Adnan Rajeh – Ramadan 2024 – Night 1 Quranic Reflections Surat Al Baqarah (1 – 152)

Adnan Rajeh
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He wants to hire Ramadan Mubarak upon all of you hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala granted us the blessing of reaching the month of Ramadan, we ask Allah Subhana Allah grant us the blessing of completing it, and that we may find the bounties and the angel that he has hidden for us in Ramadan inshallah Tada for on the day of judgment, and may this month be a month of ease and victory and success for our brothers and sisters who are suffering all across the world and specifically in Reza.

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So, this, I used to do different series before, before tarawih And subhanAllah. I did this last year, I guess, the amount I usually try and gather as much feedback from people as possible, verbally and even written. Then we gathered feedback about the sessions and it was overwhelmingly overwhelmingly positive. I hope that we got the proper reflection from from those who attended it. But the goal of it, I think is is it is to help people understand what the what the user that's going to be recited is about, like what you're going to be hearing it within the

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within within Deloria. Within that night, I talked to you about the theme of the sutras are there that you're listening to and then kind of reflect on certain verses so that when you're reading, you have a little bit more to go by inshallah Tada. So that's that's the goal of doing this. And I think I think that makes sense for especially in a place time or place where not everyone has the Arabic language proficiency in sha Allah Allah READING A reading Angel, they will, but this, this offers you in sha Allah, alternative

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Hamdulillah I need to partner with Avalon starts. The vibe is just so different in the moment, the moment is a lot of negative the

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beginning of Ramadan. Yeah, and he even if the prophet Allah is also even had he not told us that certain things change, the Muslims would have assumed things changed. Like, even if we didn't have those hottie that told us this was happening at the moment, all of us would have just although I would have said Yeah, but something must happen because there's something different about this month altogether. And just you just sense it inside your heart, you're sensitive in your soul, you're sensitive, the vibe of human beings and their excitement. It's really it's really funny. It's very beautiful. The fact that we have young children who are excited about Ramadan, even though they may

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be starving all day long. Like even though you know that starting tomorrow morning, and starting tomorrow for your you are hungry for 30 days straight, you know, struggling for food and struggling for sleep. And yet we look forward to it, you know, it's upon Allah, it's just, it's just a very, it's a very meaningful. It's a conundrum. It's a beautiful one, though, and it's just something that I've always found interesting to reflect upon Hamdulillah. To start out, I just want to point out this, please.

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So there's one over here, all right, have one of these, and then lie down in front of you don't put it where the person or funny is gonna be standing or where they're going or right behind their feet, put it like that in front of you Where were your your torso will be when you're making sujood. So it's not really bothering you and just kind of keep it there. Bring these don't bring water. But yeah, the process plastic water balls, we we've talked about this a few years before. And there's a lot of generous individuals who bring water balls, they mean well, they want to leave us. So we just don't want to have the plastic water walls, just bring something from your from your home

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and keep it with you we have a water fountain that we can use in Charlottetown. And that should actually suffice with the nighttime, okay. So again, this is the the the code if you want to use it

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the way that I've set up these slides, and I shared them with you in the watsapp group. So you can actually access the slides, I do update them throughout the month, because it's just a lot of work to put them together, you have no idea how much work went into putting some of these slides together honestly, it's very difficult, I still have things that I have not fully completed. If you find typos or mistakes, you're welcome to, I need to let I'll have it we'll have someone who can look no and Charlaine will will fix them as we as we go along. But don't download them because I update them. I did not that I care that you have them just you'll get an outdated version because I keep on

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updating them on a daily basis and adding things to them. What you'll find in these slides, aside from this is I break down what the sutras are like actually put down and you can use it to prepare like you'd actually use this to prepare throughout throughout the month. Throughout the day, you can go through the slides, and you can read the music yourself. And I actually break this down and I use the slides back when I started my thematic is for an SF C class at Mapquest mount many years ago, five, six years ago. And then I use this recently in a in a series of lectures that we gave and an ID a course that we gave at Western and these slides that it took a long, long time for me to build.

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But basically these slides kind of go through what each age group of versus talk about. So you'll see within here, Guy break I actually break down for you that from this day this is talking about that i This is talking about that all falls within a theme I explained the theme of the sutra at the beginning I put the theme at the end, I go through some miscellaneous pieces of information. So a lot of it is a lot to help help you can understand this little bit is talking about talking with the clusters, the groups of students what they talk about at the beginning at the end. So it's a lot of information that I'm sharing with you to help me shallow deepen your understanding of it, but really

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the slide for the night for every night will be just this one here.

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This is what you're voting on in terms of the verses, and I'll just kind of go through some of reflections. But at the beginning, I will kind of break down the desert for you, I won't go through those slides. Alright, so I didn't put them here to go through them.

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That's a two hour, that's a two, three hour Yanni unless you guys are willing to have to start out also, we have photo here and we continue into lecture, I can't go through the slides, those slides are there at your disposal for your use and Sharla. Throughout the day, if you want to kind of connect with that just before we actually recite it during total, we which I think is the smartest thing to do, if you were struggled, if you struggle with your relationship with the Quran, this is the best way to do it. Just connect yourself to it go through these slides, I'll give you an understanding of what we've been reading that night, you can reflect on it, you can read it

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yourself, and then you come you get to hear the amount of recite it and show a little means something more more profound and interesting to you inshallah Tada. But that's basically every night, I'll just go through the slide. If you if you you know, if you come early and get you can scan the QR code. And then we'll go through, we'll go through some of the verses that you chose. So I'll go back to the QR code. I'll leave it there for you. If you haven't used it yet. You're welcome to. And then I'll just kind of summarize the what we're going to be reading today. And then we'll go through the verses. So the beginning of the Quran.

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And there's an if you want to hear more about what I'm talking about now, you can just go online, you'll find the sort of summary series, which I ran over four years, two years here at one year here at

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wellness, and two, three years before that Mike Hyde Park and Mapquest mode. And I went through the summaries of all the students, so that you know, explain exactly what they're talking about what goal they're trying to serve, what purpose they're trying to achieve. And I think it's an important way to look at the Quran. Like it's not just understanding the individual versus also understand what the student in general is talking about how they work together. So the first the first step, basically, from Bukhara to October, that first cluster of sutras, which is almost a third of the Quran, they tell the story of the faith. Like they tell a story actually the verses them the Sooners

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themselves in their sequence, they tell a story, like in it just what there's just the theme of the sutras if you look at the themes, the themes themselves in the sequence, they have tell the story, and they tell the story of how this faith was designed, built, how it's going to survive. And what we need to do in order to make make that happen, which is which is very beautiful. It's like a second layer of understanding the Quran, not just the verses gonna kind of zooming out even the sutras in their sequence, they tell you, they're telling you a story as well. So that's what the firt that's about blue because the seven long ones aside from an inferred reading, right before the

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end, it's not amongst the set. So there's eight Sooners, if you if you exclude Fatiha from Bacala to a dove, there's eight of them. And then failure is not one of the long segments. But we I put them as a seven long suit as as the first cluster of the Quranic sutras. And they tell the story of the faith. And all of that is shared and shown on the slides for you to read. If you want to get here a bit more, what is special about God, I thought it was introductory talks about what is it that we are here to do who we are and what our job is, it talks about our mission, which is a being a Halifa and being a servant, and the methodology or the way of life or the system, which is quote unquote,

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Islam that you're going to use to actually achieve your goal. That's what a social worker does. That's why it's the longest in the Quran. It goes through almost everything that is needed and all those sorts after that, just keep on commenting, because commenting and explaining and expanding and going into Dev Summit sutra, Bacala goes through almost everything that you need, and today will read from one to 152 and shallow tal I'm not gonna go through and Fatiha. Maybe do that tomorrow because I went through a long introduction today. And we took a lot of time already. So maybe do that tomorrow and show a little bit of an introduction to the fatty suit device it has unique on its

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own its own kingdom is its own universe.

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So it's looking back versus wanting to be reading. They look, the first part of sort of Bukhara is very simple. It tells you if you look at the introduction from one to 129, one to 29 That's the introduction of not just to the background of the Holy Quran, and I put for you all the different points that it covers. But then the piece after that, it talks about the fact that you are a Khalifa that's why I number 30 with a call on Abu Khalid Monica teenager and fulfill all the Khalifa you're going to steward someone who's responsible a caregiver, someone who's going to take care of this planet, those on it for the for their well being in the name of Allah subhanaw. And that's the job

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basically. And then it goes through examples. It tells us about the ones who didn't really about the first Khalifa, the one who was given this this job at the beginning how that first person made a mistake regarding that and then fix it later we say the family history, and then it goes to another example of Bernoulli Salatin, those who were also given this designation, and given this mission, they didn't do a great job. Sometimes they did all right. Sometimes they didn't. The court is not always there to chastise when it's right. The court also talks about the time he did well the times they stood by most of the times they defended themselves that they stood like the Quran is not

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interested in just you know, looking frowning upon a certain group all the time, but rather looking at their experience and teaching you here the good things they did do replicate them

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Here's what they didn't do well don't do that. So that that piece that initial piece and so to Bacara talks about what it's about in it goes through it goes through those verses and I think I have it for you here and show it to you to look at.

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So these are the points regarding it talks about what they what they did wrong, and what they did right and how we should learn the Quran lessons are for us. They're not for money. They're not reading it. They don't live believe in any of it and that's fine. That's that's their choice. But for us these verses are for here's what they did. They were also when they didn't do an amazing job, do a better job yourself. And then the last piece of that first part of the first use of sorts of Bukhara gives you the example of those who did a really good job and tells us the story of Ibrahim it just happened yeah, cool, but it's May which is why if they're not able to hear my boo boo can

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imagine a Mona Paula in Niger, a local in ice mama, and the word Imam here is equivalent to the concept of Khalifa it's the same idea altogether.

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The second part is a little Bukhara, which we will begin today with a very just as just a sliver, there's a couple of verses, just Iowan 152 It tells us after it tells you you're the Halifa here's what your job is here. Here's the first one. Here's the people who didn't do too well don't make their mistakes. Here's the people did it really well do exactly like them. Now, here's what's going to use to actually achieve the goal and it starts going through all aspects of Islam. That's why hydrogen Zika and everything is a source of Bukhara we will only get to that first part there. Well, the first thing it tells us is always remember that you have a fibula, you have a direction, the

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fibula, when you stand here, just don't remember, don't forget that that's it's actually very meaningful. If you can hold on to that in your mind, as you go through your life. When you stand and you face Mecca. It's not just the concept of facing Mecca is also very symbolic. It's reminding you that you have a direction, you know where you're going, like you know what the goal is, don't lose touch of what that goal is the unity of this ummah, the unity of the nation, the unity of the human race, the betterment of all of that the service of Allah subhanaw taala, you have a direct have a direction, imagine someone who's walking aimlessly. No, you have tibula. That's why you have a

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company, you have a direction, you always know where to face, you always know where you're going. You always know what matters most. You always want to prioritize things you never lost because you have someone who doesn't have a doesn't have a purpose, don't have a direction, they can get lost, but you can't, because you have a Qibla and you'll stand towards it every day. So if you're lost, that means you'll understand what you're doing. You're facing GABA, that's the first house of Allah subhanaw taala. That's the goal. It's that it's that service is that worship is duplicating that it's continuing that that legacy. And that's what you're about. And that's what we're all about. And

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that's why when it starts talking, this piece starts talking about the methodology of Islam, it goes through and starts by talking about the Qibla. Alright, so that's the summary of what we're going to be talking about here. So here's the take a take a snapshot of this.

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So we'll close the voting and show before it.

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Oh, interesting. Alright, so we're gonna go through the verses in Sharla. We're gonna reflect on a couple of them. All right, here we are.

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So I don't know what they're gonna be. Now, I changed these from last year. So last year, if you if you attended here, these aren't the same verses I went, I changed them all, except maybe seven or eight of them all throughout the Quran. I just left them because I love them. And I loved them all. But I left them for a purpose. And I'm hoping people actually bought them and we actually talked about them. If not, it's no big deal. I'll probably just overrule you and Declan and become a dictator for a couple minutes and do it anyways. But that's what I'm hoping to do. But all this all the i's were updated, because every verse in the Quran is worthy of contemplation, reflection, so I

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just choose things randomly, or I kind of spread it out throughout the desert for you to kind of listen to and hopefully you can, so you want to start with the with the first one. Start with one voted the highest and Shola. No, no. That's the whole point of voting. What's the point before I could have done chronological without the voting issues?

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Yes, stop start with those top 120 7474 Yeah, go on

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Route we'll be lucky Nina che you're on your regime, by way below Leilani Nayak, tupuna al Kitab Abby ad him some Maya Olona Luna had Amin de la heliostat Ruby Heath, I'm Anna. Callie.

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That way you know Levon mean marqeta but add him where he left home Mima yak Cebu 79, which where somebody nine

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I don't see somebody nine.

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So we're already feeling

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alright, so start with start with 74

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Apparently we have to get people who can actually count to do this and try again.

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It's done. mapless that's all auto book. I'm in the cafe here. Ken fija what he should do us well, we're in Miami in Asia. What

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dilemma yet for women who

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were in I mean, your Chicago Fire Raj women who

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were in I mean

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beautiful mean harsh yet

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warm Allahu Bihar if you didn't know I'm med who. So this is sort of Bukhara it's a beautiful, beautiful verse and it happens right it comes right after the story of the cow, the known story where they're commanded by Allah subhanaw taala to take to slaughter a cow and take a piece of its bones and tap someone who was a part of who had been murdered. And they when he told them who did it to them, when of course, it was very difficult. It took them forever to do it because they wouldn't listen. And then the first right after that, I said Kulu buco member Daedalic. So he just apologized, and then your hearts became hard. And after that, and this is a verse that I find to be

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very, it's a universal one. I don't think it's specific to any group of people. I think not only did that happen to any sort of event, but it also happened to the followers of Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam as many were also whether we like it or not, or whether we're willing to admit it or not, it occurred to all of us so most Atilla means there happened later but it happened later much later. So in Arabic when you use font is to kind of say something happened right after something and the distance of time or the the interval of time was short film I mean it was like later happened later and that's exactly what occurred and it occurred to all it goes to all of us talking about

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cassettes, blue book and then your hearts become hard enough for that for here kind of genre and it becomes like like rock Oh, I shouldn't do this are harder than rock when I mean hey Jonah, and indeed there are rocks or types of rock LeMay at the Fed gentlemen Hill and hall where rivers of water will burst from these rocks when nemenhah LeMay a sharp buckle for yeah hello Julian Holman and amongst these rocks rocks that will crack and water will come through maybe not exploding like rivers but will come when I'm enhance some of them lemma. Yeah, happy to mean question. These rocks will fall will will crumble out of the reverence and the fearfulness of Allah subhanho wa taala. Is

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it safe to say that even rocks will find a way to feel and understand and comprehend on a profound level, the magnificence and the beauty of having a relationship with Allah Subhanallah even rocks is saying your hearts became like rocks or worse. And there are even rocks that can can change. Even rocks can find a way to crack open and for hire to come out of them or for them to like have a moment where they just crumble in the in reverence of Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah will be left feeling I'm chatting maroon, that's the that's the end of this area. And actually, it's the end of this ayah that tells us a little bit of what what the whole point of it is. And Allah subhanaw

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taala is not indifferent, nor is he oblivious to what it is that you are doing. What is that you're doing? You're talking about the guy is talking about a certain degree of

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spirituality. He's talking about, he's talking about a feeling the ability to feel the ability to revere on a on a spiritual or heart based level. And the idea at the end of it says, Allah is not indifferent to that what you do, because all based on what we do. See, no, there are no hearts that are just made different than others. Like everyone has the ability to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala and to find that tenderness and the openness and the ease and that closeness to Allah subhana wa Tada. Everyone can do it. It's just it's what you do in life that allows you to either achieve that or it doesn't. It's the habits that you pick up. It's the mistakes that you make. It's the

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mistakes that you insist upon is the lifestyle that you that you take upon yourself. Instead of we're in contracts do another one is that what holds that's what holds you back.

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And he thinks a patent on it. It's almost like this is like I'm gonna shame on you.

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It's implied. Your hearts became hardened. It's like rock. I have a saying I have rock I have rock that will burst rivers and will give water and will fall in reverence and what's wrong with you? What's wrong with your hearts? Why your hearts harder than rock? Why is it that you feel nothing? From Allah Who gives off any time but No, and that's what Ramadan is for. That's what Ramadan is for. It's the change that reality. That's the point of this of this buzzard month is to change that reality for all of us a lot of money. It's go to the

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big 109 It seemed to me

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when Kathy roomin a Hollywood kita Vela we are with dune in the IDE man come on hazard a goof around hazards mean

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the fusi him the Idema to obey Jana who have caught that flu elsewhere who had died at law who will be Emery in La herrada. Cool Alicia in body says what DECA theorem and Nikita there are many of the people of the Book

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Yo yo Duna calm they wish in their hearts they wish they could send you back or or get you to leave what it is that you believe in they do not come in by the email and Ico they can get you to stop holding on to that which you hold on to is I believing in that what you believe in. They wish that they they could just maybe dry you a stray from it has said a minute India unfussy him because they have a little bit of hassad inside their hearts, Mumbai demotivate, you know, no one will help guide you they see the righteousness and that which you carry. And that's what you have, when they see the righteous, isn't it? This is a very important piece in the Quran. It's talking about a huge human

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part of human nature that we all know about. Sometimes it's very difficult to admit, after 10 or 15 years or 20 years that you were wrong. It's really hard, especially if you committed to something like really powerfully. It's hard to backtrack and say yeah, I was wrong. And somehow one of our teachers just came in Sweden, have you ever hola find me amazing, amazing gentleman, extremely strict caught it in the Quran extremely strict. We all ran away from ever being a student. And I regret it now because obviously had I not done that I would have been much more happy about my credibility. But he was too strict back in Damascus, he was a lovely gentleman who was very, very

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knowledgeable. And for 20 years, there was an issue and that leads

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in theology shift for teams.

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Anyways, it's a it's a little thing in between, that he, he defended for 20 years straight. He didn't he was the one he was he was difficult to argue against. And he always defended a certain way of doing things. Despite the fact that a lot of scholars did not agree with him. He defended it. He was a known voice for it for 20 years, he was known for 20 years. Later, after 20 years of doing this, he would actually stand publicly and say he would admit, he would say this, you say I was wrong. I was wrong. I've looked at

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I looked into this I've just got this discussion with one of his one of his teachers, who pointed something out with poor him in the book and they just got and he took it all back after 20 years. And and one of my other teachers say that because he did that Allah subhanaw taala Baraka all this Baraka you see of this, it most people you have heard shamans sweet, the baraka of the knowledge of his, his knowledge of the Quran, and the spreading of the Quran comes from his ability was able to get he he had no ego when it came to doing the right thing, no ego at all. He's talking about it when he saw it was wrong. I even took, most people can't do that. This is saying a lot of Al Kitab

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would want you to stop being Muslim just because they're envious, because now they see they see that as the hook. But it's too hard for them to admit that they've been wrong all their lives. So they just want you to be wrong. And sometimes it's easier that way. Instead of me changing my ways to do something, right. If I can just get you to stop doing the right thing that you're doing, then we're both wrong. We're equally wrong now. And it's easier that way. Because as I said, Does, beware and be careful of that. Be very, very careful of that problem. Be careful of allowing anything in this world to hold you back from saying or doing or being on the side of what has happened is righteous

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when you see it and when you find it.

00:23:03 --> 00:23:08

So what does ultraviolet tell us to do about that? I said, I'm in India and to see him embodiment of being alone will help what do we do

00:23:10 --> 00:23:46

FIFO FIFO was the whole pardon them was the whole forgive them had to Allah will be empty until Allah subhanaw taala brings the Day of Judgment and FIFO as well as an amazing if you read if you haven't read this before read it and think about it. The Quran is saying many of them will see what you have the identify as being hot. And because they just can't seem to get over whatever it is that they're struggling with to join you. They just hope that you would leave. So they'll work towards you leaving it because they're envious of it. Allah doesn't tell us well, then, you know, rub it in their faces and fight back and no fifl was fine. Just be be tender, forgive them and pardon them,

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forgive them and pardon them. They're struggling. And maybe they'll maybe if you're not vicious about it, they'll find it easier. Don't close doors like don't don't close doors and don't. These doors can be closed if it gets to this point. But don't close doors and burn bridges. When it comes to people's ability to find righteousness again or enter enter Islam or do something right. Don't be the person who who burns that bridge. Someone's saying no, I don't want to do this. I don't want to change I want to do the right thing. Don't confront them and fight with them and force them to take a principled stand against doing the right thing because you decided to just confront them at the

00:24:22 --> 00:24:54

wrong time. Because when you do that you make it hard for them to to go back again. Now. Don't corner someone who's doing something wrong. If they're not if they're not ready yet, leave them because you don't want to burn that bridge. You want to give them keep that open and keep the door open. So the ones they can come back again. If you if you go after them viciously, then they get cornered. They have to take a principled stand about what they do. And now and now they can't they can't leave anymore. Now they're so invested in it. They can't leave it looks bad. So many people will be you know Shemitah some people will rub it in and laugh at them and talk about them and it's

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hard so they end up stuck on the wrong side of the rails because one person on the right side of the rails didn't have the right

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attitude didn't have the right spiritual understanding of it. Read this if it was.

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It's beautiful. It's beautiful five horsepower, forgive them. Look away, leave it, leave it, leave it. Maybe one day if you do that, though, in their hearts will will find the leniency and we'll come back again. It's a beautiful, beautiful concept. Let's do the one. Do you know what one after is? You'll?

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What 10 will be so we'll have Bobby LaBelle. Twilley Vertec tomb will have power to lampoon reshare I did that one, what number is that?

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I see 42 You're right. That's what I wanted. Yep, yep. So at the beginning of the piece of the sewer that talks about when it was slogging it pointed out a couple of things that you have any slot either and it starts talking to them Oh, it will be it will be bad it went through a number of things but um, you know, and then in the midst of these commands that they're being given open it slightly you should have done this open so to do this, it tells them when I tell this will help double battle.

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What action will happen number two montem tanomo talking about two things. These are extremely dangerous things. And just like, like again, everything that you find the Quran that's being addressed to any Islam or any other group on the planet. The goal of that address is that we can make sure we don't do it. That's the point of it if you don't, if you walk away from all of these lessons with just that inshallah it will be worth your time. Because so much of the Quran is sometimes ignored because we feel like well, he was talking to you I need to call Musa or foam isa or commonly Brahim are calm, no, no, no, no, everything there that is talking about them or to them

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or dressing them is actually for us so that we can reflect on it so that we don't fall into the same any pitfalls that they did so that we don't have the same types of shortcomings or what's the point of the Quran otherwise. So when he says what I tell him he should have come about so do not confuse how can Boulton

00:26:51 --> 00:26:55

labs, labs is when something becomes unclear.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:24

lobes is to wear something right. So what's the commonality when you dress, I don't know, I can't see you anymore. Like I can't see your physicality because you're you have it all covered up, no one knows what I know, you don't know how fat I am right now. Because I'm dressed you don't know, if I wasn't doing very well. It slips. It's confusion. It's lack of clarity. Right now, this is what it is. So when you dress yourself, you're making it unclear, which is the point of getting dressed.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:57

Another another maybe that the point of being dressed is that people don't know what you look like under them. So if you're dressed in something that is fully describing, it defeats the purpose of getting dressed in the first place. You're going to dress in a way where it's describing your physicality fully, they don't want you to get dressed, just walk out, it's easier, it's quicker, it's so much more honest, it's much more real. The whole point of getting dresses, you get that that's not anyone's business, no one has access to that that's that's that's personal. Those who have access to it are family members. And I need to be your children and your spouse. And that's it.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:32

So that's where love comes from, let me tell you, this will have to build shelter, don't, don't dress up with bottles, don't cover it all up, don't mix it and make it confusing. So people don't know what is right and what is wrong anymore. And these birds, this first I'm surprised actually made it into votings altogether, because it's so much direct, it's so directly to people like myself than it is to anyone else. But there's something in it obviously for you be very careful in any argument that you have, or anyway, anytime that you're talking about something or trying to convince us be very careful of using these philosophical fallacies, and playing around with the words and the

00:28:32 --> 00:29:03

ideas and lying to people to get your way or to try to manipulate them to see something or to get them to actually buy into your agenda without actually being very clear about it. Not telling Mr. Huxtable about it. Make make hochland Battle very differentiate them well, because once you mix them and confuse them, then they don't know what we're doing anymore. And this is such a big problem, you're gonna find this in your life a lot, you're gonna you're gonna find the urge to do it because you'll be able to, like you human beings have the intelligence to be able to do that when they want to, especially if they have if they know all the pieces and other people don't see when I sit here

00:29:03 --> 00:29:37

and talk about the Quran. This is an Amana that is so heavy that I actually I worry about I've been doing these drills for 20 years now in my life. And I still worry about these things, not because I'm publicly speaking that gone went long time ago. It's because of the amount of what I'm doing. I'm trying to explain to you what he said. So I know what if I, if I am not objective, if I don't put my biases away, my preference is what it is that I like and what I don't like what I fear what I hope for, and if I bring myself into these verses on my agenda or whatever they want, then then I'm telling you some horrible button I'm mixing up in that and that's a problem because you don't have

00:29:37 --> 00:29:51

all the information don't know all the details. Now I'm misleading you I'm guiding you along. And you're trusting me to explain things to you in an appropriate manner and to be honest with you and to be objective and to be clear, and I'm not doing it and then that's a big problem.

00:29:52 --> 00:30:00

Second one will attack them will help them tell them when they don't withhold righteousness, or that which is don't hope to told the truth.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:04

I want them to Allah moon when you know that you are, don't withhold the truth when you know that you are

00:30:06 --> 00:30:42

for the last 150 days or so, this is exactly what we are watching happening in the world where the reality and the truth is very clear. It's very clear you don't. The videos that we watch are made by individuals standing in the midst of the horror and the trauma. They're just taking this videos and sending them via WhatsApp or some other social media platform and we're just receiving them on our phones. It's not some media news outlet that is there with its you don't have to use those to actually see what's happening. You can obviously you can go to the to the news outlets and see certain things but you don't have to it's people, people who are documenting the pain and the

00:30:42 --> 00:31:19

suffering and the agony. And everyone's just asking, it's just just holding withholding the truth of what's actually going on. Now we know that they're doing that. The question is, do we do the same? There's no purpose of these verses if we don't take a look at ourselves and wonder if we do the same? Do we hold back or withhold pieces of the truth as well? When we are thinking about certain things, talking about certain certain things, spreading certain things? Do we are we fully truthful about every aspect of what we're doing here? Or do we withhold information as well? If it suits us or if it serves our purposes? It's funny that this verse existed at the beginning of the piece of

00:31:19 --> 00:31:45

the sutra that talks to us about where it went wrong right at the beginning. This is like a number three Yeah, but it's like within that chapter you have any slot in it's going off will be I did what will people I'm gonna be mountains of the Atlantic when I tell you sir, do not do this. Do not do not mix up cotton bottle and do not withhold truth when you know it when you know is the truth. Don't withhold it don't lie. Don't lie about things will lie. Lying has never helped anyone. Lying is

00:31:46 --> 00:32:21

when you withhold truth. When truth is there, and it's and it's a slide about his withheld. It's like a, I don't know, it's like a twitch in the fabric of reality. And that Twitch is in a color ripple is going to cause a ripple and that ripples some at some point will smack us on the face. It's the matter of time. Like it's impossible that you do that. It's not that you lie and you withhold the truth. And that doesn't somehow come back later on and serve you and serve you well. It's impossible, it always will. And always will. This is the reality of the world. It's like it goes to the 60 you send out that that that withholding of the truth or that lie and it goes and it

00:32:21 --> 00:32:40

just it's like a Boomerang. Boomerang goes around comes around just goes around and it picks up momentum. Here's the problem it picks up momentum picks up it's a small little ripple. By the time it comes back, it's a wave and it hits you so hard it knocks it knocks you unconscious. So be very careful about this piece and may Allah subhanahu make us of the people of the husband shall look

00:32:41 --> 00:32:42

after it to me you know with the

00:32:44 --> 00:32:49

in law Hello Yes, he a brewery by metal

00:32:50 --> 00:33:38

bottom XMF I won't call her Melodien man who Valia Allah Munna and will help calm your rock beam by melody in a careful room failure point when I'm either out or don't know whom being had method you will be loopy getting your own wire DB getting your warmer you will be loopy little First up in excessive amount of data and this beautiful read. This is still a part of the introduction of the whole Quran. This is before I enter number 30. So the first the first couple of years 29 verses are an introduction. They're really really powerful and they're totally worth like a full series of just contemplation they're really beautiful. And this is one of the in hola hola, hola Steffi and Yoruba

00:33:38 --> 00:34:12

methylene, MALBA, whatever from Africa and he Allah subhanaw. Taala is not ashamed or embarrassed of giving an example of a mosquito from Africa from our focal Jaime's or anything that is above it in terms of its smallness. So because the problem the reason that he's saying this apologize that mosquitoes a small creature, people back then would look at these small creatures and say, Why are you talking about the caboose? Or you're using? You're using all the or who doesn't use this example of small creatures? They're useless. They're worthless, they have no there's nothing interesting about them. They're taking a small creature talking about there's a suit on the protocol, the

00:34:12 --> 00:34:44

nominal ants, why are you talking about ants? So they would use this as a way to say why so So Allah says, I'm not embarrassed of giving an example using something as small as a mosquito from our folk or something that is smaller than that has nothing to do with on the head of the mosquito. I know maybe you saw that at some point in your life has nothing to do with slit was living on top of the mosquito. I'm sure I'm sure something lives on the top of the mosquito. That's not what it means linguistically. It can't mean that in Arabic, I'm sorry that the Arabic language is not allowed for my Polka means anything that is smaller than its insides even smaller.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

Well, I'm Melina ermine for Jana Munna and that will help me up our beam those who believe will know this is the truth from their Lord. I'm Melody Inaka photofunia Pune Murad, Allah who had that method, those who display will say what does Allah want with this example? You will be HCA Thielen.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:28

Many people will be misguided by these types of examples where you have a DBQ a theory I'm other people, many people will find guidance to this example when I will do a little bit here, you know, first up, and it's only those who want to go astray that will be misguided by these examples. Why? Because when does size really matter in terms of Allah's creation? Now, asides may matter in other things, but not not in wealth creation, in Allah's creation, there's really no importance to it. The detail that exists within what Allah subhanaw taala has created is beyond our ability to comprehend.

00:35:29 --> 00:36:04

Now today, because we came up with microscopes, and we're able to actually go in, and zoom in more and more everyday to see things that are happening on an atomic level, sometimes within cells and within the biology, we found out today that every cell is own kingdom. And the mosquito itself was an extremely, has an extremely interesting structure, and is designed in a very, very efficient manner to serve the purpose for witnesses, which it exists for which till this day, most of us don't even know what it is. Some biologists walk around saying, if you if you wipe out mosquitoes altogether, then nothing changes in the world. Hello, I know, I don't believe that's the case for

00:36:04 --> 00:36:30

anything. I think everything exists, there's a purpose of existence of for everything, whether we can figure it out what it is or not, but he's always trying to explain about it, there's everything that he created, there's an example in it for you to learn from this, there's something to learn from every single thing that is made, if you're willing to look at it and learn from it, not just the scientific stuff, which which is honorable, obviously, extremely important, extremely important for our biological and physiological need but

00:36:31 --> 00:36:33

perspective to learn from these things so that we can

00:36:35 --> 00:37:10

so that we can progress and improve our lifestyles and improve people's lives and make things better but also there's some there's symbolism and everything that he made that is worthy of reflection even if a small as as a mosquito or something that is annoying as a mosquito that is that has to you there's no there's no value to it. There's no value there's no it's only said only an annoyance if it didn't exist it doesn't and it's nothing to it no and Allah Allah is here on YouTube but he's not embarrassed to give an example of something as small as a mosquito or smaller because within its you're going to find something that you did not know you will learn something valuable to yourself

00:37:10 --> 00:37:14

and some people will use that in the wrong way after

00:37:16 --> 00:37:19

we have one more or actually we don't we don't stop

00:37:20 --> 00:37:32

so just a few housekeeping things so we're making sure all like I need the event and they will pray any sooner they will make your comment will create a shot immediately will give you is that we did last year

00:37:33 --> 00:38:01

no we didn't know we know we didn't do it so this will stick to we did last year we're gonna pray it will make you that will make you karma we'll pray a shot then we'll pray sooner and that will start to finish all right after again. You can't when it comes to any inshallah coming here throughout the month trying and come as early as you can. If you want to get a spot in the main prayer hall carpool with people because of the parking issue please please follow the directions of the brothers and sisters outside who are trying to help organize the parking you know they're doing just for the sake of Allah Subhanallah They're volunteers are trying to help make things a little bit easier for

00:38:01 --> 00:38:28

everyone we don't want to park in places that harm our neighbors or harm these facilities around US institutions around us that actually are quite kind to us. Make sure that you bring your your you know your blue bottle with you or whatever bottle don't bring a plastic bottles with you try to lessen the amount of waste otherwise inshallah Tada Yanni I welcome everyone here in the main prayer hall up in the extension in the tent and it was only talking blockhead I made this may be it may this be a blessing Ramadan insha Allah for all of us I can look it

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up make make it then inshallah make a comment.

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