Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-019A Translation Al-Baqarah 130-141 Word Analysis 130-134

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Quran and its verses is emphasized, along with the use of "will" in various cultural and political settings. The "arise to" movement is discussed, with reference to the "ma'am" and "monica." The transcript also touches on the history of the Kubernetes Sinha and its children, including the loss of certain individuals and the potential reward for their actions. The confusion surrounding the use of pronouns is also discussed, along with the importance of understanding one's own values.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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excited today in sha Allah, we will complete the first Jews in sha Allah when I began this course and I'm sure you had the same feeling as well, that if we have the class once a week, Allahu Alem how long it's going to take. And hamdulillah slowly, slowly you get somewhere. You know recently I met someone who told me that they started a Wednesday evening halacha in which they went through the seed of the whole Quran and it took them about 12 years, but Masha Allah, there are so many people who actually completed it. Ma sha Allah. So yes, some people have the opportunity, the ability to do things quickly in a short amount of time. But what greater blessing could there be that you know, we

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get to spend more time with the Quran? Alhamdulillah because I'm sure over the week, you look at your lesson you look at the verses more than once, and hamdulillah and I have been informed that some people mashallah they've been memorizing as well, the lesson over the week, So alhamdulillah Yes, it took a couple of months, but at hamdulillah we're getting somewhere. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to stay committed and to do this in the best way in sha Allah. All right, let's begin today's lesson. Are with a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah And Kareem rubbish. Rahila. Saudi where Sidley Emery, we're

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here Okta melissani of Kahu. Kohli Allahumma. The Colby was said that Lissoni was throats of him at the Colby mania Robben Island in less than number 19 Surah Baqarah verses 130 to 141. We will do the translation first

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woman and who Yet Allah Boren he would turn away in a version from miletti Creed, Ibrahima of Ibrahim INLA, except man who Sufi Han epsa who he made a fool of himself. What occurred and surely indeed, is fluffy now who we chose him fee in a dunya the world we're in now who and indeed he fee in an era the hereafter Lamin surely will be from a slightly Hane those who are righteous is when Paula he said lo to him Rob whoo hoo his Rob as slim you submit Bala. He said a slum to I have submitted lira B to rob ally Lamine of the world's well, we'll saw and he enjoined Bihar with it. Ibrahim Ibrahim, Benny, he his children were Kobo and Dr. QUB Yeah, Bernie Yeah, all my children in

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that indeed. Allahu Allah is Stouffer. He has chosen lecom For you all a deen the religion Falletta Muthana so you will indeed do not die Illa except what Anton while you all musli moon are ones who submit and quantum or where you all Shuhada witnesses in the when Hadera it presented itself to Jacoba your Kob Elmo to the death in the when Paula he said Lee bunny he to his children. Mao what Darboux Duna Will you all worship mimbar the after me follow they said Norbu We will worship Isla haka your god what Isla and God Abba Iike of your father's Ibrahima Ibrahim, what is smarter eel and Ismar eel what is help and is help in our hand a god wa he then single one national and we love who

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to him, mostly moon are ones who submit Vilka that OMA tone is a community God indeed hollered it has passed on law have for it, man is what cassava it earned. Welcome and for you all man is what cassava tune you all earned. Wala and not to say Aluna you all will be asked. I'm about what can will they use to Yama loon they do will call you and they said Kuno you all be who then Jews Oh or NESARA Christians? Do you all will obtain guidance? All you say bail rather me letter creed, Ibrahima of Ibrahim Hanifa and unswerving monotheist. Wama and not Kana he was men among al Mushrikeen. Those who associate partners with Allah Kulu you all say I

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Amana we have believed Billahi in Allah wa and what on Zilla it was sent down Elena to us warmer and what? On Zilla it was sent down Isla to Ibrahim Ibrahim what is smart Isla and Ismar eel? What is how cold and is harkaway are COHb and Iacob while Isbell to end the Israeli tribes woman and what oto he was given Musa Musa where ISA and their isa warmer and what OTA they were given an A B unit the prophets men from rugby him there Rob la noche neuffer Rico we differentiate Boehner between a Hardeen anyone men whom among them wanna know and we law who are to him mostly Moon ones who submit for in so if I'm a no they believe to be Miss Lima in the same manner as, or in the same creed as a

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man to whom you are believed to be in it for God then indeed, though they have obtained guidance we're in and if there were low they turn away for in nama then indeed only home they fee are in Chicago in dissent. First a UK fika whom Allah but Allah shalt suffice you against them. Wha hoo. And he assumere who is the ever hearing? Allah Eileen the ever knowing, sleep ohata colouring Allah He of Allah woman and who are her son who is better men than Allah He Allah sleep Allah 10 In coloring when a hue and we love who are for him I'll be doing ones who worship you say a to her Juna Anna do you all argue with us fee in regard to Hola Hola. Hola. Well Hua while he la buena is our

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Rob what a Bukom and your Rob Well Anna and for us our maluna are our deeds welcome and for you all are Maluku are your deeds? One 100 And we love who you are to him. Mostly soon ones who are sincerely devoted, um or do the coluna you will say that in indeed Ibrahim Ibrahim, what is Marina and Ismar eel what is haka and is how Claire Oba and your COBOL Isbell and the Israeli tribes can who they were who then Jews Oh or nasaga Christians coil you say unto them, are you all our alum who are more knowledgeable? Um Or is Allahu Allah, woman and who alone who is more wrongdoing? Men Men than who cut them he hid shahada and a testimony and evidence are in the hall with him men from

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Allah He Allah wama and not Allahu Allah below feeling is at all unaware. I'm about what Dharma loon you all do. They will care that OMA tone is a community but indeed Khaled it has passed on Lucha for it man is what cassava it earned. Welcome and for you all man is what cassava tome you all earned. Walla and not to Aluna you all will be asked Amma about what can I do they use to Yama alone they do have that Allah. Let's go over the word analysis Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim, woman and who hear the word man is coming as a question. Okay, so women and who yet a loved one, he would turn away in a version from meaning be averse to. So who would be averse to miletti Ibrahim, the creed of Ibrahim

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INLA except man Sofia nappsa Who made a fool of himself, meaning none, but a person who makes a fool of himself would be averse to the creed of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So the person who is not on the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam, then such a person is making a fool of himself. Such a person is nothing but foolish. Now let's look at the words. Well May your loved one now the word yet Allah Boren Yet Allah who is from the root letters Ra, ln BA, okay, and Raba literally is to incline Okay, when the verb rally by is followed by Isla de la Heba Isla, then it means to incline to something or someone, okay? And when it's followed by earn like over here it is to incline away from something or

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someone to incline away from something or someone means you are turning away

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From them, you are averse to them. You have no interest in that. So who would be averse to miletti Ibrahim, the creed of Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now Ibrahim alayhi salam well known what is Mila? The word Mila is from the root letters, meme, lamb lamb. And the word Mila is generally used to refer to a way of belief and practice. So it is not just religion, but you know what a person believes in and what a person practices, okay? And the verb from this root meme lamb lamb Mala? Mala thorough job is to sue a garment. Okay, so when you sew a garment, you know, you're making it to size and it's meant to fit you right? So Mila is a creed, a religion, a way of life that is visible, okay. So it is a

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way of belief and practice. Now who would turn away from the creed of Ibrahim on his son in law except man Sofia enough so who the one who made a fool of himself? Now the word Sofia, this is from the root letters seen for her remember? The beginning of Surah Al Baqarah verses about the Muna 15 about the hypocrites when they're told me No Come at me in a nasty follow a note me newcomer I'm gonna sue for her that when they're told believe in the way that the people have believed meaning the way that the Sahaba believe then they response is that shall we believe like the foolish have believed? So they call the Muslims foolish sofa harp. Right. So Sofia is the verb. Sofa is foolish

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people. Sofia is he who was foolish, okay, he was foolish. It's a verb. So Sofia nappsa who now Nope. So who this is two words nups means self and who means his son epsa. Who? herself or himself. Now what does it mean by this Sofia enough so who? Sofia enough so who together means that he made himself foolish? Okay. He made himself foolish, meaning that his judgment is very poor. Okay, that he was foolish in himself. He did not think he did not pay attention. He did not reflect. He was ignorant in his mind. Okay, so the one who turns away from the religion of Ibrahim on his Sadam is the one who is making a fool of himself, meaning his judgment is very poor. He is completely

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ignorant. He does not recognize what the truth is. Okay. Secondly, Sofia NAFSA, who also means he made himself a fool, okay? Meaning he made himself contemptible, he rendered himself low. Like, for example, when a person does something really bad, okay? Then they basically ridicule and humiliate themselves, right? So when a person is making a really bad choice, when a person is making really bad judgment, or really poor judgment, what are they doing? They're lowering themselves, right? They're capable of doing something much better, but they're doing themselves a disservice. Like imagine a person has the capability of studying well, you know, working well making a good you know,

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source of income for themselves, but they decide not to, right. So, you know, you're doing yourself a disservice, you're not being fair to yourself, you are lowering and humiliating yourself. So Sofia enough so who is the person who is humiliating himself Okay. Meaning such a person has not made a good judgment, such a person has not become successful, okay. Such a person has basically destroyed himself. So if he hung up so who, and this is what many economists say that Sofia NAFSA who means lucky enough so that he has destroyed himself, he has ruined himself. So when a year ago our military Ibrahima Illa, men, Sofia NAFSA. Why? Why is such a person foolish? Why is his judgment

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poor? Why is he humiliating? Ruining himself? Because he's turning away from the wave Ibrahim Ali Sinha, who is Ibrahim Al his Sinha, Allah subhanaw taala tells us what occurred and surely indeed, look at the emphasis over here. Lamb surely God indeed, is buffet now who we chose him chose who we Allah azza wa jal and who him is referring to Ibrahim or the center and the word is buffet now who is from the root letters solid, fair, well, and estafa your stuffy is to choose to select what is pure, okay to select what is the

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purest, what is the best? So, Allah subhanaw taala chose him on the basis of his purity, his sincerity, his dedication to Allah subhanaw taala. So indeed we chose him for dunya in the world. How was Ibrahim realism chosen in the world? Remember earlier we learned that Allah subhanaw taala told him that in the GRE Luca Nassima, I'm going to make you an Imam, a leader for all people. So while I've got this Tofino for dunya, someone who is a leader for all people, right, imagine someone is turning away from their example from their way, then of course, they're being foolish. We're in the HoH and indeed hee hee as in Ibrahim and his sunnah. Both of these pronouns are referring to

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Ibrahim Raisina Indeed, He fill an era in the hereafter lemon surely will be from a Salah Hindus were righteous, Salah Hain is a plural of the word Salia okay Salia from the root letters, solid lamb hat and solid is one who is righteous one whose affairs whose manners are good and proper. So, he will be among the righteous in the hereafter and where will the righteous be in the hereafter in paradise? So in the world, Ibrahim or his sunnah is an imam in the Hereafter, he is among the righteous in paradise. So the person who is averse to the wave Ibrahim or s&m, then he is losing out in the dunya and he's also losing out in the hereafter. What is so special about Ibrahim Arneis

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senang Allah's Pantera says in the when it means with Guru is recall when okay or it also gives a meaning off whenever, okay. So recall the time when this happened or whenever this happened, then such and such took place. So if Cannella hoorah boo when his Rob said to him, okay call Hola Hola, booboo. Look at this together. Carla means he said, Okay, who said Who is he referring to rob boo. Okay, this is referring to rob. So the Rob said, Allah azza wa jal said, Allah azza wa jal said to who? Law who to him, Who is him over here? This is Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, his Rob, who is his referring to, again, his is referring to Ibrahim Ernie Sinha. Okay, you have to understand the

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pronouns correctly. So his Rob said to him, Ibrahim alayhis salam, as Rob said to him, meaning Allah azza wa jal said to Ibrahim alayhi salam, and what did Allah subhanaw taala say to him, a slim you submit, you surrender a slim This is from the root letters seen lamb meme? Islam means submission. Okay, Islam means submission to surrender. So as slim This is a feral ama This is a command Ibrahim race and I was told submit Allah He said who said Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam said to Allah in response that a Salam Tulio Billa aalameen I have submitted to rob of the world's Allah subhanaw taala said to him a slim and he said a slim Tulio Bill Alamy. Now a slim two I have submitted you see the two

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this is telling us i This means I have submitted same route seen lamb me I have submitted to rob of Allah al Amin, Al Amin is the plural of the word ulum Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa wa Sahbihi Ibrahim, who was sabe her was saw this is from the root letters. Well, solid Yeah. And we'll see here is basically an instruction Okay. Typically the word will see as alter used for final will that a dying person makes Okay, or a person has made before their death and this will see typically the will is in regard to what a person's property, right their belongings, for example, in their final will they declare all of their assets, all of their properties. And then they said this much goes

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to, you know, this charitable cause. And this is for my family, so on and so forth. Right. Now, it will see here is not an advice, right? It's not a suggestion. Right? It will see it is basically something that a person says, with a lot of importance, it's supposed to be taken very seriously. Right? It's supposed to be taken very seriously. So the word was saw now there is several verbs that can be derived from this route. There's Elsa, there is what saw was saw is to instruct again and again. Okay,

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It is to give important guidance and instruction regarding something again and again repeatedly. Okay, not just once but repeatedly. And it is to give that instruction with a lot of emphasis, and also with a lot of clarity. Okay, so well was saw beha and Ibrahim Ali Sinha enjoined with it, what is it referring to? What's this instruction referring to the instruction to submit to the Lord of the Worlds? So Ibrahim or SLM declared this in his life that I have submitted to the Lord of the world. And he also gave this as an instruction to who to Benny he to his children. Okay, he lived it. And he also told his children to live by the same belief, okay, the same way of life that you

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submit to the Lord of the Worlds. And he taught this to his children over and over again. Okay, with a lot of clarity with a lot of emphasis, not just at the time of his death. Okay, well, we'll sabia Ibrahim, oh bunny. And now the word bunny. You know that the word bunny means children, right? Technically, the word bunny is the plural of the word even. Ibn means son, but when the plural is used, it includes both female and male children. Okay, so Ibrahim Maria Sinha, who were his children, we know for sure that he had two sons. All right. And they are Ismar eel, and is help Ali he was salam. Okay, what are their names? You should know these names who are the sons of Ibrahim

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Ali Salaam is smart eel. Alehissalaam and is Huck Alehissalaam these are the two sons of Ibrahim rice and um, who is older is marine Ernie salaam, okay. Is married Larissa was a son of her job and Ibrahim and his house or his son was a son of Salah and Ibrahim, okay, so we'll also be her Ibrahim bunny he now be here again, it's referring to his Milla, his creed, his way of life of surrendering to the Lord of the Worlds he lived it and this is what he taught both his children. The smart Elan is help who else enjoined this way of life? We are kobu and also Jakob earliest Salam enjoined. Okay. His children with the same, who is Jakob early his setup jacobellis anam is the son of is Huck

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Alehissalaam. Okay, so in other words, your Cobra listener is the grandson of Ibrahim Rai Sena. Okay. Now, your Kubernetes Sinha gave the same instruction to his children. All right, who are the children of your Kubernetes Sinha? Remember your Kubernetes salaam had 12 sons? Okay. One of them was use of Alayhis Salam. So remember the story of use of our de Sena? How, you know, his brothers were jealous of him. They threw him in the well he ended up in Egypt as a slave and then eventually, you know, he rose to power and what happened his brothers came to buy food eventually. Long story short, his brothers his father in his entire family moved to Egypt. Okay. Now these 12 sons, their

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children are known as Bani Israel IE, their children, their children, their children, descendants, basically these are the 12 tribes of Bani Israel. Okay, so your cool buddy his son, he instructed his children also that yeah, Bunny Yeah. All My Children. Yeah means or, and Bunny. Yeah. The extra year over here, which we can see by through the shutdown. It means my Okay, yeah, Bernie Yeah. Or my children? Yeah. Benny means or children. Yeah, Bani Israel or children of Israel. Yeah. Baniya means or my children. And by the way, Israel in is the title of your Kubernetes center. Okay, title of your Kubernetes center is Surah II. So what happened jacobellis And I'm also instructed his children

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with the same he said Yeah, Bunny Oh, my children in the law. Indeed. Allah estafa he has chosen same route, solid fat Wow. Okay to choose something on the basis of its purity. So Allah has chosen lecan for you all, a deen the religion any Allah Himself has selected a religion in law. The word Deen also means law. Okay. So it's not just what you believe, but also the law that you have to carry out. So Allah has chosen the religion for you. This is not something that you choose

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Choose for yourself. Okay? This is something that Allah has selected for you and that is the religion of Islam filata Matana so you are indeed do not die Latin Mutanda This is from the root letters meme. Wow, tap mount. Okay. Now let the moon lamp lamb means do not tomato, you all die, the noon with the Shuddha means indeed, okay? In other words, don't you dare die in lower unto muesli Moon except while you are one to submit, meaning Let not death reach you, except while you are in a state of Islam in a state of submission to Allah. Now the question is, how can you control the time of your death? You cannot. So what this means is, be Muslims until the end of your life? And how can

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you be a Muslim until the end of your life, that you live every moment of your life in submission to Allah because you don't know when your last moment is? So he's telling them that you must live in submission to Allah every single moment of your lives, so that you can die upon Islam Do not leave Islam Illa until Muslim on one to submit plural of the word Muslim. A Muslim is one who submits from the root letters seen la meme. All right. And you see jacobellis and home now at the time of his death, especially he was in Egypt, right? That is where his children basically established themselves now. And Egypt was a place where people you know, they had a different religion. All

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right. So he's teaching his children that you should know your identity you are ones who surrender to Allah do not forget who you are live like this and die like this. Um, quantum or were you all you all who is you referring to the Jews and the Christians? Okay, incontinence Shuhada. Witnesses plural of the word Shahid, or the word Shahid, Shaheed or shahid. Both of them the pluralist who had that, who is this one who witnesses. Okay, one who observes something happening. So were you all present? Did you all witness the scene? In when how it presented itself to? How little from the root letters how blood draw, you can see all three letters in the verb. What presented itself Elmo to the

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death? Okay, meaning were you present at the time when death approached Iacob, Ernie, his son, where you present at the time when you're cool, but his son was dying when he was leaving this world when he was taking his last breaths. While we weren't present, right, the Jews and the Christians of the time of the prophets of Allah who are using them and after him, they weren't present. They did not witness that scene, or what happened at the time Allah subhanaw taala told us the last conversation that Dr. Coburn Islam had with his sons, the last piece of advice he gave to his 12 children. Okay. What was it that he said in the when kala he said who said your Cobra and his Salam said, leave

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money to his children remember the 12 sons? Okay. So your Kumar Islam said to his children, that math our Bulunan embody, what will you worship after me? What will you worship after me meaning after I die? Right now I see you worshiping Allah azza wa jal, but after I die, are you going to continue to worship Allah? Or are you going to worship something else? That our Buddha is from the root letters are in that done, Riba, the worship? Allah, they said, who said the 12 son said, they said, hon, do we will worship same route I mean by done ILAHA your god Allah. And notice Isla haka has been used over here because Allah is the One who is worshipped, okay, the one who is worshipped.

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So the one whom you worship, or our father is the one whom we will worship, we will worship your God. Okay. And the one whom you worship is the same God as that of Elijah about a God of your fathers, fathers, as in your ancestors, who are they Ibrahim is Marielle is help. Okay, remember, Ibrahim already Salam is the grandfather of Iacob early his sunnah Ismar ilardi. Sanam is the uncle of your Kubernetes system and is how are you Salaam is the father of your Kubernetes center? Okay, so they said that we will worship your God meaning the one whom you worship, and that is Allah, our zoologia and your father's Ibrahim is Marie is help. They also worshipped

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The same God, Allah or zoologia Okay And who is this God? This is Elijah Han Wahida one God, meaning the only true God. Okay, the only one worthy of worship, we will worship him when a hula hula Muslim moon, and we to him, meaning to Isla Hawa. Hida to one God are Muslim on one to submit plural of the word Muslim. So, this shows us very clearly that the sons of your Kubernetes Sena they knew you know their religion very well. They were very clear on who exactly they were supposed to worship Allah azza wa jal Allah's pantherella says tilaka that Tilka This is referring to who? Ibrahim alayhis salam, his sons is how is my eel and his Salaam jacobellis and his grandson, and then his great

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grandsons the 12 Sons of Dr. Cooper and his center all of them they are an OMA a community route letters Hamza Mee Mee but Khaled were passed on already they have passed on they're no longer here Halutz from ha Lam while we have done this word a few times before where either Hello Bar loom ILA Berlin where either Hello Isla shell Trini him right when they are alone with because Hala is when space becomes empty. Okay, why is it empty? Because the one who was there has gone and holler Isla you know to be alone with someone meaning it's empty of everyone else. Okay, so but colored they have passed on in this community these people are gone they're no longer in this world Lucha for it

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for what for that OMA for that community? Is maca Sabbath what it earned cassava from the root letters calf seen by customers is what you earn and what you earn is not what you do by accident. All right, this is what you do. Deliberately. Intentional, this is cusp, okay. So they will have what they earned well a common for you all who are alive right now, for you is Makka Saboten what you all earned, they will have the reward of their deeds and you will have the reward of your deeds, while others Aluna and you all will not be asked to Aluna is from seen Hamza Lam su al to question you will not be asked I'm mad about what this has two words on and MA You will not be asked about

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what can they use to Yama loon they do. I mean, meme law, meaning you're not responsible for their actions. You are not going to be answerable for the decisions they made. And likewise, you will not be rewarded for the good deeds they did. You are answerable for your deeds and you will be rewarded for what you do. So don't be proud of your ancestors. That is not sufficient. Think about what you're doing.

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