Yasmin Mogahed – Maintaining a favourable outlook towards Allah is Crucial

Yasmin Mogahed
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a positive opinion of Allah in order to handle challenging situations. They use a hadith about hosting vulnerable individuals as an example of how having a positive opinion helps one's actions positively impact their life. The speaker emphasizes that even after facing hardship, having a positive opinion of Allah is important to one's actions and brings closure to one's relationships.
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And I ended the one we had it could see where Allah says I am as my servant thinks of me, I am as my slave thinks of me. So what we're told in this hadith or what we're taught in this hadith is that we should always have a good opinion of Allah, we should assume the best. Always This is called hosting of vulnerable or having a good opinion of Allah. That how that translates is that when something happens in my life, I should not interpret it in a negative way. So say I'm going through a hardship, having a good opinion of Allah is is telling myself and believing that even though I am going through this hardship, that Allah is doing what is best for me and that it will be good for me

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and that it will purify me and that it will bring me closer to that I should continue to respond in a positive way.

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