Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-051D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 160-161

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of preparing for difficult situations and not letting things happen is emphasized. The use of "has been" and "has been" to convey information is discussed, as it is impossible for a trainer to cheat a prophet. The Prophet sallama's actions, including theft of war booty and handing over things, are discussed, along with the history of his actions, including the use of needle and garments to cover theft and the loss of public property. The importance of being a good steward of one's own property is emphasized, and the use of needle and garments to cover theft and the loss of public property is also discussed.
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Then Allah subhanaw taala says he answered como Allah if Allah should help you, fellow Lalibela come then there is none at all who can overcome you? What Al who will come and if he should forsake you feminine the lady and SOCOM embody, then who is there that can aid you after him? Allahu Akbar. If Allah helps you, if Allah is with you, then this means don't fear anything. Because when Allah decides something he just has gone and it is right nothing can stand before Allah. So if Allah's help is with you, then no creature can defeat you, answered qumola If Allah helps you follow HollyWell ACOP love Alibaba calm. This means that there is no one at all who can overcome you. No

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one at all who can defeat you nothing. No matter how big the enemy is, no matter how huge the challenge is, no matter what a big monster you're dealing with love Alibaba COMM And Galib is from Elaine Lamba is all about to have dominance any love Alibaba calm nobody at all who can defeat you. When if Allah helps you. Why? Because no matter how huge no matter how great no matter how powerful something is, it is after all, the creation of Allah and before Allah is nothing and we know this from the Quran in surah baqarah 249 We learned come in fee attend kalila 10 relevant three attend Kathy rotten, be it Nila on Allah's help is with a small group than that small group and overcome a

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big group. That big group cannot overcome the small group because Allah's help is with the small group right what happened at budder the Muslims were few but that the help of Allah so even though the machine were so many they were not able to overcome them Lucha Libre Allah come what he will come and if he should abandon you, if Allah abandons you from invalidity, and sort of come in Verde, then who is there that can aid you after him who can nobody can nothing can, if Allah abandons you, you are done, you're defeated. That's it. No one can aid you. No one can help you with a a Hello, come here hello comes from call their lamb. And hood learn is to abandon someone in their time of

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need, any when they need your help you abandon them calcula around any, to leave them to not help them and to distance yourself from them. So if Allah abandons you in your time of need, when you are desperate, when you are ill, when you are alone, when you have a huge challenge before you and if Allah does not help you there, then who can help you? Men famine, so who there is that being who a lady who young circum will help you? And who is that somebody who will come and help you after him? Nobody can. Nobody can, no matter how much they love you, no matter how much knowledge they have, no matter how much they care about you, they cannot help you. They cannot bring you out of your

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difficulty. If Allah has abandoned you, what does this teach us? This teaches us that Allah's help matters more than anyone else's help. Right? And we want Allah to be on our side. Because if Allah is on our side, then we're good. And if Allah is not on our side, then it doesn't matter who was there not sufficient. Subhanallah and think about this is now in the context. And so como life Allah helps you like he helped you at brother, Fela volleyball accom that there is no one who can defeat you, like the machine were not able to defeat them at better, but what el lune come if he abandons you, like how he abandoned you at or when you disobeyed. For one, Villa de Yong Su command body,

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then who is that who can help you after him, meaning after Allah has left you or after it, remember the heat, it would refer to hold the land and he after Allah has abandoned you after his abandoning you. So this is a reminder that it doesn't matter how solid your plan is, it doesn't matter how good your decision is, how much you have consulted people, how well thought out it is. If Allah does not aid you, nothing of yours can suffice you. success and victory come from Allah. And when you believe in this, then this brings you confidence in your heart, that it comes from Allah and I'm praying to Allah and I'm doing the best that I can. So while Allah hopefully at our Collinwood minion, it is

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only upon Allah that the believers should put their trust any the believers should not put their trust on their resources on

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Their plan on their decision on their helpers. No. Put your trust in Allah because He's the source of victory. Right? Now this does not contradict preparation, this ayah does not mean that you don't prepare. No you have to prepare because Allah Himself has commanded us to prepare. Like for example, when it comes to battle, we learned in the previous ayah about how shall we don't feel our consultant. Consultation is part of preparation in total and file is 60. Allah subhanaw taala says we're a doula who must talk to him in Kuwait in one of the battle Hi, and prepare against the enemy, whatever that you are able to have power and have steeds of war, any horses even are mentioned. So

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prepare whatever that you can, preparation is there. But preparation is not the source of victory. The source of victory is Allah. So put your trust in Allah wa Mercan Alina begin a hold, it is not attributable to any profit, that he would act unfaithfully in regard to war booty, Walmart, Canada, Walmart Canada literally means and it was not and there is an implied word over here. And what it means is, it is not possible it is not permissible, it is not imaginable, it is not appropriate. And here this is talking about the negation of a major sin from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam This is why we would understand this as it is not possible in any circumstances. It cannot ever be

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imagined it can never be expected one that cannot Lena begin it is not possible for a prophet a yo hola that he would cheat that he would act unfaithfully in regard to the war booty that he would misappropriate any this is something unimaginable. Why? Because the prophets of Allah do not commit sins. And Hulu is actually a major sin and the statement Wilma Catalina vegan aka Hola, this shows us that whole lol he it's the complete opposite of prophet hood. And prophet hood and Hulu cannot ever go together. And he there is no way that a prophet of Allah could ever commit Lulu now the question is what exactly is Lulu who don't is from the root letters Lane lamb lamb, and her role is

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to steal or to take secretly from the war booty before its distribution. Okay, so imagine there's a war there's war booty that is collected afterwards and as it is gathered in one place before it is distributed among the people, someone comes and take something from it for themselves, or the law is that any whatever is found in the battlefield is handed over, it is put in the place where the war booty is being gathered. So a person says you know what, I like this thing that I have found I'm just going to keep it for myself, I'm not going to hand it over, this is also hold because the person is taking from the war booty before its distribution. So, it is a kind of piano any betrayal

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and cheating. So, when I Catalina begin a year hole, it is not possible it does not be fit a profit that he would ever commit or rule. Now for a profit to commit alone any This is impossible, unimaginable and hello is not just you know taking from war booty it is to betray right to betrayed the trust that has been imposed on a person. So in terms of a prophet loan would be to not convey what he is obligated to convey that he cheats and he does not convey. Allah subhanaw taala negates this, it is not possible for a prophet, that he would not convey what he is supposed to convey that he would keep certain teaching certain revelation only to himself and he would not pass it on. There

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is no way any a prophet of Allah would convey everything that he is supposed to convey. And we see in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala told his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that yeah are you gonna be you by lilmar on Zillow lake that oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam convey whatever that has been revealed to you. And part of that any of what he conveyed to people are actually verses in which he was reprimanded very gently, not reprimanded rather any he was corrected, okay. Like for example, the verses in Surah taba Arbor Soweto Allah and Jaya who Arma any that he found and he turned away because a blind man came to him and he think about it if you are not mentioned in

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Super pause

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A lot of terms, how would you convey you know those statements or those messages to other people, it would be very hard on you, and I'm sure you'd be tempted to not convey everything. But the fact that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam passed on all of the verses that he was supposed to convey, including the verses in which he was guided to a better way of action, like verses and solid ABA, or verses in which he was told to not be hasty in the recitation or verses that tell him you know, for example, in through the terrain, the first idea that Lima to hurry mama or *, Allah hulak That why do you prohibit what Allah has made permissible for you? And then we have verses in Surah Al

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Ahzab, in which the marriage of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to Xena Arroyo de la Mourinho is also mentioned any of these verses, if you think about it, if put yourself in a situation where you know something is mentioned regarding you, in not super positive terms, how would you convey it you would be very tempted to you know, keep that to yourself and just convey half a message, right, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did not do that he conveyed everything, exactly as it was given to him. And so Allah subhanaw taala, says Wilma Catalina begin as a whole, it is not possible. It is not imaginable for a prophet of Allah, that he would cheat, that he would betray, that he

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would keep something of revelation for himself and not convey it. He or what the statement is teaching us is that it is incorrect to even think that a prophet of Allah would betray because it is not the HELOC it is not the manner of the prophets of Allah to do Leanna any well my kinda Lina be you know being a profit any any profit ever any neither Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ever betrayed, nor did any profit before him ever betray. So here we see the third character of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam is being exonerated, that he is free from all types of deceit and treachery. And in another recitation of this idea, we have Omar candidate to begin a Yola, it is not

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possible that a prophet of Allah would be deceived would be betrayed, meaning it is not correct for people to deceive and cheat their profit.

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So people you need the OMA is being taught over here that you better not lie to your prophet, you better not cheat him You better not steal from what he has entrusted to you. And otherwise also, Rihanna cheating is something that is impermissible any with a prophet, any a person is not allowed to cheat a prophet of Allah lie to him, nor is it permissible to cheat any other human being. Now, since these verses are about the Battle of Muhammad, and also in general about battle, even Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu said that this idea was revealed in regard to a red robe that went missing from the spoils of war of butter at the Battle of butter. Okay, some people said that the messenger of allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam might have kept it for himself. Subhan Allah what a bad thought to entertain about the Prophet of Allah, that a red shawl went missing, and he they couldn't find it. And some people said that oh, maybe the Prophet said Allah who already said and kept it for himself. So Allah revealed this idea that Wilma can Alina be in a year Hola. Don't even think like that about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is incorrect of you to even imagine that he would commit betrayal that he would cheat that he would steal something. How could you ever think like that? And the thing is, there are people who think very bad thoughts about Allah about His Messenger,

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we should seek refuge with Allah from being such people who entertain wrong, bad thoughts about Allah and His messenger. And the thing is that when a person entertain such thoughts, then eventually, you know, these thoughts affect behavior. So we see, for example, into the Toba IFTA, about the hypocrites, Allah subhanaw taala says, women who may yell Mizuka, facade, the COTS, that among them are those who criticize you concerning the distribution of charities, any they criticize the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that, oh, he has not been fair, that he's keeping things for himself, or that he is not giving us as much as he should he they

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criticize the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so Allah subhanaw taala again, defends him in that idea that know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not cheat, or he is not unfair in terms of the distribution of charities. And here also, Allah subhanaw taala defends him. That one can Alena begin and Yeah, hold. There's hyperbole over here.

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It is not possible at all. Now think about the Battle of the archers, the people who were appointed at the small hill to defend the Muslim army from that side in order to ensure that the enemy would not come from that opening. If you think about it, why did they leave their posts? Because they thought that the battle is over, we have been victorious, the enemy is retreating. So come let us rush to the battlefield and collect war booty for ourselves. So indirectly, those people are being reprimanded that why did you think that you had to disobey the command of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam and rush to the battlefield and collect war booty for yourselves. Did you think that

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would keep it all to himself that he would not give you anything? Did you think that you had to fend for yourself over here that the Prophet sallallahu artisanal was unfair, so they're being reprimanded over here. Now, remember, that whole any stealing from the war booty before its distribution, or not handing over things fully? This is actually a major sin. There's a hadith in Sahih Muslim, in which we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah took Balu Salah to be ready to Hurin while sada Catan min Lulu Lin that Allah does not accept any Salah without purification, meaning if a person is not in a state of

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purification, and he prays Salah that's Allah will not be accepted, even if he goes on praying 20 to God, never even that will not be accepted because he prayed without purification. And Allah does not accept any charity from Hulu, some kind of let's say there's a bake sale, and people are bringing in goods in order to you know, sell them and or whatever items people are bringing, they're just, you know, handing it over to the salespeople. Okay, because everybody, of course, cannot stand and sell the food. So imagine how someone is supposed to be selling the food, and someone brings in an entire box full of cupcakes that are beautifully decorated. And this person thinks, oh my God, my

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neighbor's children are not well, and they would love this. Let me take this as a gift for them. So what does she do? She just takes the whole box and she puts it in her belongings? And yes, she, you know, maybe puts the money. Okay, let's say it's supposed to be for $20 She puts $20 All right, if you think about it, she didn't do anything wrong, but it is actually wrong. Because she should put it where the rest of the food items are for sale. Okay, then from there, she should go and buy it. So, Hulu, he this is about public property. Okay. Stealing from public property is something that everyone should have access to. Or everyone should have equal access to, you know, a person takes

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advantage of their position, okay, their position of authority, or their position of you know, for example, being the sales person, and then they just keep something for themselves. They don't put it out for everyone. So this is also Hulu. Okay, so Walmart can Alina begin a whole. Now hula is a major sin and it seriousness can be understood from the incident of we learned in Hadith about the man who became Muslim who used to serve the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam who went for Jihad and was killed. Imagine, went for Jihad and was killed but because he had stolen from the war booty. He was in *. A Hadith and Sunnah in an essay we learned about a man who died at Haber and the

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messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Pray for your companion, meaning he refused to pray janazah for that men, and the Prophet sallallahu Alisson gave the reason he said he stole from the spoils of war. So the companion said that we inspected his luggage, his belongings, and we found some of the beads of the Jews that were not even worth to Dirham, Allahu Akbar, and he had stolen some beads. Okay beads that had come from the Jews Yanni, the people against whom the Battle of Claiborne was and their worth was not even to that home. Rumor Mill hakab Radi Allahu Anhu he also reported that on the day of Klaver, a group of the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

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came and said so and so has been martyred so and so has been martyred until they said about a man that he has also been martyred. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no, I saw him in the fire because of a cloak, the any a shawl or an AR ba like a dress that he stole from the war booty. And then the prophets of Allah who earn insulin, told or model the Allahu Anhu that go and call out to the people that no one will enter paradise except the believers. In another Hadith we learn Abdullah bin Ahmed reported that there was a man called

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kitka in charge of the goods of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who died and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said he is in *. So the people went and looked and found him wearing a garment or a cloak that he had stolen from the spoils of war. Oh, can you imagine? This is what beads, cloak, shawl, a dress, these are things of little value, but because they were stolen, and this is not just theft, this is different from theft. Theft is that you go secretly take from someone's property, right? That is wrong, but you're harming one person alone is basically stealing from the entire people. Because public property or war booty are something that should be equally

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accessible or everyone should have equal opportunity to access it. Any theft from that is wronging. Many, many more people. And this is a reason why the sin is much greater. So Allah subhanaw taala says once a year LOL, and whoever betrays whoever commits such theft commits any such kind of betrayal, then yet to be Mahala yo multi Yama, he will come with what he took on the Day of Resurrection, and he will have to bring what he stole on the day off resurrection, meaning whoever steals or takes or hide something from the war booty for himself before its distribution before it is brought out before everyone that on the day of judgment, He will have to bring that thing Subhan

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Allah How can he bring it on that day, he will not be able to. So he will be punished severely. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whosoever among you is appointed by us to a position and he concealed from us even a needle or less, it will amount to misappropriation, it will amount to Hulu and he will be called upon to restore it on the Day of Resurrection. And he that will be his punishment that he will be humiliated severely humiliated before everyone and yet to be Mangala also means that he will bring his Theft the fact that he stole any that theft, that fact will come forth on the Day of Judgment his tuft will be exposed. So he will literally have to bring it and he will

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fail to do so. Alright, or what this means is that his Theft will be brought any he will bring his theft as in his staff will be exposed, so he will be humiliated. In either case the punishment is severe. Well, my Yellowlees TV Valhalla yarmulke Yama, if you think about the Hadith that I just mentioned to you, that person concealed even a needle or less, and he again, an needle is something very small. But see, it's a matter of principle, even the smallest thing cannot be misappropriated. A needle beads address nothing of it can be misappropriated. And the fact is that people who are in a position of authority or they have, you know, a privilege because of which they have greater

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access to public property. You know, if they begin taking small things for themselves, then eventually they will have no trouble taking big things for themselves. Today, it's a needle, tomorrow it will be addressed and the day after it will be something of greater value, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, that, be aware of those sins, for which is no Kafala for which is no expiation, any, you cannot make up for them somehow in the world. You know, for example, there are many sins that are you know, mentioned in the Quran, for which even the Toba or the expiation is mentioned, the expiation is what fasting for a certain number of days, for instance, or freeing a

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slave, but there are certain sins for which Kafala is not mentioned in it's not specified. And the sins are even more dangerous because when a person does stoma from them any What is he supposed to do in order to make up for the wrong that he did? He will for example, if for certain Cindy expiation is fasting 10 days, all right, a person fasts 10 days and then at least they feel somewhat better. All right, but for cinelike Lulu, he how much will the person fast 10 days 30 days, nothing has been specified. So the sin is hanging. You know, for a person any they've made Toba? They're seeking forgiveness. But imagine the fear that a person is constantly in and the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said from an Allah Allah che and OTV yarmulke Yama, whoever steeled something of public property, whoever commits alone, then he will have to bring it on the Day of Judgment. Now there are many forms of Oh

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Rule, some forms I've mentioned to you, like for example, a person is in a position of authority, and they steal, they take something for themselves from the war booty you need before distributing it among people, okay? Or someone is supposed to bring something and handed over where the rest of the warbled he is. And he does not do that he just keeps it for himself. Okay, this is one form of rural another form of balule is stealing from the cats. Okay? Like, for example, a person is appointed to go and collect the cat. So he goes and collects the cat, and the cat is not just in the form of money, right? It's also in the form of, you know, for example, dates. If a person has a date

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for them at the time of harvest, they have to give a certain amount in the cat, then the cat is also on camels, right? So imagine our person is collecting the cat. All right, and what are they supposed to do? They're supposed to bring it all back to the leader. Okay. And then when he brings it back from there, the cat property will be divided among those who have a right. Okay, now technically, there's a cat collector, and he the person who has been sent to collect the cat, he does have a share of the cat that has been collected. Okay, as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran will army Lina Allah, those who are appointed to work any to collect the Zakat, their pay will also come

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their compensation will also come from the the cat that has been collected. I imagine someone has been appointed to collect a cat. And as they're collecting, they find you know, imagine there is some gold. And you know, he's like, Well, this is really beautiful. I really want this for myself. I really want this for my family. And so he thinks that you know what, I'll just keep it for my family. I'm supposed to be paid from this as well. So I'll just keep this. This is also a form of holo. All right. In a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam employed even or to be here to collect the cat from bunny Salim. So that man went to collect the Catherine Bani Salim.

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And when he returned, he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that this is for you. Meaning all of this is the cat. All right? And this is the this stuff was given to me as a present. And when I went to collect the cat, people gave it to me as a present. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Why don't you stay at your father's house or your mother's house to see whether you will be given gifts or not? If you are telling the truth, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood up and he addressed the people. And after glorifying and praising Allah, He said, I'm my birth, I employ some men from among you for some job which Allah has placed in my chart. And then

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one of you comes to me and says, This is for you. And this is a gift given to me. Why doesn't he stay at the house of his father or the house of his mother and see whether you will be given gifts or not? If he was telling the truth, by Allah, none of you takes anything of it for himself meaning of the Zakat Okay, any unlawfully, except that he will meet Allah on the Day of Judgment carrying it on his neck, yet TV masala yarmulke Yama, and you will have to carry that stolen item on his neck. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I do not want to see any of you carrying a grunting camel or a moving cow or a bleating sheep. On meeting Allah. You get the remeha laomi

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cochlea. Imagine the embarrassment of a person stole a camel person will be carrying that camel on the day of judgment and that camel will be grunting making noise. If a person stole a cow from the cat money. Then he will be carrying that cow on his shoulders and that cow will be making noise the sheep will be making noise. Give him a holler Yan will piano this is something so serious. In another Hadith we learn a Buddha I don't know the long one reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam addressed the people one day and he talked about the misappropriation of war booty, and he declared it to be a serious matter and a grave sin. And then he said I shouldn't find any of

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you should come on the day of resurrection with a growling camel. Okay, and he a camel on his back and the camel is making noise. And he comes to me and says oh messenger of Allah helped me because I will say I have no authority to help you. I cannot help you today. I already communicated to you. He mentioned a sheep and fluttering clothes and a heap of gold and silver and different forms of property that people stole. And now they will be carrying it on their shoulders, and then they will come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam asking Him for help and he will say I cannot help you. So this is contains a stern warning and also a threat a clear threat against Hulu against

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stealing from the war booty. You know sometimes it can

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In the form of actual items and sometimes it can be in the form of money. I can imagine if money is being collected for a certain cause, and you're the collector, you cannot keep money for yourself that okay, I'll just keep this and the rest I will hand over the rest I will you know distribute among the people, you cannot do that. So, this is a clear warning and a clear threat. Then Allah subhanaw taala says filma to affair con Lu Nuptse, Makka sabots wa whom lay us on a moon then every soul will be paid in full he every soul will be fully compensated to offer will fit wildfire maca Sabbath what it earned any a person will be given everything they deserve the compensation for their

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actions. If it's good that they did then the compensation will be good if it's evil, which they did then the compensation will be evil wahome Lau EULA moon and they will not be wrong. There will be no limb on the Day of Judgment. So a person will be given their compensation of good or bad in full and a maca Sabbath includes everything, any whatever that a person has earned, not just in terms of Hulu, but otherwise also all of their actions will hula us on the moon. Okay, let's listen to the recitation of these verses. As

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that lady yells Oh

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one I cannot intervene

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or a male would only be

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a woman

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