is gold or silver, but those spores were in the form of flocks of sheep, cows, cameras, you know, and so on. Then we left with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam to a place which is known as where the kora and he used to have a seven of his was given to him as a gift. And while he was unloading the belongings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he got hit by an arrow. So people

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shouted, saying honey Allahu shahada, congratulation he died as a Shaheed being the servant of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the protector of his belonging. So in the view Salalah Anya selama said, Belle will not enough cvrd In a sham letter Lottie Asada haoma Hi Bob Mina Nava anime learn to sue the * Makkasan let us tear it while he now.

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He reveals something to them that they did not know about it that this guy stole from the EU spoil Shambhala

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And Anna Rio Salado selama said that the distributed the spoils and this item was not distributed because it will cease by this man by the servant. Because of that it has been lit into fire. And he is being punished by the means of the Shimla or clock because he stole it from the public fund.

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He stole it from the public fund. So sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to send his employees and governors right and left here and there and he was very keen to choose the honest and trustworthy persons. And sometimes he would see one of his companions whom you love so much and he knows that he's very righteous, but he is not qualified nor is he fit to become a governor.

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It's okay to send wires and I will masala Cherie and such and such. He knows him very well. But he comes to I was really referring says I love you. I love you for I love for you what I wish for myself. Don't you ever be a guardian or a governor even over to brown mm over even two people. You're better off without it. Okay. And when somebody came to him and said the Rasul Allah, a family member, relative is Adi Rasul Allah, it's their money. Why don't you hire me? Why didn't you appoint me as a governor? He said, Well, we do not grant it to whoever asked for it. We rather see whoever is qualified, we appoint him to do it. That was his style SallAllahu Sallam in actually appointing

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the governors and the government workers, the employees who will collect this occur who will be leaders of such and such community or

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you know, locality. He sent ma they punishable and Abu Musa luxury to Yemen and such and such to Makkah and so on, so he would carefully choose them. But afterward those governors those high ranking officers are supposed to choose their employees as well. So maybe your Salah Salem would not keep an eye on every person. Well, I can yet he used to. Yet I felt kaboom Bill Maher wherever every once in a while he would pay the advice. So that advice would transmit to everyone from those the top ranking officers, the governors all the way to the smallest workers. Those who

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would go to collect those occur and those will go to this they do this for the cart, and do all this kind of little work. Why? Because he fears for them the punishment of fire. He's having mercy on everyone. And the life is very tempting, especially when one is in possession of plenty of wealth as an Amana.

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He is entrusted to redistribute it, were entrusted to collect it and no one is going to keep record. No one is going to audit how much he collected and how much he distributed. You know, it's hard to keep record, but he entrusted that they do have consciousness

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and their conscience would bring them to the state of reform, and will make sure that they will not take anything which is not theirs. So every once in a while, the Prophet peace be upon him would remind the companions with the importance of making sure that you do not take anything which is not used, or else. Look at this guy. The Companions congratulated him they said that honey Allahu shahada, your dad as a Shaheed but interview Salah salem said in fact I see him in fire because of Shimla small fabric that he took it before distributing Elva NEMA, which is not his one the young Lulea TV my Rolla yo Malkia. So, when he said that a man got up and he came to the Prophet

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sallallahu ala selama and he bought him something very insignificant visual work in our visual arcane, say they are Rasul Allah I actually told these two items you know,

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without right and nobody knew about it so and abuse Allah Allah Allah Salah message Sheila Cohen, Al Shara Kearney, mannaar anything you take it, even if it is the shoelace, they will be from fire, and they will be a cause of burning and fire for the person who sees the the person who took it without, right. How many times we mentioned this in the chapter, the chapter of the command of restoring others rights, because it is very important. And because in fact, most of us are involved somehow in any of these violations. And Allah Almighty says, Well, that could fit in a ziggurat and for all men in this reminder, frequently reminding each other because this reminder would benefit the believers

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and Hamdulillah we offer the prayers on regular basis. And many of us offer then a wife will also regular basis and many of us pray at 900 and the first voluntary fasting they're very keen to go for ombre Ramadan and you know whenever they can afford to go for Hajj. But sometimes these small errors can ruin our future and withdraw the baraka the blessing from our life in this life. And we know not we're not feeling what is going on.

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You're using the company car to do your own business. You tell us in a company employee or a government employee because you are his senior or superior to send him to do some of your own business. This is very dangerous. Very dangerous. Why? Because you're taking something which is not your so you have to be very careful brothers and sisters. And you don't want many American Abdulazeez may Allah be pleased with him. I'm worried now Abdulaziz is one of alpha,

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who is known as the fifth widely guided Khalifa even though he was not the fifth in order. The four right regarded philosopher according to the prophecy of interview Salah Salem Al Khalifa to Rasheeda Salah as soon as Senator will work on Omar was manually on the 30 years.

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And a few months ago Hassan Ali, then

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there came the philosopher of Benny omega the Umayyads, one of the rulers of Benny omega, it was an American Abdul Aziz, may Allah be pleased with him, who is the great grandson of Muhammad Abdul hottub Radi Allahu Allah has a beautiful story how he ended up becoming the Khalifa. But in any case, he was very righteous, very pious to the point that that some of his governors and Willa, when he appointed came to discuss some of the affairs of the OMA in his house.

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So they had lit a candle

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and when they finished conversing concerning the conditions of the OMA and the office work, then they started talking about personal business family matters. Omar Abdulaziz Radi Allahu Anhu got up and he put out the light of the candle

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The oil lamp. They said why would we sit in the dark is it because we're talking about personal affairs? We're talking about personal interest because while we're talking about the business of the OMA who would use them the light this oil belongs to wait and man I have been given this to serve the OMA now I'm not serving them we're talking about our personal issues oh my god you know we see many people actually charge their cell phones in the Haram

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and they do not bother to ask whether this is haram or Halal taken from the use from the electricity of the Haram This is very important. We see a lot of people belittle taking other small items or big items or huge items from the public fund without paying any attention to it. This is very dangerous.

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Irma Abdulaziz may Allah be pleased with him once the collected this occur and you know that during his

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ruling time which was less than three years,

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masha Allah, the public fund in battle, Mel was more than sufficient to cover all the needs of the needy ones so that people he used to send people to call in the seats if there is anyone who's in need, and if appear, but no one showed up because everyone become rich in the whole Oma. So he started offering the bachelors, the single men and women to get married, and he will cover their medical expenses, he will buy them a house and those who cannot afford to have made the cannot afford to have a right. To that extent. The Baraka was widespread because the ruler himself was righteous. So the governors become rightist and they learn from our motive now Abdul Aziz, and he

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kept an eye on them.

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Listen to this, if you think that the issue of the light lamp of the oil lamp and the candle was very unique, very amazing. Once they collected the zakah of the oil, the perfumes and the mask, so they brought it in the pots. And when it was sitting before him, he blocked his nose, his masters, he withheld them. They said, You know, you're not using it. You're just meant in it. He said and what is the benefit of the mosque is to smell it. And this is a care. I'm not allowed to smell it.

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Look at optimum Badak I wonder if those who are in charge of the affairs of the Muslim ummah have ever went to schools. Madras has studied Quran studied the Sunnah, heard what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in this regard, or the lifestyle of directly guided Hola, Rama

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Hatami Allah be pleased with him or Omar Abdulaziz. You know what will happen to them when they hear about this.

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Rama did not realize he is closing his nostrils, straining himself from smelling the fragrance of the mask because it belongs to us aka

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Rama them hottub in an exceedingly hot day, and while it was windy, he masked his face because of the sun and he was running chasing a camel or smiling no offense saw him. So take it easy on yourself. Why do you hurt yourself on such a hot day? He said, Oh,

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by a camel which belongs to the charity ran away and I have to chase it. He could send anyone Why do you have to do is it's my responsibility. He's the one who said that. If a camel, not a human being toppled on the road, because it was not paved. It was not made easy for it anywhere. Like for instance in Iraq. Allah Almighty will ask me about it. Why didn't you make it paved or easy for the camel, not only for the humans, so they knew their responsibility. They knew that they're not there to harvest worth as much as they can and to rip off their nations and their countries as much as he can. No. They thought this is an opportunity to serve my people. This is an opportunity to serve the

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Muslim ummah. And to be very careful, because anything that you take without right is a liability. And you will come on the Day of Judgment, carrying it over your shoulder as we said that repeatedly.

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The following Hadith

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I know that if non Muslims happen to watch or hear what we're talking about, decide if this is actually the Syrah of the Muslims and the Muslim ummah. So how come they do not follow it? It's a very valid question. I don't know why don't we follow it? And instead of blaming one another, like I would blame our superiors and I will say the rulers. I would like to begin with myself

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And you begin with yourself and everyone begins with himself or herself, in their position in their job in their career in their company, whether private sector or government sector. Everyone be very careful not to take anything which is not your right. And pray ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring reform and righteousness to the entire ummah. The following hadith is Hadith number 216.

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And a lot of the hakab probably Allahu Anhu called

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landmark and Al Maha Eber

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apadana forum in us having a V Salalah. Alia selama call for learning Shaheed waffleh Noon Shaheed hot Mavala rollin for call Fulham Shahid, for calling the view Salah Lohani selama. Kala in nero to Finnur phoebo that in Allah, Allah, Allah Who Muslim or Marina Hatami Allah be pleased with him the rate that on the day of the Battle of high bar, some companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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remarket saying so, and so is a mouth, and so and so is a mouth. And when they came to a man, about whom they say the same, so and so is a matter, and they pointed to him the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam declared, no, he is not. I've seen him in * for a mountain, or o'clock which he has stolen. Alborada is a type of clothes, or o'clock and alone is stealing from the wall spoils.

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This hadith has been mentioned by meaning narrators in different occasions, but it shows us

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that it was not only one incident. It was not only one companion who narrated the incident, it was made known to all the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, that this person is not a martyr, He does not deserve the title because he committed theft.

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Even though he died for the sake of Allah, His intention was sincere, but he's a thief. So that title will be withdrawn from him he will be stripped of this title, which would have made him eligible to enter paradise and to intercede for 70 of his family members. Unfortunately, he is a thief and he stole not from one person you stole from the public fund. And also the Hadees teaches us a very important lesson which is

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stop saying to specific people. He is a mother she is a mother such and such is a Shaheed so and so is a Shaheed because there is something only Allah subhanaw taala knows about it and can verify it.

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No one else knows it. When people came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he asked him, one was fighting for such and such reason, and one was fighting for such and such reason, he simply save only one who is fighting for the sake of Allah. If he dies in this condition, he is considered a month. If you fight him for any other reason, it does not give you the title if you die for its sake, only if you're fighting for the sake of Allah as it will be explained in the following Hadith. So what does it mean?

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It means we have been really really excellent elegant in calling people who died for a reason or another. He is a Shaheed she is a mother. Now they expanded even to say to non Muslims. Oh, he is a martyr and she's a martyr and they know that they died. While this believing in the Oneness of Allah and denying the message of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. I would like to confirm that it is not up to any of us.

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Now even up to the companions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to be certain and to declare such and such person is a matter. It is something to be declared only by Allah Almighty, but we can speak in general, as when the Prophet peace be upon him said those who die for the sake of Allah, our martyrs, okay?

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So we usually realize those who die for the sake of Allah and martyrs, but who actually died for the sake of Allah, Allah and hospice. So can we say, I hope that he's another. I hope that she is a Shahida. Yes, you may do that. But you do not distribute the title of shahada like you already know the unseen and you know, the hidden. None of us knows the intentions. It will be fair enough to judge your own intention, not the intention of others.

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Okay, we'll take a short break then soon after the break insha Allah will begin with Hadith number 217 within the same chapter chapter number 26 Please stay tuned

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back with the following Hadees Hadees number 270

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and it will retreat and confirm the meaning of the previous Hadith which we discussed in the last segment and also add another benefit. So let's learn the Hadith which is Narrated by Abu Qatada. May Allah be pleased with him. And Abby aquatera data and Hadith if they are a very lovely Allahu Anhu are Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and who come after him for the Corolla who energy had a fee Sabine in Lehi. Well Eman Avila he F balule Amelie for Cameroon, Kala rasool Allah or ATIA in Patil to finish I really love to get Pharaoh Anthony hot Rei to Cafaro honey hot Rei

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for Karla who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Nam In coetail tafisa really la he were an tasar Bureau matters even more to build on why you will not be so Nacala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam case occulta Karla arrivata in kotel to fee savvy in Lehi that will count for one new hot boy for Carla who rasool Allah is Allah Allahu Allah alayhi salam now when tasar of your own Mateus even know Kabir on are you remote Baron, a lead they in the in the villa his Salam Carly's lick for one Muslim.

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The great companion, Abu Qatada al Hadith, EB Norbury, may Allah be pleased with him, then rated then the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, facing Allah and is thriving in his calls, in the form of jihad, or the deeds of the highest merits. A man stood up and said, O Messenger of Allah, tell me if I'm killed in the cause of Allah, like on the battlefield, will all my sins be forgiven? The Prophet peace you open him replied, Yes. If you're killing the cause of Allah while you are patient, hopeful of your word, and motion forward and not retreating. Then the Prophet peace be upon him say to him, repeat what you said again, the man said, Tell me, if I'm killed in the

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cause of Allah, will all my sins be remitted? He replied, is be upon him. Yes. If you are martyred while you are patient, hopeful of your word and march forward without reading, unless, if you owe any debt that will not be remitted. Angel. Gabriel told me that the hadith is collected by an imam Muslim. The hadith explains the virtues of fighting for the sake of Allah on the battlefield and the virtues of dying for the sake of Allah. And it is a topmost part of this deen and those who die for the sake of Allah, all the sins will be remitted, except one sin, which is an Dain if you are in debt, which means one has to make sure that he would not borrow unless if he is desperately in need.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:34

And if he borrows he should have a sincere intention to pay back and to restore others rights on their due times. And if he felt he should write his was a year or bequest that his family members and his ears so try their best to settle his debt. Like what is right in the law when did on the day of the Battle of the Cameroonian state to his son, I believe that I'm going to be a martyr today.

00:29:35 --> 00:30:00

So I owe so much 1.2 million. So please make sure that you sit on my debt even if you have to sell all our properties. And if you're ever stopped, seek help from my master say yeah, my will as do by meaning, turn to Allah and say, Oh Allah, the master of zubaid helped me out to sit in his dead and Willow.

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on how he managed to settle his debt when we explain this hadith

00:30:06 --> 00:30:21

and Nabil Salalah Alia Salam received an area in surah Allah Imran which is number 161, which says, When I can only intervene when we're making Avalonia. TV now one woman

00:30:23 --> 00:30:28

whom to welfare could loan I've seen cassava to whom.

00:30:31 --> 00:31:11

It is not befitting for any profit to steal. No way a prophet whom ALLAH chose will commit a theft, and whatever steals, shall being whatever he stole on the Day of Judgment, then every soul shall receive its adequate recompense, and no one will be wrong and art and will say and will rule particular stealing from the public fun or from the worst point in the Hadith, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him say Nam Enoch lumineux. Kalam often sebelah anyone who will even get injured for the sake of Allah.

00:31:13 --> 00:31:58

And Allah knows best who is really injured for his sake. He said, What? What Allahu Akbar Allah movie manual, clomifene sebelah you may say the injury, you may see the person on the battlefield, there was a very interesting story of a man called Al Osiris is the last person to accept Islam from an onslaught. And he was kind of stubborn, they gave him down, he refused. Then on the battle of Ohio, they saw him he came and he fought alongside with them again as Americans, and he was injured. And while he was taking his last breath, some of the companions asked him what brought you to the battlefield? Are you coming hammy attend our prejudice? Because the Mexicans attacked and Medina and

00:31:58 --> 00:32:06

you're coming to defend and Medina why this question was asked why the guy was, was dying, because they will make all the difference in the world.

00:32:07 --> 00:32:36

We will find out whether this guy died as a believer, and he should be dealt with after death. As a believer, his body will be washed off for the funeral prayer for him. Invoke Allah for mercy for him, and bury him amongst Muslims in the graveyard. And he may be called the Shahid or not. So he said, No, I came because I testify to the Oneness of Allah. And Muhammad is his last message. So this person actually died without performing a single soldier.

00:32:37 --> 00:32:50

Because you only accepted Islam on the battlefield, and he died as a shaheed. Why? Because he was asked what brought you here? He said, For the sake of Allah.

00:32:51 --> 00:33:35

Can we really be sure who died for the sake of Allah and who did not we don't know. Because interview salatu salam I said, Well, Allahu Allah movie menu, Okhla movie sebelah Allah knows best, who was injured, and whether this NGO would for the sake of Allah, or for whatever other worldly reason. Similarly Anhedral it said, Whosoever is migration is for the sake of Allah, then he will be rewarded accordingly. And also Evers migration for a worldly gain or a woman to marry, then he will get whatever he migrated for, and that said, He will not get any award from Allah subhanaw taala. Then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said,

00:33:36 --> 00:33:40

whoever is injured for the sake of Allah and as a result of that

00:33:42 --> 00:33:50

will come on the day of judgment or who Yes, Robert diamond, and while his injury is bleeding, like fresh blood,

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the color is the same color of the blood. It is flowing from the injury from the one but we're really one mask, but the fragrance will be the fragrance of the mask. Why this is one of the virtues of you know, pain your life for the sake of Allah for the cause of Allah. You will be redirected. His wound is still bleeding. The color is the same color of the blood. But the smell and the fragrance will be the fragrance of the mosque. The catch in the hadith is when Nabil Salalah on SLM assayed wala, who Alamo Bhima New Colombo fee sebelah because of that Al Imam Al Bukhari, may Allah have mercy on him actually listed in the chapters of his book in his Slavia a chapter which is known

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as in in given the title, baboon law, your call of Allah alone shade chapter, it is not permissible to say so and so is the Shaheed you do not specify a particular person with a martyrdom.

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Unless if Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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on him, has mentioned him as a shahid or an altar or he was mentioned before the Prophet peace be upon him and he approved that only in this condition we say yes I'll Hamza the prophets uncle is a shade he said Say you to show her that you're Hamza

00:35:19 --> 00:35:23

Jafar even toilet may Allah be pleased with him

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because both his arms are cut off. When the battle of water and abuse Allah Allah Allah selama said Allah gave him two wings to fly within paradise. That's why he's known as Jaffa, Hamza Allah, may Allah be pleased with him,

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got married, and when he heard the call for jihad, he left bed and he was in a state of impurity because he just consummated the marriage. And he didn't have a chance to perform most soldier on the battlefield. And he was killed. When the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and his companions were burying him, he asked his family what is so special about him?

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I mean, I see something very, very unique. I see the angels are washing his body.

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So his wife said this is what happened when you heard your caller saying hi allergy had he left without performing host. So he is given the title of not only a mother but also Vasil mela Iike the angels washed his body may Allah's peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad. And may Allah be pleased with all the companions of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam so we should not take it easy by distributing the title of shahada such and such as Shaheed know should we become judgmental of others fate? If a person who says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah and ICT Allah knows what happened to him. Where is he now? We don't say his agenda or his or not honey laka shahada,

00:37:01 --> 00:37:35

congratulation, you're gonna stay to heaven, rise to heaven and all of that we only pray. We ask Allah to grant in the honor of shahada, we ask Allah to forgive his sins, he is definitely in need for our dua. And that's why the funeral prayer is prescribed. Why in order to make dua and invoke Allah to bless the dead person. And also Prophet Muhammad in the sound Hadith said, advice on us to continue praying for the dead, that nothing benefits the dead person after his death.

00:37:36 --> 00:38:24

Except three things he mentioned one of them. I will add in Psalm 100, Rola righteous trial to pray for him, it would benefit him, if anyone to were to pray for him, but who would care about praying for a particular person except, you know, his son, his daughter, you know, his closest children, his offspring, or his students, or his students. That's why he also said, Elmendorf Alba, every time I perform Umrah or Hajj Of course, or whenever I come to finish the Quran, remember my teachers my shoe who taught me, you know, especially those who taught me they use for knowledge, the religion, I used to have a professor of analytical chemistry. He may be watching me right now, Allah subhanaw

00:38:24 --> 00:38:33

taala knows best. He came from the states to teach us at Al Azhar University, in the pharmacy school analytical chemistry.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:44

But he inspired us to be righteous and to utilize this knowledge to benefit others. And he spoke to us about down in the States. So I will be sitting in,

00:38:45 --> 00:39:28

in the classroom and thinking and contemplating whatever he says, The day has come where I had the opportunity to travel there and follow exactly what he's been mentioning in the class. So he was not a Quran teacher. He was not a physical teacher. He was teaching chemistry, but he inspired us to do what is good so I always include them in my dua. May Allah bless him and his family. Those who guide people and teach people righteousness will benefit from everything that they do. Because of their guidance, they will get a similar word without diminishing their word of either those who are guided or those who acted upon this guidance May Allah make us from amongst them both.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:43

Don't know if we have time to take another Hadith? We do have about four minutes and I think we can wrap it up by this beautiful Hadith which is Hadith 218.

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

And why I decided to take it because we've been talking about it forever. So I think it will be easy to comprehend it and maybe you can add some more information stored on Ebihara Yatabe Allahu Anhu. Another

00:40:00 --> 00:40:18

Hola Hola. Hola. Hola Alia selama con at Rouen and then in worthless Carlo and mostly Safina Mala del hum Allahu Allah Mata. Takala in the movies I mean Almighty miyetti your multi mot de Salette in LA so yeah, I mean was a character.

00:40:19 --> 00:40:39

Well yeah, tea will Concetta Maha Okada Heather. We're Accola Mariela Hannah was Suffolk oedema Heather. Well barraba Heather, so you're upon her them in her sanity. Were her them in her sanity for in FeNi at her center to cover a yoke a yoke bomber ally

00:40:40 --> 00:40:47

Walker them in hotwire home for Tory hasta la vie for Natori ha Finn now, Power Home Muslim,

00:40:48 --> 00:40:50

the gate companion,

00:40:51 --> 00:41:48

Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him narrated that the Messenger of Allah is be upon him said, Do you know who is the Bancorp they say the Bancorp amongst us is the one who has neither money with him nor any property. He said, peace be upon him. Now the real bankrupt of my OMA would be he would come on the Day of Resurrection, with prayers with fasting with charity, plenty of good deeds, but he will find himself bankrupt on the day as he will have, as he will have exhausted the good deeds, because he hurled abuses upon others brought calumny, or NEMA against others, and Allah fully consumed the worth of others, and shed the blood of others and beat others. So his good deeds would

00:41:48 --> 00:41:53

be credited to the account of those who suffered at his hand.

00:41:54 --> 00:42:18

If his good deeds fall short to clear the account, then their sins would be entered into his account, and he would be thrown in the fire of *. While I heard Biller, called if I had the word I'll call is a great sin which is known as to slander an innocent man or woman with adultery.

00:42:19 --> 00:43:08

This is one of the destructive sins by the way, both Formosana Atilla filat to falsely accuse or slander chests, women, innocent woman with the crime of adultery, and it has a severe punishment in Islam. So the person would allow his tongue to slander to that point, to hurt the feeling of this person, feeling that person to market this person, keep doing all of that, because it will be all credited to your account, in a sense, that these guys will keep taking from your good deeds on the day of judgment, because it cannot compensate for them with cash, you cannot settle the case, by giving them property. Even if you've taken a property, you cannot say take your property back, there

00:43:08 --> 00:43:54

is neither words nor properties on the Day of Judgment, the currency will be only good deeds and bad deeds. So the good deeds will be spent in certain in those cases, and then it will be taken from their bad deeds because the case is still pending, and entered into his account. This is the real bankrupt bankruptcy in this dunya can be overcome. You know, in Europe, in in the states, if a person filed for bankruptcy, and he's off the hook, and all the debts will be cleared, whether tours banks or you know, whatever. In a few years. I know that in the states five years, you start building a new credit and start from the scratch you're not bankrupt anymore. With this is not the

00:43:54 --> 00:44:10

case with the actual bankruptcy, which nav peace be upon him is referring to he's referring to an everlasting bankruptcy. Well, if a person was extremely poor, owns nothing, neither money nor properties in this life, then he died.

00:44:11 --> 00:44:27

Then he died. He's not bankrupt anymore. He was bankrupt. So so long as he was alive, but a person who has mountains of goodies of fasting of prayers of charity, and also plenty of wealth, then he died while oh when people

00:44:30 --> 00:44:59

apologies for hurt in their feeling for lying about them, for slandering them, for walking amongst people with calumnies. All of that we all of that would actually clear off the record of his good deeds in order to settle the pending cases with those who have been affected either by the harm of his tongue or the harm of his hand through a person then then furthermore, taken from the bad deeds, and eventually will be thrown and fire

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

While I as a biller who would like to be like that person, hopefully none of us because of that, and abuse Salalah and SlMs aid, if you remember, I'm Alana, a case opinion case that you heard somebody's feeling, you lied about somebody, you that might hurt somebody will you talk a property you seize the property which belongs to somebody else which is not used sit in those cases, before the day of judgment will come, when you will not be able to settle them by the means of cash and properties. Rather, it will be only good deeds and bad deeds. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the good conclusion, our actions and our lives and then to us forgiveness for our sins before we die and

00:45:42 --> 00:45:56

guide us to settle in Imago and in between us and others before we meet him subhanho wa Taala Akula Kohli had our stuff for Allah. Hi, Lea, welcome. Bye that will come to the end of today's edition of Guardians of the pious and until next time Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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love our God is the greatest

00:46:13 --> 00:46:58

glory to Him. He bought me humans to be the best and gave his best religion to allah God has the greatest, long annoying glory to Him on a quest to be the best and give is this religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about and in paradise, worshipping comes fire and stones sending their best to the cheapest? Why did they know that forgetting all about * and bad guys, we're shipping cars fire and stoves, selling their best and cheapest

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