Lean Into Your Gift – Don’t Try to Be Someone Else

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker discusses how people try to lean into their own gifts and become attached to someone else. They use examples such as the success of the shoulder shoulder sand and the success of the shoulder sand being a high tuner. The speaker emphasizes the importance of maximizing one's own talents and values to reach one's own potential.

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The idea of leaning into your gift isn't just with regards to parents directly to your children, but even me myself, right? Sometimes you even as an adult or you as a teenager, or wherever you're at, you might become so inclined, because we're naturally attracted to the success of somebody else. And so I see sharp Kamal is hilarious, right? He's got such great comedic timing. Imagine if I say to myself, I need to be funny like shakaama and so now I'm trying to be you know, and my jokes aren't working and it's not gonna work or I try to be intelligent

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it's not gonna work right? So imagine if the Companions tried to be each other like hiding the minutiae of the law and is trying to be a recite or like the liveness earth or Abdullah was really just trying to be a warrior like why didn't they do it it

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each Everybody's got their own gifts, they've got their own talents and hide it trying to be like Abdullah, who wouldn't have worked enough to live in Israel trying to be like high dignitaries wouldn't have worked. I've lived my gift was the Quran and him being able to recite and him being able to teach him how to lead gift was on the battlefield. And that completeness is in a community is each one trying to lean into their own gift, realizing that we're all complementary pieces, and that ALLAH SubhanA data made you unique and gave you certain talents. And so you maximizing those talents is going to take you further than you trying to be somebody else.