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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript describes three different conversations and experiences in the past month, including the loss of a man in Mecca and the loss of a woman in a family member's death. The struggles of the man's life, including mental health and drugs use, are discussed. The importance of staying connected to one's father and not giving up on one's beliefs is emphasized, along with the need for people to protect their emotions and legacy.
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In Alhamdulillah,

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the man who won a stereo who was still Pharaoh, when are we learning in surey and fusina? Woman cntr Marina, Mayor de la who phenomenal de la mejor live, Fedor dlF Why should one learn learn in the love the demo luxury Karen? Why should one no Mohammed Abu otter solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was a curvy woman Sara an energy woman stood Navy so Nettie elomi Dini buried for tupple love your

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pocket Mr. Anand soprano who was what are the Phaeton xili? Yeah, he levina ermanno it tupple la hubco to party he wala to tune in to Muslim moon to bury my brothers and sisters. First and foremost on this blessed day of this blessing our of yomo jumar. We ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us our good deeds, male allies that will continue to shower His mercy and out on his forgiveness and all of our shortcomings and our mistakes love them. I mean, secondly, at

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this very moment, we are alive so a gel to ease the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters in America and wherever they may be. Under whatever circumstances they may be dealing with May Allah azza wa jal bless them with ease and comfort along mean, you want to above I want to begin by sharing with you a little bit of what my week has been like so far.

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On Monday, I had about five appointments, all of them were young people. Some of them had suicidal thoughts, some of them were coping with depression. Others had a series of other issues. On Tuesday, a series of domestic problems and issues on Wednesday back to some of the youth problems, identity crisis, confusion, some even question Islam all together born Muslims, Thursday yesterday, meeting some of the parents who also have grievances, problems and stress in their own lives. That's what the week has been like so far this morning, the drive here on the phone listening to somebody else with another problem, another concern.

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And don't get me wrong. These are things that personally I embrace, and try my very best with Allah's help to be there and support these individuals. But at some point, you have to ask yourself, at some point, every one of us here have a story. We all have our share our fair share of problems, stress issues, whatever it is, maybe it could be at a very personal level, within the family, at a community level, maybe even beyond that. Every one of us has a story of problems and stress. May Allah azza wa jal bless us with ease. I mean, are you all about today I want to share with you some of the coping mechanisms that Islam gives us to help cope, diagnose and deal with some of these

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problems. This is really important, because what I'm going to share with you might actually come as a surprise to many of you. So I want to start off by saying to you, let's take a trip back to our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In the time when he was living in the blessed city of Mecca.

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There was a year

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that three things happened to him.

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That was probably the most devastating experiences he has ever had in his entire life. It was so difficult, so troubling for him. That scholars of Sierra they call this year.

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The year of sorrow and distress and difficulty, they actually gave it this title. So what happened?

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Now everything that I share with you these three things happened in a span of about four to six weeks. Just keep that in mind. just over a month. Three things happen. Number one,

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the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his wife Jodi Jodi Alomar as she passes away.

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You have to remember that Khadija or the loved one was the intimate and personal support.

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port of the messenger alayhi salatu was salam, whenever he would walk out in the city of Mecca and have to listen to and cope with all of the things that he had to confront. They called him names, they threatened him, they persecuted him all because of his identity.

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At the end of the day, he would go back home, he would be with his wife, out of the 11. And she was the one that would give him that moral support. It's okay. You stay strong, stay confident, Allah chose you, she would give him words of confidence and advice. You see, when you have a spouse like that, that after a long day of whatever problems and stress you're dealing with, you go back home and you have support within a family like that, you're able to take a lot out there, you're able to confront a lot. And so the messenger RNA is Salatu was Salam lost that very personal and intimate support. It was devastating for him

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a couple of weeks later.

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Now, if you think it's as bad as it can get, he loses someone else who is also very dear to him. Somebody that he also relied upon somebody that supported him in the worst times of Mecca, and that was none other than the death of his uncle embleton.

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I will call him was a pagan. He was a mushrik. But I will call him looked at his nephew.

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And one day after he seen his nephew going through one trial after another one slander, one insult someone doing this, someone doing that, he went up to his nephew and said, Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why don't you just stop this? Stop this preaching, stop spreading this religion. Look what's happening to you. Look what's happening to your people. And the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam told his uncle By Allah, if they meaning the Quraysh gave me control of the sun, and the moon, I will never stop what I'm doing. And Abu Talib looked at him and said, From this day forward, I promise you, I will never tell you to stop what you're doing ever again.

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As a matter of fact,

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the Muslims, they were kicked out of Mecca, they had to live on the outskirts of Mecca.

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So within the city of Mecca, you have all the machinery clean and the Quraysh acceptable toilet, you know what he did? I will tell him he moved out from Mecca. And he was the only missionary that lived with the Muslims in their village. He was a supportive cast, the messenger they use a lot with some relied on his uncle. This was his social support. He knew that if he has his uncle by himself by his side, that none of the coloration would get to him or touch him. I will call him passes away.

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A couple of weeks later, we're still in the span of about four to six weeks, by the way. Now you think to me, you think for yourself, if you were in this position, you lost a spouse, then now you lose one of your closest relatives or family members. And this all happened in a couple of weeks. For us it's a big deal. If one or two years go by, then another death happens. That's even a big deal for us. This is happening in the span of less than a month. The third thing happens.

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And that was the incident of part if the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walks into the city of La if for those of you that are not familiar with pa if it's about 90 kilometres north of Mecca, just keep that in the back of your head. Now the promise of cinemas on a camel, he's got to travel 90 kilometres or so. from one city to another. It's taken him a few days to do this. By the time he gets now to the city of fire. What is he confronted with? He couldn't even walk into the city.

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They already tried to kill him before he got into the city.

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And it got so bad for him. That even there are stories of the children pelting and throwing stones and rocks at his face. One of those rocks hit his face and he started to bleed and he bled so much that he turned around he didn't even get into the city. He turned around and he started walking away back from pontiff, he walked for about one kilometre

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And he left a trail of blood for one kilometre. There was this post that was just sticking, sitting there. He went up against the post and he leaned on it. Can you imagine the distress he's going through?

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This is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam.

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His wife isn't there.

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He can go there and say, Look, look what they're doing to me. His uncle isn't there. You can say to him, Look, can you help me stop this? he's by himself. He leans up against the post. And you know what he says? So panela he is really Rahmatullahi he's really a mercy to all of mankind. After all was said and done. He has the strength to utter these words. He says, Oh Allah, forgive them for in a home layer level. They don't have any knowledge. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam imagined the courage it takes to speak like that after that experience.

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Now the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam at this moment in Mecca. He's at his lowest point. Scholars, they have seerah. They say, if the messenger or they use Salatu was Salam was anywhere near depression.

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This was when it would happen. This was his lowest point. And in addition to that, it didn't stop the persecution against his companions increased, more of the tourists were coming after them. More of the machete clune were threatening them. It was not getting worse. Now the entire environment for him is becoming very sour, very difficult for him.

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So ask yourself,

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what would you do?

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How would you handle it?

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And listen to how Allah handled it.

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Listen to what happens now. This is actually the subject of the stiff today's hook but

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he is at his lowest point. What did Allah do for him? At that moment? Allah azza wa jal gave him a surah.

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This surah when you hear the name of the surah, immediately you will smile. You know why? Because everyone here has at least some background, that this sort of is beautiful. It has a beautiful text to it, theme to it subject to it. It's a beautiful surah

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Allah gave the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam surah Yusuf alayhi salam.

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Now just wait for a minute

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surah Yusuf.

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You're at your lowest point, you lost your wife, your uncle, a whole city kicked you out. Now you're forced because the situation is so bad in Mecca, you're forced to leave Mecca and go and find another place to live.

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You get suited to use IV. Now walk with me through soda use IV and see if you can make the connection. Soon abusive is all about problems, family problems. It started off with this young boy use fit his lm is about five years old or so goes to his father and says Daddy, Daddy, I saw a dream 11 stars a sun and moon they all made salute to me.

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You think the father would be really happy at this point? Because the father is a prophet, jacobellis and he already interprets dreams. He knows exactly what that dream is, eventually will meet will mean he knows the interpretation. He knows that that dream is the indication his son's going to be a prophet.

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But he doesn't tell his son that you know what he tells his son that sort of al Qaeda aquatic for your key to look at Qaeda. Okay, you said don't tell your brothers anything about this because they're going to threaten and plot against you.

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So use is like okay,

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remember the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam is at his lowest. That's the first thing that he will get from this sorta doesn't really sound like the right thing you want to say to somebody who is in that state does it? Stay with me? See, this is one of the weaknesses of human beings. Sometimes we jump ahead of ourselves.

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Like sometimes we will plan we will study we would learn and we would think we have things figured out until we actually end up doing it and you're like, wait a minute. I thought I had all of this planned out and actually didn't work out that way.

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is how Allah is teaching you and I, and reminding His Messenger Allah His Salatu was Salam. Trust me. I know what I'm doing. Just trust me take the surah it doesn't even get any better. The brothers of Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, still plot against him.

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The plot wasn't very pleasant in any way, shape or form. The plot started off with oak delusive kill Youssef, that's their brother. These brothers that are making this plot are actually sons there are children of a prophet. What made them even think along these lines of their own sibling? You know the answer?

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hazard. Jealous jealousy makes people do crazy things so crazy that even they themselves can't seem to understand it. That's what jealousy is.

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Jealousy, if anybody struggles from it, if anybody recognizes that they have it, place your soul and your heart into into a state of spiritual emergency.

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There is a catastrophic problem happening in your heart. That's what jealousy does. The sons our Prophet, our our sons of a prophet. They come from a good home. And in addition to that yaku Bani, his salon. His father is help. Elisa is also a prophet is her father his salon his father is Ibrahim Ali said and he's also a prophet. So yaku barley Islam comes from a family of prophets. Now his son will eventually become a prophet jealousy didn't care about any of that. It got all of these brothers together plot against their one sibling

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and then one brother you know the story he says, calling upon Edo Minho that took the total use of one of the brothers as if his plan was any better. He said, No, no, no, no, no Don't kill you. So just take him and dump him into a well

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like as if that was a better or you know more an easier plan that we could execute and he'll be okay. And then the the plan unfolds, they dump us if they come to the Father, everything happens stay with me. Here's the third thing I want to tell you about soda Jusuf

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when used to filing his Salaam is in that well, he's scholars they say he's in this well for about two to three months. Imagine he's about five or seven years old. He's in a well all by himself. What do children at that age want? They just want mom and dad.

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That's everything for them at that age. This poor child is at the bottom of a well

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he is in a withdrawal Whoa, whoa. He is in a land that's been abandoned or widowed or who is a place where nobody goes. So the brothers really thought this plan thoroughly. We're not going to jump in and just any well we're going to find the well that nobody goes to. We'll put them there.

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caravan somebody walks by sees Yusuf Ali Salaam in the world, rolls him out. They Chateaux who be Theremin? in boxing? they wrap him up and hide him. When people are guilty, what do they do?

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They hide.

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This man was not supposed to do that. He found a boy, you're not supposed to hide him, wrap him up and put them in your caravan. You're supposed to report this stuff, find out where this child came from. He didn't do that. He looked at the child and the child looks so beautiful. Because remember Yusuf Ali Salam has the beauty of half of mankind on his face.

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One person, half of the beauty of mankind, Allah put it in this one face looks at this child keeps him they take him from Palestine to another country. They take him to Egypt. It's not getting better. They sell him as a slave. For what the poor answers the sources Dada, he may not do that. For a worthless price is get rid of them. We don't we don't want to but let's just make some quick cash. Then the story continues.

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The seduction happens usif is thrown into prison for about seven years. Then all of this are for crimes he didn't actually commit. Why would you take a story like that and give it to the messenger either

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His Salatu was Salam at his lowest the answer I you will. I hope when I pray Bismillah you will appreciate you will love and you will grasp and hold on to it. Every one of us sitting here has a stress,

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a difficulty. Maybe some of you sitting here are suffering inside. And no one knows except Allah. You can't tell. You can't even talk about it how hurtful it is. this sutra is for you, man alive so it'll continue to teach us his book. And may Allah so it'll continue to flourish the message of the poor and in our hearts and in our lives of lahoma I mean, Apollo metazoan was stuff it'll likely welcome it certainly was me and him included them for stuff that are in the Hall of Fame.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was heavy woman. And

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here is the heartbeat of surah Yusuf,

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the heartbeat of sudut Yusuf. This is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got this surah

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he's at his lowest first thing Allah says Alif Lam ra

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to Kenya to kitabi movie. Allah reminds him Elif lambro these are yet in this book. They are clear and perfect.

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Why would you tell that to somebody suffering like this? This is a low re affirming confidence of the messenger alayhi salatu wa sallam in his book.

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On messenger, you gotta trust this book because all the areas in it, they are moving. Don't lose sight of that. I know what you're going through.

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Because the same soldier says in Arabic Allah mon Hakeem your master, he has the knowledge of everything. He is all wise. I know what you're dealing. I know you lost your wife. I know that's devastating for you, your uncle? I know what everybody in Mecca and five and everywhere else I know what they did to you.

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Remember, this book, trusted because everything in it is moving.

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Then the plan remember the plan? The father told us the family stuff. Don't tell anybody about this dream. had that conversation and in our own backyard demon Hakeem. Allah said that Allah hee hee hee Suppan, who with Tyler has two things. Don't lose sight of it. Allah has knowledge of everything. And he is all wise. Another way of saying that is Allah knows what he's doing. So don't question him.

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You see how poor and I say to you, whatever it is that you're suffering with.

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You got to stay connected with him. subhanho wa Taala.

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What you're dealing with did not happen just because of something you did or didn't do.

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Allah allowed it to happen to you.

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You have to remember that at the end of the day, you plan you study, you invest you think you do everything you get advice, you get direction. You have no idea what the result is. That's a lost job.

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The plan when it was executed, the sons they came with the * shirt. They showed the father Look, look we use of got eaten by a wolf. What the father say

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pardonable so well at lucam and Phu Kham MRR for sovereign jelly. Well laku Stein, seafood. He connected back with Allah again. He said your soul something is corrupt about them. They've wronged you in some way. I'm going to have beautiful patience. He didn't say I'm going to have patience. I'm going to have beautiful patience. That's the peak that's the climax of patience. Beautiful subbrand. Jamil means you never complain about anything in your life. You just trust Hola. jacoba alayhis salam says it and then he says while longhole Mustang Allah is going to help me with what you guys are up to. He connected back with Allah. The caravan came and took us It took him to Egypt sold him

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as a slave how that conversation and will la hollyburn Allah Emory, all our kin axon Li Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah knows what just happened. Most of mankind they just

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Don't know

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on the outside this looks terrible. Allah say you just don't have the knowledge well luckily yanam went to LA he knows what he's doing. You and I as the creation we just don't the seduction use of it Islam is another palace the wife of that as is a Hanukkah to slam the doors shut locked it through herself to use if Allah He said What did he do Carla Allah in the hora be synonymous way that he went back to a lot again he said my model is not the same as our with a builder or with a builder you seek protection from with Allah, you seek His protection, my either law you are the protector or Allah see the difference one the actual protection to another law the source of that protection he

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connected back with a law because used to violate his solemn at that moment knows he can't overcome any sin or mistake without Allah's help.

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That's what the prophets I send them was reminded about

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this hardship Oh Mohammed Salah love while he was so it's not going to stop, you're going to go to Medina.

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You're going to go through battles after battles, this trial is not going to stop for you. But take sort of usif with you. Because after every hardship you're going to confront, you need to make sure you stick with him. subhanho wa Taala

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that's the thing that will continue to make you breathe, of whatever stress and problem you're coping with.

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You look at your children and you're wondering where did I go wrong?

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You have to stay connected. Oh Allah. You gave me these children. Oh Allah, Nothing happens without your permission. guide me tongue inspire me. How should I handle this? You see, when you talk like that, Allah never abandons you. In surah Yusuf. Allah never abandoned Yusuf Ali, he said, at the end of the surah the dream came true. The brothers were reunited, the father came and met his son. After several years, the father was crying so much that he says what below but hyena who mean it wasn't. He cried so much for his son, that his eyes started to get this white glaze over it. who cries like that? Is this even possible to cry this way? That your eyes start to get this light shade eventually

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distorts your vision. This is happening because you're crying too much. That's how much he weep for his son, but he held on to a lung. What did Allah do for him, gave him back Yusuf Allah. Hi, Sam.

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This is what happens. That whatever you're coping with, you cannot make the ultimate mistake happen and that you disconnect with your master. So with that being said, above, I conclude, we ask Allah azza wa jal to protect his remembers in our hearts and in our lives each and every day, until the last moment and breath we take on earth alone. I mean, our sons and our daughters, we ask a lot as a child to protect them from the fitna of this world. We as allies, so much help to protect them from the fitna of culture and society. We as a lot so Adele, to allow within their hearts to love Him, to devote to him, to worship Him, so that we can be proud we leave a legacy of people that will carry

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law either Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and with that being said, we send peace and blessings to him. salallahu alayhi wa sallam as Allah commands us to do so in his book when he tells us in the law home Allah eco turtle use or lunarlon Libby Yeah, you're Latina Amman or solo la was suddenly motor schema a lot more sundiata Mohammed wider early Mohammed

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Sh. Musleh Khan – Friday, Jan 26th, 2018 – Islamic Institute of Toronto

Why did Allah send down Surah Yusuf to our beloved prophet s.a.w.?

Did you know this surah was sent down during the worse period of our prophet’s life? This was the time when he had lost his beloved soulmate, Khadijah and soon after his uncle/fervent protector Abu Talib.

Not giving up on his mission, after their deaths he went to Ta’if to call its inhabitants  to Islam. Instead he was met with ridicule and pelted out of the town with stones by children and adults alike.

It was around this time that this surah was revealed to him. The purpose of this surah was to uplift his spirits and fill him with courage and hope.

What was in Surah Yusuf that Allah the Almighty sent it down at this particular moment in our prophet’s life? To discover this, do take time to listen to this short and informative talk by our respected scholar, Sh. Musleh.

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