Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-047H Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 104

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "the work" and how it can be done when there is bias or division. The meaning of today's definition is for individuals to achieve their goals and not for groups. The importance of rules and regulations in society is emphasized, along with the need for people to act sincerity and not let others do their job. The speakers stress the importance of minimizing negative opinion and following rules, and advise the audience to be cautious when advising others and not rush to something. The importance of saving oneself and not letting anyone else do anything without their permission is emphasized.
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Welcome men come O'Malley, the owner lol hide and let there be arising from you a nation inviting to all that is good in the previous verse, Allah subhanaw taala rather in the previous verses Allah subhanaw taala tells us that we should not be divided while at the for Roku and that we should be united wire Tasleem will be heavily Lehi Jamia and here we are being taught that together we should call humanity to that which is good yet Aruna it'll hide. So this teaches us that the work of this theme which is to call people to what is good is only done with Unity it cannot be done when there is division. When people dislike one another when there is an unhealthy competition. They're

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constantly trying to you know, put one another down. There are grudges there is biases, then people cannot call others to goodness, you can only call others to goodness when there is unity. So Allah subhanaw taala says Walter comin come on Mattoon, Walter con and there should be lamb over here is Amara. So it means should any there should be men come among you or Mattoon and OMA, now the word men come can be understood in two ways. First of all, we can understand men as meaning some of men is off BB here, meaning there should be some among you or Muslims, there should be an OMA a group of Muslims among you who are dedicated to the cause of calling people to what is good. Secondly, we can

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understand men as ban, meaning Walter Commencal them that you should be that you all Muslims should be an OMA, who called others to what is good. And both of these meetings are correct, they're applicable because there are times when each individual is responsible for calling others to what is good. For instance, you may not be very knowledgeable, you may not feel very confident about your knowledge. But if you see someone doing something wrong, or you see that someone is missing out on something good, and you're aware of that, then in that situation, you should invite them to what is good. So Walter Commencal OMA Toyota Runa Adel, hi. And then there are situations where you need

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there should be people who are dedicated to this cause who excel in you know, learning the deen and calling others to it. So in some situations, yes, each person is individually responsible to call people to what is good and in other situations, not everyone is responsible rather a dedicated group if they're doing that it is sufficient and this is why it is said that calling people to what is good I'm gonna build my roof now here and in one car commanding what is right for bidding what is wrong, this is a fault key fire a fault key fire means that if some people from the community are doing it, then it is sufficient. Like for example salatu Janaza, the funeral prayer is a fault key

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fire. So for example, someone in the community dies, then as long as some people are performing salatu Janaza it is sufficient, then he you are not required to go and pray Salah to Janaza like you are required to pray Lord Salah for example. Right? So low Salah is what it is faultline when you have to do it, it's not sufficient if you know some people in the house are praying, no it is an individual responsibility but fault Keifa is that if some people from the community are doing it, then that suffices for the entire community so well to commend come on my 20 year the owner it'll hide to meanings that you should be an OMA you should be a people who call everyone to what is good

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and each person in their capacity should do this or that there should be a group among you Muslims who does this job. So well document come on Mattoon, Yoda Runa. It'll hide and the word OMA is from the root letters Hamza Meme Meme, and the word OMA has multiple meanings. It is used in the Quran for an OMA as in a group of people, okay. And that is the meaning over here. There should be a group of people or you are a group of people. And secondly, the word OMA is also used for Dean for religion. Sometimes it is also used for an individual any an individual who has reached command any who is truly an example like Ibraheem Alehissalaam was an Oma. So Walter come in, come on my 20 year

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the Runa ill and the word OMA by the way, it is derived from the word Amma which is to direct oneself towards a certain goal and

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then not just aim at a certain goal, but to also strive towards that goal. So an OMA is a group of people that have the same goal. So you should be a people of the same cause that you call everyone to goodness, you call one another to goodness and you also call others to what is good, and hide, remember, it means good, and it includes all of what is good, and the Quran is hide. Everything that the Quran says is hide all works of righteousness or hide and hide something good can be something from the dean and also any something worldly, which is considered good, which can be religiously beneficial for a person as well. So for example, eating what is good for a person eating what is the

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you? Now a person might say, well, you know, eating and drinking is from this world. Yes, it is from this world. But if you eat food that is halal, if you eat food that is by you, if you eat happily, if you select that food which is best for your body, then this is also something that is beneficial. So the only way of calling people to good is not just that you tell them brothers and sisters pray salah, or brothers and sisters recite the Quran, that is one way. Another way is that you encourage people for example, to look after their health, to eat well to drink more water to exercise or to walk more and things like that, that is also height or to manage their time in a good way to you

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know, set higher goals for themselves and you know, strive towards achieving those goals. So all of this is played played is not just salah and the cat and Hajj and Umrah all of that, of course is played. But hey, it includes anything that is good. Anything that aligns with what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed and commanded. So while taco men come, oh my god de Runa lol Hyde. And this is an obligation on the Muslims. We cannot just be selfishly striving for hate for ourselves, okay, that I want to live the best life and I want to have the best, you know, goals and strive towards them, et cetera. Yes, you are concerned about yourself but you should also call others to what is good your

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own or ill hate. And you cannot live selfishly on the earth. You cannot just be concerned about yourself. You have to be concerned about others as well. So well the commend come on Mattoon yet, Aruna, it'll hide they should call to what is good. And then Allah subhanaw taala says wayah Morona Bill maruf way and honer en la Mancha and they should command what is right and they should forbid what is wrong meaning there should be an OMA among you who is doing these three things calling to what is good commanding what is right forbidding what is wrong or you should be an OMA who is calling people to what is good commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong this is an

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obligation on the Muslims now to command what is right and to forbid what is wrong is from playing right this is all good if you think about it any you invite people to what is good meaning you tell them to do what is good and you forbid them from doing what is wrong. But it is separately highlighted over here it's not just considered under the umbrella of plate but it's separately mentioned over here why to show how important and what Bill Maher roof in the here an element called are how important these two matters are that you command what is right and you forbid what is wrong. And yet Morona minimal roof yet Morona This is from Amara Hamza meme and Omer is to command and en

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Hona This is from Nikki noon. How are ya nahi is to forbid so you do a murder of maruf and now he off mancha now maruf is that which is recognized as something good it's from the root iron Rafa and you're a fan is to recognize okay. So mod Wolf is that which is recognized, recognized as what as something that is acceptable to human conscience something that is good, something that is accepted by the religion of Allah, ne it is something known to be right. Okay, this is my roof. Like for example, speaking the truth, you know, speaking kindly to people looking after your health, you know, all good virtues, this is all maruf and one car is the opposite of that one car is from noon

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Caf RA and one car is that which is rejected. Okay. Why

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Why is it rejected? Because it's known to be bad? Any it's bad. It's rejected by the law of Allah. It's rejected by any the human conscience even because people find it to be repulsive and disgusting. So this is one color. So there should be an Omar among you who call to what is good command what is right and forbid what is wrong. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever among you sees an evil, let him stop it with his hand. And whoever is not able to do that, then let him stop it with his tongue. And whoever is not able to do that, then let him consider it bad in his heart. And that is the weakest of faith. This is Hadith in Sahih Muslim. So I'm not been

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malroux for nahiN and mongkol, they are very important, any, not just for a family, but also for a community. He, for example, within the house, are there any rules that people set? Of course, there are all right, for example, people have rules like in our family, we do not insult one another in our family, we do not hit one another. Right. You know, you have certain do's and certain don'ts. And why are these rules there are these rules there to make the life of the people in the family difficult and miserable? No, it is to ensure that everyone is respected everyone feel safe in the house, and that there's a positive environment where people are allowed to, you know, live

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comfortably, because if someone is doing something that they like, but it is infringing upon someone else's comfort and safety, then a line must be drawn. Right. So for any group of people to live together in harmony, there must be some rules, some do's and some don'ts. And when you know people are not living by those rules, then there must be someone who stops them, right, someone who corrects them, someone who reminds them now one is that you only expect the authorities to come and stop people or come and tell people, but this is not very effective. The best is that when you as a member of a household of a society of a community, when you see that someone is not doing something,

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right, perhaps they don't know. Or perhaps they don't realize or perhaps they're forgetting or you see them breaking some rules, then you need to step up and you need to remind and you have to do your part. So this is a marble marble roof and now here, Anil Mancha and both of these are very important so that the affairs of people are set right? Right so that people can live in harmony and to command what is right to forbid what is wrong. This is the way of the righteous in fact, this is the way of the prophets. The prophets were sent to command what is right and forbid people from what is wrong. Think about it. The greatest moral wolf, the greatest model good thing is what it is

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though hate and the prophets came to tell people to worship Allah alone. The greatest Moncure is what it is schicke and the prophets are sent to stop people from committing schicke so yet Morona Maroof Wan honer Anil Mancha. This is prophetic way. It is not interfering with the lives of people. Okay? No, why? Because there are matters in which yes, you mind your own business. But there are other matters in which you must intervene, you cannot just be a bystander, alright, you cannot just say that, you know, let people do whatever they want. There are some situations in which you don't say anything. And there are other situations where you must say something, right? For example, if

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your child is doing something dangerous, putting something dangerous in their mouth, what are you going to do? Are you going to say, Oh, I let them explore everything with their mouth? No, you're not going to do that. So just like that, when you see that someone is unaware, then you tell them you inform them when you see that someone has forgotten. You remind them when you see that someone is making a mistake, then you help correct them. All right. So um, what have been my roof now here in Mancha? The purpose of this is not to pass judgment or to condemn people or to cancel people or to constantly burden them with you know, suggestions. No, the objective of commanding what is right

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and forbidding what is wrong is to help one another. It is to uplift one another. It is to maintain justice. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Edina, Nestle her in Edina and Nestle her in Edina and Nestle her that really

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June is sincerity. Religion is sincerity. Religion is sincerity. And the people asked Limon ya rasool Allah, sincerity to who or messenger of Allah. And he replied sincerity to Allah, his book, his messenger for the leaders of the Muslims and for their general public. So sincerity to people is that you are honest with them, that you want the best for them. When you see that they're doing something wrong, you correct them. When you see that they clearly don't know something, you help them recognize that you help them learn that when you see that they're making a mistake, you correct them, this is no see how to people, not that you just let them keep on committing, you know, wrong

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after wrong after wrong. Any think about it if your friend, not even a friend, a stranger, okay? If they're walking around, let's say with toilet paper sticking out of their pants, what are you going to do? There are some people who will just stand and watch and laugh. Alright, but if you really are sincere to people and you want best for them, what are you going to do, you're going to go up to them, whether you know them, or you don't know that you're going to go up to them, and you're going to tell them in the nicest way possible so that they can remove it. All right. So I'm open mouthed off and a hidden mancha is the height of caring for people that you want the best for people. Now,

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of course, when you're going to call people to what is good, you're going to Command what is right, you're going to forbid what is wrong, you have to do it properly. Right. So there are certain adept there are certain etiquette of commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong. I remember once a very long time ago, my first child had an accident, a toilet accident. And it was the first time that I witnessed such a thing. And I basically freaked out. I was a very young mother and I freaked out. And instead of focusing on how I could help my child, I started focusing on myself that oh my god, this is disgusting. And how am I going to do this, and this is, you know, I was basically

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freaking out, and my mother in law was there. And she looked at me, and she said to me, you're gonna scare him like this. And in that instant, it was like a light bulb went on. I was like, Yes, I am so focused on myself, that the weight that I'm reacting, I am going to scare my child. And then Alhamdulillah my thinking completely shifted, completely shifted. And then I was able to handle the matter, and you know, clean up, etc. So the thing is that when we see someone doing something wrong, instantly, we begin to pass judgment or like a soft Allah, they don't even know this much. And oh, my God, this is so wrong. And I'm never going to speak to this individual again. And we form

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judgments, we form very strong opinions. And then if we want to approach them, you know, we want to talk to people, we don't talk to them in the best way. So I'm not even Maroof nahiN and Mankad has to come from a place of compassion, from a place of sincerity, from a place of honesty, and it has to be done in the best way in a good way. Right. So what are the etiquette of commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong? The first and most important etiquette is that it has to be done with loss with sincerity to Allah. When you call people to what is good, you are doing this for the sake of Allah. Okay, because of your loyalty to Allah. So correcting someone is not an opportunity

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to put them down and exert your superiority over them. Correcting someone is not an opportunity to belittle someone, correcting someone or telling someone what is right is not an opportunity to seek fame. Okay, and if it is done for any of these reasons, that you are seeking superiority over people, you're seeking fame or you want to take revenge, you want to act on your jealousy or anger, you want to belittle people, you want to exert your spiritual superiority on others, then this is not for the right reason. This is not if loss, this is not for the sake of Allah and is not going to produce the right results. So it has to be done for the sake of Allah. He had their own ill hydia

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Morona Bill Maher ruffian honer Anil Mancha. So this must be with a class. And this means that when you call people to what is good, you're calling them to Allah, you're not calling them to yourself. Secondly, the second Adam is that you must come from a place of URL because Allah al Mukalla Lommel knowledge comes before action, and therefore knowledge comes before a Morakniv any you must learn before you tell people what to do and what not to do, because you cannot give what you don't have. And we see that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he would send you know a different companions to different people. He wouldn't just send any of his companions anywhere in

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You wouldn't just send any random person any plays random, that go and call people to what is good? No, he would send the knowledgeable among the companions. And before he sent them, he would teach them, he would advise them, he would instruct them. So it is not right for an ignorant person to call people too good. Now, this does not mean that a person must be a Mufti. In order to do this work, no, but you must have certain knowledge of the matter that you are commanding people off or you are forbidding them from. So for example, if something is you think that something is wrong, are you really certain that it is wrong? What evidence do you have that it is wrong? And what knowledge

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have you gained regarding this that makes you certain that this is wrong? So this is very important. And if you don't know about something, then leave it, leave it to the people of knowledge or go learn yourself so that you can then tell people another thing is that part of this condition? Is that any there are matters in which there is difference of opinion. Okay. So when there is a known difference of opinion regarding a certain issue, then you don't go on telling people that what you're doing is wrong. And so you are doing an A here, Anil Mancha. No, that is not no here in Mancha, because the other person is following a different fic opinion than yours. Okay. And that

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opinion is based on some URL. So the Messiah ill Philosophia, any those matters in which there is difference of opinion. You don't go on telling people this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong, just because they're following a different fit from you, you can have a healthy discussion. If you strongly believe that what you do is closer to the Sunnah is a stronger opinion, you can have a healthy discussion, but you cannot go and tell people. Oh, brother, why have you shaved your mustache? You should only trim it or brother? Why have you not fully shaved your mustache? Why are you just trimming it. So just because someone follows a different opinion than yours, it doesn't

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mean that you go and start stopping them. Now, the third adage is that you must understand people, and you must have knowledge of the circumstances of the person whom you are approaching any, you must advise them at the right time and at the right place. Okay. So for example, imagine if someone you know is doing something wrong. Okay, let's say they're praying. And you see that they're praying, and they're not bending in record all the way down, you know, they're not making their back straight. So you think in your head, oh, my God, this person doesn't know how to do record properly, and you just walk up to them. And you say, when you see something wrong, you should fix it with your

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hand. So as they're going into record, you put your hand over their back, and you kind of press it so that they can go further down into the core. Do not do that. Because you don't know if they are unable to make proper record because of some back pain because of some back injury. Right. So you don't know about their circumstances, what you shouldn't do is that you should wait for them to end their salah. And then you can talk to them. And you can find out if there is a reason why they're not making recover properly. Because if you don't understand the situation, you could actually cause a lot of harm, right? Now imagine if someone has, you know, back pain or back injury and they're not

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able to bend all the way down and they're just bending slightly, and you go and try to stop that mancha with your hand and you press their back, you could cause them serious damage. So you must understand the situation of people before you correct them before you commend them before you forbid them. Likewise, sometimes what happens is that a person has just been corrected. Let's say the child has been corrected by the Father and now the mother comes in, she also corrects and then the grandmother comes in, she auto corrects and then the uncle comes in, he also corrects, so what's gonna happen to the poor child, he's gonna get so fed up, right? So when you know that the Father

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has already advised the child, then as a mother remain silent, do not pester Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran less thoroughly him be more safely. You are not a controller over them. Alright, so you don't have to stand on people's heads and nag them nag them until they do what you're telling them you tell them and you leave or if you see that someone else is dealing with the situation then you let them deal with it. And part of this is also you know, sometimes a person is not in the mood to listen to any good advice. And if you start advising them at that time, if you start telling

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And then what is right what is wrong? What are they going to do? They're going to get more rebellious and of committing a greater wrong because of your advice. So be careful also understanding people and their situation. Part of this is that any the moment you see someone that is not the time when you start advising them first have some kind of small talk with them. Right? And then you talk to them about what you need to tell them or what you feel you need to tell them in sometimes what happens is that we don't make any small talk No, Salem, no, how are you know, how's everything immediately? Did you pray your sunnah? Did you pray, he let the other person catch a

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breath, let them sit down, have some water, let them finish what they're doing. So understand people and their situation before you approach them very important. And the fourth of is a riff. riff is gentleness, no matter who it is that you are advising your commanding, you are telling them to do what is right you are forbidding them from something that is wrong. You must come from a place of compassion. Any there must be a riff, there must be gentleness and there must be in each should be done in a good manner. Because as we learn in these gentleness is not in anything except that it adorns it. And harshness is not in anything except that it more is it. So be gentle. Then the fifth

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condition is Sobor patience and composure. This means that, first of all, have SABR in getting your point across any don't rush it. Talk to people slowly so that they can understand. And also somebody is that be prepared for some pushback, be prepared for even some retaliation. It won't be the case that you tell someone to do something good, or you stop them from something wrong, and they say thank you to Zack. Hello. Hi Ron. Samira. Now, we're aterna No, that's not always the response that you're going to receive. We see that the prophets of Allah were persecuted, they were mocked. They were called names. So I'm gonna build my roof. Now here in Mancha, it can be risky work, it is not

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for the faint hearted. So somebody is necessary with yourself in getting your point across and in dealing with the pushback. So yeah, we're gonna build my roof when Hona Anil mancha these are some other job. Now, the thing is that as human beings, we are not perfect, right? Sometimes we are blind to our own mistakes. And if we say that to each their own, you know, just mind your own business, then we're basically saying accept everything, and let people do wrong and let people you know, continue to make mistakes. So if everything should be accepted, then is there anything right and is there anything wrong? If we say to each their own than what is right and what is wrong? Allah

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subhanaw taala revealed this law revealed this book not so that it is ignored, but so that it is followed, right. So we all have a responsibility to follow what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed and to also help others follow what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. So Allah subhanaw taala says, What will I Iike whom will mostly Hone and those are the ones who are truly those who are successful, any those who command what is right for bid what is wrong, who call others to good, they are the ones who are truly the successful ones. So in our one maruf, and in the here and one car is success, not without it, and the Prophet sallallahu lucidum warned us, he said, When sin is

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committed in the earth, He who sees it and disapproves of it will be taken like one who was not present, but he who was not present and approves of it will be like him who witnessed it Subhanallah any when there is something wrong being done, and you happen to witness it. But as you witness it, you say in your heart, this is wrong, or you try to stop it with your tongue with your hands, then if you try to stop it, or you say in your heart this is wrong, then you are like someone who was not even present over there like someone who did not witness that wrong. But if someone was not there, when that sin was being committed, and they just heard about that sin being committed, and they

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approve on it, they like it, then it is as if they witnessed it themselves. So which group do you belong to? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said If any man is among the people in whose midst he does act of disobedience, and though they are able to make him change his actions, but they do not stop him.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala will smite all of them with punishment before they die Subhan Allah. So it is not just the perpetrator who is guilty, it is the silent observers who are also guilty. So I'm Edwin maruf. Now here in Mancha, it is necessary to save ourselves, the prophets of Allah Who are you send them all to set by the one in whose hand is my soul, either you command good and forbid evil or Allah will soon send upon you a punishment from him, then you will call upon Him, but He will not respond to you. So the key to success in the world and in the era is what that a person invites others to what is good, they command what is right, they forbid what is wrong. This is how a

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person is successful in the world. They're successful near Allah, and this is how they will attain salvation.

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