Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-019B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 135-141

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I will call you and they said who said the Jews and the Christians? They said corner you will be who? The Jews Oh Orna Salah Christians, meaning if you people, the rest of humanity if you all are Jews or Christians then that the do you all will obtain guidance had that Yeah. In other words if you're not, you know among the Jews if you're not among the Christians then you're not guided this is what they say Allah subhanaw taala says, you say or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you say, Belle, rather, meaning what you're saying is wrong. Okay? The truth is actually something different. It's not if you're Jewish or Christian that you're rightly guided, no, rather Minetta Ibrahima

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Hanifa. It is the creed of Ibrahim and his Sinha, who was Hanif and unswerving monotheist, the person who follows the wave Ibrahim on his sunnah, then that person is guided, not the one who turns away from the wave Ibrahim already is the one who turned away from the wave Ibrahim on Instagram that person is foolish, remember, so well Minetta Ibrahima Hanifa. Now this is interesting people are humanists and EMS way has been described as Hanif. Okay, what does Hanif mean? Hanif is from the root letters have known fat and this is a word that you have to become very familiar with. And it's a very important concept. Now, Hannaford the verb Hannover, it means to lean to one side okay to

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incline to words something okay. And Hanif is the one who inclines to a right state or tendency Okay, and then continues firmly in it. So, imagine a person who okay once upon a time they did not know all right, but then once they learn about the truth, they inclined to it and then they stick to it. They stick to it they do not leave it no matter what happens. Okay, so it Hanif is a person who inclines away from false religion and false gods. Okay. And inclines to who to the true religion to the worship of only one God. And this is why we have translated the word Hanif as unswerving monotheist meaning a monotheistic the one who worships only Allah. Okay. And unswerving because he

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continues in that path does not associate partners with Allah at all, does not leave the religion of Allah at all. So Ibrahima has Sam's way of life was that he was a Hanif he was an unswerving monotheist. So no matter what happened, he did not leave the worship of Allah. He did not leave the correct religion. He did not leave the truth. Look at how he was treated by his father. Right. And then later on also, personally, he struggled so much we learned about the empty lap, the way that Ibrahim re sang was tested. He was put to trial in so many different ways. But he was Hanif sobelle militare, Ibrahima Hanifa. So no, we don't follow Judaism or Christianity. No, we follow the wave

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Ibrahim and his Sinha who was Hanif one that can Amin and mushy keen and he was not of those who associate partners with Allah, we should be keen is a plural of the word mushrik. And remember that Mushrik is the opposite of Hanif. Hanif is pure monotheistic, unswerving monotheist. wishek is one who associates partners with Allah Kulu you all say now this is an address to all of us all the Muslims, you all should say this declare this that Amen. Now we have believed from Eman Hamza me noon, you should declare that we have believed in who Billahi in Allah, we believe in Allah, in the Oneness of Allah, in the fact that Allah that is the only one worthy of worship and whatnot on

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Zillow, Elena. So we believe in Allah and we also believe in what was sent down to us, meaning to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one out on Zillow, Illa Ibrahim and we also believe in what was sent down to Ibrahim alayhis salam what was revealed to Ibrahim on his sunnah we learn about the surf, surf of Ibrahim Sufi Ibrahim over Musa ALLAH SubhanA. Allah mentioned in the Quran. So whatever revelation was given to Ibrahim or Islam, we believe in that what is smart eel, and also what was sent down to Izmir eel early his Salam. what book was he given? We don't know. But this clearly shows us that is Marie learned his sunnah was also a prophet of Allah. He was also given

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Asian so we believe in what was revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu arias and then what was revealed to Ibrahim I listen to is Marie La La Silla. What is how kindness how Carly has sent away our code and your Kubernetes salaam, whatever revelation Allah Subhana Allah gave these prophets we believe in that. Well, US belt and we also believe in what was sent down to us belt. Now as belt, this is the plural of the word sipped, and sip is basically a grandchild. Okay. And as belt refers to basically the descendants of Jakob and his son and from the 12 Israeli tribes. Okay. Now remember that among these tribes among the US belt among the descendants, the grandchildren great grandchildren of your

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Cobra, his Sena, there were many prophets. Okay, among them for instance, we have Eunice Ali Hassan okay Eunice or insulin was of the prophets who was sent to Bani Israel. We have Sulaiman Ernie his son and we have the wood Ernie salaam before him. Right so about includes all of the profits from the Bani Israel eel to the Bani Israel. Okay, so you're talking about all of the profits after your Kubernetes Salam okay until the last of them was a Saturday his Salam so about and the Israeli tribes Wilma OTO, Musa Isa, we also believe in whatever was given to Musa and rissalah his Salam. Now notice for the previous prophets it was mentioned or it on Zillow what was sent down to Okay,

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and Tenzin is specifically referring to Revelation. This is referring specifically to Revelation Oltenia, whatever Musa and or ISA were given. This includes revelation and miracles. Okay, well, he plus miracles both

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Okay, so Mozart is Sam. He wasn't just given the Talat before the told if he was given so many miracles, like you know, his stick that would turn into a snake, the miracle of splitting the sea, so many miracles, most artists and I was given we believe in all of that as well. resigning his center. He was also given many miracles there mentioned in detail in sort of earlier, Milan, how he would make for example, a bird out of clay and then he would blow into it, and it would turn into a real bird by the permission of Allah. Especially the miracles of Masada, seminary scientists and him are highlighted over here. And these two prophets are mentioned specifically even though we see that

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many prophets were given miracles. These two have been mentioned by name over here because the Jews they looked up to Musa Christendom right for the most part Islam is very special and the Christians for them recited s&m is very special. So we Muslims, we believe in whatever was given to Musa and or ISA or hemos, Sena, woman, OT and Nabhi, Yuna, middle of B him and we also believe in whatever the prophets were given from their Lord, meaning whether it is revelation, or it is miracle, any command whatever that Allah subhanaw taala gave to His prophets, we Muslims believe in that. And nubby Yoon is a portion of the word and NaVi meaning all of the prophets besides the prophets that are

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mentioned over here, and this shows us that yes, there were many prophets that were from the Bani Israel eel. But all of the prophets were not from the Bani Israel you only okay because if you think about it, Ibrahim alayhis salam was before the Bani Israel even existed. Ismar Isla is Salam. Again, he was there before Bani Israel existed. Right. Bani Israel are descendants of is how Carly's cinnamon Jacoba Alison is murdered as long as the other son of Ibrahim or a sinner. And then yes, Musar is recited to them, or given great miracles and revelation, but they were not the only prophets. There were other prophets as well. So all of you should say all Muslims, that we believe

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in all of the prophets and all the revelations that Allah subhanaw taala revealed lannoo Ferdie Kobina had the main home law, not neuffer Rico we differentiate from fire or cough, okay, the fleet is to differentiate to say that this is different from the other. And what is meant is by differentiation is that a person believes in some prophets and not other prophets, or that a person believes in the miracles of one prophet and not the miracles of another prophet. Okay. This would be the differentiation or the discrimination rather. So LAN Ofori Kobina hadn't been home we do not differentiate between any one among them, meaning we believe in all of them. And the Jews. The

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Christians are

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Not like that. They believe in some prophets and disbelieve in others. So line of logic we Muslims are different. We do not differentiate between any of the prophets we believe in all of them when a hula hula Muslim moon and we are to him to who to Allah azza wa jal Muslim on one to submit, we surrender to Allah. This is our religion. This is our way of life for innominate Allah subhanaw taala says for enamel so if they believe who is they over here, this is referring to the Jews the Christians, the people of Makkah, all people. So if they believe be Miss Lima, B Mythili means in the same as what? Meaning in the same thing as and in the same manner as M and Tom, you all believe

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be in it. Meaning if they believe in the same thing that you believe in, if they believe in the same way that you believe in, so what is it that you believe in? I'm a nebula he will only let you Lena right in all the revelation and what is your way of belief without discrimination? So if there Eman is complete, okay. And their manner of Eman is also completely you know, the same as yours meaning they believe without discrimination, then fucka datadot Then they are rightly guided because, you know, for example, Jews and Christians they believe in Allah they believe in Revelation they believe in prophets just as you know, Muslims do we believe in Allah we believe in Revelation we believe in

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prophets, but do they believe in the same revelation that we believe in? No, they believe in total faith in god okay as a board but not the Quran? There is discrimination they believe in some prophets they don't believe in others. So if they believe in the same manner as you believe in the same things as you believe then fucka data though then they rightly guided it that though from her that yeah, what interval low and if they turn away meaning they turn away from believing the way that you believe then you know what for in nama home fish apart, then indeed only they are in descent. Now what is this word Chicago, Chicago is from the root letters, Sheen, cloth, cloth, okay?

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And it is derived from the word ship. Okay. schicke is basically a side of something, okay? One side of something means that there's also an opposite side, okay. So for example, if you have a rectangle, someone is here, this is one side, then this is the opposite side, you have a river, someone is here, you have the opposite side. Okay. So fish a cork means that they are in opposition to you. Okay? Meaning they are clearly different from you. They're clearly on the contrary side as yours on the opposite side as yours. So you are not like them and they are not like you. Okay, so there is clear division now for in our home Fisher COC. Now there's some people who try to say

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things like oh, we're just like the Jews. We're just like the Christians. No, we're not. Islam is very different from Judaism. Being a Muslim is very different from being a Christian. For in among Fisher Kok they are in Division in dissension meaning they're different from you. Another interpretation of this is that they are in dissent as in they are in opposition to you. They are denying, not on the basis of knowledge and truth. Rather they are denying because they are entrenched in their hostility in their bias. Okay for innama home Fisher called the fault is not yours, it's theirs. They are being stubborn, okay. They are rejecting the truth for in nama home

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Fisher Kok and now that there's clear division, okay, and clear opposition. And it's very obvious that they are entrenched in their hostility, then you have a new enemy. So fear not fuss a UK fika whom Allah, Allah shall suffice you against them for has been translated as but over here, meaning Yes, it is true that now you have an enemy, But worry not because say it fika whom Allah this is one of the biggest words in the Quran, by the way, okay. And if you look at it, it's got a lot of words that have come together. First of all, look at the file for means but so, the set over here when it comes with a verb, okay? It gives the meaning of future to the verb

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but also certainty. Okay. So it's been translated as Shell in this shall happen, meaning this is certain and it shall happen in the future. Okay? What will happen yet fee yet fee This is the verb yet fee is from the root letters calf for Yeah, to be sufficient suffice, okay to be sufficient to be enough for someone meaning ALLAH is enough for you Allah will protect you and yet fika Commons you this is a pronoun so fair, but, sir shall yuck fika he shall suffice you, home means them, meaning against them, who will suffice you against them? Allahu Allah. Allah shalt suffice you against them. Allah is certainly enough for you against them, Allah He will protect you from them.

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Forsake Vika whom Allah wa Hua and he a semi or Aleem is the ever hearing be ever knowing a Samir is from seen me marine and our Leamas from the letters Isla MEPE. Allah here's what they say. Allah knows what they're doing. He will protect you against them. Sleep Allah to Allah sleep Allah coloring Allah He of Allah. Now, this is a new word civilize from the root letters sawed by line. And civil law is the color which is put on something. Okay, loan loan in the Arabic language. All right, is the original color of something. Okay, remember Melo NUHA what is the color of the cow okay. Now cibula is what is adopted what is colored on the color which is put on something like for

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example, you have a white piece of cloth and you dye it blue okay. Or for example, there is a cow that is white and the owner puts a black mark on it, okay, why is a color put on something because it is for the purpose of identification. Right? Is for the purpose of identification and also the act of coloring something means that now it's taking on a certain attribute it's taking on the influence of something. So the word is also used for when a person initiates a certain activity or initiates a certain role. Okay. So simple Attila, colouring of Allah this is referring to the religion of Allah, meaning we adopt the color of Allah, we adopt the religion of Allah, why is it

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called Cymbala inshallah we'll talk about that intercede woman I sent him in Allah He Sybilla and who is better than Allah in coloring Scible meaning whose color would be better than the color that Allah subhanaw taala has given solid blue line is the root and when a hula hula I'll be doing and we are for him once a worship Lord of the word with from a rainbow that we worship law who only him without any partner can you say meaning to the Jews and the Christians and to her Juna Do you will argue with us from the root letters hat Jean Jean Mahajan to debate and argue so do you will argue with us fee in regard to hola hola hola Wahoo a while he is Rabona our boo boo come annual Rob Well

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Anna and for us our our MeLuna our deeds will come in for you all are Malcolm are your deeds plural of the word our camel camel deed Armel deeds are maluna our deeds are Malecon your deeds when I know and we meaning Muslims law who are two Himachali soon one tour sincerely devoted plural of the word more or less Mukhlis is the one who has a class and is lost from the letters haul lamb solid, which means purity sincerity. Okay, so we are sincerely devoted to Allah our worship is exclusively for him. Um or do the coluna you all say you as in Jews and Christians. Do you all say in the Ibrahima that indeed Ibrahim what is smart real what is help we are cool we'll about all of them. Can will

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they were houden illness Allah they were Jews or Christians is that what you claim that your ancestors were Jews are that they were Christians in the Word who then did not exist at the time of Ibrahim or a sinner. You know, it is said that the word hood came you know its origin

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It is one of the name of one of the sons of your Kubernetes Cinna, whose name was Yehuda? Hey, Yehuda. And it said that he was the eldest one Allah Who Arlen, but because of that, the people that were related to him, they came to be known as your hood from that hood. So the concept of Judaism the word who then this came into existence where after all of these individuals, okay, on the Surah, Christians also Christianity, right, this name came about when we after Esau already his Sunnah 1000s of years after Rahim is married is happier. So do you claim that all these people had these titles of Jews and Christians? Is that the religion that they followed? Cool, you say unto him, are

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you all are Allama? more knowledgeable? amela? Or is Allah do you claim to have more knowledge than Allah? Allah subhanaw taala is telling us something different in the previous verses almost entirely makes it very clear how they were. Every single one of these individuals was someone who submitted to Allah, someone who worship Allah alone. Woman and who Allah Mo is more wrongdoing. We have read this word earlier law Lam. Meem is the root who could be more wrongdoing MIM mon van who kept on my Shahada 10 who had a testimony Catena calf Tamim, you can see all three letters over here, that's the root. So the one who hides a testimony and testimony is basically when someone testifies, like

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for example, you say I bear witness that such and such thing happened. Okay? And shahada is also used for an evidence of proof, like, for example, a record a piece of writing, okay, so the one who conceals who hides a testimony or a piece of evidence that he has, and especially if that testimony or evidence, he has admin Allah from Allah, but this person hides it does not tell other people about it, then such a person is very wrong doing the most unjust. What is this testimony evidence inshallah we'll talk about in subsea, well Mullah who Bill offered in Arma Dharma Luna and Allah is not at all unaware about what you all do. He's fully aware of your deeds, especially your hiding of

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testimony hiding of evidence, Allah's Panthera Sestito omoton Katella that is a community which has indeed passed on they're no longer alive Lahoma cassava to Allah comarca septum for it is what it earned and for you all is what you all earned while Atos Aluna Rama CAN WE ARE Malone and you will not be asked about what they used to do. You will be asked about what you have been doing. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. And as you listen please make sure you stand up and reflect this Mala well may have loved one me letting you go Hema in Serbia Anna.

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What a hottie Slotta ina duniya ye

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Latina meno saw Adi he

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is honored

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oh a slim all Aslam to earlier on I mean while saw the evil all evil bye anyone

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in law has

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Shuhada is

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no to it all anybody who do

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Heydo Nullah hula Muslim

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model harlot la hammer I guess

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to spell hola again

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while God

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pulled me let me know honey.

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Again I mean, we're shrinking. Oh, whoa. Are

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Zillow ILA email.

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Zillow ILA Ebro boy email are you smell you know, he's half out mudo unless babble one

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GMOs, our

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Audion maybe you won't be him LAN Cobain, I had him minim one of Nullah whom was New Moon

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in beaming, nema

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be here.

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War is over in

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press a big law who was semi gnarly. See there was a lot of women. Nuff said. Domina law used to be a one to one

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to have

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Juliana he will Buddha

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Maluku Mona Hula, hula McMissile and double Luna in Ibrahim

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PANCA and who then

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one of lemon

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law when the law will be law feeding

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do you care

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