Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 302C Tafsir Al-Buruj 1-8

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Surah Al borouge Surah Al broj is a Maki surah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would frequently recite the surah. in Lahore and also prayer,

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he would recite total borouge as well as Surah to Tarik,

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this surah talks about people who are harassed because of their being Muslim, they are persecuted, they are opposed. Why? Because of the fact that they believe in Allah. The previous Surah also ends with the same theme as it that how in paradise believers will be sitting, looking on. But the same believers were those who were once laughed at by others. They were called a balloon by others. When others passed by them, they would look at them and they would pass derisive glances to one another, making fun of the believers. So here we see there is a continuation of this theme.

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And Allah subhanaw taala revealed these verses in order to comfort and strengthen the heart of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because as I mentioned to you earlier, this is a Maki surah. And what was happening in Mecca what was increasing in Makkah,

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persecution opposition. There was a time when people did not harm the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or did not harm Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu. And then the day came when they even abused Abu Bakr. The day came when they even attacked the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam. And there were so many Muslims who were weak on account of their social status, and what was happening to them.

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What was happening to them, they were being tortured and abused every single day. It was amazing how a person just because they converted to Islam, all of a sudden their life, their property, their honor, nothing was sacred anymore.

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And we see this is something that didn't just happen at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam this happened before him, and it happened after him and it will happen today also.

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So what is it that we should seek comfort in? Where is it that we should seek guidance from concerning this serious issue that frightens us, that hurts us that scares us?

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The solution is where the source of comfort is where it's the Quran Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim was summer either till borouge by the sky. That is that il borouge That one having meaning the sky that has elbow Rouge great stars. abroad is a plural of the word Burj and Burj is used for a tower but Raja is to build a tall tower. Basically the word means to be exposed when something is visible, it is manifest from a distance. So BlueJ refers to the stars that are in the sky. In the previous sutras, we have learned about the destruction of the sky.

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That how on the Day of Judgment, the sky will be destroyed and there's different words different descriptions that are mentioned over there. And here, the structure of the sky is mentioned that how Allah subhanaw taala has made it firm and not just firm but also beautiful, was sama either till borouge interatrial Furqan is six Allah says the baraka lady, Darla Fussa, Asana e brugia, interoute, hedger is six also Welaka Jalna fetzima, e Bucha. We have made in the sky borouge. The question is what are BlueJ? Because for stars generally what word do we learn najem right, or kawaki. Here we see BlueJ. Like I mentioned earlier, that bulge is used for something that is

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manifest visible from where? From a distance. All right. So some have said that borouge are stars. Why? Because stars are manifest, they're bright, visible from where, from a distance, I mean, look at the distance that is there between the Earth and the stars, how far apart they are, but yet, we can see them in the night. And for this reason, some have said that blues are not just any stars, but the big ones are those that are exceptionally bright. Some have said that BlueJ remember that bridge building, right? And such buildings like for example. Many such buildings are built for what purpose for the purpose of guarding an area, right? Many posts, right guarding posts, how are they

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on the surface of the Earth? We're on ground level? No. They're huge towers and at the top of the towers, who sits guards, isn't it? And then they look all around.

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So some have said that blued refers to the posts of the angels, where they remain as guards to protect against who against the sheltering.

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Some have also said that brood refers to men as it will come out while kawaki the positions of the moon the different stars meaning their pathways, Allah who are alone, whatever the reality is, Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath over here by the sky, and he describes the sky as that will brooch containing great stars, while Yeoman mo rude and also I swear by the day which is promised the Promised Day, which is this day which has been promised, it is the day of judgment, as in sort of trc 952 Allah says, Allah Yahweh Allah Nam and burthen me ma Kadena had a wider Varma Rockman when people will rise on the Day of Judgment they will say, This is what the Most Merciful promised us

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into acknowledge I have 42 Also, it is said further homea Holdaway Allah who had the EULA KU yo Muhammad Leddy, you are doomed until they meet the day that they have been promised. So by the Promised Day, meaning the Day of Judgment washer, he didn't wear my shoes, and by the witness, and the one who is witnessed showerhead, one who witnesses something and must shoot one who is witnessed meaning one who is observed

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and understand, like, for example, if a person is present somewhere, they see, let's see, they witness a crime so that crime is my shoot, because it has been witnessed. All right, and the showerhead is who the witnesses who that person because they witnessed the scene. All right, so why shall he didn't want my shoot shy? He can also be understood as one who observes one who sees or one who was present, because only one who is present and one who can see can bear witness to something. Right? So Russia, he didn't want my shoot. Now this verse, how many words is it? Four words to was alright to have out and shy, the woman should shy then my shoot. This verse is such that there are

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at least 40 different opinions

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in explanation to this, that who is the showerhead, and who is the machine at least 40 different opinions.

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And almost all of them have some level of being valid, all right, because if you think about it, the universe the creation is such that either something is a witness meaning it is observing, or it is being witnessed. It is being observed, isn't it? So? Every single moment, every single place, every single creature, either it is being observed, either it is much fooled, or there's someone who's looking at it, right? So there's shahid masood.

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Now, some have said that Shahid firstly, first and foremost it refers to Allah subhanho wa taala. Because worker Fabula he Shahida sufficient is Allah as a witness over what? over everything. Allah sees everything. He bears witness to everything, there is nothing that happens except that Allah, the Exalted has known it.

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Some have said that Shahid the witness refers to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as Allah says that in the Quran, that we will bring you on the Day of Judgment as a Shaheed would eat now because Allah Allah II Shahida he will be brought on the day of judgment to bear witness. Some have said that Shahid refers to every single prophet because every single prophet will bear witness on the Day of Judgment.

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Others have said the chat had refers to the OMA of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam as Allah says, Then waka Delica hola como mutton was upon Lita kono Shuhada Allah nurse. Some have said this entire earth is the Shahid because there is nothing you do in this earth except that the Earth is a witness to it,

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isn't it and on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen yo mama ate into her diesel Raha on the Day of Judgment, the earth is going to relate its news, the earth is going to talk about what happened on its surface by who and when.

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Some have said that it refers to the angels because the angels also will testify on the Day of Judgment wotja at Cologne Epson Ma has equal wash Shaheed with every person there will come along with him is someone to drive him and Isha he'd want to bear with

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And who is that? It's the angel.

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Some have said the shahada refers to the people of knowledge. As Allah says Shaheed Allahu Allahu La ilaha illa. Who? Well, Mala eco? Whoa, Lulu, il me. The people of knowledge also bear witness.

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Even the Blackstone,

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well that bear witness. Yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The by Allah, Allah who will bring it forth on the day of judgment, and it will have two eyes with which it will see and a tongue with which it will speak, and it will testify in favor of those who touched it with sincerity.

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And other notions. We also learn about kissing the Blackstone

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what is the Blackstone had a sweat, you're looking at me as if I'm talking about

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something I'm space, the black stone, where is it?

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By the Karva. Right, kissing it or touching it will be what this stone will testify in your favor. It will defend you if you touch it or you kiss it What happens though, right now when people go they will fight to reach it. And many people they won't even try to get there.

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Right? They won't even try to get there. Try to get there. There is a beautiful post I found last night. It's on Muslim matters. Somebody wrote it many years ago about how you can make sure that you kiss the Blackstone every time you go to the car.

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And one of the first few things that they've written is firstly you need 110% determination and intention.

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All right, be fully determined. Secondly, give at least sometimes an hour or two is going to go nowhere. Okay.

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And then a very easy way that basically stand on the side of the karma. All right, and move towards it towards it with the flow.

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You can make use of time such as between the hood and us because that is the time when people go to rest. Or when people go to sleep or when they go to eat or when they go shopping. Alright, so when it's extremely hot, that is when you go get your sunglasses get your head if you have to go and you will find the opportunity in sha Allah. This is a showerhead it will testify in your favor. What is the Massoud? What is it that is being witnessed? Well, firstly, it's the day of judgment in Solitude i 103. Allah says Delica, Yeoman, much more aloneness with Alika, Yeoman, much hood it is a day that is witnessed, meaning every single soul every single person, every single creature will be present

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on the Day of Judgment, it's a day that will be witnessed by who by all, no one can be absent. Some have said that the my shoot the witnessed is the day of alpha because the Day of Arafah also, what is it remind us of

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the Day of Judgment. So many who judge so many different types of people all gathered in one place? Some have said that this is Friday, Yun will do more because that is also to be witnessed. And some have said that basically share hit the wall my shoot, you have to look at it in the context of the surah. Because like the first thing I mentioned about shahid masood is what that there's everything which is either witnessing or it is being witnessed, right.

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But here what is mentioned in the next IO Butina OS, how will Oh Who do the people of the trenches are mentioned. So shall he then why am I shoot? Meaning the people of the trenches, who committed such a great atrocity against people, whatever they did, was witnessed.

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By whom, by a shahid by Allah subhanho wa taala. The crimes these people committed that day, were seen by Allah, they are known to Allah, who are the most humble or Who do the people of the trenches. Basically, to summarize, there are people who dug trenches and filled them with fire and pushed those who believed in Allah into those trenches.

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They burned them alive.

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So what they did was observed,

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whatever crimes they committed,

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are fully recorded. That day was witnessed.

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If you think about it, many terrible things happen in this world. Don't

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some of them are recorded, others are not some of them are reported others are not

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Some criminals are prosecuted, others are not.

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For some crimes, there is proof there is witness and for others there isn't. But why shall he didn't want my shoot? What does it mean? There is nothing that is hidden from Allah. So no matter what crime is committed, in what secrecy in the darkness of the night, or hidden from the eyes of people, it is not hidden from Allah. If you see, what are the odds that are mentioned over here? Firstly, the sky is mentioned. Because the sky isn't it witnessed? Is it hidden? No. No matter where you are, on a mountaintop, at the beach, in the middle of the ocean, in a valley, you will look up what do you see? What do you see the sky? It's not hidden from you. Just like that, no matter where we are,

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no matter what we're doing. It's not hidden from Allah. The Day of Judgment is mentioned next, the Day of Judgment will be witnessed by who? Everybody, everybody.

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It's not going to remain hidden. No one is going to be absent. And so there is no deed, no crime, big or small. Except that Allah is a witness to it. So what is the lesson over here? LA is Allah Who Be careful out there. Is Allah not enough for his servant?

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Is he not enough? So when there is an atmosphere of fear, when you're afraid, because of the fact that you're a believer, such that even stepping out of the house is scary.

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Remember, Shah, he didn't win my shoot, no matter what happens where a che this there. There is no crime, no oppression committed, except that ALLAH is aware of it. And he's bringing the day of judgment to establish His perfect justice was sure he didn't want to shoot

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Rutila us horrible, dude, Padilla all of these alts are taken over here. And what is the conclusion of the oath that the people of the trenches Cotulla they are destroyed? How confidently they committed this great crime, but you know what they got away then they're never going to get away forever. Good Tila they are destroyed. Allah who will punish them. US How will do people have the trenches of dude is a plural of the word a Hadith from the word HUD ha dal dal and HUD is used for the cheek but it is also used for a ditch. What kind of a ditch basically a long trench if you think about it, some people their cheeks are such that when they smile, they get their

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dimples, right. So anyway, that is also like a hole. Right? Like a ditch. So awkward. Dude, a hottie is the singular it's used for long trenches as how we'll do it, people of the trenches, meaning those who dug trenches Aneri that Hill were called but these trenches were for what these old dude were off and now

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they were a fire

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filled with fire. What kind of fire just a little bit know that till water cooled. That meaning fire that had having a water cooled fuel. We have done the word war cold earlier, we're gonna do a NASA. Well, hey, Jarrod. We'll call this fuel. Meaning these trenches were full of fuel that was constantly keeping the fire burning and alive.

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So why were these trenches dug and why were they filled with fire with so much fuel? In the when home day who was horrible? Do people have the trenches? When they were I lay her upon it upon what?

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Upon the trenches meaning by them, who ruled ones who were sitting, glued is a plural of car a

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car is one who sits. You see there is another word for sitting which is jealous, jealous.

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Jealous is to say, but then get up and go away genocides to sit for a short time.

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But Coronavirus is used for someone who is sitting on for a long time is whom I lay her rude when they remain sitting by those trenches? Not for 1015 minutes, not for an hour or two. But for a long time. They just sat there witnessing the entire scene burning people alive. They were sitting by the fire watching it burn throwing be

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Built in, nobody stopped. Nobody hesitated. None of them did anything to stop those crimes. They just sat there watching. In fact, not just watching they were the ones committing the crime.

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Who were these people, people of the trenches? It is said that

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us how will offload people of the trenches. Basically, this refers to an incident of a Christian community, meaning people who believed in a Saturday center that lived in 523 ad in neutron

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neutron. And these people who have believed in it, he started his Salaam. They believed in the pure message of Italia salaam, there was a king at the time in Yemen, whose name was though no us, though Nawaz meaning one having two side locks. Now us meaning two side locks. So basically had long hair or braids or something on the two sides of his head, and he was a Jewish king. And he persecuted this community. When these people believed in reciting Saddam, he didn't just tell them don't believe he didn't just execute one or two of them. He got everybody, not just the men, but even the women and the children and the babies and the old, everybody.

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trenches were dug, filled with fire, and one after the other people were thrown into those trenches alive.

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This was a genocide.

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This was a genocide. There is an incident mentioned in detail in Sahih. Muslim, which I'm just going to summarize over here, if you're interested in reading all of it, which it should be, it's insane Muslim, a number 3005. That's the number of the Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there lived a king before you. And he had a magician and the magician as he grew old, he said to the king, that I have grown old. So find some young boy and send him to me so that I can teach him all my magic, because I'm afraid I'm going to die soon. I'm not able to practice this magic anymore. I'm afraid it's going to be lost. So send me your students send me a young boy. So the

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king, Valerie young boy, and that boy would go to this magician every day. But on his way, what happened he found a man. And this man he was doing something very different, all by himself living by himself, as if living in hiding, and doing something very different. This boy was very interested. That man was a Christian. He believed in it recited a sunnah. And he worshiped Allah alone. So this boy every day on his way to the magician, he would stop by and he would learn from this ascetic from this worshiper. And he believed in Allah, He did not like magic anymore, but he had to continue to go and learn magic, because if he stopped, he would be punished. So anyway, what

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happened? One day, the boy was on his way, and there was an animal, a vicious animal, and people were terrified because of it. So this boy, he picked up a stone. And he said, that if this man meaning this ascetic this raw herb is upon the truth, than Oh, Allah, cause this animal to be destroyed by my throwing the stone. And if the magician is upon the truth, then no. So basically, he threw it, the animal died. And so that boy became even more confident that this raw hub is upon the hook, and this magician is upon falsehood.

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So what happened after some time that people when they witnessed this, that this boy killed such a huge animal? He said something, and he kills it a huge animal. How did you do it? So the next time somebody was sick, who did they go to? This boy? The next time somebody was blind? Who did they go to this boy, every time there was a problem, people would go to this boy and what would the boy do? He would just mention Allah's Name, and the people would be cured. The news reached the king. And when the King found out, he wasn't very happy. So there was a man who was previously blind, his eyesight returned. When he went to the king, the king asked him who cured you.

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The man said, Allah cured me. He said, What do you mean? You have a god other than me? And he said, Allah is my Lord and your Lord. So the king lot got very upset. Where did you hear this from? What's happening? So basically, he found out that it's the boy who was supposed to be studying magic. He's doing something else. So what did he do? He decided to kill the boy.

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So he sent his men on a ship with the boy that when you reach the middle of the water, throw the boy off the ship. They tried doing that. Everybody died, but the boy survived. Made it

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Back, the king is amazed what happened? How did you survive? He tried many times different things to kill the boy, nothing worked. So finally the king asked the boy, how do I kill you?

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The boy said, You gather everybody,

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And then you take an arrow, and you say Bismillah here or below lamb

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in the Name of Allah, Who is the Lord of this boy? And then you shoot the arrow. So the king said, Okay, fine, he was desperate to get rid of the boy. Because the boy was preaching to Hayden everybody was now believing in though he'd. So the king wanted to get rid of the boy, he did that he assembled everybody, the entire nation. And what happened, the boys put on one side tied up, and the king takes the boy in arrow and says, Bismillah here, Bill Hulan. shoot the arrow, the boy dies. But guess what? Everybody says, We believe in the Lord of this boy.

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What are the kingdom instead, okay? If you will all believe in the Lord of this boy, you believe in Allah, I will kill all of you just as I kill this boy.

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And so he had trenches, dug.

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He had them filled with fire.

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And one by one, every single person who declared his belief in Allah was thrown into the fire. And in Hadith, we learn that there was a woman with a baby.

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And she hesitated. She thought of changing her statement or her mind or changing her faith just to save her life and save the life of her baby. But the baby spoke at that time, and said, Oh, mother, endure this, for it is the truth.

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And her and her baby were also thrown into the fire.

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This entire scene, look at the, you know, how hard hearted were these people that they could push? They could kill hundreds of people in one day.

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And we might think that this is something that happened hundreds of years ago went 520 Something ad? What year are we living in? 2000. Something that's been many, many years.

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We wouldn't think that such a history would ever repeat. We thought World War was bad. But what has happened since then?

00:27:35 --> 00:27:46

I'm just talking about in general humanity. What kind of crimes have we committed? Look at the genocide in Rwanda. Look at the genocide in Bosnia.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:02

Look at the genocide. today. Were in Burma. And look at us Muslims killing each other in Syria day after day after day. Share hidden well my shoot

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everything is witnessed by Allah was shy he didn't want to shoot well whom Allah may afar Luna Bill mode meaning a shoot and they meaning those people, Allah over what may afar Luna, whatever they were doing Bill mode meaning to the believers show who they were witnesses, meaning what they did to the believers, didn't happen. When their eyes were shut, meaning they didn't close their eyes and then just push people into the fire. No.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:50

Their eyes were open. They were fully awake in full consciousness. They were throwing people into the fire. They themselves were a witness to their own crime.

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And the Day of Judgment is the day when a person's mouth shall be sealed and his eyes will speak his body will speak well Humala, Maya Aluna Bill moved me Nina shoot, they were watching with their own eyes.

00:29:06 --> 00:29:10

The crimes that were committing against the believers. And today what happens?

00:29:12 --> 00:29:15

People don't just watch with their eyes, they recorded on camera.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:27

They don't just record it on camera. They put it up online. When individuals are beaten up when people are killed. I mean, what happened in Bosnia?

00:29:29 --> 00:29:38

It's just amazing. It would make you sick to the stomach. If you read even a little bit about what happened in Bosnia not many years ago.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:47

1995 What happened in five days 8000 Muslims were killed

00:29:48 --> 00:29:59

8000 This was a systematic genocide planned, but till today, there are people who will not acknowledge it as a genocide. Many will

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But the criminals who committed these crimes will refuse to acknowledge it even as a genocide. Well whom Isla may have Aluna Bill McMahon in a shoot. And it's not just limited to 9095 I mean, what's happening these days

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in our own community, when little boys innocent voice innocent children, just because of the skin color or just because of their

00:30:25 --> 00:30:28

appearance as a Muslim, they're picked on and they're beaten.

00:30:29 --> 00:30:42

Beaten with baseball bats will home Allah. Maya Luna Bill McMurray, Nina shoot. Yes, no police was there. Yes, no people were there to watch but who was there? Shahid?

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Woman Naka Moolman home. Allah says woman Nakamoto and these people did not resent men whom from them. Nakamoto noon PAF me Nicoma. Basically Nicola is to develop such hatred and dislike for someone that you show it you show that anger, such hatred for someone that you cannot contain it in your heart anymore, it comes out it comes out in the form of violence, whether it is verbal or physical in the form of abuse. This is Nicola

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Nicola is also used for revenge for punishment. So these people the US How will Oh dude, why did they persecute the believers? What was the reason? What crime did they commit

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in law except a new meno Belaire healer, Aziz al Hamid, what was the reason? Why were they persecuted this way?

00:31:39 --> 00:31:43

What was the so called crime? Because they believed in Allah?

00:31:44 --> 00:31:58

Who is Allah, Allah Aziz, the Exalted in Might al Hamid, the Praiseworthy, look at the names of Allah that are mentioned over here, Allah Aziz, the one of Riza, the most honorable one.

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And Al Hamid, the one who deserves praise, because of his perfection. So why should Allah not be believed? And when he is the most powerful when he is the Praiseworthy? Why wouldn't these people believe in Allah was believing in Allah really a crime? Were they doing something wrong? No. But in the eyes of us, how will Oh, dude, this was a crime. If you think about it, all these people who were burned alive, they had been Muslim for how long?

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How long? Just a few moments. All they did was that they declared their belief in Allah. That's it.

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They didn't know the details of how to practice Islam. No, they had been Muslim for just a few moments.

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So what was the reason why they were persecuted for their belief in Allah?

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That's it. That's the only reason.

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And if you look at it, I mean, if you ever see pictures of Bosnia, Muslims were persecuted. I mean, many of the women, majority of the women were not even wearing hijab, you couldn't even tell they were Muslim.

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Because you see, sometimes we think that, you know, it's very dangerous. So take off the hijab, right? Protect yourself. No.

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Somebody who's going to hate you is not going to hate you because of your hijab. They're going to hate you because of what your belief in Allah. So don't stop obeying Allah. Just to protect yourself. That's not the way well man no come home in home. Illa a Umino Billa Hila Aziz al Hamid,

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the price of la ilaha illa. Allah is big.

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It's very big. These people had to sacrifice their lives and in the hereafter also the weight of la ilaha illa. Allah is very heavy.

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Allah says in the Quran, I'm her symptom and that whole Jana, wala Maya Tico Matheno Latina Holloman publikum Do you think you will just enter Jannah like that, when you have faced nothing like what the people before you faced must settle but Sir over the road was with Zulu people before you mean those who believed before you. They were afflicted by hardship difficulty, and they were shaken up hackday Akula rasuluh Alladhina amanu Mara who Mata Anna salah, to a point that the messenger and those who are with him, they said, When is the help of Allah coming? Allah says Allah in Nana surah Allah He, buddy, the help of ALLAH is near. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was comforted

00:34:47 --> 00:34:58

through these verses that your Lord is watching. Whatever is happening, is not unnoticed. Even if the whole world turns a blind eye, Allah has seen

00:35:00 --> 00:35:17

And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also prepared us for this. That these difficulties will continue that a time will come when holding on to Eman will be like holding a burning ember. Can you imagine a burning ember? Imagine a coal that's burning?

00:35:19 --> 00:35:55

Would you hold? Hold it in your hand? What does it mean if you picked it up just this morning, I was trying to get the bread out of the toaster. The tongs felt I was about to reach out for the grill by hand. And I remember that no, it's hot. If something is hot, you don't touch it. You keep away because you know it's gonna burn. He said, A time will come when holding on to Eman will definitely mean that you will suffer, you will be picked on you will be harassed, you will be abused. This will come.

00:35:57 --> 00:36:08

This is a reality it happened before it happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it will happen today and this will continue. But who is successful, the one who holds on to his faith.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:29

The one who holds on to his faith and doesn't give it up doesn't become weak at these times of difficulty. Because these difficulties what do we learn? There temporarily? Aren't they Bilawal de Allahu Anhu. When we think about Makkah and persecution, who comes to our mind, first person below the law Mourinho.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:49

But he is the one who gave the air then in Makkah, standing on the Kaaba, when Makkah was conquered by the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, Bilal Radi Allahu Anhu the same one within how many years? Just 20 something years, less than 20 Actually.

00:36:52 --> 00:36:57

Woman come home in home in a yoke meno Billa healer, Aziz al Hamid

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