Abdul Wahab Saleem – Tafseer Of Surah Taha 10

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a prophecistic interview where a man named Allah Subhanho wa Taala speaks to his followers in Egypt about the Middle East. The interviewer describes the journey, which includes a crossing through the Gulf of Suez and a journey through the Kairos region, with some parts being part of the West. The interviewer also mentions a promise made to the Israelites by the prophets, but the promise was not met.
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Allahu Allah, Allah Allah Georgia who Salah interdigital has an either, Sarah we're continuing on with the Tafseer of pseudo baja and we are now at will Allah Subhana Allah says in Houma, yet the Yoruba who Mooji demon

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for inelia who Johanna mala mo to fee hahaha. So the Sahara, the magician's of your own, they now accepted Islam and they are willing to pay the consequences. So I don't think he's going to be able to deter them from belief because of all of the different different forms of punishments that fear I own feels is going to deter them away from a man but they remain firm on this on this belief. Allah subhana wa tada there after he finishes that scene off and says, In the hooman, yet the robber who Mooji demon and this is the last verse we studied in the previous episode, whoever comes to his Lord muddiman as a Muslim, as a criminal, for in Allah who Johanna mala Motoki when I hear, so this

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person will have janome you will have Hellfire, neither will the die there in nor will he live there and he won't be actually able to enjoy his life there and you'll constantly be going through a difficulty nor will will the angels take his life away or Allah Subhana Allah allow for his life to be taken away so that he can pretty much you know,

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get himself out of that misery. No, he's going to go through that miserable time is going to go through and suffer all of the consequences for his actions in this life. A lot of now continues and remember the Koran is Masonic What that means is whenever Allah subhana wa tada mentions adab Allah subhanho wa Taala also also mentions the name whenever Allah subhana wa tada mentions Jenna He also mentioned Hellfire at the same time, whenever Allah Subhana Allah mentions the believers. Allah mentions the disbelievers as well as the non believers as well. And whenever Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the outcome of those people who will be who who are criminals, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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naturally also mentioned the outcome of those people who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And last week we said the word Muslim over here is referring to who it's referring to those people who happen to be disbelievers. And normally in the Quran, when you see the word Muslim is referring to disbelievers. One of the proofs of that is the fact that Allah subhanaw taala said what he mean and whoever comes to Allah Subhana Allah as a believer, so Allah did that comparison as well. And the contrast the general theme within the Quran always drawing contrasts between good and evil and between believers and disbelievers and between those people who are going to be entered into

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Hellfire and those people who will be entered into Jelena and between Jenna and Hellfire itself, and so on and so forth. So now Allah is doing the same over here, and other sign and other reason for us to believe that the word Majid him must be referring to those people who do not believe in Allah. Well

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To him,

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whoever comes to a lies a believer, but they need a solid heart and he has done all of the righteous deeds for Allah ecola, Buddha Raja to Luna. So those people will be granted the highest levels, they will be granted the highest stations. Okay? Now notice Allah starts he says what may he whoever comes.

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Now, one of the things to note over here is that this is a general principle. So it's not limited to race. It's not limited to please It's not limited to a certain denomination, it's not limited to a certain country and so on and so forth. Any person can believe in Allah subhana wa tada no matter how sanctified their nationality, or their race happened to be, right, or the lack thereof, and the other way around as well inverted and

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all those things so any person can believe in Allah, any person could disbelieve in Allah. It's not about where you're from and what, what who you are, and that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala generalizes and brings this word men which is, which is a generality, and the Assouline. The scholars have also they say that man is amongst the ways within the Arabic language to denote generality, and that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala did for both people who believe in people who disbelieve because you could be living in Mecca and be a person who just believes in Allah and you could be living in some other country where Muslims are not the majority and you could still be

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someone who believes that Allah subhana wa tada and you will be equally you will be recumbents based on your actions and your deeds and your belief and so forth. So any person can be a believer in any person can be a disbeliever Allah subhana wa tada says woman yet he moved meaning by the army in a solid hat and he does all the righteous deeds that are due from him that are expected from him. Federal law, he Calhoun, Georgia law, those are the people who will be granted the highest of stations those are the people who will be granted the highest of places Jenna to add in their god mentality Helen ha the Jannat

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gardens have I then added meaning a comma the gardens wherein people will remain forever that God mentality and and half below these gardens or rivers that flow Holly Dena Fie ha, they will remain there forever, whether it catches a woman does occur, and that is the compensation and that is the recumbents of the person who actually purifies himself does that guy he goes out of his way to purify himself. There's a number of things to note over here. Firstly, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said that these are the gardens were in there happened to be rivers that flow for below the right.

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And Allah subhana wa tada then said, people will remain there in forever. Now one of the things is that when human beings in this world, they're looking for a getaway, they're looking for a place to go, all of us, every single one of us, we're looking for a place to, you know, get away from life and work and the rat, race of life and so forth, we're looking for a number of different things, right. And that's why when you look at any vacation package, from any reputable vacation company, you'll notice right on their flyer, they'll have a number of different things, the first thing they'll have is water, okay? The second thing they'll have is trees, or perhaps trees and water

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together. And other thing, they'll have a sand as well. And if it's a really, really nice vacation package, then perhaps it will be those huts that are on top of water itself. And from a distance you can see the trees as well, right. And I remember one day, several years ago, I was doing that I've seen of sulit in Vienna, and, and these are similar outcome they're in as well. So one brother after the lecture, he came to me and he said to me, You don't shake when I heard these, these iocked and they're there, they've seen the understanding of these Iok I remembered a vacation that I had taken to a certain resort in Malaysia, okay, and that that seed was somewhere else it was in England, but

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the idea is this person had went to went on vacation to Malaysia. So he said I remembered this specific resort beautiful. And there there was actually we were living in huts and I saw and I could feel the water below me even though it's very far below me I could see feel the water level rising at certain parts of the day and becoming shallow at certain parts of the day and I could feel the breeze and I could feel also the the movement of the water and and I could actually then understand the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala when he says 30 min. And half below them. Rivers happen to to flow, because he said in my entire life, I've never had better sleep than the night in which I was

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living and sitting in that resort. And that's a reality. At that time. I didn't realize what he was saying as well.

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Couple of years later I did it I also went to a similar resort. And in that resort, this was the case in fact

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That there was water flowing from below and there was this hut that we were staying in overnight and, and the water level rose at certain parts of the day and it became shallow at other parts of the day. And even though you're not in the water, you can actually feel almost the flow of the water, which gives you such a rhythmic and beautiful sleep, that you don't even want to leave. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's exactly the next point. And that is that when when this entire vacation or night, two nights, three nights or however long it may be comes to an end. People say to themselves at that point, that I wish I could stay here forever, right? So Allah Subhana, Allah knew

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that that's how people feel. So Aleister Crowley, the ENFP, how they will remain in that situation forever with Annika

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and that is the reward and that is the compensation of the person who purifies himself does that God and what that means is, he goes out of his way he puts extra effort that has within it the connotation of a person putting exerting extra effort in order for him to be able to achieve that verb. So this person, he puts extra effort to get that this Kia to get that the purification of the soul of the actions of the deeds and so forth. Now Allah subhanaw taala brings it to another story. Now, notice the previous stories what its own, its musasa ROM Harun them being granted the Prophet hood. Fast forward a couple of years. Then after that, of course, there's some portions of the story

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that are not mentioned in here as well. Right. So there's a whole section of the story that's not mentioned. But anyways, it starts off at the scene where Musa alayhis salam is with his wife from Medina back to Egypt, after he spent his 10 years as Muhammad for his wife, because essentially, he was in Egypt and he, he pretty much fled to Medina and then in Medina, he stayed there for about 10 years as a compensation or as a mom, as a dowry for his wife. And then he, he worked for her father for that time and work remained there for that time, that he was returning back to Egypt. And when he was returning back to Egypt, he was given Prophethood by Allah subhanaw taala, he was given the

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message by Allah or Buddha is that he was gentle. Then again, it fast forwards a bit and so on and so forth, to now him being with how on La Salaam and now facing this tyrant, again, fast forwarding a few days as well comes to the day of Zina, and the end of the day of Xena that scene. That's where Allah subhanho wa Taala did that reveal? That's where Allah subhanaw taala almost mentioned the conclusion. There are a group of people who are Majid amine group of people who happen to be criminals, those are, that's for fear I own and the people of Iran who did not accept Islam, the Coptic people who chose to be on the religion of Iran. Now there's other people who are going to be

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granted or not, those are the people who believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those are the people who followed the messenger. Now Allah Subhana, WA tada goes to the end of the story, okay, not to the end of the story, but to another scene in this story. So he's skipping some parts. But let me just fill in the blanks. So you understand the timeline of it. The basic premises after this, a number of other signs Musa alayhis salam was given, remember, we said there were nine different signs. So a number of these signs were brought before the round, every single time around would be humiliated before these signs that Musa alayhis salam would be given. So eventually, now, if your

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own didn't have any other choice, he agreed that helaas I will let the Israelites go, as you say, but he only did this after, after a plague occurred in Egypt that was affecting specifically the Coptic people, and perhaps other people and perhaps the animals as well, but this was affecting their society very, very strongly. And on that note, by the way, when you say Coptic, Coptic doesn't mean Christian Okay, that's important to note over here and even though now in our usage of the word Coptic, we really mean Coptic Christians, the word Coptic simply means people from Egypt and that's why some of the etymologists they actually say that the word Coptic is the origin of the word Egypt.

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You can even hear their similarity there historically, as well. Prior to Islam, the word Coptic was used for pretty much every end even in the early advent of Islam. In fact, the prophets of Salaam You know, he married Alia was a miss the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and Mariel topia was Maria, the Coptic one, right, so she wasn't Christian. She was Muslim, but she was from Egypt. So she was known as Leah. So some of the etymology say that the word Coptic just means Egypt, it's Egyptian itself right? So that's basically what that word means. Now the reason why I mentioned this is so that you know, because there's a modern convention of this word as well. When you say

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Coptic you just understand immediately Coptic Christians not the case. This happened when the Muslims when

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to Egypt itself then slowly the convention change the word Coptic was referring to Coptic Christians and the other people who are known as Muslims. But other than that the word Coptic is really a general term for a for a race, if you so please, right. So the point here is that this was a affecting the Coptic society, this was affecting the Egyptian society. And

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so at this point, because of the plague, Phil town became afraid and he decided that he will let go of the Israelites so he did and Allah Subhana Allah said to Musa alayhis salam wa Tina, so he started a new story now And indeed We gave what we revealed to musala salaam assiniboia. A body foldable, a home party, concrete barriers, a lot of hassle, dark and voila. We revealed to musala salam and ciliary body for good now openfit battery abasa go and travel with my slaves, and Felipe la junta de Pon de la casa de la la Tasha. So pay for them a path in the Bahamas, which will become dry. Do not be afraid of being caught up to and don't be afraid of anything for that matter. Don't

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be afraid that they're going to catch up to you because people have musalla around the Israelites. They were really afraid that that the coptics are around and these people are going to catch up to them. Right. And that's why they say they said in Nana mudra con right when they said in Nanaimo dracoon indeed have a shorty will be Allah as harbor Musa inamoto moroccon the people Musa said that we are going to be caught by Khurana and his people. Musa alayhis salam immediately said nay can call akella intervene intermarry RBC ideen indeed with me is Allah azzawajal and he will give me guidance. Now to sort of paint the picture of the story even further musala ceram is traveling at

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nighttime because a suit or a setup both of those are correct. They means to travel at nighttime, okay?

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In the sabaha Yamato a song or a sutra both of them are correct. And I put this in a in a line of poetry, one method and Nepali highly ninjalah and the Saba Yamato surah that the statement of highly dividend Waleed when he said that when the morning breaks, then people will be my people. His army will be very happy that we traveled all night through the bushes and so on and so forth. Long story Anyways, this became then a parable in the Arabic language, so that's a tsunami and then from that is a saw as well, and it's allowed me Raj and Esra simply means a night travel so Allah subhana wa tada is telling telling Moosa Alison travel at night with my slaves for the villa home party confit

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Berryessa, now, he's traveling at night. Why? Because for our own was very unstable at this time, he didn't know what to do a moment he would think about letting them go another moment he would come in, you know, make sanctions again against them. And, you know, it was a lot of different things happening all at once.

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So musala ceram, was told by Allah subhanho wa Taala, take the opportunity and leave. And when you get to that ocean, then Musa alayhis salam was told that to strike with your staff, the sea and Allah subhana wa tada said fen, Fela for Ghana, kulu Falcon, capital Denali, that this particular ocean then it ended up breaking apart, the water broke apart, and every portion of the water became like a very gigantic and very big mountain got both Alavi like a very big mountain. So Musa alayhis salam and the Israelites, they walked through this right now they're likely walking through over here through the Gulf of Suez. The reason why I'm saying this is because they're going to cross

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Egypt. So when they cross Egypt, obviously the Gulf that they're going to be crossing is the Gulf of Suez right now, there's two travels that Musa alayhis salam did to the area that is today known as Sinai, it was historically also known as Sinai. Okay, now we need to do a little bit of geography to really understand this property. Okay. There's two times Musa alayhis salam went to this area, perhaps more as well, but in the this particular sort of, there's two moments in which musala salon happened to be in Sinai. One is in the beginning of the story. One is in the beginning of the sewer, literally the very, very first page of the sutra, when we say Allah surah Allah subhanho wa Taala

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tells us that either Ananda called him Casa Da Da Da Li rt caminhada Culberson as you do either naughty Huda. For that matter Hello, Dr. Musa ini and autoboca Clinic in the cabin.

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If you happen to be in in London or Paris, you happen to be in the Sacred Valley, that is known as the law. So the law, the law, the body of law is where the body of law is inside it as well. Okay. So this journey, however to Sinai was, and of course, there must have been another journey as well, which is not necessarily recorded in the suta here, but there must have been another journey when he traveled from Egypt the first time to meridian. So this journey here is

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when Musa alayhis salam is coming from the Arabian Peninsula to

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from Arabian peninsula because madeon the people of Midian were stationed in the northern western part of the Arabian Peninsula. musala salaams, the let me just do the lifeflight life, the timeline of the life again, Busan is born. And long story short, he finds his way into the palace. Long story short, he ends up accidentally killing a Coptic man, he has to flee for his life. He goes to Mondrian, which is basically Arabia today. All right, the northern part of Arabia or where a sham is known as now he's in Medina, 10 years he raised raised stays there. He's going back now. He's going back to Egypt on the way back

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to Egypt from Meridian, he has to cross Sinai because Sinai is that area that's between Egypt and a sham. It's that area, which is between Egypt and a sham. And that particular area is considered a very sacred area to the Muslims. And it's considered a very valuable area to the Christians as well, because the monastery of St. St. Catherine's monastery happens to be right next to the jumbled tool that we're going to be talking about as well. So it's a very, very historic area. So it's crossing through this area which a lot of calls and Wadi an opa does Allah subhana wa Taala calls this area Aladdin mapa de Speedwagon, naka de Cicco, right?

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So in short, he crossed this area at that time, that is the time in which Allah gave him the prophethood. Now he's crossing yet again. But from the this time, miraculously, the Gulf it opens up. So Musa alayhis salam doesn't have to travel by land, but rather the Gulf itself opens up for him. So he travels through the ocean as the he travels through the Gulf, the Gulf has opened itself up for musante. Sarah, that's a little bit of geography there. So now of course, when he gets to the other side, where is he going to be is going to be in the Sinai again, which the Sinai today is part of the part of Egypt, modern Egypt, modern state of Egypt is part of that. So now he's in the Sinai,

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Allah subhana wa tada says, To him, probably the Blue Ribbon Phil Barry abasa. So strike for them a round that is in the in the ocean, which will become dry, not the half will dock and whatnot. So don't be afraid that they're going to catch up to you. And don't be afraid of anything else as well. So that's about our home theater, another round he sees, they're going through here as well. He sees them going through where he sees them going through the Gulf of Suez. And he's, he's, you know, he's seen this miracle right here. He should fear God at this moment. But instead what does he do? He says, I'm going to go through just like they did, right. So he follows them.

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Around starts follow, following them with all of his, all of his army as well be Judo de Silva, Shia homina Yami Naga Shia home, then suddenly the water ended up enveloping them.

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Musa alayhis salam and the Israelites have crossed for our own and his army happened to be in the middle of the Gulf of Suez and now they are covered up with water entirely. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, what left Iran okona who, wha what it should end up doing for our own ended up misleading his people for our own alerion he ended up misleading his people his phone while Ma and he couldn't lead them to a guidance rather he ended up misleading them. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to protect and preserve all of us and grant us guidance Armiliato. Now, of course, when Allah is saying, well, Maharajah is trying to remind,

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remind Musa alayhis salam is trying to remind us as well of a very important factor as well. And that is that remember,

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Musa alayhis salam, he used to say to his people, as we learned in sort of the buffet as well, he used to say this people that oh my people, I am the one who guides you to Russia.

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I am the one who Sevilla Russia, I'm the one who ends up guiding you to the path of rightly guided mess, right? So he's saying I'm going to be guiding you to the right path. Allah subhanho wa Taala says remember he was talking about guiding his people to the right path. Allah says one Ah, he wasn't able to guide anybody. Allah continues now. He says yahveh nice or he

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Oh Israelites other Angelina akumina do we come? We saved you from your enemy. While I did not come Johnny about a money when I sell now a cool man Noah sanwa

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Oh Israelites obon was he, we saved you.

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We saved you from why we saved you from your enemy. We saved you from that I own we saved you from the person who tortured you throughout your existence in Egypt and so forth. Now of course Allah subhana wa tada is speaking now to whom he's speaking to the people in he is speaking to the people. In the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right he's speaking to the Israelites in the time of the prophets instead of the Jews in the time of the prophets, Allah LaGuardia said them because the addresses to who the address can be to people who've already passed away right. So it is in fact the people to whom the Koran is being revealed. So this particular part is a sort of like an

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interjection or a sort of like a, what they call a Joomla. After all, the which is a Joomla which is a sentence which comes in the middle of a story, it sort of cuts the story apart to draw a lesson. Sometimes in the in the sort of sentences Allah subhana wa tada will address a certain group of people other times Allah subhanho wa Taala will address humanity altogether Other times, it will be a third person address and it will simply be addressing a certain ideas certain characteristic or trait and so on and so forth. So now Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses to address the Israelites he says the Albany is or eat Oh Bunny, sorry, oh, children of Israel are right. But and Jane akumina do

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we can we save you from your enemy either Pharaoh and his followers and the Coptic people why did not come? And we also made a promise. And what was that promise Johnny about a man we promised you the promise of the right side of a tool, the right side of a tool, okay.

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Now, as we said, there was two times musala ceram was in Sinai. But both times musala salam met Allah azza wa jal, one of them was based on an appointment, and the other one was not based on an appointment. The first one was when he was coming back from Medina and after having spent 10 years there, pretty much after having fled from his country for his life, he lived there for 10 years as a compensation for the marriage as a dowry for the marriage. And on his way back, he ends up coming across some light or fire from a distance what appeared to be a fire from a distance, and he told his family and whoever was with him his helper and so forth. He told them to stay here I will go

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check in the * to narrow alley right I saw some fire perhaps I'll bring you something from there as well. Some fire as well and then we will take Oh edgy to Allah naughty Buddha or I might find some guidance on this fire as well. Meaning I might find a guide there in Moosa Allison didn't realize you'll actually truly find guidance because he found Prophethood when he was there, that's the first time so this was an appointment with a lot. This was a meeting with allies origin for musala salaam perspective, almost by chance from Allah xeljanz perspective, it was entirely planned, right. But for musala salaam perspective, it was entirely by chance. That was

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al Gianni will never be that was the west side as Allah subhanaw taala calls it right. Well, McQueen, Debbie Gianni will Herbie if albina era Musa Amara La Quinta mina shahidi you weren't on the west side of this mountain side mount sinai or Jebel Musa which is known as Jebel Musa. And you are not amongst the people who witnessed this, but we gave you the entire story. That's also another way to sort of remind the Israelites as well that the details of the story how could the prophets of Salaam just get it like that? It must have been a revelation from Allah azza wa jal, the second meeting however, it was a an appointment, it was a point it was an appointed meeting. It was a

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meeting that Allah subhana wa tada had with Musa and he said, I'm based on an appointment, and that is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, or calls Well, I did not come. Geneva Turin, amen. Amen. We promised you that side of dueling Amen. The right side of our tool, one is zelner la comunidad Noah Silva. Allah is mentioning all of the gifts that he had granted to the people of Israel in sha Allah. We will continue discussing some of those gifts and we'll continue discussing some of the grants of allies origin upon the Israelites and some of the lessons that we can take from it and the subsequent episodes Xochimilco hunting for listening or some Allahu Allah say Idina mid or early you

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Episode 10 of the series Tafseer of Surah Taha – Ramadan 2017.


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