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Al-Inshiqaq-Al-Buruj Tafsir Al-Inshiqaq 16-25

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Then Allah says fun Oh Cosima chef up. So I swear by the Twilight.

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The Twilight glow opossum Obi chef a chef up from the platters sheen fell off and what is sharp, the reddish glow that is in the sky when

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at the time of sunset, it's Twilight followed by sunset. Because when the sun sets, it's not dark immediately, but rather what happens eventually it gets darker and darker and darker until it's completely dark.

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So for example, the time of Muhammad until you can pretty much at that time is what I've shut up because the sky is purple, orange, pink.

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So follow oxy will be shafique No, I swear by the Twilight when Layla was up and by the night and what it envelops, what's up is to go something and completely gather something. So, there are things that are spread everywhere you cover them, you engulf them, and then you collect them You understand? They were spread everywhere you engulf them and then you collect them you gather them together.

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So when Laney woman was and by the night, and that which it envelops or that which it gathers, what is it that the night envelops?

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What is it that it falls on? What is it that it covers? Everything? Is it at all? Everything.

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So when night falls, its darkness falls on every single thing. It covers everything with its darkness, the mountains, the trees, water led everything and anything, it covers it with its darkness.

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And secondly, what soccer also means to gather to collect in one place. So when night falls, all the creatures, the birds, the birds, the people that are everywhere, what happens to them, what happens to them, they gather together or they go back to their homes, they were spread out and now they will go back to their homes.

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So when lelee woman was

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similarly, the night also envelops with its darkness the actions that are done in it, whether good or bad.

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So Allah swears by the night, and everything that the light falls on, whether it's things people, animals actions, or what Lady of the night and that we should gathers, meaning the creatures while comedy and by the moon in a circle when it becomes full, it does occur from the root letters while seeing off

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while seeing cop same route, as was a cop. But it does occur. What does it mean? It this act is when the different parts of something come together and it becomes complete. So it does occur, meaning it becomes full. What does it mean by this? When the moon becomes full, and when is it in the middle of the month, the 14 to 15 the am bill the white is when the moon is completely full.

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So it grows in stages, one stage after the other and then eventually what happens? It's completely for so by the moon when it becomes full. What's the job custom? Allah says letter kabuna talkin on top of that you will surely experience state after state

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kabuna la calf Bell Roku Roku is to write an animal. And Roku is also to put one thing on top of the other.

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So the third cabin, you shall definitely ride. And when you get on the animal, what's the purpose to ride on the animal to go on a journey to travel. The word is also used for riding a ship getting onto a ship because when you go on a ship, then you have to travel.

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So the third kabuna you will definitely journey you will definitely ride Babacan one step

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after another state.

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Meaning you will journey through life going through one step after another. Going through one stage after the other meaning your life is about different stages.

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You go through one stage and you move on to the next and then you move on to the next and then you move on to the next until eventually your life comes to an end.

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What's the connection between the castle and the castle itself?

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different stages of the night.

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That how initially when the sun sets there's only Twilight

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and then what happens the night becomes dark it falls on everything with its darkness. At moment of time at least you can see some things.

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However when it's completely dark, then what happens nothing is visible.

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Similarly, the moon

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It's a crescent initially, and then it grows gradually, gradually, gradually, one stage after the other until it becomes completely full. Similarly, is our life.

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One stage after the other you can ever stop life. Can you? Can you pause life? No. Can you stop the time from passing? No. Can you stop your body from aging? No. Can you always remain 16? No. Can you always remain 20? No, you will move on. Can you keep your child as an infant always? No, you will grow

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later, cavanna pawikan.

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Park literally is used for a dish or a tray. And it's basically that which is in complete conformity with the other is exactly the same as the other.

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So that when you put one on top of the other, you can actually stack it. Like for example, when you have dishes when you have plates, and you stack them. It's one exactly on top of the other,

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isn't it?

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We have learned earlier about Tavares and miletti fleabag.

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What does it mean one exactly on top of the other three balca, one on top of the other.

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So, tobacco nanoblock, meaning one stage after the other one level after the other different stages of life. And if you think about it, for example, in the womb, how from conception, the fetus develops from one stage to the other constantly growing, growing, growing until comes out of the womb until the child is a suckling baby, and then he can walk and then he can eat other things. And then he's a young boy, and then he can run and then he's taller, he's bigger, right? And then he becomes older and older until he becomes an old man. And then eventually, he dies.

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So the third cabin, Natasha on top, he will journey through life, one stage after the other,

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then the word doc is also used for shed that is also used for severity difficulty. So what does this mean, then that you will definitely journey through one difficulty after the other.

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Your life will never remain the same. You'll be happy today in difficulty tomorrow. And it's not that that difficulty will never go away. No, that difficulty will be replaced by happiness again. And that happiness will be replaced by difficulty again, and that difficulty will be replaced by happiness again, isn't it? So? If you look back in your life, there were times when you were very happy. And then there were times when you were very sad. And then again, you were very happy and then you were very sad.

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It's sort of constantly you're happy and constantly you're sad. No one stage one difficulty after the other as an adversity said about this, that you will definitely go through ease after difficulty and difficulty after ease and richness after poverty and poverty after richness, health after sickness and sickness after health doctor can uncover

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and then difficulties that another way as well. That life is about difficulties gather

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and then the difficulty of death and then in the grave, and then the resurrection

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and then the presentation before a lot being called to account.

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And then if a person has done well then he will be in gentlemen that is where difficulty comes to an end.

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So let's talk about North American

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family home law you may know so what is the matter with them that they do not believe? What is wrong with these people? What prevents them from believing

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life moves on your life is about difficulty. You're facing difficulty now you're face difficulty in the hereafter from Allah home law you mean hoon. And also from Allah whom what is in their hands, meaning what power do they have, which prevents them from believing?

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When they see that there is nothing in their control their life, their circumstances are not in their control. Everything keeps changing. What do they have what gives them the audacity to disbelieve?

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Well, either Korea or a human animal and when the Quran is recited to them, layers to do they do not prostrate. What is wrong with these people? When the Quran is recited, they do not humble themselves before Allah. They don't believe they don't accept, they don't submit. They don't pray.

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But in Medina cafaro, you can the moon, for those who have this belief, they're in denial. They're denied.

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Well, Allahu Allah, but Allah is most knowing, be my your own of what they keep within themselves your own This is from worry. And what does he mean a container

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and your own? What does it mean to keep something in a container?

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So Allah knows all that they are keeping. Were in their hearts.

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Meaning whatever feelings they have in their hearts, whatever intentions they have, whatever thoughts they have, Allah knows about that. Remember, this is a Maki surah. And we

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had a lot of harsh feelings against the Prophet said a lot of sentiment against the Muslims, and they will plan to harm them plan to hurt them. What's wrong with these people? They're not believing. They're in denial. Allah knows exactly what intentions they have, what plans they have, Allahu Allah will deny your own. What does it show? That the plans that a person makes the intention that he has in his heart? Can you hide them from Allah, no way and your own in another way as well we can understand what they are accumulating, accumulating in their records, their deeds, because whatever a person does, it is recorded where

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in the record, whatever macoun. So Allahu Allah will be now your own. Allah knows exactly what they're collecting, what they're doing, what they're gathering for the chatroom. So give them good news. We are they're having a lien of a painful punishment.

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Give them news of a painful punishment for who, for those who deny.

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For those who don't believe for those who don't submit in the Medina Avenue, except for those who believe meeting others not for these people who those people who believe where I'm you know, sorely hurt and they do righteous deeds. For such people there is no or that rather for them is the home eduroam for them as a reward, that is vitamin noon, that is uninterrupted that will never ever be finished. mamnoon is from man and man literally means to cut off. So it's a reward that will never end that will never be diminished. It will neither be exhausted, nor will it be stopped or thought later on as you do to insert Lafayette I have 40 we learned woman army, the asylee had been

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decorated our own sahami known for hula aka furuno johnetta yusaku, Rafi her be lady, they will be admitted into gender and they will be provided over there without any measure.

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Endless reward for who? For those who believe and do righteous deeds.

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was one

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calling her Tina.

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This is lateral caponata.

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What does it mean? That you will definitely journey in life through one stage after the other one stage to the next. And what this means that your state is constantly going to change evolve in dystonia. Change is the only thing that is permanent and listening, isn't it? Nothing remains the same. And we see that these states that change there are with regards to the while of demand meaning the time never remains same. It keeps changing. Similarly, a while on McCann meaning the place that a person is in, that doesn't remain the same today you're in one country tomorrow you another country. Today you live in one city tomorrow you live in another city, you live in one house today

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and then you have to move. You wonder how much you love a particular place you keep moving, isn't it so so this is also how the state of a person changes. Similarly, a while abdomen,

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abdomen meaning your body that also changes isn't it's a look at how a child is and how he grows older and older and older. And then his body keeps changing until he almost looks like a completely different person, isn't it? Sometimes if you look at the picture of a person when they were a baby when they were a child, you can't tell? It was them. They're so different.

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And also, if you see someone after a very long time, you see that their body has changed, their face has changed. Look at your own hands, how they've changed over time.

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So why don't have that even this keeps changing. Then the state of the heart also keeps changing.

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One woman to happy another woman said, at one woman to a man is very high. At another woman it's low. So change is what is permanent in life. The times change, places change, their body changes, your heart changes. People change, your feelings change, everything changes that are kabuna takane.

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And this is something that should lead a person to email because the next is family home law, you know, how should this lead a person to email? Because whatever change happens, any change that happens in life that happens by us commandos will, a loss of power.

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What did that are you who say that I have recognized my Lord, by the whatever intentions I make whatever plans I make when I'm not able to accomplish them. That is how I have recognized my Lord, you want to do something, but then your circumstances change. You don't want to do something when your circumstances change would force you to do it. So that gives you recognition of who Allah subhanaw taala that makes you realize you're not independent here.

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That makes you realize you're here for a reason. There's somebody else over you somebody else who's managing your life.

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So from Allah whom let me know what's wrong with these people that they don't believe.

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Live a beautiful presence so that you can have a beautiful past. So we see that these changes are always there in life. Don't get stuck in them. Don't get annoyed by them. Accept them live in the moment, in the sense that take the best advantage of it. So that when you look at your past, you're happy. You're not sad, you don't have any regrets.

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Just a few more things I would like to add to this letter kabuna topic.

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With regards to a loser man, that times change.

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We don't in sort of earlier in Milan, I won 44 deals a year who knew that we knew her by these are the days that we constantly change between people today one is victorious tomorrow, the other is victorious. Today you have something tomorrow, the other has something. Then secondly, the Macan McCann changes, places change. How that today you're in one location tomorrow. You're in the today you're in dystonia. And then tomorrow afternoon makabe until you visit the graves, then the body that changes inside of the room is 54. We learned a lovely lady Hala hakomi darphin some majority umbarger darphin quwata illa created you from weakness and then after weakness you had strength the

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majority of embargoed covert in Darfur than Africa, you had weakness with a with an old age.

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So your body even keeps changing. And the state of the heart Even that changes, isn't it? It keeps changing that one woman to happy. Another one mature said at one woman to have a lot of Eman and other you feel weak. That the homie man we learn about that in the Quran as well.

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So the point is that these changes happen but the challenge is that you get swept away by these changes or do you still focus on your meeting with your Lord?

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If a person remembers that I am moving through life and at the end I have to meet my Lord, then what will happen? It will give him the ability to accept these changes and to make the best use of the time and the opportunities that Allah has given him.

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