Ali Hammuda – Sacred truths #06 – Why Are You Selling Alcohol

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of measuring outcomes and behaviors in relation to people's experiences with sexual misconduct. They argue that avoiding "out of the box" concepts is not realistic, and that finding a "out of the box" way of life and one's own success is crucial for success in relationships. They also mention the potential for a "heat-bending principle" to increase satisfaction and happiness.
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time and time again I keep on hearing from business owners

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that in order for their business to be successful, they have to go into things like you know selling alcohol or like you know, doing shisha maybe or you know getting a loan out. And you know, the reason is that everyone else is doing it.

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That's the reason

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Allah Subhana Allah kinda is very clear. When do you set guna your stolen copy for playing

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good and evil they are not equal. When are Jabba castrato cuddly, even if the abundance of evil my impression,

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this is a valuable principle, especially in times of confusion and prevalence of sin in downs the Muslim with a benchmark, to measure beliefs to measure trends to measure behaviors, appearances,

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events, incomes and their likes. Because man by his nature, he inclines to what is larger and greater in quantity over that which is lesser.

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He is drawn to the immediate as opposed to what is delayed.

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So this reality checking principle, realigns man by telling him wait no hold on quantity and instant gratification and popularity.

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These are crooked yardsticks when measuring right or wrong.

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And I want to just share with you a few examples of this organic process in application, the principle that says good and evil are not equal. Even if you may be impressed by the abundance of evil number one earnings from sources of halal and haram they are not equal.

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I mean for starters, think about the effects of the halal earning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said min prasada the ugly 13 Min kassabian Five year

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whoever gives in charity, the value of a date from pure earnings look by year your earnings are now Jakub Allahu ala for you. And Allah only accepts that which is a yes your what happens.

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But in Allah Hi Yakko Daniel have Yemeni Allah except for this charity with his right hand. So my euro bihani sahibi cannot you will not be a hot dog,

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then Allah who will nurture this charity, the same way you will nurture your man until it becomes the size of a mountain. So look at the baraka the blessing of a halal charity. It grows in quantity. On the other hand, there may be a person who does so much charity but from haram earnings, builds a masjid digs wells, whatever it may be an Allah may reject it. Why because of its source. So I asked again, can the halal and haram sources of income be compared?

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam also said a rebound in cattle in the back there who enacted interest.

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Even if it is abundant, the outcome will always be a loss.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kulu just said in that I mean haram infernal o Levy, anyone whose body grows through impermissible earnings, then the Hellfire is worthy of that body.

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So yeah, I mean, I agree forbidden sources of income may offer tempting returns, they may offer the fanciest type of modern lifestyle, that the intelligent Muslim sees beyond it all. Because he knows that his charity will be rejected, he knows that his will be undermined, she knows that her life will be miserable.

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And they know that their hereafter is at stake. So good and evil. They are not equal, even if the abundance of evil might impress you.

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So that's the element of comparing the halal versus haram incomes. What else can we compare in light of this principle, say dating

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as opposed to marriage, they are not equal.

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Which of the two is happier or whom the two is happier?

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Is it he who chases a covert relationship outside of wedlock under the cover of nights

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to spend a short lived moment of pleasure that is then followed by so much guilt

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and piercing pain, because they realize as a Muslim, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had seen the fornicators suffering inside of ovens within their graves.

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And then during those private and intimate moments and haram, should someone knock on their door? They may both believe in fear, because their conscience had already been keeping them on edge.

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Then should she get pregnant? Not Allah, it's further gloom. And in many cases, it's followed by abortion thing which only compounds gloom and deepens regret. Honestly, does that sound like a happy person to you?

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Or is it the one who distances himself or herself from the Forbidden they find strength in Salah and Doha and Quran and knowledge, the magic, good companionship, patiently awaiting the arrival of that spouse?

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Whom he or she marries publicly? And then look SubhanAllah. During their wedding, families are happy. And gifts are offered, smiles are exchanged. There's so much happiness, and then should they be intimate on that evening, their consciousness or at peace? And should someone knock on their door, they're unfazed.

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And then should she become pregnant? Their happiness is compounded with the prospect of a child who will be an extension of your Islamic legacy.

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And then when she delivers, that you have you ever faced,

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and families again, or happy gift or exchange, smiled or exchanged? Happiness is abundant? Honestly, speaking, which of the two is happening? I agree. Those who are in extra marital relationships may be more in number than those who are not. And yeah, those marriages that started off on the wrong foot may outnumber those that did not but are they equal? No. Now you're still going to have plenty of good and evil, they're not equal. We're now algebra Catarratto. Curry, even if you may be impressed by the abundance of enable.

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What else does this for another principle help us to compare?

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We can compare the life of sin against a life of repentance, the life of a sinner against the life of those who are devout. Are they the same? Are they equal?

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Well, one of our predecessors and he said in now hola Jamar Ruby Alcott Akula vi ha in Canada Hello Jana TP me to be has a name in the home lithiation For you, there are some moments that my heart experiences of joy, where I say to myself, if the people of paradise are experiencing what I'm experiencing here in dunya, then they will be living a good life.

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So can this good life, this pure life, as Allah has described it in the Quran,

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be compared to its dark opposite. The life of being far away from Allah Subhanallah guy Allah, Allah said, Woman out all that and decree that in Allah who now Isha turn Blanca, whoever turns away from my reminder, then for him is a life of misery.

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Are they the same? Can these two lives be compared?

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Those who spend their nights in secret sin,

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perhaps are far more than those who see those moments as opportunities to pray and weep and yearning for the Lord.

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And similarly, the lifestyles of the sinners are way more promoted than the lifestyles of the devout. I agree. But the question still stands, are they equal? The principle says, Good and Evil, they are not equal, even if the abundance of evil might impress you.

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Now, using these examples that you just heard,

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you now go on and apply this rule

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that Allah has made permissible against all of its impermissible forms. selves when assessing a financial transaction, don't limit it to the studying of how much but extended to how pure

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when choosing friends don't make the priority of how many, but rule from the many

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when considering the options over a weekend. The question is, what are other people up to know don't make it that question, but what should I be up to? When you've made now the result to adopt the hijab? Cast aside what's trending and replace it with? What's the requirement? This is a principle that nurtures the believer to observe life through the lens of the Hereafter

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causing him to crave what is good and pure. Even if it is little

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And to abhor the impure, even if it is mountain like and heavily promoted

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and what helps the Muslim develop this perception.

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And this differentiation is the knowledge that he has of the eventual fate of what is kabhi that glamorous Hubby, that glamorous impurity What does Allah say about its outcome? Why John Kirby Silva, who I love for your Hakuna who Jamia on fire gyla, who future handle, he will put the impure one on top of the other, then he will heap it all together into *.

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But look, I tell you this,

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Allah subhanaw taala is so cool. He is appreciative.

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And so a person who lives his life, her life, assessing every one of their actions, according to disperse, and they patiently choose the fight yield, the good and the pure over the cubby form. And they do this until the day they die. Allah will not leave them empty handed.

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Rather Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised this person so many prizes, what is offered to you dear Muslim, after you have chosen that life that is pure, number one. A life that is finding a life that is happy and pure. Allah said Manami lasagna Han whoever works good deeds invocare in our own data, whether male or female, wha hoo means was having Iman, but they're not here no higher than by your back.

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We shall cause them to live a good life.

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A happy life. A pure life. High spirits best of moods, peace of mind, clarity of purpose. Purity of conscious paradise on earth. That's the first a happy life. Number two, Allah offered them an ending that is fighting.

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A dying that is finally Levine at that our fellow human Bala eager to play up in Jaco Luna salaam aleikum. The ones from the angels take in death in a five year pure and good states. The angels will say to them, Peace be upon you enter Jannah for what used to do.

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So their souls will be claimed in a fine yep state at pure state, a gentle extraction of the soul. So they will be confident in what awaits them and they will be thrilled with the prospect of finally meeting their Lord. So alive that is by an ending that is by number three. A place in Jannah. A home in Ghana that is playing good and pure. Allah said Rod Allah who need our next Allah has promised the believing men and believing women Jannette integrity mentality and heart gardens, beneath which rivers flow Carlina fie Ha, wherein they abide eternally wanna sack you know, Pa ye Abba, and goodly mansions by year mansions, beautiful mansions, Fijian naughty in gardens of perpetual residents.

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In conclusion, I know that at times, it can be difficult to see the cubby the impure for what it is because of size or popularity or glamour, accessibility, dominance in culture. But only those people have wisdom and patience will be able to make the right decision and see it straight through its glittery but then out to layer even if this person is out vote voted say to the people, the good and the evil. They are not equal even though the abundance of evil might impressment.

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While being happy

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being healthy in ASEAN one

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obey Sheila. Oh boy.

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follow up on hold it up on Oh,

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nice. Yeah.

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Phil Oh one as Selena Hooton Zilla.

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