Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 300D Tafsir Abasa 13-42

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions the place of this third pillar of this reminder that where is it originally from? Allah subhanaw taala mentioned its greatness its exalted status feel so whorfin mukaan Rama this that Kira is recorded were in Soho so health chloral of Sahifa sheets. So So health sheets meaning parchment or sheet on which you write something so this Quran is written were in serve that our mocha Rama, mocha Rama meaning honorable Caframo meme and as teaches us that any sheet any parchment in which the Quran is written, then how is it what is it status? It is mocha lemma. And this is referring to Aloha muffles metaphor I can Mata Hora exalted metaphora is one that

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is raised high. So these Soho where the Quran is written. Where are they metaphora They are up in the heavens, or up as in of great status. And Malta Hora purified,

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purified in the sense that none except the purified Dutch it as we learned earlier that La Jolla masu illan Mata Haroon and who is that?

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The angels, they are pure from the touch of devils. They are pure from anything that is corrupt or erroneous. Be a the Sephora in the hands of Sephora, meaning these are heroes that are more for that Amata Hara. They are in the hands of who angels ad is the plural of yet. And Sephora is the plural of the word sapphire, or Sophie's

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Florida of the word sapphire or Sofia

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and Sephora or the angels. Now what does it mean by Sephora Sephora is used for a scribe, remember, was subarray either a spa

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and the literal meaning of the word Sephora is to unveil something it's used for when a woman unveiled her face. It's also used for writing, because when you're writing you are expressing your feelings you're unveiling, you're exposing them.

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Another singular form of the word Sephora is the word Sofia and Sofia is used for a deputy or a messenger meaning someone who sent with a message to convey

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so the angels are suffering. Why?

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How? Because they are envoys between Allah and His servants in different ways. Angels are sent with Revelation. Right? And then they come and they write their deeds of Allah servants and then they take the records to Allah subhanaw taala so they are suffering or we can also understand suffering as scribes. So connect these verses together. Whoever wants they can take a lesson. This Quran is very noble. Where is it feel so Hooven mocha Rama? Where are they mark for Eitan Mata Hara they are elevated high and they are pure. Be at Sephora. They are with the angels far from the reach of devils and who are angels. They are envoys between Allah and His servants or they record what their

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Lord wants them to record. And they are key Rahman Bharara kilometre noble ones plural of the word Kadeem and who is Kareem? One who is noble, honorable, dignified.

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How are these angels Kieron? How are they noble? What makes them noble? The fact that they have been entrusted with the Quran

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and the one who has been given the Quran, then how is he What is his status near Allah? He is Allah special servant. As we learned in the Hadith that Allah subhanaw taala has His special servants. Who are they? Who are the Allah? Who are they? A Halal Quran, people of the Quran? So these angels are Curam because they are the carriers of the Quran. They are Bharara plural of the word borrower who is one who is obedient, righteous.

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So they are noble and obedient. Why is this being mentioned to show the high status of the Quran

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that this book is honorable

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and it is carried by those who are honorable.

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This book is honorable and it is carried by who? Those who are honorable meaning angels. So what does it mean? Then treat this book with honor and dignity. And what does that mean? Two things that when you are given the Quran or anything of the Quran, then accept it. Give it you attention. Don't treat this book as if it were some other book. Don't pass over its words. Don't read and forget its message. You see, there's many books, which we learn and then we forget it. I'm sure you've read story books, novels, fiction, whatever, over the years.

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But if you were quizzed on all of them, would you remember everything? No, you wouldn't. Is it okay to forget them? Is it? Yes, it's okay. Why? Because you're just books.

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But is it okay to forget something of the Quran? No, it's not. Because it deserves to be remembered. Why? Because this book is so honorable. And this also shows us that the carriers of the Quran the angels, how are they ki Rahman Bharara? So the one who has been given the Quran, how should his character be then?

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What should their character be like? Noble, righteous

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Cotulla Insano. Otilia Rutila may be destroyed who Al Insana the human being man UK follow who how disbelieving he is Mac follow up matter for Isla. This is a structure that shows amazement. So ma UK Farah who How ungrateful the human being is. See the word Cotulla literally is past tense, he was killed. Okay, but it's understood as a DUA. Like we said, Radi Allahu Robbia he was pleased. What we mean to say is, may Allah be pleased with them? Right, Salam Allah Who? All right what we mean is that May Allah send His blessings upon the messenger. Correct? So cathedral Insano, meaning May he be destroyed.

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Why? Because my father who How ungrateful and how disbelieving he is. Allah subhanaw taala has sent this honorable book.

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This honorable book has come from the honorable Lord sent with and preserved with the honorable servants. What does this book deserve? That at least we listen to it? At least we learn it. At least we recite it. But how ungrateful man is in general. Really think about it. How much of our day or how much of our week goes with the Quran? In listening to it, or in reciting it? In reviewing or learning something new about it. How much time goes into that?

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Cathedral Insano ma CK Farah who How ungrateful man is for Allah's blessings mean a che in halacha Minh from a ye che in which thing what substance Holika who Allah created him? Meaning has Man ever thought about what substance he has been made from? He is so arrogant that he dares to deny Allah's message he saw ungrateful.

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What is it that leads to ingratitude? What's the cause behind in gratitude?

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And pride?

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I deserve better.

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I remember long time ago, we were in Pakistan, and unfortunately, there are many people over there who beg okay. And we were passing by and this man in a terrible condition he was begging. So somebody who was with me gave him some food in a package right it was packaged food. They gave it to him and he threw it back.

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I don't need it. I don't want it

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because he wanted was what money

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this ingratitude where somebody is giving you food, alright. And in Pakistan, packaged food, by the way is a big deal. Okay, maybe even a packet of chips or things like that. It's a big deal. All right. So she gave it to him and he threw it back this throwing it back rejecting it. This is ingratitude. But this is a result of what pride I deserve better. Why are you giving me food? Give me something better. Give me money so that I can go get what I want.

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So put it all inside.

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Automatic follow up. This is why his pride is criticized that Minh Ha in Caulerpa? Have you looked at yourself? What is your source? What is your origin miniato fatin. Allah created him from a not from a sperm drop halacha who He created him for a doctor who then he destined for him, destined for him, meaning everything regarding his life. So what makes you so arrogant? And honestly, if a person were to reflect on this despicable origin, it would make them humble. We've been created from what? something nasty, something that is to be washed away something that's not even to be mentioned, something that comes out of the dirtiest place in the body. Really, you know, like Hassan bacilli.

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He said that something to the effect that how could man be arrogant when his origin is so filthy?

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Firstly, is emitted from one place off filth and then put in another place of filth and then he comes out from that place of filth? It's horrible. We don't deserve to be to feel arrogant.

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Mean au che in Calaca Minh not fighting Holika HuFa kotdwara sama Sebelius sobre. Then a Sevilla the way the path yes Surah who he made it easy, who made it easy. Allah made it easy, which path? This has been understood in two ways. Firstly, a Sabine Some have said this is the way out of the mother's womb. Allah has facilitated that because really, it's such a narrow place. How does a child come out of there, this is truly amazing. The Asana who Allah enable that, and if that passage was not enabled, as we see, many times it happens, the baby dies or the mother dies or surgery needs to be done. Some must Sabina Sora, who

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another interpretation of the word Sabine over here is that the way through life, Allah facilitated it. Really, if you think about it, when a child is born, how does he learn, to set up to hold his neck, hand eye coordination, to learn, to speak, to walk, to crawl? To learn language? Isn't that amazing? And in the early years is what the most sensitive period for gaining certain essential skills like language, so who facilitated this? Who did Allah did some Muscovy Leah Sarah, who, without even us knowing, Allah subhanaw taala has facilitated so many things for us, so that we can live through life and a Seville the way through life also, meaning good and evil, the recognition of

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good Allah subhanaw taala has not left man to fend for himself and to figure out what the right path is. No, he has put internal morality and he has also sent guidance through external sources, signs and through messengers, Sama, Sabina has sallahu, some amata, who then he caused him to die for acabado who, and then he provided a grave for him. Meaning at the end of our lives, death is also a blessing. Death is a blessing.

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Now we learn about people fighting for the right to take their own lives.

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All right, and when it's legalized, we find it very upsetting.

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But I'm not saying that it's okay. I'm just saying think about it that why would a person reach a point where they want to stop living? Why? Because living is very painful for them. Which means that death is also a is also a blessing somebody Amato

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for October Rahu. And then he provided a grave for him in order to maintain his honor and dignity. Because when a human being dies, he's buried in a grave that is also honorable. Because imagine if the body is just left outside to rot and decay, and to be consumed by others. Amanda HuFa acabado who sama either Shah and Shara who then whenever he wills and Shara Who He will resurrect him and shut off from the root letters known Shinra nasura to make something rise or to spread it and this is referring to Al Bharath resurrection after death. So when Allah has made you, he has also sent you guidance and instruction through a messenger. Will you be too arrogant to accept it? Can? No

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lumma not yet? Yeah, luckily, he has accomplished yeah Cody from Coda

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thought is to carry out and fulfill an obligation, meaning something that must be carried out something that must be fulfilled. So llama Jacobi, he has not yet fulfilled. Ma Amara, who, what he ordered him who ordered him. Allah ordered men.

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His Lord has given him everything but what has men done in return?

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What have we done in return? Have we fulfilled our duty to Allah? Have we know you see earlier was mentioned, is still gonna. He considers himself without any need. He doesn't find any eagerness to learn what Allah has sent to accept the message that Allah has sent. Lama Jacobina Amara, Allah has given you everything and you're enjoying his blessings every day. And when he sends you a command, you say I am not in need of it. You think you've done enough? You think you've fulfilled your duty towards God? You haven't lomaia Kadima Amara fall young Laurel insane who Isla AMI fall younger than he should look. Who should look I'll insan who the human being what should he look at ealert army he

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to his food. Man should look at his food. Because sometimes we think oh, what blessings am I enjoying? I keep hearing Allah has given me so many blessings I enjoy His blessings every day. What am I enjoying? I want to go shopping this week and I don't have the money. I want to have this I don't have that. Allah says fairly young Laurel Insano Elijah AMI you think Allah has not given you enough? Just look at the food that you eat. And

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that indeed we saw Baba Nah, we poured down Alma or the water sub bear in Torrance sod bat bat both of these words Alibaba and sub SOT Baba and sub the is to pour forth from above in perfusion to pour from where? From above. So suburban Alma or Saba, we have poured water down in perfusion in abundance. This is referring to rain. So Michelle Kokkonen, Aruba Chaka, then we broke open the earth chakra, while splitting sharp sheen cough cough both the words chocolate and Chuck from the same root and shock is to split something open to cleave it to break it. So we cause the earth to break. What is this referring to? When plants grow out of the earth because as they emerge as they

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come out, they tear the earth so Chaka Khan Chaka, and you will see even from the driest earth even or even from between bricks and stones, you see plants growing.

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You know, there's this new thing. Nature, deficiency disorder. And DD, look it up. It's real nature deficiency disorder, that in the winter, when you don't see much nature, why because it's too cold outside, you're not going to go sit in the snow. That's, you know, kids do that stuff. You're not going to go for a walk, you're not going to go stare at the trees, you're not going to go to the lake, you're going to stay indoors, you're not going to get much sunshine, you're depriving yourself of what nature and that will cause you problems.

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And nature is generally where everywhere around us in the summer, especially as you go out. I mean, where's that place where Weeds don't grow? Subhanallah go ahead

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because I really hate bees. So I give a big lecture to her how these are very important. So ndd you know, it's really common in our most of the kids, right? Yes, it's real. So some of the Chicago panel or the Shaka for an Betina fee her hotbed for and BATNA then we cause to grow fee her in it have green, meaning the different plants that grow that split the earth, they emerge and then they grow. Are they just useless? No. They grow food for you have green, some of them produce green and what is how food for people were in urban and also grapes were called and herbage. Up off board ba comp is basically used for an edible plant that is especially eaten raw or fresh, like salad leaves.

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Right leaves are best eaten when they're all the other day. I was at a grocery store with somebody and I showed them in the green section. Dandy line.

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They're like, Hmm, dandy, like yeah, you can eat it. You should eat it. It's actually good for you.

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Seriously, you go to some grocery stores you will find dandy line. We think it's

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weeds it needs to be pulled out sprayed with the worst weed killer that you can find and you have to exterminate them. You don't have to because it's actually good for you cob go ahead so in grade 12 via we actually had to grow plants and then we had to like record it was kind of like a semester long project and then at the end before winter came we actually harvested all the plants and our class was spinach right? I you know, like coming from a brown family like we always make of spinach and like we'd like meat and everything so when I told my mom that day that like Yeah, we had like a spinach party and gods like we actually ate the spinach shine she was staring at me she's like, how

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could you just eat it raw like that but it was actually so good. Yeah, we think we have to cook everything it can actually be eaten raw. So this is what OB is an edible plant that is eaten raw. Some have said that called refers to such a plant whose leaves are eaten by cattle and the root is eaten by people. So what are they? For example, carrots, radishes, right? I mean, the sad thing is we don't even see leaves. We just buy carrots and like plastic bags. Right but real carrots pulled out of the crown they actually have leaves okay. And that is eaten by animals and the carrots you eat them were in urban will cut back was a tune in when UCLA was a tune and olives, one UCLA and

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palm trees were hada eco hole, so much variety. What had that explored of the word had the walled garden woulda of dense shrubbery, what is the plural of the word of love and uleb refers to dense trees of luxuriant growth, what that he had done and fruit

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what Abba and grass also

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hums at bat but it's used for herbage or the fresh or dry basically that is eaten by animals, hay grass, of whatever kind. It is set that up is to cattle, what phakisa is for people.

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Okay, so phakisa fruit that we eat, whether fresh or dry. And up is the same thing basically for animals. Some of set that up is hay, meaning that is prepared and stored for winter or for travel, a stock for animals to eat. What faqih had done what Abba Mata I love him as enjoyment for you while he UNAMI calm and also for your grazing livestock. You eat all of this, and your animals eat all of this and then you eat your animals also.

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Look at all the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given you. So the one who looks at these blessings must be grateful to his Lord and strive in obeying Him for either Jack or Jill saw for either so when Jack it came a saw her the Deafening Blast saw her sought Hall Hall saw is to scream in a very loud

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manner such that it causes deafness to others. It is said love John ASA. Rajan assault is a person who cannot hear

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he's become deaf.

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Saha is such a loud scream. That does not let people hear anything else but that scream, Deafening Blast.

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This is the blowing of the trumpet. Because when that sound will come, then people will not be able to hear anything else.

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See saw ha noise can kill yo May a federal model Min uffi It is the day when your federal he will run who will run a tomorrow. Man from who men are he from his own brother? Yeah, fill room fill or is to flee to run away, out of fear of danger, out of fear of harm.

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When you sense danger somewhere and you're afraid that something's going to hurt you something's going to harm you. You don't stay there anymore. What do you do? What do you do? You run away from there. This is the official.

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So that day a person is going to run away from who from his own brother.

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He will be afraid of his own brother that my brother is going to harm me. Why would a brother harm his own brother? Why? Because on the Day of Judgment, each person will become very selfish.

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In order to save oneself, a person will be willing to throw his entire face

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Emily into help. Take them leave me, take them spare me.

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So a person will run away from his closest ones, yo maya federal more women a fee. What? Oh, me and his mother, what a B, he and his father. Generally what happens, children run to their parents for protection, isn't it. And as children grow older, and their parents got weaker than children, again, they run to their parents in order to protect their parents. But on the day of judgment, the scene will change.

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A person will run away from his brother, the one who was always by his side, from his mother, from his father will Sahiba D and from his wife, when he and his children,

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meaning those that he is responsible to look after to protect, he will run away from them. Why? What's going on, because liquid liberty in for each person, men whom have them meaning every single person that day will be Yoma even on that day, in a sharp non in a situation in a condition, a concern that will you will need he that will be adequate for him, you will need Ill now to enrich someone that when someone is not in need of another, he is so occupied with what he has that he doesn't look towards others. So each person will be occupied with his own matter. So much so that he will not even think about others.

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The ultimate level of selfishness basically liquidly Mary min homeodomain even shouting on your knee, your knee. If you write a word over here, your sleeve who you're sorry for meaning it will turn him away.

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It will turn him away from everybody else. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you will all be gathered on the Day of Judgment, barefoot meaning no slippers, naked, no quotes, walking, no rights and uncircumcised body will be as it was originally made.

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So the wife of the prophets of Allah, Who are you Salam, she said, O Messenger of Allah, won't people look at each other's nakedness. And he said, every man among them on that day will have enough worries to make him careless of others.

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He will have enough worries that he won't have time to even look at others, to even think about them to even pay attention to them. So much so that if a person would find his own mother in front of him, he would avoid her run away from her.

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Would you when you know these verses? What do they show that each person will be alone on the Day of Judgment? How should is what a gathering, it's the greatest gathering when the first and the last all people will be gathered. But despite that each person will be alone. You know, when there's some disaster, some problem? What do people do?

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They embrace each other. They cry on each other's shoulders, even though they're helpless. What will they do at least provide this kind of comfort? But on that day, no shoulder to cry on? No one to hug. No one to give you a pat on the back, you'll be okay. It'll be fine. No one to do that you're on your own. You can't even rely on your mother, the one who's always there to defend you to protect you to fight for you. She won't fight for you that day. She won't Your father won't.

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Your children won't. Nobody will come to aid you not with their strength not with their money, not with their status, not with their deeds. Nothing. Each is alone on the day of judgment.

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And mankind will be in two groups would you Hoon Yama even most FIRA would you want some faces Yo Ma even on that day, mas FIRA they will be bright was FIRA seen Farah Sephora is to shine

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out of joy beaming the delight and happiness will be on their faces. Why?

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When is it that happiness is visible on a person's face that they can't contain that happiness inside? It's just spilling out. It's coming out when? When there's a reason to be happy

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when there's a reason to be happy. And what is that reason? On the Day of Judgment because of which some faces will be so bright, so happy. That luck.

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Don't they will be laughing was tub Shira rejoicing? Was tub Shira is the shower is to receive some good news and to be happy about that what is that delight? They will see their Lord they will see their Lord. Why would you hon and other faces yo mama even on that same day I lay her upon it will be lebara dust rainbow raw Mahoba dust covered in dust.

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When is somebody's face covered in dust? When is their body covered in dust their clothes, their hair when?

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When they've been through something easy?

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No, when they've been through something very difficult. So much so that they haven't had the time to even rest or to take a break. Constant toil

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what would you who Neoma even I lay her lobera Total hukou Katara terracotta it will cover it Raha cough we have done this word earlier to impose something on another so thought a Hapa their faces will be covered with plethora what is a thorough blackness of smoke as we have read earlier that how from hellfire smoke will be rising in how many columns, three columns. This will cover their faces. Who are these people? Hula Iike dos homall CAFA tool fedora. They are el Cafaro Alpha Jarrah, Guevara, Florida of the word Cafayate, who is that?

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Who is the one who does Cofer? There's two types of gopher right. One is

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the corruption of one's belief, rejecting Allah and the other is rejecting Allah's blessings. In gratitude. I will Phaedra plural of the word fudges, what is founded, the one who commits for Jews who commit sin, corrupt inaction,

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so Kapha corrupt in belief Fajr corrupt inaction.

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cafetera those who deny Allah's blessings and Phaedra those who deny Allah signs, Allah's I act, so people will be recognized by their faces on the Day of Judgment, as Allah says in surah Rahman I have 41 that you're awful moody Mona BC ma home, they'll be recognized by their faces.

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And you see at the beginning facial expression was mentioned because what's inside comes out

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if you have disapproval in your heart, it's not going to stay there it's going to come out

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and if we have ingratitude in our heart that will also come out and on the Day of Judgment a person's inner reality will become His external appearance. How a person is inside will become their external appearance on the Day of Judgment let's listen to the recitation of the surah

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Walkman you're walking

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we go

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make more

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money stone

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on the wall now

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back as well who I

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fearful Sofia

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warmer mobile for

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be ad set on kill on

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board to

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mean a shame on me.

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Nope Oh fatin fallen power move upon

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Mosambi Lyocell to

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move up or down on film

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muddy the

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measure of worship or

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was a tuna

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cool Molly and not

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the either

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young man

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me you

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what's law Hey Matthew

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Lee co

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nee would you always see a woman

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SMIL ba he got

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dementia. Whoa Joe mui Elma 89

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