Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 302D Tafsir Al-Buruj 9-22

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of actions against men and women, including violence and punishment, on their bodies and lives. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness and a worldly understanding of one's worth, as well as the need for forgiveness and a worldly understanding of one's worth. They also touch on the history of Islam, including the deaths of two Muslims and the return of a beast to Earth, and the struggles of the Islamist movement. The speakers stress the importance of showing genuine love for Allah's worker and not allowing anyone to do anything that they want.
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and levy law Humann customer Watty will old and Lady He is the one who law whom will customer what you will owe? To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth milk. What is milk sovereignty? He is the owner and the sovereign of the heavens and the earth will love who are Allah cliche in Shaheed and Allah over all things, is a witness. He is fully aware of the oppression that these people inflicted on the believers in the Levina Indeed, those people who fuck on almost meaning those who persecute the believing men, while more Minette and the believing women

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because then it's not just the men who are targeted, even women are targeted women with children are targeted. Young girls are targeted. So those who persecute believing men and believing women fat I know from fitna What does fit I mean a trial. But it's also used for punishment, because what is common between both of them is pain and hardship. So those who persecute torture, believing men and believing women, some millennia taboo, and then they do not repent, meaning these criminals don't repent from the torture they inflicted on the believers.

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They continue like that fella whom are they able Jahannam Allah says so for them is the punishment of *, while a homer that will hurry and for them is the punishment of burning he

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to burn, they will be burnt, just as they burnt others, they will be punished just as they punished others, they will be tortured just as they tortured others, but their punishment will be far worse. Why? Because * is much more fierce and much more terrible compared to the fire of this world.

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So what do we learn here? That those who inflict harm upon Allah servants,

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Allah will personally take revenge

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fellow whom are either Abu Jahannam wala humor or double hurry, the Day of Judgment is coming.

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This eye also shows to us that what a person inflicts on others is what he will receive in the hereafter.

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Because what happens is that sometimes in this world with the power, the position the authority that we have, we can continue to abuse and oppress children what are they going to say?

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Someone in the family who has immigrated from a different country who doesn't speak English, what is she gonna say? Just keep her as a servant in the house.

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Those who inflict harm upon others

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will receive the same harm because Allah is very fair, because look at this they burned others are that goo Johanna? One of them are that will hurry up. If you think about her adorable Johanna was not sufficient or they will hurry Why is burning mentioned because this is what they did to the believers.

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Another thing we see over here is that

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hurting people in general is really bad. It's not acceptable. Allah subhanaw taala does not accept it. Oppression is something that Allah has forbidden, but specifically oppression against those who believe in Allah.

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Fattah and almost many now well more minutes, putting the believing men and women in fitna

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in hardship and pain in hurt. This is a major sin.

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Because what is promised for it, punishment in *.

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So we should also be very careful

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that no Muslim should be hurt because of us.

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But what happens? How casually we hit somebody's car in a masjid, Masjid, parking lot. Hate It

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doesn't matter. You just put someone in hardship.

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how easily we take shoes. I don't know how people can wear other people's shoes. I mean, that's just horrible. Everybody's got their own unique germs, you know, and you're wearing their shoes. Seriously. Feet. What if that a foot infection? No seriously

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harming the believers in any way.

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Something that Allah subhanaw taala does not tolerate

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making fun of them hurting their feelings.

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Another thing we see over here is

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the amazing thing we see over here is

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so Melania Tubu but even such criminals

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who have committed

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such great oppression and violence, if they repent later, for them as forgiveness and if they don't repent, then

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there is serious punishment for them.

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how merciful is our Lord?

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How forgiving is our Lord? In Alladhina amanu indeed those people who believe why middle Solly had and they have done righteous deeds. Loan Jana 1030 Lavon Jana, for them Arjuna what kind of gardens you see pluralism mentioned, because many gardens several gardens

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what kind of gardens that dream in the hill and how beneath which rivers flow Valley confuzzled Kebede that is the great attainment. What does this mean then, that if in this world, a person loses their life, even

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whatever they lose their job, their money, their health, their family, their safety, whatever they lose, then they have lost nothing if they get Janna

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because the one who gets Jana than he has incurred no loss, he has suffered no loss, because getting into Jana means al Faisal kabhi, the greatest attainment the great attainment, because in Jannah, a person will have whatsoever he wishes, whatsoever he desires. Every single comfort and pleasure and ease is agenda.

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What is the worth of this world?

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What are the different examples we are given? What is the value of this world? Not even as much as the wings of a mosquito? Isn't it?

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Wingull a mosquito. Think about it. If a mosquitoes wing let's say you had a mosquito as a pet, let's say it's ridiculous to even think about it right? But if the wing of that mosquito breaks, would you cry about it? What if you lost that mosquito? Would you cry about it?

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It's funny, but when we cry

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over worldly loss, what are we doing?

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What is the worth of this? Dunya all of this dimia

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What is it? Once the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was walking and there was some garbage dumped somewhere. And there was a dead baby goat. And that baby goat. It even had like deformities, and its ear had it was deformed. And now it was dead. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stopped and he asked his companions who would buy this for such and such amount of money? And the Sahaba said, Yeah, Rasulillah it's dead. Nobody would buy it. Even if it was alive. We wouldn't buy it because it's deformed.

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This, he said is the worth of this world.

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This is the worth of this world. It's like a deformed

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dead baby goat.

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You get nothing out of it.

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So a person who makes it to Jana, because of his Eman no matter how hard it was for him to hold on to his Iman, but they held on

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and in the process of they lost everything. Even their loved ones, their money,

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their body, their beauty, whatever.

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Whatever they lose in the process. It's okay.

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It's okay because the one who enters Jana than he has incurred no loss. What is real success?

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It is to leave this world with iman and almost slowly. That is success. Because if a person leaves this world with Eman and with righteous deeds, then only he can antigen. But what do we think is success collecting this world living and safety?

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Isn't it not that security is not important? It is very important, but it should not be preferred over iman

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in a bottle shut up because Russia did indeed the vengeance of your Lord is severe.

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Bucks attacking power assault, when Allah punishes people, when he takes revenge from them, then that revenge is very severe. And so today I have 102 Allah says in the who are Limon shadiness indeed his when he sees his people and punishes them, then that is very painful and very severe.

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So his but his vengeance is very severe against who against those who do not repent against those who commit such

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horrible crimes against Allah's righteous servants. He gives them time to repent. But when they don't, then his grasp is very severe in now who, indeed he who were he alone, you booty who he originates the creation where you redo and he repeats also up to a Buddha to initiate something and you're either you're either to repeat it, meaning Allah created men, and when men will die, Allah will recreate him on the day of judgment. And so to uncover what is 19 Allah says our Amuro K for you do Allah will help us on my Yuri do in America and Allah He has said, it is easy for Allah. What does this mean? That these criminals cannot run away, even if they die?

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Even if they die, he will bring them back alive, and give them their retribution. In the box shut up, be kalasha did no one can escape. So those who continue to persecute the believers and do not repent from their persecution, and they live in ease and comfort all their life, and then they die in that state? Well, they didn't get away, because Allah will bring them alive. Because he you really do and he will give them what they deserve, will who will have full role will do and he is the forgiving one, the affectionate, loving one.

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See these names of Allah? We think all just any names of Allah mentioned, these names of Allah are mentioned over here in this surah In this context, why?

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What's the connection? There are so many different ways that we could look at this. Firstly, let's look at the meaning of a food who is an awful one who conceals since conceals them.

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You know, if you've made a mistake, like maybe when you were five years old, and you as a 25 year old, your parents remind you of that mistake, you're like, get over it, please. You know, I'd like to forget about it. Yes, I did something silly. But let me move on. Don't keep reminding me.

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Even though your parents don't hold a grudge against you, isn't it? They've never punished you then they're not going to harm you now. But the fact that they remind you, does it hurt?

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Allah when he forgives, He concealed

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conceals the sin. It says if you never did it, it's not there in your record. Hello us. Gone. Allahu

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Allah dude. Very loving. Would you see one is my hubba hubba is love what is also love. See the word will do does actually used for a mayor a female horse that puts forth all her power of running

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a female horse that is exerting all of her power in running.

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So what is very active love? Very active.

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Some people they will tell you I love you. I'm sorry. Can't help you hear.

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I love you. But I can't do this for you. What dude. He doesn't just love. He shows His love. And because of his love, he not only protects his servants, but he defends them and he takes revenge for their sake. Those who hurt his believers, those who persecute his his believers, he has prepared * for them.

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And why dude?

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He's very loving.

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Why are these names mentioned over here? Firstly, we see in the previous verses what is mentioned, the fact that those who commit such crimes if they don't repent, then for them is severe punishment of burning of *. Which means that if they do repent, then they will find Allah forgiving.

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They will find Allah forgiving. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there's a hadith and Muslim

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that Allah smiles at two people,

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one of whom killed the other.

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But both of them enter paradise.

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Understand what's happening. Allah smiles at two people, which two people one man killed the other. Meaning he committed a major sin. He persecuted the believer. He he committed such oppression against the believer. But what happened at the end? Both of them antigen, the killer and the one who was killed. How why?

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The one who killed What did he do? He repented.

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He repented.

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You see, there are so many companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who had a long history of not just denying but even opposing the Muslims. Look at Khalid evenin Walid Khalid Radi Allahu Anhu.

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What was his role in The Battle of a herd? If you think about it, the 70 Sahaba who were killed in the Battle of a herd, whose fault was it basically

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the commander who was the commander, it was Khalid bin Walid, about the long run.

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But the Allahu Anhu who was he the son of Abuja, and all of these battles, he played a major role.

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I will Soufiane or the Allahu Mourinho

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who was he before a great opponent.

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And these people didn't just oppose verbally, they participated in battles.

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They came looking for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Abu Bakr and urmul and Earth man, all of these major companions looking for them. Where are they? We want to kill them first. But did they? Were they able to? No, they weren't. And what happened later?

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They repented. Allah is Forgiving, well, who will have a fool

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and He is Allah dude, the loving one. Because you see, when a person is suffering, persecution, at the hands of others, he's he's being oppressed. When you begin to wonder,

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Does Allah love me?

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What crime did I commit? What sin did I commit? That Allah doesn't love me anymore? And so he's not protecting me anymore. And so these people are hurting me. They're harassing me. Allah is Allah dude. No matter what difficulty you're going through, no matter what trial you're going through in your life, never forget these two names of Allah. He is Allah fooled. So if what you're going through is a result of your own crimes. Remember that Allah is Allah food, you can always turn back to Him and seek his forgiveness and he will forgive you in a way that your sins will be concealed.

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And if you're feeling lonely, unloved, isolated.

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Remember that there is someone who loves you. He's Alpha dude. Why would he love a servant? Because of the servants Eman? Because of a servant's righteous deeds? Who does Allah love in Allah? You have both the well being where you hibel Matata hitting, he loves those who repent to Him. Who does Allah love those who strive in His way in Allah, you Hibou Latina ukata Luna V. Sebelius soften? Unknown bunny animal source. Who does Allah love those who do Ersan those who do sub

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he is Anwar dude.

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And he shows his love how? By helping the servant by defending him. And by declaring his love also, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Allah loves a servant, he calls Gibreel. And he tells him that I love the servant of Mine, so you should also love him. So Gibreel loves him, and mentions him amongst the carriers of the throne, and they also love that servant. And then the dwellers of the seven sky hear of him, so they also love him than the dwellers of the next and the next, until he is known in the sky of the world and loved their and love for him descends in the earth also,

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to the people of the earth, begin to love him also. Well who Allah for alpha dude, when you obey Him in ease and difficulty when you obey Him, such that you control your knifes and you prefer him and Allah who will love you, and He will spread his love for you.

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You love him sincerely.

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You love him sincerely. Show him that he is most important to you more than anybody, even yourself, then what can you expect from Allah? How does How will your sunny inland accent if you show sincere love to Allah? Will Allah not love you?

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He's always

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in contact to hipbone Allah for Toby Rooney, follow the messenger what will happen your bib como Allah, Allah will love you.

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There are people who Allah loves and they love Allah. Allah Allah Allah, Allah minha aluminum.

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Well, who will afford Well, dude, the Laubscher will Majeed. He is the louche Owner of the Throne.

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And he is Elma G do he is the honorable one meeting he is the honorable Owner of the Throne, Al Majeed from maged nobility grand you're so Majeed one who is very grand though LaRochelle Majeed, he is Al Majeed

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and the outro is also described as Majeed at another place. Why is the outer shell of Allah mentioned here? Why?

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What is the outer shell of Allah, it's the roof of the entire creation. Beneath it is the world of the creation. And above it is Allah subhanahu wa alarma. And on a luxurious though

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thou shalt Allah's largest creation, and it is said that it was even created before the pen. It was even created before the pen for things Allah created with his hand.

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For things Allah made * with his hand.

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What are they? The OCE?

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The kalam the pen?

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Jana to Arden, and Adam

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will love this is angels are also Allah's creation, aren't they?

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They're created from light.

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Allah created Adam with his hand.

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he's loving.

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Allah's OSH How big is it? And just the could see in front of it is like a ring in the desert. And the seven heavens and the earth, the entire creation compared to the kursi is like what? A ring in a desert. And this is, where is it? It is above genital for those. Remember, there's 100 levels of paradise. Right? And then there are the levels of the skies. Though LaRochelle Majeed and when Allah created the creation, he wrote in a book which is with him above his throne, what did he write in that in the mighty Lala, but lobby, My Mercy will overcome my anger.

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There is a treasure of the throne also.

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And from the treasure of the throne, that is beneath thrush.

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What have we received

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the last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah. So if a person recites them in the night, then these two verses will suffice him, they will be enough for him for his protection, though LaRochelle Majeed, do you realize who your Lord is? Who is Shahid, a witness over all of these crimes that are happening, he is the social Majeed for Lima, you read for Al one who does see for URL not far it'll find one who does but feral,

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meaning one who does whatever He wills over and over, no matter what it is, how big, how small, whatever it is final, Lima, userid, effector of whatever He intends, meaning he can do anything that he wants, when he intends something, he carries it out without any difficulty. What happens to us? We intend, but are we able to execute our intentions? No.

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* attack a hadith all Junoon has there come to you the story of the soldiers with soldiers, those who gathered against Allah's friends, fit our owner, the soldiers of fit our own? What's the mood and the mood? Both of these nations people have had our own people of the moon, who were the very mighty, merciless, brutal and what they did was horrible.

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Allah says, haven't you heard of them? Haven't you heard of the armies of their own? Little altered the armies of the people of the moon? They were also a mighty nation. Where did they go? What happened to them fit our own throne in the water with all his armies, some will also completely destroyed.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is comforted here because it's natural to fear the enemy.

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Allah subhanaw taala comforts the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, the enemies before were far worse than these people of Makkah. What can these people do? They can do nothing. Billy Lavina Cafaro feedback the job, but those who deny are in persistent denial.

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They're in persistent denial. Allah dealt with fit our own in some mood.

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And he can deal with the people of Makkah also, if they continue to deny wala hoomin wat on him more Heath and Allah Nuwara him from behind them more healed one who encompasses, you see, it helps us to completely encircle something.

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And if something is coming from behind you, and then around you and then closes in front of you, where's the escape?

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Because you didn't see it coming. It was coming from behind you, you didn't see it coming. If it was coming from your friend, then what would you do? You would turn around and run away? Well, Allahu MeiHua wha him where he Allah has fully encompassed them. Bell who are Quran Majeed, rather, this is an honored Quran. Allah is Allah Majeed. His Arash is Majeed and his Kalam is also Majeed. So what is it that you should hold on to

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don't fear

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don't fear the persecution of these people and hold on to Allah His Calam Philo him my falls it is inscribed in a Preserved Tablet low hammer falls meaning the Quran is preserved over there

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these people they deny the book okay but their denial cannot harm the book it cannot because the book is preserved in no whom are fooled the devils can't reach it What can these people do with their denial?

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Let's listen to the recitation of the SUTA everybody stand up please

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so what is the main message of the surah

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What is the main message one thing

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exactly that whatever happens in your life remember that Allah is watching. This is something that should make us more conscious so that we

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don't inflict any harm on others. And if we are the victims of somebody else's abuse and there is no way of getting justice and there is no way of getting complete justice in this world anyway.

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Then we should again remember that Allah is watching. He will take care of my affairs, learn to rely upon Allah. Remember, you are weak.

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Allah Himself says that we're holy called Insano. there if you're weak, you're not enough for yourself. You can't protect yourself. You can't look after yourself. You can't. Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told to declare that had I known the unseen, I would have lost the third terminal hide, I would have amassed a lot of good for myself, and no evil would have touched me. We are weak. We need Allah so learn to rely upon Allah.

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Because when we forget Allah, that is when we become even more weak. We lose motivation, and we lose courage. And then we're good for nothing. We can't do anything. Subhan Allah who will be handed a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta as the Hirokawa to elago As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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