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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shira freedom to Eva mousseline. Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah, Allah Allah He was, he was able to send them to Steven

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if it were hot

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we have two kinds of rights that we have to fulfill in our lives.

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The first are the rights of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala on us Hoko Allah.

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And the first and most important of those rights of Allah subhanaw taala is that we worship only Allah subhanho data without any partners because Allah has no partners.

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And he is the only one worthy of worship. We enter Islam by saying I shall do Allah Allah illallah

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wa, whole last Jedi Killer

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and that is what we will we must do and this is what we will be questioned about. And the second of that is the other part of the career of our shadow number Hamberger Rasulullah the right of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam on us that we must follow him and we must obey Him. He thought

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this is the right of the Rasul or is Salam on us

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now in the Hawala bad and the right of the Rosary sir I'm also comes that is the first of the holy word in the hobo holy but then comes the write off. Anyone who is with us

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sort of cool logo ride. Go look, Orion.

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What? Go logo must all own Andrei.

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He said all of you are shepherds and you will requestion about your flocks. So who's the flock? Anybody? Whoever is in your sphere of influence, it would be your parents if they are they're your children, if they are there, your siblings, your spouse's wives and husbands.

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If there are employees, if you are an employer, what employees maybe people are working in your house, maybe people working in your business, right? Everyone, whoever is in your control, this is part of your responsibility.

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And you and I will be questioned about that.

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They have a right on us. And what is that right the first and most important right of that is justice added.

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In the Lucha Ying Maru

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Bill addley Well, essa

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la semana de la has ordered justice, and then more. Vanessa is more than justice. So in terms of justice, I'm supposed to, for example, if I take something from you, justice means I must return that to you.

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And then something more.

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One young man the other day, asked me for advice.

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So he called me and he said, I have a problem. I said, What's the problem? He said, My father called me and said that

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he needs me to pay the rent for the apartment that we are living. So I said, Are you wanting he said yes. And I said, Can you base it? Yes. So I said, What's the problem? He said, No, but you know, my brother's asking Is it is it correct on his part? To ask?

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So I said How old are you sir? I'm 22.

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So I said who took care of you for 2022 years?

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My father

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so I said then it is right. That you take care of him for the next 22 years. And after that, you come and talk to me about justice.

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That come up count we after another 22 years, finish 22 years

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because your father takes care of you from the day you are born.

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And he takes care of you and you feed you and clothe you and shelters you and gives you all your gadgets and all your desires and whatnot buys your car he buys your boarding pass your devices and everything else and takes care you know your hospital does the whole work put you through school, through through college or university. And now if your father is in hard difficult difficulty financial difficulty and if you need your help and you asking me whether you should do that

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I mean the fault is also the parent that well how do you raise children like this?

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But Ungerleider is a good kid so he accepted what I told him.

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He said you are HSI I agree with you sir and inshallah I will do this. So make dua and I will make law for you. That may Allah make it easy for you.

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You ask Allah

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I do

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Just think about this as it just think about this

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how difficult it must have been

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for your father

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to ask you

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well I mean imagine

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what a man to ask his child to help you in

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how much of difficulty the man must be in that he's asking you

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it is your job to go and ask him and say I'm earning here my salary

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but you don't want to know me I'm staying with you in salary.

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Do whatever you like.

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This is a class

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this is what we did this is how we were raised

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even we don't even we did not even give the salary to the father here to the mother

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we didn't dare to go to the father's money no

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we brought a salad here to the wall.

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So Mommy has a

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and thanks for that door

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Hello open this treasures

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not salary.

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Hello everyone This changes

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how who?

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The heck are the parents

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that have the spouses wife and children

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so earlier Delana they asked him there what is the greatest wealth

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he's ever

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said a woman who's pious meaning a wife who's buys greatest wealth.

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Move on to Gen nine you know house

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you know why that's a wealth

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because if you want something you tell her to ask Allah Allah give

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you she raises her hand Allah will not refuse

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so I said but we were either hand raised against you

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Allah will not use that either.

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So watch it

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needlessly causing pain to somebody will never cause pain to you

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who never had anything against you?

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And wonder you got this urge

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are you abusing Are you doing something as a monarch beware the same hands which are raised for you can be raised against you

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don't think it's a you know small grower I can know that woman has got a lovey and

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that woman has

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rubber shell Kareem vi

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here Allah

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we are on

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the hook of people are very dangerous. Right? So if you have buildings

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right so all I'm saying is Allah subhanaw taala may forgive what is YouTube because Allah does not need our prayer we pray for ourselves

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so you beg guys here I'm sorry I didn't pray I don't even know how many years

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okay cool.

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He's not asking me you know, what is it

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but the rights of people

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and also as a result of that, Allah will not forgive until that person forgives. And think about this. As soon as the restaurant did not say until that Muslim person for us no it's until that person for is the person who you're wrong maybe somebody who's a Kaffir who died without EMA and he will go into or she will go into Jana. But they will take you with them

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they will take you with them because you've violated their rights.

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They may go to Ghana, but Allah subhanaw taala will not simply throw them in January Allah first of all will

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give them back the rights of what is their ideas era me true but this man or this woman What about the

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Logitech the video

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right so people be very, very good.

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Who will love hopefully well, it's the right first right of people. All people is justice. First right? In Allahu Allah will add.

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Allah has ordered his hakama is to do justice, justice, whatever and the smallest just smallest thing

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There's no warning every right is right.

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Right to their dignity right to their to be respected right to us, that they should be spoken to properly right that they should be given if there is if it is money, if it is their, you know, whatever is due to them that it should be given to them right that they should get the right tarbiyah for example, your children, if you are not giving service to your children, you're not teaching them to to worship Allah Subhanallah and so on that is there, right? You're violating the rights of the child, that the child has a right on you that you should guide them.

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Do this as a test. Right?

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All of you and I'm talking about you here and we're listening to this for all over the world.

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Ask your children who are

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entering their teens who are just who have attained puberty for example, it's 14 years old or something that is important as them they also have also

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because they have ruined with our puzzle, their Salah is not valid. And they have got their ID and puberty which means that they will be you know, also Genova. They have looked

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at them if they don't know what you do.

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First good give $10,000 in charity, because that though was not accepted to give 10,000 as a fine for you. As a parent of the father and a mother who raised the judge for 14 years you did not even teach them those sorts of awesome

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children come here they come here to the bathroom here they make a huge mess. You see how they do it's like a joke you'll be put a camera there you can have you can have a you know it can be a sort of stand up comedian joke. How Muslim children make wudu why? These are Muslim children whose parents are practicing Muslims they come to the masjid they don't know how to make with whose job is it my job

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seriously please it is the right of your children that you should give them the right therapy and that therapy I begins with the hara number one rule is the Hara. So teach them the ways of the heart, the widow and hosel

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and teach them Salah

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and teach them the other How should you behave in the masjid? How should you behave in the home in the schools? Where do you go what you do?

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I just came back from from from our training course. Dual training course in the Arabic language where we were reading Quran and so on and so forth. Also not the current grammar, but just the dressing of people.

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The clothes in which people come to the class these are these are the young people that come into the kind of clothes I'm thinking myself. So well achieve what kind of society is it that their children do not even know how to dress to come to the class to a place of learning in Islam. This is sacred.

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And I will shift it around Moodle start at Rommel McCammon there'll be at tarbiyah Maha Mudra Doris has a Kunal Kunal for the Allinson.

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Nothing zero.

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Water is

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how we really children love it is in cats and dogs. Even cats and dogs are trained no

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children not to

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it is their right. It is the right of your wife that you should treat her with dignity you should treat her with respect. It's the right of the husband that it should be treated with dignity respect.

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Masa then establishes equality is not why brothers are more right than the husband and wife are no equal.

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But they have those rights. So also with employees also whoever it is, please be very very careful with these things. You ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and anyone has any doubt please come ask. I don't have the answer to every question but I will find the answer. Why don't you ask me a question? I don't know find the answer. But if you don't even ask me I don't read minds. I don't know what's in your head.

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So please come and ask what should I do? This is my situation.

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Right? I will never tell you I don't have time I have all the time in the world. That's why I'm here.

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But you must but you need to come. So come and ask. Inshallah. Right. You ask Allah Subhana Allah generado to help us to do what is pleasing to Him and to help us to lead a life where when we die when we will before him that we will not be ashamed. We ask Allah to forgive us and do to help us to enter Jannah which is mercy and grace masala Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was happy negraph together