Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 274D Tafsir Al-Waqiah 27-40

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The selection process for a dinner table is discussed, where guests can choose their own meals and hold privacy hands for privacy. The importance of finding the right location and finding the best friend in the community is emphasized. The use of "by default words" in Jana's language is discussed, and the importance of avoiding mental stress and being the first in one's behavior is emphasized. The use of " metaphrass" in various cultural events is also discussed, including the use of " metaphrass" to describe emotions and behavior, and the potential rewards that come with "booth" in various regions of the world.
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Well thank you hatin and fruit, me Marissa the higher rune from that which they will select, they will choose yet the higher rune, the higher higher erotica URIs to select something that you consider higher. You like it?

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You enjoy it. So you choose it. Complete liberty. Because you see, sometimes we feel forced to eat, to eat something that we don't like. And this happens where at the dinner table in your own house.

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At your own dinner table, you will refuse the dinner you'll have a bowl of cereal. But what happens at parties, you're forced to eat stuff that you don't like to eat. And people are doing it out of love for you. All right, out of being a good host. So yet the high your own, they will select themselves, what they want, how much they want, what type they want you to have your own complete liberty. Well, let me tie it in. And the meat of fowl of birds mimma yesh de Hoon, whatever they desire. These chickens are also kind of birds, right? The some people they don't like meat from big animals. They like meat from small animals. For some reason, maybe it's tender. Whatever reason it

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is. So let me lay it in meat of birds mash the Hoon, whatever they desire. Again, it's their choice, their wish so they can have whatever they want. How much ever whenever. And with respect to the meat of birds we learn in a hadith and Muslim Dharma that once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described the birds of Jana. Right That how their appearance will be there next will be and a book called The Lion who, when he heard that he said that these birds will be very beautiful. Certainly they're very beautiful. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well, the people who will eat them will be even more beautiful.

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The people who will eat them will be even more beautiful. So let me tie it in Manish to whom whatever they wish and desire in another Hadees we learned that a person in Jannah will see a bird flying right and he will wonder you will wish that you will want to eat it and within seconds what will happen it will be prepared in front of him ready to be eaten well Acme laden mash the Hoon and of course beautiful companionship also will hold on Noreen and for them or hold that are in hold as you know women with fair complexion beautiful complexion and your beautiful eyes. Can I'm Sally Lu Lu l Maknoon. Can I'm Sal THE LIKENESS like similar to a little mcnown pearls that are mcnown mcnown

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Calf no no and one that is well protected. And you know this description comes many times in the Quran. I saw a video once of this woman will basically and I'm sure many of you have seen it also. She does hand modeling. Right so her hands you know she works for different magazines or whatnot. And her hands are used basically to hold things or to show rings or whatever. And this woman takes so much care of her hands that she has gloves on all the time.

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She doesn't do a thing. She doesn't let anybody even touch her hand.

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The day that she got married, yes she let her husband touch her hand that was the only time call us not before that not after that. She does nothing

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keeps them covered with gloves. And as she was sitting being interviewed she was sitting like this no with her hands away from her not touching anything. I don't know if this was all fake or it's real Allahu Allah me it was a video on the news. Right? And this is how she had her hands. And for one session even right where her hands are photographed she makes 1000s of dollars 1000s

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That's how she makes a living right because imagine if you're not touching anything, that means you're doing nothing. So that means somebody is going to do it for you and your family is not going to do it all the time. You've got to hire people to do all the work for you. So imagine she makes all the money from a few hours off photoshoots that's it. Why because our hands are in pristine, perfect condition. So low in Maknoon Maknoon covered, what does it mean unblemished. Perfect, because with time what happens things get especially our body gets under the effect of wear and tear. Just going out in the sun. What happens you've seen this past summer what happened? I people

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complain that my hands have turned so dark. Right? My feet are tender. My face is tent. So Maknoon Jezza and this is all as reward. Why be Magkano Yama noon, because of what they used to do. They did something they were savvy Khun

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So they'll get something Hello Jessa all your sunny inland near San lyase Morona they shall not hear fi ha in it meaning in Jana law one any law who any ill speech while at thema nor any commission of sin

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they will not hear any low in Jana. What is level?

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Noise? Right or column in which there is no benefit?

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No interrupting sounds

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no interrupting sounds.

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No noise

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doesn't mean that Jenna will be awfully quiet. No. What it means is, there will be no noise pollution, no annoying sound, nothing to disturb you. Because sound also can disturb our comfort.

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Have you ever heard somebody throw up?

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Yeah, what happens? You can't hear it. You have to go away because if you hear them throwing up, you might throw up. You understand what I mean? Right?

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You're talking to somebody and a plane

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flies over you, you have to stop. You can't hear them. You're sleeping and the birds are constantly chirping or the you know, people going in and out the noise is disturbing. Level. No disturbing, annoying sounds. And sometimes low is also in speech. Right? You're studying or you're doing something you're talking to somebody and others are making so much noise. They're constantly talking or while they're talking they say words which are not appropriate. So Hola. Hola. Hola. There is no low in Jana. While at the theme theme, the theme is that which put someone in sin

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no words in Jana? No sounds in Jana, that will make a person commit a sin.

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What happens? You're hearing you're listening to someone right. But then that makes you have thoughts which are not correct, which are not appropriate.

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Right? Or some people are saying bad words and you have to hear them.

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Right? Or some people are saying some things and then you will respond and as you respond, you're committing a sin. happens right? So Layyah smart Runa fie her loved one. Well at thema they will hear no low and no sin, no sinful sound, no sinful word in Jannah ill Thielen except the same of Solomon salaam

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only salaam Salaam. What does this mean? Peaceful words sound words? correct words free of falsehood, free of sin, free of vain talk

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Illa keeland Salam and Salama insolate Maria Maria 60 To Allah says lyase Morona fee Hello one Illa Salama, wala Humraaz boom fee hubback Ratan wa she they will not hear in Jana at any level only they will hear Salam peaceful words.

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Secondly, Salam over here also means greeting the greeting of Suriname always being greeted, introduce I attend Allah says what are here to whom he has Salam. There greeting in it in Jana will be off Salam Illa cleeland Salam and Salama. Now look over here. The description of Jana that is given what has been mentioned so far.

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The perfect location of their houses of their residence fee Jeanette and Noreen mocha Robin, right. Mocha Robindale be near to Allah and what matters. One of the first things that people look at when they're finding a place of residence is what the location

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right which is why the Arabs they say Al JAL Avila dog, that you have to look at the job, the neighbor before you look at the house.

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Right? The location comes first. So what's the location? Mocha baboon, right. And then there's beautiful companionship. Then there is luxurious food. There is complete liberty,

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every type of blessing, every type of enjoyment and then all of this ends with what the sounds that what will they hear only peaceful good words. Because

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you see in this world, you could live

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in a mansion on a famous street.

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Wear the best clothes, eat the most luxurious food,

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wear the most comfortable clothes, be married to the best person. But then what happens if there is low or to theme that people are fighting or bickering disrespecting each other. That is a person in comfort. No, that is not comfort.

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What we hear affects our mood. What we witnessed daily in dealing with other people, affects our mood, it affects the level of our happiness. So, the people in Jannah in perfect security and safety because they will not even hear a disturbing sound in Cleveland, Salem and Salem these are who, the Sabbath goon the Sabbath goon the first ones to get their reward. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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was beautifulness Oh

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hola econ remove

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fi Gen

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three let

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me Nina Pauline well Pauline

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Meenan Thiery on us.

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Motel Bobby. Your pool for

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be acquired

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Paul Walker see

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Mary, lie down on

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the floor

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with key hat

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wash oh nine

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look no ill neck no New

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last mount Fe

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theme thema.

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Suleiman Salama for who?

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For who? For the savvy

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for those who don't wait for others, those who will do good, even if no one else around them is doing it? Because they're not doing it for others. Who are they doing it for? For Allah? You see many times we just keep comparing ourselves to others. And we take comfort in knowing that, oh, she's not doing this. So if I don't do it, it's okay.

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Right? And cyber Kuhn or who? Those who say, okay, they're not doing it, I will do it. Nobody's doing it. I will do it. And this is how they become trendsetters. They take the lead, because how often is it that you will find encouragement and doing something because you find somebody else doing it? Isn't it encouraging?

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And how often is it that we stopped doing something because we see that others have stopped it? Isn't it's so Sabby corner who those who are doing good who are getting ahead because they're doing it for Allah, they're not doing it because others are doing it or others are not doing it.

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We can be savvy can sometimes it's a high tech age if you start anything. First time like as a pioneer. I remember when Asada was doing the course there was one girl who started the first time her courses online.

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And she has Yeah, she said that this is the first time my voice is going around the world. So she is a cyber goon that she started her classes for the first time online this whole online so that you can have a seat if you wish. Although online classes started out that in 2005 When 30 ML Quran course started in Canada, it was in Urdu. There were students in the states in the US right who couldn't accept the fact that Canada so close there's a chorus going on and we won't be able to hear it even so we have to come up with something so that we can hear it so the bell talk started you know classes on Bell talk started

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and then it was broadcast online and then from there Masha Allah so many people have benefited, so savvy corner who those who don't wait for permission from others and for others to you know, for things to become a trend and finally accept it. They do it because they're supposed to. They take the lead

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For the rest of the day will be like.

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Yeah, I just because we've done one thing, good, you know, we just take it very easy. And then we just sit down and relax and we say, Oh, I've done this enough for me. So Bill corner who who always want to be ahead, I was reading it of Cedarbrook this morning. And in that subsea book for every page of the must have, they give three action points. Right. So there was an action point based on this idea. And they said that be the first one today,

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from your siblings to kiss your parents.

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We have her and this book is not written for children, by the way.

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It's not written for children. Because there are those who are sabich, for everything. For every action that is done, there are those who are sabich, those who do it first, and then there are those who do it later. And remember, those who do it first. No one can take their position, no one can reach their level. No one can reach their level ever. Remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he praised the companions. And he told some people that don't annoy my companions.

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Because if any one of you were to spend even a mountain of gold in charity, it would never be equal to a handful of what these people gave. Because they gave when no one was giving, they believed when no one was believing they were doing when no one else was doing, they took the lead. And it's very difficult to do something at that time when nobody around you is doing it. It's painful, it's hard.

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But the reward that it brings is unmatched.

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I just wanted to encourage these young beautiful girls, that if they're doing first time courses in their own families, and of course they're young, they're doing first time if they're first in their families, they can start and spread this Quran, they are the Pioneer there those of you who inshallah Inshallah, in your school at your workplace, because you know, whenever you start something good, remember inshallah others will follow. Starting it is always difficult, but inshallah others will follow. Yes, Salam Alikum. I was thinking, you know, how when we go for competition of something, condition of Quran or competition of anything, so you wait for your

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result, you look and maybe it's me, and you waiting and waiting indefinitely, um, it's the same thing, whatever we used to do, Inshallah, it will appear. So he don't want to be like waiting. And then you're not from Saigon. So when every whatever could do just do it, whether whether it was sort of our whether it was clean masjid, whether it was any good deed, just take it don't let other people take? Yes, I was just thinking that sometimes it's difficult to be the first one to start something. But if you make it a habit, it becomes easier because you then have the momentum to keep going. You don't have to think twice, because sometimes the hurdle is more mental. So you have to

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think like, oh, I'm going to be the first one. It's going to be stressful. And so overcoming that is like, you can do that by making it a habit. So you don't have to think about it. Yes, very true. And being the first in everything that we do. This is something that we need to pay attention to, even if there is an argument, right, the first one to say Salaam in order to resolve that argument, his level is better, is greater. The first one to give up his right in order to resolve the conflict. His level is better, isn't it? So the first one in doing good?

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It's difficult, but it's worth it. What else? How will Yemeni and the companions of the right now Allah mentions a second group of people as Wagenfeld artha. Right, three groups of people. The first one, a sabya cone. Now as Hubballi Amin, the companions of the right, was horrible. My manner here they're described as us how will you mean same thing, man, I was horrible. Yeah, I mean, what are the companions of the right those on the right, who are they? They are the companions of the right, who exactly are the people who will be given their records in their right hand? Who are the most horrible Maimana the fortunate ones?

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The people on the right, who are they? They are us, how will your mean people have the right as in they will be given their records their books in their right hand.

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And what does that mean? They have passed, they can now make it to

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towards the bridge towards the slit off

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and they can try to cross it if the Cross said they make it to Jana. us how will you mean mouse How will you mean

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us how will mean are basically those who will be admitted into Jannah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on the night journey, when He ascended the first heaven, he saw a man sitting

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over there with some people on his right and some people on his left. When he looked towards his right, he left he smiled and when he looked towards his left he wept he cried.

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And then when he saw Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam that man he said welcome or pious Prophet and OPI a son to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked you believe that? Who is he? Who is this man, and to build said, This is Adam, and the people on his right and left are all of his children, all of mankind. Those on the right are the people of Paradise, and those on the left are the people of *. So when he looks towards his right, he's happy to know that so many of his children will go to Jannah and when he looks to the left he weeps when he sees those who will end up in hellfire, what else How will Yemeni man was horrible Yameen Allah says V Sydenham Mahmoud they will be in Siddhesh

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Sith Lord tree we have learned about this earlier and this said that it remember it has edible fruit and it has huge leaves that are perfect for providing cool shade Sidran ma booth Mark booth ha BOD dal there is one problem with the symmetry and that is its thorns. So Allah says that the siddur in Jannah will be my booth MacDonald hovered is to break off thorns to remove the thorns from a plant or from a tree from a branch right. So, he said that in my booth they will be amongst the Lord trees of Jannah

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that have delicious fruit and that provide cool shade and the unique thing about these low trees is that they will have no thorns in them whatsoever and this is where we learn that there are things in Jannah that we have been informed about right like for example the cups and the vessels right and the fruit so on and so forth many descriptions have been given many things we have been informed about them but remember that their quality their nature will always be superior because as we learn that the name may be the same but the nature is entirely different The only thing that is similar in the things of this world and the things of Jana are what the names that's it

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the reality the nature is different. So here with regards to sit Allah says Mahmoud no thorns while hen and fall trees fall is used for banana tree or a tree that that has clustered fruit in it you know how banana fruit is never seen it all right, it's on one stem or something and all the bananas are growing out of it all right. So this is called banana tree and Mahmoud mumbled

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known BOD dal right ma booth from her birth Dad and Mum both from KNOWN BLOOD that and not blood is to pile up something to put things one on top of the other

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in a beautifully arranged way. So basically to arrange things beautifully such that there are no gaps not that one is up and the other is down.

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perfectly straight. Arranged perfectly straight. The word is also used to describe teeth. It is that there are no mother till us Nan when someone's teeth are perfectly straight. Beautiful, right? So Paul Heyman booth meaning trees that are loaded with fruit, what kind of fruit that is layered stacked one on top of the other.

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Well li Lin and these trees will also have little shade that is mum Dude that is extended mean dial dial mother Yamato to extend to stretch something prolonged it so extended shades so huge that you would have to travel for 100 years in order to get out of that shade. In a hadith we learned in paradise there's a tree under whose shade a writer could travel for 100 years and never leave it

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mum dude and mum dude also gives a sense of permanent

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because what happens in the dunya you have perfect shade but then the shadow it moves as the sun moves, the shadow moves or it reduces and then eventually it goes away completely. Well Lily mum dude warmer in my Scoob and water that is my scoop. My school seen calf back sakoda is to pour something out. It's also used for rain with heavy big raindrops.

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Alright, as you could hear right now, man in must

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School must go bored out running continuously cascading my in my scoop

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because that is my in my school brain water that is falling that is pouring down into Rama and I have 50 We learned FEMA ironi that durian well faqih hatin cathedra. And fruit that is abundant, abundant in terms of quantity, as well as in variety. Many choices. Many choices lemak flatten, what am normal, and this fruit, this delicious food lemak Torah, never limited 1am Nora Nora forbidden MK Torah is from Qatar, Qatar is to cut something discontinue it. So the fruit of Jannah never to discontinue.

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Why is it that food would be discontinued in this world? Why? Because no more supply. No more availability.

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Right? Or the time is up?

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You know, when you're at a hotel and then you go for breakfast and you find out oh, it's closed now. You came half an hour late. Right? So what happens? It was from 10 to 12. You came at 1155. They won't let you eat there. It's McDarrah. It's been picked up. The supply has been

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cut short. Right? So the fruit in Jana lamb October, no matter what time no matter what place no matter how much you've eaten, it'll never it'll never be cut off.

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The supply will never discontinue.

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No. So what happens is for example, a tree has fruit, you pick it, everybody picks it and then eventually what happens you go to pick some fruit and you don't find any you know, when you go at the end of strawberry season to pick strawberries, what do you find?

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What do you find hardly anything. Why? Because McDarrah now you have to wait till next year. Well I'm I'm Nora Nora forbidden manner is to prohibit to forbid because remember in Jannah for otherwise Saddam there was one forbidden tree. Right? So Allah says now not even a single forbidden tree lemma Miura nothing will be prohibited, nothing will be out of reach.

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Why is it that we are prohibited from enjoying some food sometimes? Firstly, because it's not halal.

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It looks delicious. But you can look at it with your eyes admire it and say stop it. Allah would never dare even try it. Right? It's menorah because of Allah.

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Sometimes it's Maduro. It's prohibitive to you. Why? Because you don't have money. You don't have money. You can't afford it. You can't buy it.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:06

You can't eat that $80 steak. You just can't have it. Right. So it's Maduro. It's there. It's available, but you can't have it. It's forbidden to you. Sometimes it's Maduro because it's gone bad.

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Right. It's available, you've got the money. It's not haram, but it's gone bad so you can have it. Or sometimes it's Maduro to you. Another reason is because you know that if you have it, you're going to feel sick. Either you're going to throw up because you've already over eaten.

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Right? Or it's not going to suit your body your body is going to react to it because you're allergic to it or something. So for various reasons. Food is much newer to us in this world. Allah says in Jannah Lamacq to Arten never ending well I'm nor nor forbidden, nor restrictions were foolish in metaphora and foolish foolish, that that are metaphora that are raised high. Now their seats are mentioned or foolish. Some have said foolish is the Florida Faraj. By the way. Some have said that foolish the Arabs use this word to describe their or rather the Arabs use this word to describe a wife.

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Just as a spouse is described as Libras Libras and then fill out also li basses clothing Faraj is bed, bed clothing, what do they symbolize comfort, closeness, right? So this is what a spouse is for for intimacy. closeness, not just physical, but mental also emotional also. So frosh is used for Spouse. So for Russian more for Allah says they will be more for what does it mean by money for

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spouses that are more for our wives that are metaphora

00:29:47 --> 00:29:56

of high status as in great in their beauty, great in their character, metaphor in the hearts of their husbands?

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

Because you see, there could be a man

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And yes, he's married to a woman, but there is another woman whom he gives much more preference to compared to his wife. So, metaphora wife will be number one, you understand Photoshop and metaphora Allah says in there indeed we uncheck now Hoonah we will have produced them, meaning these women have Jana Inshallah, in a new creation

00:30:27 --> 00:30:28

brand new body

00:30:29 --> 00:30:56

not affected by the life of this world, with age, childbirth, etcetera, etcetera in that uncheck now Hoonah insure the believing women who will enter Paradise, their bodies will be new Fajr Allah Hoonah So, we will make them up the calibre of the car, plural of beaker, beaker is a virgin or young woman all been a throb, devotee devoted

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urban cannot be translated Aruban Florin of the word outgroup. And the earlobe is basically used for a woman who is passionately loved by her husband, my Baba.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:24

And the word is also used for the woman who loves her husband, I should call so my Booba and our Ashika. She is loved and she loves.

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Our group is used for a woman who knows how to be a woman with her men.

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Fun, loving, happy, making him happy. Reuben, and this is what brings true joy in a marriage.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:48

When you love somebody, and they love you in return, and our room, you see women are described because many times it has to come from the woman.

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You know, women really underestimate their womanhood.

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You've got girl power, you've got a woman power. Seriously. Use it the right way.

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Especially in marriage, of course and marriage, right? Use it the right way and win the heart of your husband love Him and be loved in return. This is who and our job is, you know once a man came to Ibn was Rudra de la Mourinho and he said that I just got married and I'm afraid that my wife will hate me.

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She's not gonna like me. And even our best said, or even this was one of them. He said that love is from Allah. And hate is from Shavon.

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And shaitan wants you to dislike that which Allah has made permissible for you

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to these feelings of animosity, alright, they're from who from shaitan. So he said that when she comes to you, then you stand and pray to Dakar and ask her to pray behind you. Meaning pray in Jamar together,

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you lead together, start your journey with what with worship,

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with servitude to Allah so He will bless your marriage and he will put love between both of you. And he told him to say the DUA which is for the couple coming together. So, Reuben a Traba. A throb is the plural of the word dip and dip is used for a woman who is of equal age to another woman. So at Robin, women of equal age.

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Not that one is older. So she's, you know, being bossy because she's five months old compared to the other. Right? Because it happens with women or another one because she's younger, she feels less of herself. All people in Ghana will be of the same age, same age and same age similar interests. No one will feel insecure

00:33:49 --> 00:34:37

because of these reasons. Ruben Utsava Leah's hillbilly Amin for the companions of the right who are they Allah says sola terminal A welline, a huge company, great multitudes from the former peoples was so let on mineral acid and also a large number from the later peoples from the later generations. But they will not be savvy cone they will not be cyber cone. You see, there are levels of Jana sabew Corner those who will be in the highest of levels and then the people have the right yes, they will make it into Jana, but they will be of the lower levels. They will also have a lot as mentioned here, but clearly, the rewards that will be given to the savvy home will be greater

00:34:38 --> 00:34:45

compared to the rewards that will be given to the US How will you mean May Allah make us amongst the Sabbath recitation of these.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:51

What else humbly me Nima ma

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

mi. Fi seeded in blue

00:35:01 --> 00:35:01


00:35:06 --> 00:35:07

while we

00:35:09 --> 00:35:10


00:35:12 --> 00:35:12


00:35:16 --> 00:35:17


00:35:18 --> 00:35:25

with Kenya keynoting cuz he'll learn a lot you

00:35:26 --> 00:35:31

know what 404

00:35:42 --> 00:35:43


00:35:47 --> 00:35:54

Roman at all the US hobby Me,

00:35:55 --> 00:36:02

too. Mean Walibi what's led to

00:36:04 --> 00:36:15

led to panic Allahumma behandling a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta Astok Hirokawa Tobu like a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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