Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 300F Tafsir Al-Takwir 11-29

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a night where the sky will be covered in war, and the night will be a night of peace. The speakers discuss various activities, including cutting down houses, removing saddle, and using jewelry. They also touch on the concept of "the night" and its meaning in various ways, including the rise of the Day of Judgment, confirmation of a message from Gibreel, and the importance of hearing the word and not being spoken. The segment concludes with a discussion of the Prophet's words and a photo shoot.
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No one will be able to hide on the Day of Judgment, no book they will be able to close everything will be exposed. Even the sky will be exposed what either summer or cushy apart and when the sky is stripped away, meaning the veil is removed calf she thought gosh is to remove the strip off something that was covering another. Like for example a curtain that is covering the house or a part of the house. So cached is to remove that curtain. Oh for example, the back of a horse is covered with the saddle. So removing that saddle and exposing the back is what gushed. Likewise, removing the skin of a slaughtered camel. This is crushed because when it's removed then the flesh is

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exposed. So what either summer or cushy pot, the sky will be peeled away mean there will be nothing covering it. no clouds, no stars, no overcast.

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This is similar to how a building a house, the roof, what does it do?

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It covers the house right? And because of the roof because of the ceiling, you cannot see what is above it, isn't it? So the sky is like a ceiling for us. So when this ceiling is removed, what does it mean? What is above the sky will be visible will either Java haimo cerebrate things that are in the unseen right now

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that are in the labx right now will become Shahada.

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They will become witnessed, like Jehane the Hellfire we don't see it. We don't know where it is, we can't find it. But on that day when the curtain of the unseen is removed than what either dream was certainly

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when * will be set ablaze surreal serried fire burning, but we learned from many texts of the Quran and Sunnah that Hellfire is burning right now.

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But on the day of judgment, it will be set ablaze, yes, meaning the fire will be increased. So the flames will come out smoke will emerge in three columns. Each flame or spark that comes out of L will be like the size of a building what either Jahai Missouri rot what either Jenna twos liefert and at that time, Paradise will also be brought near and sort of cough i A 31 Allah says what was delivered to Jana to little muda cleaner layer or buried, Jana will also be brought near and at that time, I limit nipson Every naps every person will no matter

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what it has brought

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a lot how Llodra how to be present. I love to make something present mean to bring something and present it. So every person will know on that day, what they have brought.

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The house they built that they paid off will not matter. The clothes they bought will not matter. The car they drove will not matter. The diamonds they wore will not matter. The gadgets they used will not matter. What will matter what is in the book of deeds.

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I limit nap soon, man. But

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before going on any journey? Do we prepare for it? months in advance weeks in advance. And sometimes we prepare more than what we need. So we have extra baggage. But are we doing even the bare minimum that we need for that day? I Lima to an Epson Mahabharat we all need to think what am I doing for southern Nigeria? What charity Am I giving today so that it will continue to benefit me once I'm dead?

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What good causes am I supporting today? So that my reward will continue to come in?

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How many good things have I written or have I taught?

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What am I teaching my children?

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How am I preparing for tomorrow? The wealth, the time, the ability, the skills that Allah has given me? What am I doing with them? Just using them for today? Or investing in my tomorrow?

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And so early? I'm Ron i 30 Allah says yo Mataji do cologne, Epson

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Mamilla to mean height and more a little warmer, I'm Isla tmin. Su it is the day when a person will see everything they have done.

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Everything of good and everything of evil. Whatever they have done they will find it present in front of themselves are limited Epson ma Bharat. So what are we preparing?

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Fella OCO see mobile wholeness, fella. So no oximeter, I swear, Bill hiddenness by the retreating stars remember allow over here can be taken as extra for the purpose of emphasis. So Fela oopsy mobile wholeness I swear by the wholeness wholeness is the plural of harness, ha known seen. And harness is one that moves back one that retreats from the word kanessa calmness, who is oneness shaitan. Because when you mentioned Allah's name, what does Chevron do? Canosa he retreats, he goes away, but then does he stay there? No, he comes back. This is connoisseur, to move back to disappear, to retreat. So wholeness refers to stars that reverse on their orbits, meaning sometimes

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they go from the east to the west, meaning you see them going from east to west and sometimes you see them going in the opposite direction.

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It is at that their stars of retrograde motion, going in the opposite direction or changing their course. They are a Jawaharlal Kunis Altova plural of the word jatiya jatiya, meaning one that sails It's also used for ships. Al Djawadi, filled by Hurrican.

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So here I'll Joab meaning those that proceed. Just like ships they sail meaning they go forward that God right. So here I'll do well, meaning those that proceed. And then as they proceed uncleanness they're ones that disappear. I'll calmness Florida the word Canis Caf noon scene kanessa. To hide away to disappear. It is at that key NAS is a hiding place of an animal such as a deer,

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gazelle or deer.

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Many times people have trouble hunting them because they're chasing them and all of a sudden the animal disappears. Why? Because it went in its hideout.

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So who was Canis? One who disappears. So now look at the description again. Allah subhanaw taala is taking an oath by what? By stars, what kind of stars? Stars that retreat? How that they're running on their courses, and then they disappear. You see them comments, shooting stars, right? You see them in the sky moving and then what happens? They disappear completely out of sight. Why do they disappear? One of the reasons is because they have gone too far away.

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Or they have ceased to exist.

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Or that the night has come to an end. So where you saw the star in the night sky, Now the night is no longer there. So you don't see them anymore. Well, Laylee either I saw us another oath. And by the night, either, as I said when it closes in our in scene scene is the route I saw, I saw is to go about at night in order to guard or to catch prey. And I salsa lane. This is a word that is used to describe the night I saw the lane. It's when the night comes in, or when it departs. So it gives two opposite meanings. The coming of the night the settling of the night, or the departing of the night.

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So well lately either I saw us by the night as it comes in, or as it departs was super hate and by the morning either manifests when it breeds manifests known fairstein, it means to breathe. Inhale, exhale to breathe and breathing is a sign off of life. So we're super happy that manifests the morning as it breeds meaning as it comes to life as it sets in.

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But breathing you also notice it when when a person is near his death.

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Isn't it

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so well so bury that enough first, meaning the day as it comes in, and it barely comes alive that it dies again. Such is the temporary nature of this life. You see stars shining

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So bright in the sky, comics moving, then what happens? God, the night comes in with all its darkness. But then what happens? Gone? The morning comes in, spreads its light, but then what happens gone? Before you know it the shooting star emerges and disappears,

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doesn't it? I remember once we went to the beach in order to this is in a different country to see the shooting stars because it was you were supposed to see them at a certain time within a certain time. But we missed it because we were staring staring and we fell asleep and we missed it. You only see that magnificent display for a few moments. Not for hours, if you're lucky. Yes, maybe.

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But generally for only a few moments. That's how it is the most beautiful things even are there in this life in this world for how long?

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For how long? Very briefly, the night look at the word for the night, os OS, opposite meanings that gives right coming and going because that is the reality of the night, the day breeds and before even if it shines fully it ends.

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This is the temporary nature of life.

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It comes and it goes. We see we witnessed these changes transformations in this world. Every day. Every year on a daily basis, we witness all these changes. And what do they prove?

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What do they prove the coming of the hour?

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The night is just one episode. Right? The day is just one episode.

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And this world that you live in, this is also just one episode seems very long.

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But if it has started, it's going to come to an end.

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All of this proves the reality of the Day of Judgment. And it also proves that someone has made it and he is the one who has sent this message to you. So after taking these oats Allah subhanaw taala says that in Nahu lacO Lulu Sulan Karim. Indeed this meaning this Quran is a word of who a Noble Messenger. This is referring to Gibreel but the Quran is not the word of God than the sense that he is the one who has said it. No, it's attributed to him because he has conveyed it. In the whole lacO Laura Sulan Kareem and this messenger this angel, he's Kareem of beautiful appearance, the one who has full well, he has power. He is strong and mighty.

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700 wings are in the dialogue she near the Owner of the Throne and Who is the Owner of the Throne, Allah the Exalted so near him, what is the position of Jibreel it is McKean, secure, mean calf noon, one who is secure and firm in his position established Cavalli come a canal use of

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why is Gibreel important because he is Hamid Al Quran. He is the one who was entrusted with the revelation.

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Matar in one who is obeyed Gibreel is obeyed. Were some there this is not some this is some mathema means there were

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there in the heavens.

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So much so that when Gibreel tells the inhabitants of the heavens that you should love so and so because Allah loves so and so and I love so and so. Then what do they do?

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They love that person. Gibreel is obeyed by the rest of the angels Mortarion

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and this is something so powerful.

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Do you ever feel like people don't listen to you?

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Many mothers have this complaint

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mothering in law's older sisters. They have this complaint. People don't listen to me.

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Do breed is matar he's obeyed. Why is it that his speech or his command has so much effect that angels follow his instructions? Why?

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Why? What are the qualities of Jabril that we find over here? His position near Allah

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and the fact that he was entrusted with the Quran in who lacO Laura Sulan Karim. You listen to Allah, people will listen to you.

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You will listen to Allah's word. give it importance. People will give importance to your word.

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When I saw Hebrew come and your companion meaning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is not be Majnoon at all one who is mad, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conveyed the Quran to the people, and he told them about how he saw Gibreel and people said, You have gone mad. Allah says your companion is not mad at all. He's not hallucinating when a kodra, who, and certainly he saw him, meaning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw Jibreel, where Bill offered in the horizon al mobiel, clear meaning for real, the prophets of Allah who already was salam saw Jibreel up in the horizon

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with Mr. Hua and he is not meaning Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not either lie EB about the unseen Billa Nene at all stingy Bonnin BOD no noon, when someone is very stingy about something they like or something that they love, so they don't share. They don't tell. They just keep it to themselves. What does it mean? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not one to hold anything back. If he saw it, he will tell you, if he received it, he will convey

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so in other words, if he's conveying something to you, it's because he received it

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warmer who have you coalition upon it? Well, Jean, and this Quran is not the word of the expelled devil Shavon who was expelled from where? From the heavens for a net and her moon. So people where are you going? Where are you going? You're leaving this Quran? You're going away from the Quran? Where are you going? I know that the baboon Why don't you listen to this? Naziha Why don't you accept this advice? Why don't you listen to it, learn it and benefit from it? In Hua INLA, the Quran Allah Allah mean, this is not except a reminder to the world's, to all people, all of mankind. It's good for you. You need it. Lehmann, Shah, Amin come as takim for whoever wills among you as the

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theme that he should yesterday, what does the SDK mean?

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Is the comma remember the two meanings of his Tacoma? What's the first meaning to become straight upright to adopt a right course. And the second meaning is to remain firm on the right course. So whoever wants to do things the right way, whoever wants to get their life together,

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whoever wants to be on the straight bath and whoever wants to remain firm on guidance, then what is it that they should adhere to?

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What is it that they should listen to the Quran?

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Lehmann Shah Amin comm as the theme whoever wants to correct themselves, whoever wishes to remain firm upon the right path. Then they must

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bring the Quran in their lives. Woman at the shell guna and you cannot even will inlet aka sha Allah except that ALLAH wills Who is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mean Lord of the worlds you cannot even wish for guidance. You cannot even remain firm on guidance without the permission and help of Allah. So what does this I mean?

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ask Allah for Sophia. But unfortunately we misunderstand this verse we say, Oh Then why was it my fault? That's not the purpose of the site. The purpose of this ayah is ask Allah for guidance. ask Allah to allow you to benefit from the Quran. ask Allah to allow you to remain firm upon the guidance you have learned from the Quran.

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Juan Mata SHA una Illa aka sha Allah hu Akbar Al Amin, recitation

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Bismillah here, man your wahi either Shem so cool, we're on. Well either

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we're either zhiban also a year on well either

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well, either

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we're either we'll be have also Jira, JSON, or Eden or fools who

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were either

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that also Eylandt b i e.

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Both were either us photo photo share on

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On we're either Jackie Musso.

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We're either

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Subhanak Allah who will be handed a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta stop Furukawa to bootleg a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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