The Spiritual Ladder – Holding Or Hoarding Public Office

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Bismillah salatu salam, ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned amongst the many signs of Yama that stare us in our face is the fact that undeserving people have been given public office. And not only do they hold the office, but in many instances they hold the office. And when you look at it, be it in political spheres or religious matters organizations Institute's they would not relinquish, they would not relinquish power at any level. Now there is a verse of the Quran and this is a verse of the fourth of June the fourth chapter, the fourth verse Surah Nisa, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, voila, Toto so far.

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Como Letty Jor el Allahu La Quinta Yama, addressing the guardians of the orphan, that when the orphan leeches of age, but he or she is still not mentally competent, they are feeble minded, they are mentally incompetent, then do not give them their money. Although I said a while ago your money we're in nama Avraham, he loves me real Mohatta. The scholars say the reason why Allah said your money, meaning protect their wealth as you protect your own wealth, but pause for a moment. This is their own wealth, it belongs to them they late father left it behind. But the Quran said don't hand it over to them simply because they are not skilled they are not competent, they are not mentally

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equipped they are not mature enough. So the scholars say from this verse we learn fi here either Mota freely shame in Illa lady earlier, if the Quran alerts us not to give the the orphan his own wealth, then we should be all the more careful when we hand out post and position to people who unfortunately are seeking the post when you pass on a Manasa. And on that you can look at public post religious matters people that are spearheading our organizations. So this is a serious alert and this is one of the signs of tiama. In essence, it's two qualities. Two qualities those that are in public office should probably introspect, and those around who would like to nominate two things

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will dictate if a person is deserving number one is selfless nature. And number two is loss and sincerity. May Allah bless the unmap with good leaders. I mean your anatomy