Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 049A Translation Aal-e-Imran 121-143

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various struggles and injuries related to Islam, including a woman named Hope who has been in pain for a long time and a man named Doke who has caused chaos and pain. They also mention various people and events, including a woman named Jana who caused chaos and a man named Rishi who caused a death. The group discusses potential outcomes and their potential failure.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to sell yard a little sooner he'll get him. Another word for oh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish roughly you saw that you were Sidley Emery or HELLO, letter melissani of Kahuku Lee Robinson are in

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or if and when. Although you sat out early in the morning,

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men from a Lika your household to go Will you post you locate a remote me Nina, the believers, mocha either positions. Lil kita le for the battle for the fighting.

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Allah Who and Allah Samir on always all hearing or Lehmann always all knowing if, when Hamid intended care if attorney two groups men come from you, and that they've Shala they do despair, they to lose heart will know who and Allah will he you humor protector of them to where Allah and upon Allah He Allah, failure to workout so he should trust me known the believers. When occurred and certainly masala comb he helped you. He gave you victory.

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Allahu Allah, be bedridden at better were unto him while you all are the Latin humble, once humble, once week. Factor cool. So you all fear, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah calm so that you dish Gruen. You all are grateful. If when Doku you say or you were saying

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let me Nina for the believers. And then we'll never yet fear calm is enough for you is sufficient for you. On that you made the comb, he extends help to you. Rob Bukom your Rob be Salah Sati with three and a half in 1000s men from Al Mala Ekati the angels name xylene why one cent down?

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Bella rather? Of course. In if the Spirou usual patients with a taco and you fear Allah where to come and they come to you men from foti him there rush their haste. Heather this young did come he extends help to you. Rob Bukom your Rob become Sati with five LF in 1000s men from a mala Iike the angels was so we mean once marked warmer and not Jana who he made it Allahu Allah Illa except Bushra good news, glad tidings

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the comb come for you well, and Lita Toma, in so that it becomes satisfied, it becomes content and you become your hearts be with it. Warmer and not a nurse through the help the victory in there except men from or in the near Allah He Allah and Aziz the always Almighty al Hakim the always always

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Leo Kota so that he cuts off paraffin aside a portion

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men from a Medina those who go through the disbelieved

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L or yak betta whom he repelled them with disgrace. Yak betta whom he rebelled them with disgrace

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firm poly boo so they turn back. How you been once frustrated? Disappointed. Lisa, it is not lucky for you. Men from an emery the matter the decision, shaone anything. Oh, weather YouTuber. He turns in mercy I

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him upon them, oh or your other neighbor whom he punishes them for in the home for in the day. So in the day when the moon wants to do wrong when in there he and for Allah, ma whatever fee is in a Samoa at the skies, warmer and whatever fee is in and out of the earth, your funeral He forgives Lehmann for whom you share who he wills where you are they boo and he punishes man whom your shadow He wills well now who end Allah go forward on all forgiving or Haman always all merciful.

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Yeah are you here? Oh and Medina those who are Manu they believed, now do not the guru you will eat a Riba the interest of the often doubling increasing mobile alpha, one redoubled one multiplied what Taku and you will fear Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah calm so that you to flee Hoon you all are successful

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what the coup and you all fear and Nowra the fire and Lottie which were that it was prepared live Catherine for the disbelievers were up to you and you will obey Allah Allah will resume and the messenger La La coma so that you told her moon you all are treated with mercy or you all are shown mercy was Sadhguru and you will hasten either to mafia rotten forgiveness men from or have become your rep. What Jen nuttin and Janna paradise, a garden, I'll do here, it's with a summer worth the skies. When earth and the earth were a debt, it was prepared Melmoth again, for those who have the core for those who fear Allah

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and Medina, those who yearn for your corner, they spend fee in a server, the prosperity, the happiness, what the raw and the hardship, adversity.

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When care we mean and those who suppress and Leila, the anger, rage. Well are Fein and those who pardon. I'm from a nurse the people will know who and Allah, your Hibou he loves a mursaleen those who do Ersan when Medina and those who either when far Lu they did for her she written an indecent act, a shameful act.

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Or what a mu they did wrong. And Fusa home to themselves. Were Kuru they remembered Allah Allah, first off for Rue, so they asked forgiveness leader newbie him for their sins. Woman and who? Your Pharaoh he forgives the noble the sins in law except Allah who Allah Willem and not you see rue de persist Allah upon ma what far Are you they did? Were home while they are on the moon they know

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oh no II can those Jezza who whom they recommends they reward

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Murphy ratoon forgiveness men from Rob be him there Rob or Jonathan and Jana gardens tragedy. It flows men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers the streams

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Holly Dina once abiding eternally fee her in it. Well and Miriam how good at you reward alarm Moline of those who do work but in fact, harlot it past men from publikum before you soon unknown ways, methods first you so you will travel fee in an early the earth fund zoo so you will look okay for how can I was Artie were to outcome? I look at the bane of those who belied. Heather this day alone is a clear statement. Lynn Nursey for the people were who then and a guidance will know what Rila and an advice Lynmouth. Again, for those who adopt Aqua water and do not they know you will be weak. You will

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lose heart, when and do not. That is a no you will be sad, you will grieve were unknown and you all are alone. Those who are superior in if control you are you were meeting once you believe in if you Ahimsa scum, it touches you called him a wound for cold. So in fact, Messiah it touched an OMA the people for whom a wound Miss Lu who like it, or Tilka and that and a year mu that is new there we do her. We give it by Terrence

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Boehner between a nurse the people well, and Leah Allama, so that he knows Allahu Allah, and Levina those who are Manu they believed or definitely the end he takes men confirm you shahada martyrs, will Allah Who and Allah La not your Hebrew he loves a volley mean those who do wrong.

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Well and Leo Mahi sir, so that he purges so that he purifies Allahu Allah and Medina, those who Manu they believed worm hacker and he faces he wipes out al caffeine those who disbelieve

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or Huseby them you thought and that that Hulu you will will enter and Jana the paradise we're not MA and not as yet. Your ALEMI he knows Allahu Allah and Medina those who Jaha do they strove, they did utmost struggle men come from you well Nama and he knows a Sabreen those who are patient

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what are called and certainly contain you were them unknown you all wish a motor the death men from probably before and that telco who you all met it for cod so in fact are a to move who you are clearly saw it or you all saw it we're into while you don't room you're looking

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that's the sort of the recitation of these verses.

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What is the order in which I mean

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we mean enough already done. anyone loves Me on

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all either journey me

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Shala Lovelady you wanna law he's a near John Kelly remove me you know what according

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to the law that law

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school loan is doubly remote meaning

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fear from Ayumi

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be that

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be that

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mean hola

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Bella it was beautiful what that double

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the hoodie him had had a video camera

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him mean

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you got the Musa we mean one Agia Allahu Allahu

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Allah whom what you don't wanna

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be one nostril mean

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easy's hockey team, Leah Bobo

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Mina lady. Oh, we had to beat them

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all using laser like I mean, Rishi own we are to bury him. We will be in homebody moon or is he mad is

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he Oh he'll only me

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while you are the boo me

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lawful walking

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Are you

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followed Viva

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what up hello hello. Took me Oh on what?

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It or it? Definitely look at

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law How old was old I

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was oh, ILA feel on Tim Miller will be from Weijun net in

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that little motel thing a lady

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that is so long even love all you want girl we mean

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all along we will she will see me again one lady in EDA

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law that law had this double thought on either one or be him or me feel as though know that

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while amuseum

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Wahoo me out on

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the field on to

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be more

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YJ Weijun dead god man

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body Dena V

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body Deena he

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meaning body will follow me

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let's see oh do you have the phone okay thank God even to look at BB in her

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to meaning am says

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my cell phone my mobile home meet know what

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we do have

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one here Alam Allahu leadin

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that he then comes Shuhada

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wala hula Wadi me What do you mean his Allahu leadin

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Luca very clean and has you been

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dead? Oh hold on

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No, no sabe beating all up. I didn't

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know when

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to move

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