Musleh Khan – Surah Yusuf – Trials of Life

Sh. Musleh Khan – Friday, Jan 26th, 2018 – Islamic Institute of Toronto

Why did Allah send down Surah Yusuf to our beloved prophet s.a.w.?

Did you know this surah was sent down during the worse period of our prophet’s life? This was the time when he had lost his beloved soulmate, Khadijah and soon after his uncle/fervent protector Abu Talib.

Not giving up on his mission, after their deaths he went to Ta’if to call its inhabitants  to Islam. Instead he was met with ridicule and pelted out of the town with stones by children and adults alike.

It was around this time that this surah was revealed to him. The purpose of this surah was to uplift his spirits and fill him with courage and hope.

What was in Surah Yusuf that Allah the Almighty sent it down at this particular moment in our prophet’s life? To discover this, do take time to listen to this short and informative talk by our respected scholar, Sh. Musleh.