Musleh Khan – Life #06 How much control does Shaitaan really have

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the potential for shay patrolling to overcome control over shale time and prevent major events. They explain that shay patrolling is a complete spiritual shield against shay events and that shay events are designed to make people feel like they are doing something for Islam. They also emphasize the importance of following everything Islamic to avoid losing everything.
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How much control the shale time really have

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said Mr. Li Kumar matola he will work out to all of us are going to deal with the temptation of shaytaan. He promised to Allah subhanho wa taala, that I'm going to reach every single one of them, except one group Ilari burdah can mean whom we mock last seen, except from amongst you, your slaves that are truly sincere meclizine It means not just sincere, but the person that strives each and every day, in every little thing they do to be sincere for the sake of Allah, that group shaitan will never overcome, he will never win the MCLA scene. So how do we put this in practical terms, there are three things that you can do, that are really easy in shout, Allahu taala, that each and

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every time you feel that the West was the whisper of shaitan is overwhelming that you can overcome that temptation. Number one, understand that shaitan will never have control over us. What Allah does give him the ability to do is to tempt us to make something beautiful to invite to encourage, but shaytaan can never compel you or me to commit the wrong action. So that's the first point. Number two shaytaan is weak. Allah tells us in the Quran, in a Qaeda che upon can a lot ephah that the schemes in the plan of shale time in and of itself is very weak. Think about that. Everything that shaitan leads us towards or tempts us towards the entire process itself, his approach his plan,

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all of it is weak. Now who is it weak to? It is especially weak to the people of iman, that's you and I shout Allahu Terrell, once we have this faith, and we hold on and we commit ourselves to keep working and improving on our faith every single day, there is absolutely no possibility that shaitan will control us or tempt us to a point where he constantly wins, and we constantly lose. Which leads us to the third point. Brothers and sisters, remember, we have all the tools to ward off anything to do with the shaytaan. As long as you live a life where you are following your religion, you are following everything Islamic. So whether it's in rituals, or not everything that you say and

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everything that you do, as long as you keep it as Islamic as possible. Now your entire lifestyle becomes a complete spiritual shield against shaitan. Remember, he won't give up, he will continue to do this until the day of judgment, but he does not have to win and he cannot overcome the people of iman. So once you strive in these three areas in sha Allah hotel, you remind yourself shaytaan is weak, you remind yourself that he literally cannot control or force us to do anything. And you also remind yourself that wait a minute, I have what it takes to overcome the shaytaan I have the Koran I have Islam, I have a connection with Allah. Once you have all of these components together shaytaan

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will never win. May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for you and me. Allah who met me

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