Hatem al-Haj – The Formula of Faith

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is highlighted, where individuals need to be more aware of their own actions and use their own words to communicate with others. faith and virginity are emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to have faith and virginity. Prclinical faith is crucial to achieving spirituality, including belief in oneself, being sincerity, and being a woman with a visible face. Practice and understanding oneself is also crucial to achieving spirituality.
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I want

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to proceed

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when I was just

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about maps,

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I was considering writing something, something for Muslims frustrated with Muslims.

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So I wanted to say that kid is important. For those people in particular, it's important for everybody, but it is important for those people in particular, to own their system. And once they own that, there is

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no come back and do all

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sorts of stuff upon

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patients and forbearance, and they will have

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feelings of mercy, and compassion for humanity, and, certainly, most importantly, for their fellow students. But I wanted to say that all in our

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history, Islam is very easy. The good news is pure of Islam, sometimes

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filtered religion,

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misinterpreted religion can,

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sort of

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damaging consequences to individuals and societies. But

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the solution is not to abandon religion. You know, some people try this. And you have seen how the abandonment of religion for across the great part, even if it's even adult provision, was not paid for the true sort of an alternative provision. So the abandonment from your visit, causes loss of meaning, loss of purpose,

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loss of amperage, and damaging sort of effects on the society of morality and collective spirituality. So the answer is not abandoned to religion, the answer is to go out to the pure religion. Fortunately, for us, we have access to that.

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Instead, there we have access to it, you just need to be determined

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to find that the correct embrace, to practice have to live up to it, because it does actually take some commitment on your part, to want to live up to it.

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And our religion is extremely, you know, having said that, it is extremely simple and straightforward, as I was for them to serve as a

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very difficult sort of account. In which the last one I thought I said,

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it's the one before the last one is going to be another one that was slightly further down.

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The pointy end of the vena normals and how they

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how they

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Verily those who have face, and then righteousness or righteous deeds

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for them, and when be guardians of paradise as they're a boat. They're both the guardians of paradise. He hasn't been there in forever. Now,

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seeking no transfer from seeking nor transfer. You don't get bored in paradise. That's what what's being said here, you're seeking no transfer, because there's no more than the car and this life no matter how good your condition is, if you're in same condition, they just get bored. There's no for them to paradise.

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They're not there for those. That's already

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it's faith and righteousness, its face and righteousness. So the rule of tools, you know, are the costs of faith and righteousness. Levine Alvarado said, How often is this repeat?

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Quite often. And then the man walks into that.

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One of them is

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a lot, and the other one is a double what? profit.

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So, you know, you can say three, because the Day of Judgment is actually an important one. But when we say aha, we're answering to existence, two of the three most essential questions

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All right.

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It is an update or nausea on the see

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where they come from? Where are we going? What are we are for. So none of them is the origin. And we'll see him is the destiny of mercy is the journey. So when you say a lot, you already answered two of the questions. And that one will see the origin and the destiny.

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When you say Mohammed, so far, and you recognize the concept of Prophets, will

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you recognize that your Lord, the creator of this universe, have not abandoned you have not shown you that he actually cares about you, and he sent you messengers to tell you how to return to him how to save the returning time, how to make it back to him safely. So that's the defendant on the web. So we still have the rule of tools here. So the amount of I'm gonna sign Eman.

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Even Allah after the Providence

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alone is messengers, and that was a sent to you.

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You know, this, the six pillars of faith is Allah isn't the angels, books, messengers, the final day and inspiration. Father is a quadra proverb goes back to the program, if you believe in the omnipotent god. So as far as you know, other predestination is about the omnipotence and omniscience of God. So he's all knowing, all powerful, all knowing and all powerful creator, that predestined, everything, knew everything before it happened. And nothing happens in his universe without his permission. So that's because back to Allah, so we have five.

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The three in the middle, are the

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what is the most important function of the Azores.

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Who's the most important thing, Angel.

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So the most important function of the angels is to communicate the message from God to the human messenger. So you have an angelic messenger must set a human muscle. It's all about

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messengers, or you could say, prophets, prophets, communication from the heavens here, Laura did not abandon your board sent your messengers to tell you how to get to get back to him safely, and how to make it back to Paradise after you have them removed from it, so and then you have the final day. But as we said, the final day, can go back to Allah because in other very minor errors, so from here it is the beginning. And to him is the destiny. So we go back to him. So hello. And then the Muhammad Asana is very easy is the role of tools, very easy.

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Hamid, Hassan has two conditions. That's called the philosophy of sincerity and correctness, correctness meaning, and here is the way of the province.

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emotion from is sincerity. But correctness is is what does it mean? means that you worship her as good likes, not as you lie.

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Right? Who knows what he likes

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his messengers, and you worship Him, through

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the sun, His Messenger, the way it was, messenger, the sun here in the general sense of the word, that way of the messenger, whatever the messenger has brought to you, brought to you by philosophy, notre God, emotion and correctness of the yards to the Red Cross. So these are the two conditions and what are the two colors?

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If it's called the pillars, you can call them something else that's just like their relatives, whatever what what are the types of

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exterior and the interior?

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What about the work of the exterior and the interior?

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is no you know, their acts of worship and transactions and so on. Muhammad, the prophet is the work the work of your heart, to clean your heart to cleanse your earth and so

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on and

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boxing was

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what what does that pertain to when it comes to the basically the objective of this armor or the target

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This Ahmed Assad,

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who should you do righteousness, or who should you do?

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Who should you be so righteous and good to,

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to interact with

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Allah, the Creator and creation to

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what is basically the work the work of achievement to do on your heart. Two things definitely

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are basically to purify your heart from a smell of ease and inculcate pursuing to get your heart to get rid of the vices like envy, rancor,

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All of these pride, character caregivers, all of these diseases of the heart, that we have, in integrins these diseases and instill or inculcate in your heart, about submissiveness over law, humility, humbleness, but for a while, as messenger, as much as at your mercy for the creation of Allah subhanaw, taala. And all of those meetings. So it is, it is very straightforward.

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And that's the beauty of Islam and the the strength of Islam is its simplicity. It's basically face and righteousness. It is the character interior and exterior, it is to have the most solid worldview in unparalleled, you know,

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worldview, that gives you the answer to the most important questions, the existential questions, where do we come from, whether we have for wherever we go in the origin of destiny, and,

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and the journey. So we came from a lot, we're gonna third to him. And the jury at the mercy it is explained to us in detail by His prophets, and we have a message, the unadulterated message of the last one of the

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so that is a solid worldview. Now you own your deen. And then this, again is not simple. You just focus on these like, integral parts of religiosity, and spirituality. And you if you have any doubt about any parts, you make sure that the Downs was removed, you have complete certainty, that certainty will give you the energy to experience spirituality, to have experiential

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phase, which is faith that you have experienced, that you have pasted that you can stick with sweetness on it, then you don't taste it by your throat, but you do taste it by your heart. And once you have tasted the sweetness of faith, you ascend without limit limits, you spiritually assembled out limits, keep in mind that there is a cap for this faith by persuasion, there is faith by association, your Muslim because you like the Muslims and so on. There is faith by persuasion whether you're Muslim, because you're convinced of Islam being the final message. But there is faith by realization to realize your face face, its actualized face, it's experiential faith is when you

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taste it, you can actually taste it. And that's what you assemble without limits

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in your servitude to the loss of control time.

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And then, once you have gotten there, your heart will be spacious enough to have some and to have head and Farah and

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you know what?

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You have patience, you have perseverance you have compassion for the people, and primarily, and most importantly, your fellow Muslims. And then you will also be confirmed within that faith by association. And you will also

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be involved with your community and tolerate all of the annoyances, and all of the awkwardness of the people you come across in the community. Put up all the other stuff regularly

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