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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where a man named Adam fell in sin and caused chaos, but he was not punished. He caused conflict between two individuals, one of whom was punished and the other punished. The situation is described as "branded evil" and dangerous, with accusations of bribery and glimmers of evil being used.
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Rarely, All praise is due to the almighty Lord, we praise Him we seek his aid. we beseech forgiveness to him, We seek refuge of the Almighty,

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from the evil of our souls and our evil action then our shortcomings. Hey him, Allah Allah guides is rightly guided. And he him Allah to Allah misguides can never ever be guided. I bear witness without any compulsion, that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah hota Allah, he indeed created Adam, are they he said no father, whereby, after creating Adam alayhis salam, he examined him. However, Adam fell in sin. But being the most Gracious, Most Merciful, the all forgiving, he forgave him and guided him, the sender of Noah, Who built the Ark by the Wu of the Almighty Lord, the one who saved the father of the prophets, Ibrahim from the fire, commanded it to be cool and peace on

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam, the one who sent Moses Eben Ramadan to Pharaoh with clean proofs, clean signs, however, Pharaoh or lay he may use them in a law was those of disobedient he sent a Salah his son, even though Maria to

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the people of Israel, the mighty assigns and he said and hung at sallalahu, ie he was selling them to all humanity with the greatest miracle ever revealed to mankind. The very word of the Almighty Lord the uncreated word, the global and the Glorious Quran, my Allah bless him,

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his family, his companions, and all those that follow them with righteousness to the last day.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in a beautiful Hadith

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in a belissa Yoda Arusha hawala to my

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father now whom in whom unzila Obama whom fitna

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fishy aloha To whom? Oh yeah, cool. Fall to cut tocando waka for yaku Lahore sublease na sana Tasha

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to my

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call, matter up to Whoa, for rock to baina, who have been under it for your knee He mean who believes while you're cool Nana

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believes Sallie Mae is document Allah

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says his throne on the sea.

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And from there, he sends out his troops, his army, his soldiers, the devil's

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to tempt mankind.

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the closest to him

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is the one that causes the greatest temptations. One of them comes after being sent. And he says,

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I did not leave so and so until he made it such and such a bleached looks at him and says do you have done nothing? You have done nothing. Then another comes

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and says

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I did not leave so and so until I made him separate from his wife.

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So he draws him close to him and say is how fine you

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how fine you are, how good you are, because he destroyed between a husband and a wife, but the other one could not do so. He probably caused some tension, some friction between the two. But he could not destroy the relationship between the two. He could not cause division say he was not as good as the letter.

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The brothers and sisters,

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every single human being every single gene is in a continuous battle. A battle like no other battle. It's not like you're on the battlefield and fighting the enemy which you can say

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this battle

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is from the day that we were born to the day that we die. The battle with the ugly to home deceiving liar, the occurs to believe study, he made a comment.

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He approached his man not on the front and that's it now from the

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left from the right from the front and from the back.

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And from hire from Lou.

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He approaches man on every occasion time and place. He has made the earth that we are walking on the borders of his battlefield.

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He enters the soul of man This occurs shaytaan

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beautifies disobedience to man.

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Carrying nothing will lie, but false promises and glimmering desire. You know, you see something glimmers

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it believes in his army. They poison they poison the victims. They poison the heart. They blackened the heart

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by beautifying the ugly, by beautifying the evil

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by beautifying the wicked pneus.

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But why?

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Why does he want to beautify for us gambling or cheating or procrastination, or woman? Or elicits intercourse? Or email or music or any other evil? Why?

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What's he after? What have we done to him?