Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-048A Translation Aal-e-Imran 110-120 Tafsir 110

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of acceptance of reality and community leaders in understanding the consequences of actions. They also emphasize the importance of providing food and water to people to bring benefit to human beings and fulfill certain conditions to achieve the best success. The speakers stress the importance of belief in Islam and not quitting, as it is not healthy to do.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu arrow the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi were silly Emery working on Iraq data melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma the Colby was sadly 71 was loads of him at a call be a menial, banal Amin let's do the translation of the next few verses verse number 110 Quantum you all are Hira best Oh Martin community oh who rejects it was brought out? Lee NASCI for the people that Morona you all command Ville maruf that which is right. What an Hona and you all forbid are on from a LaMancha that which is wrong? What took me no no and you all believe Billahi in

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Allah, wallow and if M Anna Hello Kitabi people of the book had believed la Cana Surely it would have been how you run better LA home for them. Men home among them a lot me known are the believers were acceptable home and most of them and Facetune are those who defiantly disobey laying a good rule come they will never harm you all Illa except other with mild hurt, were in and if you are to come they fight you all you will LUCAM they will turn towards you wall at the bottom of the backs so much then last not Yun saloon they will be helped booty but it was struck. I lay him upon them a villa to the basement, a nama wherever so painful they were overtaken in LA except be herbelin

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through a covenant men with Allah He Allah will Hublin and a covenant men with a NAS the people were Bella Oh, and they incurred behold of in Wrath men from Allah He Allah will booty but and it was struck. I lay him upon them Alma scanner the neediness their Lika that be under Home is because indeed they can know they use to yuck Fortuna they disbelieve be it in verses in signs Allah He of Allah waktu Luna and they used to kill a Gambia the prophets be lady without her pin any right that he could that Bhima is because also they disobeyed. What can you and they use to Yatta don't they transgress? Lay Sue they are not so are all the same men among elderly people al Kitabi of the book.

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Oh Mattoon is a community or EMA tune one that is upright one that upholds yet Luna they recite it versus Allah He of Allah. Anna at times a Layli of the night were home while they yes Judoon they prostrate you me no no they believe Billahi in Allah will Yom and the day I'll hit the last where Munna and a command Bill maruf that which is right way and Hona and they forbid on from a moon call that which is wrong where you said your honor and they are swift fee in a hierarchy the good deeds were hola ICA and those men are among asylee Hain those who are righteous warmer, and whatever year for Alou, they do men off hide in good Fairlane yoke for who who, then they will never be denied it.

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Will Allah Who and Allah are Limon is ever knowing, been in with the pain of those who adopt consciousness of Allah in the indeed Alladhina those who cover rule they have disbelieved, learn to near and whom it will never avail them and while to whom their wealth Wallah and nor allow them their children. Men against Allah He Allah che at all what Allah ICA and those of us who are companions are nerdy of the fire home they fee her in it, Holly dune will be one to remain eternally mythology example man of what Yun feel Kona they spend fee in Hattie Hill higher this life, a dunya worldly Kemah thali is like an example that he hint of a wind fee her in it slit rune is intense

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noise and cold. Our saw but it reached health the crops or fields, Coleman of a people Lola Moo they wronged and foster home themselves for a look at who so it destroyed it. Warmer and not

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Lala Muhammad Allah Allah who wronged them while I can but and Fusa home themselves yo Willie moon the wrong Yeah Are you her or Alladhina those who am unknown they have believed. Let that Duffy do you all do not take butanna 10 confidential friends Minh Dooney calm besides you all lie yet Luna calm they will not abstain from bringing you all haba Allah ruin what do they have been wanting man that I need Don't you all be distressed and indeed by that it has disclosed itself Alberth da who the intense hatred men from of why he him their mouths warmer and what doc feel so do rowhome their chests conceal a bottle is greater God indeed. By yamna We have made clear locum for you all lie at

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the signs In Kuntum if you are truly dark pollun You all understand her and don't hear you all hola e are those who to hate buena home you are love them. Wala and not you hey buena come they love you all? What taught me no no. And do you all believe Bill Kitabi in the book, co li all of it. What either and when bloco come they meet you all ALU they say Amen. Now we have believed what either and when? Hello they are alone. Or do they bite? Our lay come over you all l anomala the fingertips. Men because of a loyal the rage. Goal you say move to you all die, be Layli come in your rage. In indeed Allah Allah or the moon is ever unknowing be that T of what preoccupies a pseudo the chests in if

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themselves come it touches you all has an atone good, the so home it distresses them. We're in an F to sleep welcome, it reaches you all. Say ye atone evil, you're for who they rejoice be her because of it. We're in and if does be true, you all are patient with that taco and you will adopt consciousness of Allah law not your guru calm it will harm you all Qaeda whom they're conspiracy che with anything in indeed Allahu Allah Bhima of what Yama Luna they do more hailstone is one who encompasses

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all right let's listen to the recitation boy John

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Medina Oh could you just lean

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more on

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me know

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what I

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mean hold me know now.

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own layer we'll move

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to it people

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mean Allah he will

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mean Allah he will believe that China he will miss Ghana that he can be in a home can

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be I

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be a Anttila he went on to Luna

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for that then he can be

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good we are

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mean little kita heavy

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yet low Luna

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Lanie Wahoo Mia's Judo Oh you mean on

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now OB GYN how on earth

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are you are you sad your own I feel

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whoa love it.

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I mean I saw the pain Why am I following her area?

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Allahu Ani.

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Tell it again in a lady.

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mean Allah He should

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if he had in hayati dunya gamma delhivery Gomez led V how's your house all best how

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who's has a whole meal on

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Turkey on

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Luna Ilona Cabela What do

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mean FYI he hidden one and two fears

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to Tara

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want to

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either move on oh

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we're either on a wild boar

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in law honeymoon be that in Saudi Oh, it says form has

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done so why don't you say to me?

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Why does Bill terrible I have a book on can you do home che in a law Habima

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all right let's do the receipt of these verses Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Now in the previous verses Allah subhanaw taala mentions that there must be an ummah, a community among you, who calls to what is good, who commands what is right and forbids what is wrong. So when the Muslim ummah responded to the call of Allah, and so they invite people to what is good, they command what is right and they forbid what is wrong. The result of that is that Allah subhanaw taala says, con Tom Kira OMA, you have become the best OMA, you have become the best community. So come Tom, content can be understood in two ways over here. Kana can be understood as Kana Nene Tama meaning Slatington

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Kira omoton, you have become the best OMA or quantum can be understood as kind of as Inza, Ada meaning and Tang Kira OMA tin, you are the best Oma. So two ways we can understand this, you have become the best OMA or that you are the best OMA and Allah subhanaw taala says this over here contant hiera OMA tin in order to praise this ummah and in order to exalt the status of this nation, the nation of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that near Allah, you are the best nation. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that you complete 70 nations, of which you are the best and dearest to Allah uncomfy Ruha or Cramo Allah Allah Allah, meaning there were many

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nations before you so you complete 70 And out of all the different nations you are the highest, the best, and a crumb in it the dearest to Allah or xojo so kuntang, Hira omoton and about the Bani Israel eel Allah Subhana Allah says in surah baqarah I have 47 that were a knee football to Kamal al Amin that I raised you I gave you preference over the worlds. Now that does not mean that indefinitely I have given you preference over the world. No, that was for a specific time, any until the next OMA until the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that was also any they were given preference in certain ways, not in every way. So

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Yes, many prophets were sent to them, but not the best of all the prophets, right? Not the final prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So, yes, the bunny is what you were chosen at their time, but now the Muslim ummah, Allah subhanaw taala says kuntang, higher omoton You are the best nation. Why how how are you the best nation, because your messenger is the best messenger. Your book is the best book, and the place where your messenger was sent is the best place MCCA which is the best land on Earth and the most beloved part of the earth to Allah and the generation to whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to that was also the best generation so think about it in the best

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century to the best generation, the best messenger and the best book was sent. So content however omitting you are the best nation. And this is why the hermetic Yun asked to be counted among the Shahidi in fact tube nama shading, so write us meaning count us consider us among the shading and the shading or who one of the opinions is, it is the final Oma. So quantum hydro mutton you are the best nation and you have become the best nation. When have you become the best nation when you command what is right and you forbid what is wrong. So quantum hydro Metin and Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh honey, Jacqueline NASS produced for mankind, or Khadija, it literally means you have been

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brought out. So, the very nature of this OMA is that it is not meant to hide, it cannot remain hidden, it cannot shrink away. No, it is meant to be brought out it is meant to be brought to the surface, it is meant to be visible, you know, people of different religions, they can blend very conveniently very easily with you know, the rest of the people and you can never know if someone is you know, from one religion or another, but when it comes to a Muslim can also really hide their Islam, no, they cannot, especially a woman, she cannot even a man cannot why because there comes a point where he has to distinguish between halal and haram a man has to pray five times a day right

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required to pray in Jamara and if that is not possible, then he preys on his own any The point is that the OMA the the religion that we have been given the shittier that we have been given its nature is such that we cannot remain hidden. So you have been brought out for the people and broad out meaning you have been produced for people. And what is meant by that is that you have been chosen in order to guide people in order to bring benefit to people. And out of all the nations that have ever existed. You are the best for all of mankind. Anything about it, the Jews, the Bani Israel eel, yes, they were given a shittier. But that should here was just for them. Right? It wasn't that

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they were not required to tell others about it. And he there were periods of time when the Bani Israel were just to be concerned about themselves. But when it comes to the Muslim ummah, the Quran is for who had that biannually nurse for all mankind, right below the nurse, this is to be conveyed to all people. So Oh, hurry Jacqueline, nurse you have been produced for the people for their guidance for their benefit. And this is why out of all the nations that exist and that have ever existed, you are the best for all of mankind, because you are the most beneficial nation to mankind. And a Buddha and of the Longhorn, who said the Clayton NASCI Lind Nursey, you are the best people

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for people, and you are the best among mankind for mankind. How, why? Because even when any historically speaking, even when Muslims went to war, with different nations with different people, what was the objective over there? The purpose was to take Islam to others, because at that time, any people were on the religion of their leaders, right. And the leaders would not let people you know, choose their own religion, they would control information. So when Muslims went to war, and I've mentioned this to you in great detail earlier, that sometimes the objective of war was to literally take Islam to people. And so by going to them, what did the Muslims do? They saved them

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from the fire of health. Right? So you are the best of people because you elevate people by bringing Islam to them. You rescue humanity by bringing Islam to them. Oh, hi Jacqueline nurse.

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And the thing is that Cairo, Nessie and Faro home, the best of people is the one who is most beneficial. One is that you benefit people by giving them food and water. That is excellent. And this is also something that we have been taught to do. Right? That as Muslims, this should be one of our greatest concerns that we ensure that people have enough to eat we share food with others, right? Which is why for many penalties are many matters. Like for example, if a person is not able to fast then what are they supposed to do? They're supposed to feed people in need. All right, if a person breaks their oath, what are they supposed to do? feed people? All right. So one is that you

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benefit people in their worldly matters. And this is also something that Muslims do, by nature of the Sharia, that Allah subhanaw taala has given us. So when people practice the shittier, or properly, they bring benefit to human beings, right? But the other is that you benefit a person in regard to their alcohol, you save them from the fire of *, you guide them so that they go to the higher levels of paradise. So how is that possible? When you bring Islam to them? When you tell them about who Allah is when you tell them about what Quran is? So you bring them out of darkness into light?

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Now, isn't that the best service to humanity? That you're not just saving them now? You're saving them for eternity? You're not just bringing them relief and comfort now you're bringing them eternal relief? Allahu Akbar. So this is not something small, quantum higher or material or Egypt leanness, you have been produced for people for humanity, he need to uplift them to bring them out of misguidance to bring them out of darkness. And then you are best because the more honorable Morrow if you command what is right, what then how now and in Mancha and you forbid what is wrong? You tell them to do what is right. And you forbid them from doing what is wrong. And then what took me noon

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Avila you are also best because you believe in Allah? Because there are many people out there who are serving humanity in different ways. Right? fighting poverty, disease, different forms of injustice is any you see people in different parts of the world striving to benefit humanity. Right? So they are serving people, they are helping people. And they also, you know, promote awareness, they command what is right, right. maruf even if it's not according to the deen of Allah maruf is any anything that is considered to be right, like honesty, I gave you examples before and those who forbid what is wrong, Forbid, you know, injustice, etcetera. But they don't necessarily believe in

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Allah. They're not doing all of this for the sake of Allah. And that is why they're not the best. You are the best nation. Because you do all of this. You serve humanity, you command what is right, you forbid what is wrong, while believing in Allah. That is why you're the best. And believing in Allah. He what that means is that you also do what Allah subhanaw taala wants you to do. And he if a person is commanding other people to do what is right forbidding them from wrong but themselves, they are, you know, committing different types of crimes, then they're not fulfilling this condition because Eman Billa includes Amel, okay, believing in Allah includes that you do what Allah subhanaw

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taala has commanded you to do. So it is because of all of these reasons for reasons here. All right. Okay. Jacqueline Nast, Muna Bill Maher, Ruth and her honer Linnemann comm and took me noona Billa. Because of these four reasons, this is how you have become the best nation which means that if you do not do these four things, then you are no longer the best nation. You are not the best nation. Now the previous nations were also chosen by Allah and when they did not do these things, then what happened we learned in sutra either is 7879 that luring AlLadhina kuffaar Woman Bani Israel Isla Isla de sanidad Waterbury, 70 Imodium? Those who disbelieved from the Bani Israel II, were cursed at

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the tongue of the wood and received memoriam or anything was salam. Why that he could be Mara. So what can we add to dune because they disobeyed and they would transgress, can or lay it in our honer and Moon Karen Philo, they would not forbid one another from the wrong which they did themselves, and he they will do wrong themselves. And then how could they forbid others from doing

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that wrong, liberate summer can we have I don't how terrible is what they used to do. So they would not stop one another from doing what is wrong. And this is why they were cursed. And this is why they were no longer the best. So these four traits that are mentioned over here are essentially four conditions, which means that as much as you fall behind from these conditions, you fall behind from being the best from Haiti year from being the best OMA, and as much as you excel in these conditions. You excel in Haiti in being the best, but that aside, that we were told that rewardable photogra de la Mourinho recited this idea. And then he said, Whoever likes to be among this OMA,

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then let him fulfill the condition that Allah has set in this buyer. And if you want to be considered higher OMA then you have to fulfill the conditions that are in this idea that you must be open to jet leanness, you must be the more honorable Maru with an owner and in local what took me Nona villa. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that one bottle of Yama Lu La Nuestra Vina Cebu, that if someone's actions keep him behind, then his lineage cannot take him forward. And he just because you identify as a Muslim that is not enough, you have to do something yourself also. So yes, you are a Muslim, you belong to the Ummah okay, but you are going to be the best when you

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fulfill the conditions. And your Saidiya will be in proportion to how well you fulfill these conditions. That Munna will mark it off with an owner and in Mancha. What took me Nona villa. Now, if you think about it, Imam Billa technically comes before I'm going to build my roof under Hayden mancha first person believes and then they call others to what is right and they forbid what is wrong. But your Eman has mentioned afterwards? Why to show the importance of a modal model. How important it is how virtuous it is. That Allah subhanaw taala mentions it before mentioning Iman, or are the MA say that the reason why Eman has mentioned afterwards is because it is a moped maruf and

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now here on one call that truly distinguishes the real sincere believer from the rest. There are many who can claim that they believe but when a person commands what is right, and they forbid what is wrong, then that is an evident sign of their Iman. That's an evident proof that yes, they truly believe so that Morona will model 101 Cotulla took Muna villa, and in this is also a point regarding the People of the Book. The people of the Book claim to believe in Allah. But did they command what is right did they forbid what is wrong? No, they didn't. So their Eman is being rejected over here. That if you don't command what is right, you don't forbid what is wrong, then how can you truly

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believe in Allah? So those who truly believe call others to what is right and forbid people from what is wrong? And it is the sign of a believer in sort of the Toba is 71 Allah subhanaw taala says well move me No, no, we'll move Minette Bardot LEAH Oh Barb, the believing men and the believing women are allies of one another yet more vulnerable maruf way and homeowner and Inman call they command what is right and they forbid what is wrong. So, this is the quality of the believer is they command what is right different bid what is wrong, and this is what makes them the best and this is why they will have the best reward in the hereafter as well. Because if a person called others to

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what is good, then they will have the reward that is equal to the reward of all the people who follow him in doing what is good. So higher omitting with the best reward then Allah subhanaw taala says well M Anna l ki tabula kinda highroller home if only the People of the Scripture had believed it would have been better for them. Any if the People of the Scripture had believed in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam then that would have been best for them any that would be best for them because their Eman would be complete. Right? And then they would be commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong and they would be the best Amma so in total Bukhara i 103 Last parenthesis

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Willow under Home Emma know what taco lemma through butter Minar in de la hide if they had believed and feared Allah then the reward from Allah would have been far better, if only they knew. So if they believed it would have been better for them than not believing. And this doesn't mean that not believing is still good for them. No, it's not good at all for them. So if they had believed in the prophets of Allah who already was alone, that would have been good for them. And this is said in order to show that when they chose to deny the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam then they are the ones who are missing out

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Hunger award on higher ranks. They are the ones who are now losing their privilege. They were once chosen. Right? But when they disbelieved and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they lost that privilege completely. So if they had believed that would have been better for them, but they didn't, and so they are the ones who deprive themselves, men who will not be known. But Allah subhanaw taala is so just he says, among them are believers who will act federal, humble, farcical, and most of them are Facetune. Those who define li disobey. And those who believe among them are few, they can be counted on fingertips, like our beloved salon will Dylan Warren who we have no Jess, she was

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Hummer, alright then a gesture of Abyssinia. He believed he was Christian, but he believed that we have Sophia radula on her own will want me known the Mother of the Believers. She was a Jew, she believed so men who will want me known among them are believers among the People of the Book or those who believed in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, but the majority of them are al Facetune. They defiantly disobeyed they breached the covenant, they disbelieve, and they have stayed away from believing, and they violated the pact, which bound them to believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to follow Him. And as a result, there are farcical men who will want

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me know and work that will who will farcical now, there is a Hadith in which we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the example of Muslims, Jews and Christians is like the example of a man who employed laborers to work for him from morning until night for specific wages. So imagine someone hires laborers, okay, from morning until night, and you have to work all day long. And then you get your wages at the end of the day. So what happened to these people, the laborers, they started working in the morning, and they worked until midday. And then they said, we no longer need your money, we'd no longer want the wages, and we quit. So the man says to them,

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don't quit, you've already worked so much, complete the rest of the work, and I will pay you in full, but they refused. And they quit and they went away. So then the man employed another batch of laborers after them and said to them, complete the rest of the day, and you will get full wages. And even though you have not been working from the morning, but if you work from now until the end of the day, and you complete this work for me, I will pay you full wages. So they worked until the time of our session. And then they said that, forget about whatever we have done, and you keep the wages, we no longer want your money, we quit. So the man said to them, complete the rest of the work as

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only a little of the day remains, and you will get your wages in full. But they refused. They said no, we don't want to do this anymore. We quit. So then he employed another batch of laborers to work for the rest of the day. And they worked for the rest of the day until sunset. And they received the wages of the two former batches. Subhanallah they didn't work in the morning, right? They didn't work from the hood until they just worked from us and until Maghrib but they got the wages for working all day long. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that was the example of the Muslims, meaning the Muslims are the third batch. All right, and the example of this light which

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they have accepted willingly. So those who accept Islam, look at their reward. And those who don't. They're losing out. This hadith is from sorry, buhari, right? And he sometimes yes, the work can be difficult. It can be hard, but it's not going to go on forever. So don't quit. What did the People of the Book do? They quit. And so they missed out on rewards. Allah subhanaw taala says if they had believed it would have been better for them, but they didn't. So they missed out among them are believers but most of them are Facetune. They define li disobey, they break covenants that they make with Allah and also with people and Fisk. Remember fiscal is of different kinds there is fiscal

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which is minor, like for example, breaking contracts, lying, cheating, etc, committing sin, and then there is a greater level of FISC which is to exit the state of Islam. So a person leaves Islam and becomes Cafayate so most of them are fastco, meaning they have left Islam and then they also commit other type of fists in the form of breaking covenants, etc.

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