Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 300E Tafsir Al-Takwir 1-10

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a disastrous event that causes destruction and health risks. The speaker warns about potential dangers such as loss of light and energy, destruction of everything, and the loss of peace. There will be groups of people praying and receiving blessings, but those who refuse will be with those who fit. There will also be a chance for victims to speak in public about their crimes and how they will be revealed.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Surah duckweed Surah duckweed is a murky surah. And it mentioned the events of the day of judgment. Surah duckweed, and so little in fetlock.

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Both of them. In fact, many soldiers of the 30th just mentioned the events of the day of judgment. You will notice that the surah begins with the word either. And notice how many times the word either is repeated.

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Either shum suka Willett, what he then no German carrot, what either LG Balou. So here are

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so many times either is mentioned, either. Remember, it gives certainty to the occurrence of something, after either verbs are mentioned, and these verbs are off past tense, but it is the future that is being spoken about. So what does it mean, then, that what is mentioned is so certain that it is as if it has already occurred,

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sooner that the Queen describes the greatest change that will occur in this universe, the most overwhelming and catastrophic change. Many changes occur on the earth, buildings are built. And then they're demolished. Glaciers form and then they melt, lakes fill up, and then they dry out. forests grow, and then they burn down.

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people inhabit places, and then they abandon them.

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Earthquakes, they completely change the landscape. Seasons change, many things change. But remember that none of these changes matter at all, before the changes that will happen on the Day of Judgment. Because on that day, what will change everything.

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Everything will change. So when everything is going to change on the Day of Judgment, then the intelligent person is the one who prepares for it. He plans for that day.

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Just like at the end of summer, what do people do? They prepare for the winter. And if they don't, they're in denial, then what's going to happen? They're going to be unprepared for a very difficult time that's coming upon them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Alka yoozoom and Dan and of Sahoo wa amela Lima Barden Mote, the intelligent person is the one who prepares for what for what is to come after death. The intelligent person is the one who prepares not for today. But for what for tomorrow.

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Then are we intelligent according to the standard,

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even in worldly terms, who is intelligent,

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the one who is ahead of others, he is prepared for the future. He has made his plans and he's already working for his future.

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Then the next intelligent person is who the one who is just living in the moment and who is completely unintelligent, the one who is dwelling in his past miserable over it. Majority of mankind is where they're just busy having fun in the present.

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They're just working on their present. And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in the Quran descriptions of the future. Why just to inform us? Is it? No, it is so that we prepare for the future. We get ready for it. This is similar to how if you're driving, you see certain signs on the road, you know that a certain exit is coming up. So what do you do?

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What do you do? You stay in the lane that you're in? No you change your lane in advance so that by the time you reach the exit, you can actually take it

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as you're driving you see a warning sign bridge coming ahead or uphill or downhill or icy road or whatever it is no exit whatever whatever sign it is, you pay attention to it. Why so that you are ready for the change that is to come.

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So I in the Quran are also what warning that

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Do something to prepare for what is coming? Because if you don't, then you will find yourself in hardship, you will find yourself in difficulty.

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So what are the warning signs that Allah subhanaw taala has given? What are the things that Allah subhanaw taala has informed us of? What dangers are coming ahead.

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Either Shem soo Koo will it's either when a Shem su the sun, cool weird it is wrapped up

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when the sun will be wrapped up COVID en is from the word Taquile calf well at all. And duckweed is two fold and coiled something around like a turbine like a turbine that a person takes a piece of cloth and then what do they do? They wrap it around their head they coil it around their head, this is the queen

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before that that piece of cloth was what open long spread, spread out.

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But upon wearing it like a turban what happened it became small it shrunk

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in a door all we learn Aloma in the car with obika mean unhealthy bardahl code that oh Allah I seek Your protection from how bardahl cold after cold, cold meaning after my affairs are wrapped up as in there in order.

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So I seek Your protection that they become loose, they become dispersed.

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So either shum suka will rot when the sun will be wrapped up the sun, that is huge will be wrapped up. What does it mean? That it will lose its light?

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The sun

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if you think about it, it's much bigger than the Earth. Its temperature is also very intense. So fierce is its heat that it can burn and destroy what is millions of miles away from it. But on that day, its heat its fire, its light, its energy, its force, everything will be covered. It will be finished it will be wrapped up. It will be closed, it will be put away. So what will happen then, darkness everywhere. If in our basketball the Allahu Anhu said Kuwait means overlimit, the sun will lose its light, it will be folded away, put away closed,

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its light will go away. So if the sun's light is gone, then what about all those that depend on it for light for life, all those that orbit around it that are confined with it, what will happen to them?

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That is exactly what's mentioned in the next I will either new Jumaane cataracts. And when the stars plural of the word najem. The stars in Kedah rots they fall dispersing Qudra calf Dallara is when the color of something fades away, basically could draw is the opposite of sulfur sulfur clarity.

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And Qudra is when something is muddy, blurry, murky being it's got some color, but not really. Nor is it completely clear.

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You understand, in Kedar also means to scatter. And when something is concentrated in one place, its color is intense, it is bright, but when it is scattered, then what happens? The color fades away.

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So what either new Doom on Kedah right, when the Sun will become dark, the stars too will lose their light, they will fade away.

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And the force that has bound together the sun and the rest of the planets and stars when that force is destroyed, then what will happen to the stars, they will be scattered.

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Think about it if there is a blackout for a few moments even. Isn't it so distressing. Imagine if the sun and the stars lose their light, what will happen

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if this if the sun is finished? What will happen to the earth? What either G Balou so urut and when the mountains are removed, so you're not from this year Senora to cause something to move. So when the mountains are removed when the mountains are set in motion, when they're dislocated, when they're moved from their places when they're yanked out of the earth and moved on the earth of the biggest things

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Are what mountains 1000s of feet tall, dense full from inside heavy solid firm. Welcome back did mountain ranges and think about what they're made of solid rock or other things which are so firm, but these mountains will be set in motion, they will be dislocated. Meaning they will not remain,

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the sun will not remain, the mountains on the earth will not remain, they will break they will crumble they will fall apart. As we learn they will appear like carded wool for Kennett Sahaba, they will be like a mirage because the surface of the earth will be flattened

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the entire geography will change.

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That is what will happen on the Day of Judgment because the mountains will no longer remain. If a glacier melts, what happens? You change Imagine if there are no more mountains. What either a shower or a pilot's what either and when ullery shallow, the full term pregnant she camels, they are Aquila they are abandoned. Reshad is applauded of the word or Shah Iein Chien la I live Hamza Arusha

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or Arusha with the Fatah on the sheen. And this refers to camels, sheep, camels, female camels that are pregnant, but full term, meaning they're about to give birth any day, any moment. These camels are routinely left they are neglected. I am thought lamb APALA darkly you may have heard of this term. Thirdly, what is the need to abandon something to leave it alone? Pay attention to it do not use it to not care for it. So these camels will be deserted. They will be abandoned, meaning their owners will leave them

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first and will run away from his own mother and father. What will he care about these camels?

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Meaning these camels will have no value left on the day of judgment. And for the Arabs? The most precious possession the most valuable possession was what? A camel that was in this state. Why? Because it's very vulnerable. And when it will give birth, then what does it mean their money their property is going to increase.

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But these reshard will be abandoned on the Day of Judgment, they will have no worth left, all stocks will have zero value.

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Nothing will have any worth. On the Day of Judgment, no one will care.

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And it happens. Even today. If there's an earthquake somewhere, or a terrible incident somewhere, people just run away to save their lives. And what do they leave behind? What do they leave behind everything? They don't care about their precious belongings, they abandon them.

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You remember the wildfires that spread in Alberta recently? What happened over there? People abandoned their pets in their homes, isn't it? Why?

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Because they had to run and save their own lives. So they left their own pets. They left their precious belongings what either a shower or pellets. No one will care about the most precious the most valuable things on that day. Were either whoo hoo shoe. And when the wild beasts who she liked, they will all be gathered, well, who's plural of the word wash, wild animal, all wild animals will also be gathered. Because justice will be established. If you think about it, animals. Why do they gather in the hundreds in the 1000s or in the millions? Why do they gather in great numbers. Why? When there is a very important matter. Like for instance, they will gather for the purpose of

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defense for migration, for meeting basically when their existence is at threat. But on that day, will Shoosh whoosh wild beasts animals like lions and cheetahs, they will gather they don't generally gather together, they live on their own, but on the day of judgment, even these animals will be so frightened that they will come together there will be no creature except that it will be brought what evil will be held to and when the seas so JIRA they are filled with flame. Behold, Lord of the word Bible. So do

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At the G scene Jim Rob to set something on fire. So Murphy nerdy use JRun to set something on fire.

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seas will be set on fire, they will be filled with flame. How? What is there in seeds in oceans? Water? How could water burn? If you think about it water, what does it have? What is it made off? h2o, right? Hydrogen and Oxygen.

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But burning, what is it? It's a reaction with oxygen. And this is why there's a question that why doesn't water burn? Go ahead.

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Yeah, that's true that if the mountains have been removed, then what is beneath the earth if there's lava there's fire and that's coming out. So what's going to happen to the water it's going to finish it's going to be burned out

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beheld was so Judith, you know it is said that water doesn't burn because in water the oxygen and hydrogen have already burnt. So it cannot burn again.

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You understand it cannot burn again because the oxygen and hydrogen has already burnt. But on that day will either be harmful. So JIRA water will burn.

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What kind of destruction is this at molecular level,

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what kind of change is this at molecular level, what either will be held also Dirac water sustains life, if all the water is burnt, the Earth will no longer remain Earth,

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it will no longer be what we know it to be. This is the scene of the Day of Judgment. The sun wrapped up the stars scattered mountains removed, riches deserted, animals gathered water finished.

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If this is the case of big things, then what will happen to the small human being

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will either new full su the widget and when the souls will be paired no fools plural of the word knifes and the widget as wage to join in pairs. When the souls will be joined in pairs, what does this mean? That when the body and soul will be reunited, bear together

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because at the time of death, the soul and the body are separated. So on the Day of Judgment, they will be reunited, so we just joined together again. Some have said that what this means is that people will be joined with their deeds right now we don't see a record.

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And others have said that new fools similar souls will be joined together, meaning people will be divided into groups.

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There will be a group of those who refuse to pray, they will be with who for all those who refuse to pray Salah will be with who fit around.

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Because what is same pride,

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new forces a widget. What is similar in these new foods is pride. So this pride will bring them together on the Day of Judgment, some people they will be brought together. Why? Because of their love for the sake of Allah.

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Because of their obedience to Allah.

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What either new forces a widget will either allow older to and when the girl who was buried alive so ILA she will be asked mo older from the letter as well Hamza doll what what is a burden?

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And mo older is The Girl on whom a big burden is thrown. A big weight is thrown and what is that wet? Mud?

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Mud, meaning a hole a ditch is dug, and the girl is put inside. And then all that mud is poured on top of her and it's too heavy for her. She cannot come out. This is Mo older, the one who is buried alive.

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So ealert she will be asked, What will she be asked that be at them in kottelat? For which sin was she killed?

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She will be asked that Why was she buried? What crime did she commit? Because of what she was buried? Did she commit a crime? An innocent baby or a little girl? What crime did she commit even if she committed a crime and wouldn't be recorded for her?

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Why? Because they're innocent. A person is only held responsible

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Well after a certain age, and that is the age of majority puberty.

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So why will she be asked when she's innocent? She didn't commit a crime.

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Why? Because Allah will not even speak to the criminals, he will be so angry at them, that he will not dignify their crimes with a question even.

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Instead, he will ask the victims, the criminals mouths will be sealed, their bodies will speak and their victims will speak.

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And from this we can do PS, we can understand that

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those who commit different types of crimes against the innocent

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than the criminals will not be asked, it's the innocent, who will be asked to speak on that day. Because what happens today, the victims are not even given a chance to speak,

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isn't it? They're not even given the opportunity to speak for themselves to defend themselves. And they're tortured, and they're abused and they're hurt. And many times these victims are who, if you think about it, any society you go to any place in the world you go to, who is it women,

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they suffer domestic abuse, different types.

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So violence, different kinds of violence. Just the other day, I saw an image of a woman in Morocco. Her face was all bruised because of domestic violence. And basically the program was about how do you cover these bruises with makeup?

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Yes, this is coming on TV.

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If a person suffers some abuse, it's their fault.

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And they must do something. And usually women are put in a situation like that. That Firstly, they are abused and then the blame is put on them. What evil moda to sue ILA to be a ye them been Cotulla. On that day, Allah will give the chance to the victims to speak to defend themselves.

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And so many women are killed even though they're innocent. And not just women, men, children. entire populations are killed for crimes they have not committed. People in hospitals are killed, hospitals are bombed. What crimes did they commit?

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In mustards people are killed. There is mass shootings, bombings, and as the our draws near, bloodshed will only increase so much so that people who are killed don't even know why they are being killed. The Day of Judgment is the day of justice. What evil mo Gouda to so a lot, be a ye them when cote let's face been asked him a man he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said that in the time of day helliya I buried alive eight Daughters of mine.

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Eight So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him

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to give the ransom for every single murder that he committed.

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Murder is murder. Whether it is an infant, a fetus, an adult, a woman, a man child, it is a murder.

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What either so her phone, no, she writes, and when the pages are made public Soho plural of Sahifa no Sheila to noon, Shinra, unfolded, displayed, opened up, the book of deeds will be opened up. Right now it's hidden.

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We don't even know what's written in there because we do things and we forget them. On that day, they will be made public.

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If you think about it, every person has two sides to their life. One is the apparent the public, what others can see what others know off. And the other side of their life is private, what they do in their own house, what they feel in their heart, how they deal with their family. Many people their lives are like an open book or so they claim

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that I am in public what I am in private, I don't hide anything.

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But no matter how much a person claims that they're very open, there's still something about them. That is a secret to them only. What do we learn on the Day of Judgment? Nothing will remain private

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because the book of deeds will be made public.

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And if a person's email or certain emails they have sent or received if they're made public or certain messages.

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Then isn't that a source of embarrassment?

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I mean, we see this if certain emails are leaked.

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certain pictures are leaked people hack into other people's accounts access their pictures access their emails and then they leak them and what happens it's embarrassing

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