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Mowbray Masjid Ar-Rashideen

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One Long,

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battle gave me

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a lot he

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sea level been carrying

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Allahumma salli ala Sayidina

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Mohammed, why Allah, viola, ABC the

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as where do you say the

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Lanka who has ml

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well, Allah

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Allah wa

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Good morning

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dude in hickety

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e book ratar o z

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c d

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You know, I know

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where I surgeon

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has me

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hello love,

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you love

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Are you

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well one

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Allah Akbar camino

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la Suba

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up Bobby Hamdi Hill, Gary Vee Boca Raton. I'll see you

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avoid in

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Lucy in

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Have you

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saw the comma and no one else around?

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Wow. Who has an Alaska

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A lot

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a long,

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long, long long

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Long Long, long long

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one long

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Baba hello

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one long

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Allah hello

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a long battle can be raw

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danka t

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Masuda hi

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The lobby handing you don't carry a book around oh I see

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southern Colorado

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Mr. Lanza

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Also known to me

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also to me

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or Sala jr Mira Suna 10 min I

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also love to know of Mr. kuhmo

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Oh no shell

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Well hello

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Allah here on Milan I mean

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Allah Rai na My name is Dean Yaga and I'm wondering in your kindness dining

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chair ah Medina and I'm dilating

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or him Why not?

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Manoj Rahim in

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for fun big one in

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Africa who right

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Sammy I love hamidah

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen autowatch

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Maliki on Monday when you're gonna go do

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this thing there no spare are stopping. Shall

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I lay him

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on me

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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Allah from lania Linda Lemieux ladder where lumea

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Sammy I love money man hamidah

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I said

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I said

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wow Rahmatullah

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ah Illa

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Illa Allah, Allah

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Bottom line in

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah. Allah.

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It's not nine Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam Ala Moana ashra filmless and inside you're now gonna be our hominins from Allah so Allah Allah, Allah He was mine. Rama nada cognomen Inna cantus me Manny moto Ballina, encantadora hain Maha naran big Adam Lanza Dr. Massey phone was Salah mana

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Fujiko mozzie

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I need to hurry

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on a

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mini No.

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No. That has been long

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on a

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in no more

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morning he wasn't

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Selam Aleykum Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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Allahu Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Kabira al hamdu Lillahi kathira kasuba han Allah Hebrew crato al sila. So behind the lady holla cough So, waka Rafa had what a matter what hiya La Ilaha Illa Illa Hill merci Alhamdulillah he Lady shahida to bureau boo bat Hema helewka to a corporate Bulu he must know Arya to a sub baja to semi where to M la cuchara one new jumeau f la cuchara while outdoor suka no ha while Bihar rohita nuha. To sub behala who semer were to separate out the woman fee in what in Shay in Illa u sub B Hobi. Hamdi what a killer f cohoon at SB how whom, in who can Halima Nova for murder medu Hamdan caffee Rania, Shadow Isla Lola hula hula

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Sri cara de la Kula volley Muna Lulu and Kabira eyeshadow anessa yida nirwana be Yana Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu ala Cafferty nursey Bushido when or the Euro or the yen he was he Raja monniera Allahumma salli wa sallim ala i bedika wasu Lika Mohammed Ali he was happy he was a hero whom total hero

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but I do

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you are nurse if the Kula levy Hito scharoun well to Allah Allah Rasool Allah Allah come to her moon or Alamo and naomasa mhada yo, Moon Rafa, Allahu Allahu wa EAD a ban and probably he was shot rough IV crew for Who are your Moodle hygiene Akbar while mo seamill Anwar Yeah, just me ofii Wharf de la he be meaner. leak mighty minor Sikkim water kuruvilla la heater I'll be Europa tema. in us. He came aka gyla la hula Kuma Eden caridi him or mesh hidden fee in mana machete him hifu Vegeta meruna v eyelid Vickery was sala percieved was semer EMA UT la la que minakami Dini, whatever key at the emila aka sha Allah como la hibbett the higher camera Sherif Ali Ali vertical motion at the Kuru la

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he belhaj Daya Allah in taka ruba illa Allah Hebei Vedic asuna Kadima or Shira to Karima Minami military Ibrahim iya washer era Sherry ITIL mohammedia Casa La Elena Philippines and never at the kribi Ibrahim alayhis Salam weleda who Lupo call it I'll

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in he filming me and me as the hook for

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00:38:39--> 00:38:39


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about defilement Mao said theurgy dooney insha

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Allah Amina saw beauty phylum

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Hello little JB Wiener Dane who

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Cada saw Dakota

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in early Canada jerseyville masini. In in

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movie warfare, Dana will be the behind Mowgli team, whatever kena la feel fury in Salerno, nada Evo e m. So the cola whom are willona alvine aka the rojava NaVi Yuna sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for all the hate your colon warfare Allah Jaffe soon anybody manager within MIDI or has Santa Ana shutter or the Allahu Allah and her and the NaVi Assam Allahu alayhi wa sallam a call mommy lebu Adam Yeoman emmalyn Hubba Illa Allah He

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mean Iraq, it doesn't mean we're in to men Akiyama buco Rooney ha

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ha. We're in the locker room in a law heavy McCann in Kabul.

00:40:12--> 00:40:14

Our difficulty will be high enough sir.

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Allahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. He by the law in Allah Allah. Allah Kakuma. He Bertie was a Moroccan bitter it was he may not be wabi rasuluh he was a common Sala to either Zakat he was oma Ramadan, but hijab at Allah many stata la Sevilla Okay, Alcan Houdini the newly slamming lady or the hula Kumar attend muy bien de la come call Allah with either la oma Akmal to lagoon Deena Kuma Atman to LA Murti probably to local Middle East, Medina for LP Mojave Hill. Okay, and we're stopping Morales soon and in Yukon with the Iowa new albery with toccoa to Iowa new alleles me well. Why don't see movie hubballi la hollowcore and while I can beat them a soupy Murphy human Colossi De La

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Hoya Aled Abu il

00:41:19--> 00:42:12

Hi, or who do you refer a bill ruku to be revalidated he was our HMI while idle on news for Phil cam he was so beautiful But sir, was anymore I shut it me sir. Another be idealistic. Sorry. Whoa, whoa, hold up Leila. He will in TSR or bezaleel ma roofie ye versatil Maloof, we're in Laurel Morrissey, el Medina when news Li Jamia al muslimeen office Sahih hain, and then a BS en la la la you are either early us lm a haka, NASA Yo man Hurry, Call of Duty Bertie, Inna deema Akuma moi kumarakom la cuchara Mancha Hurmati amico mhada. De Bella de kumada Fisher hurry kumada was a telco no Robuchon, pious lukumi Malecon Allah later lethargy rubella decofurn yagura buba Dooku merkaba Bowden allele

00:42:12--> 00:42:21

you believe Asha? You do loco Eva? fella I love Adama ueber lu a akuna O Allah hoomin barddhaman Samia su makaha

00:42:22--> 00:43:14

Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, cool Nana caller along Mashhad, along Mashhad, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illAllah who Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar Valley la Hamed it by de la the gem Malou filler ad while at akuna Minal more it was uh you know kulu Baku. mitaka in mahalo, Nevada Rob bill. I mean, yeah. alberobello hoffler come in Cathedral as well. Cali Lewis Castle by denarius called your shadow yo malkia mighty ma as a lien for Rahim Allah who served me and where I am Mr. Balaji and I know but you know, Allah, he felt that I was early on the hardware. Sorry, I'm early fall dog Birmingham Hazara mean cobbly to Malema della hoomin Allah He oma even yo ma EV Assad their

00:43:14--> 00:43:57

own. Yo Mama, you saw who become middle aged se for to set our own yoma to say akuna enochian metaphase legitime our own yoma to Jesu NaVi ma quantum to stuff in our own yoma tuna Dunum in Cabo Isla he, I mean he very lucky if at this time your own pharmacy bitumen, Holly Akana Kumar batho and Camila in Allah to Raja rune I had a love or IRA or IRA come mean Baraka de hurdler Ed. mean Jamie and institutio Mila worried robina Tina dunya Hassan waffleh Marathi Hasina joaquina either but now what are the hidden agenda tamale abroad? Yeah, Aziz

00:43:59--> 00:44:38

amin LD Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah you're off manual Rafi in outpointing Galco for solid linear a bigger one. How in Nasha niaga. Who will ever tell? So the cola hula alvine barakallahu li walakum Philippa and Vanessa Annie combi Murphy him in Albion, a kulu Kohli had I started through LA I started with euro LA I started a single line of Emily welcome Melissa Israel Muslim Meanwhile, Muslim at one minute festival Fugu inaho aloha Fu, Rafi

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00:44:59--> 00:44:59


00:45:16--> 00:45:18

Allah, Allah,

00:45:19--> 00:45:25

Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar Alhamdulillah Allah.

00:45:26--> 00:45:47

Wa shadow Allah ilaha illAllah hula sharika feodor muttahida Kibriya or eyeshadow anessa yida now wannabe Yana Mohammed Abu rasuluh hartham hotta Marissa Lee MBA Allahumma salli wa sallim ala rasulillah Muhammad Ali he was happy he was word to you.

00:45:48--> 00:46:41

But I do a urine nurse it akula la de Luna ve it akula hola de Lune OBE well our home in Nola Hakuna la Cooperativa but there's overdue Leo mean yeah I will will then a Shiva what Kunal Jeeva Luffy kahibah, where Alamo namaha Rama la comme si Yamaha delio masala Allah de Tolly on a topic or sha Allah kutak Veera activists salvati moto Bertie, Phil, Gemma it is a yummy tertiary woman Jaya il musallam interleukin folio Jamie innovatie Danica Tariq Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allah. Allah Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah will hand over the law in Allah Allah a Moroccan female commit and zealey the Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah kala, your Sheridan lamotta

00:46:41--> 00:47:06

alima in walhalla iica who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, Johan levina Manu solo IRA USL demo, Taslima Allahumma salli. wa Sallim. ala abiti Karasu Lika Sayyidina Muhammad in hatami Naveen wa emammal mursaleen waddle de la Houma and Nicola Rashidi in Bala emetine Medina will little fog little jelly you will

00:47:07--> 00:47:57

be back in Guatemala with manna Wiley, or any city Burkina Manila Ashura or any Latina Berea una de yakata shahdara moto de la whom I may you know be Yuka Hamza will obverse what Anil Hassan al Hussain al Muto Harun immunol or who just want to meet him if it matters Hello, Enzo jetty Nabil Cocteau, Herat, Omaha Tim meaning well Anissa hi Betty Germaine, whatever you're in Allahumma Hassan in Isla Yomi Deen Allahumma is Elisa Amal muslimeen Allahumma salli ala ma al muslimeen Allah whom is early cinema slomo and muslimeen why Villa Shirakawa Lucia keen one suramin na sala Dean gouldman hodell al muslimeen Hakim Lana behati multisided yajima in whatever for now muslimeen later Hosea

00:47:57--> 00:48:02

well mF TuneIn Allahumma novita Island motor home

00:48:03--> 00:48:52

here our motor home feeling mini me nuts well muslimeen almost limit was your ally attend a few men half ago with takaka era I mean, a lot of mush femural Daniela Morgan muslimeen me I love them have been bananas as he Bill said issue under Shafi last shafia illa and well as shifa, Illa Shiva oka schiefer and your body will Sakamoto Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah the mobile arshi dalim A Yesh via gemi umodel muslimeen i o bL alameen Allahumma Inanna older become an albatross he will junoon he will do them you I mean, say last year but I mean, have been attina dunya has senator Warfield Fira de hacer la keener either but now what are the phenol johnetta ma berario as easier

00:48:52--> 00:49:15

hotel we are a Bella alameen robina Taco Bell Minh in the canter Samuel Aleem are to ballet Nyah Milena in NACA and that awaba Rahim, Allah homophilic who judge Wally Manny Stouffer Allah humo judge Allahumma JAL hijjah Whoa, Georgina, hi Gemma. baru ra was Surya misura azubu Nova Nova fula

00:49:17--> 00:49:59

melon salia Hi Tom Bula watty gelato whom de Janeiro talent Abuja Nora Nuria idema Murphy sudo region en el Allahu Mina Zulu Mati Isla new regional wa iya homea aloha Amina Zulu Mattila new, regional ianya Allahu Mina, Guru Murthy, Isla new law hoomans rural musli Nina al Mujahideen al Mustafa phenol mob Lou Mina de Colima can yeah but I mean a by the law, but a Hema kumala in the La Jolla mobile ad delivery. So anyway, either he will corba yen her annual fashion he will moon curry alberghi either comme la la quinta karoon

00:50:00--> 00:50:09

Guru law Vimeo guru comm where the study will come well as the crow law. One law who does not own a p musala.

00:50:12--> 00:50:13

Quantum novicida

00:50:19--> 00:50:22

mama Sonia Annecy. In fact, I'll just then I'll just

00:50:29--> 00:50:32

said Mr. Ajay Kumar off with Allahu wa barakato.

00:50:35--> 00:50:39

sha Allah, it's a happy occasion. So you wanted to make sure that toys

00:50:42--> 00:50:50

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allah.

00:50:51--> 00:51:00

Allahu Akbar. Kabira Al Hamdulillah kathira We're so behind Allah Hebrew crato vasila La ilaha illallah wa ala Naboo Illa e

00:51:02--> 00:51:19

meclizine Allahu Allah curry Alka rune, the ilaha illa Allah who sadaqa Ida who and Assad was urgenda who has Baba, you know, in LA Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah, he'll hand

00:51:21--> 00:51:38

will praise and thanks to do so de tolosa. Behind the junta either traces Peace, blessings and salutations upon our Master and exempla Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, my beloved all these mothers and fathers brothers and sisters, and our lovely youth.

00:51:41--> 00:52:31

May this or read this or eat that we are currently experiencing today. Be the first light of a new day upon our oma and may the difficulties that we as an oma, as a country as a people as a species have been experiencing. We pray today that they may be lifted from us. May the hearts of the bereaved the bereaved. In other words, all those who lost loved ones, family, friends may be closer than family and friends, during this serious challenge of a pandemic that you've been through, may their hearts be contented today, and maybe the souls of the departed. May the souls of those loved ones who have now gone forth to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala may they be from among those souls whom

00:52:31--> 00:53:00

it will be Sudan to them? Yeah, a year to a national motto my in Iran de la Robic, you're all there to model the feather Khalifa. A birdie where the Holy jannetty may they be from among those whom Allah Allah says due on the day of the AMA, that Oh, my contented souls, come back to your Lord now return home to your Lord into among my servants into into my agenda. Today is literally cool the celebration of the sacrifice.

00:53:03--> 00:53:07

And the sacrifice that is referred to primarily

00:53:08--> 00:53:41

is of course the sacrifice that is referred to in Serato katha for solid linear a bigger one. Pray to your Lord and then go and sacrifice. It is certainly that same sacrifice that we refer to historically. We know be Brahim Alayhi salat wa salam, the father of monotheism. For all three major monotheistic religions consider him a point of origin for the pillars of faith. And I'll be Brahim and I set out to I said I'm struggled for a long time,

00:53:42--> 00:54:23

being childless and struggling to with himself and his wife, Sarah, Sarah to sell them to conceive. And it's a beautiful story of how Sarah our mother, Allah sallallahu wasallam actually received say the hedger, Allah said it was Salaam as a gift. And the story in and of itself is inspirational. But what happened subsequently was that NaVi Brahim and hajer, Allah salat wa salam they then conceived, and the good news of Nabil isma el Alayhi, salat wa salam was delivered to Nabil Brahim and his wife.

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However, despite this tremendous joy and anyone who has ever struggled with fertility, who perhaps knows of someone who struggled with fertility, would understand what a blessing it may be. When Allah azzawajal gifts you a gift, such a gift that no money could possibly buy, that no one could possibly give you other than Allah that you thought you'd be deprived of, but then Allah actually gives it to you. such a blessing cannot be

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expressed in words, and let alone expressed in words. Thanks for such a blessing cannot be

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

articulated It is beyond human being.

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Every parent loves the child. But a parent who has been given such a gift loves the child to a far greater degree, for he or she values their child as a gift from Allah subhana wa tada and as a scarce and rare precious jewel, a gift that that will never be equated again. And Nabil Brahim as I said, it was said I'm loved the sun, NaVi smile, inspires young men very, very much. And as Allah tells us in the Quran, Fela Bella Hama who saya. When is my email Elisa to a salon, he reached the age where he was old enough to run with his father were to walk softly and briskly with his father. At that point, Nabil Brahim received a a dream call I Abu Nyah, in our film anatomy and the other

00:55:55--> 00:56:37

buhaug he said, you know, be smile. Oh, my beloved Son, I have seen in a dream that I am sacrificing you as bahagia I'm slaughtering you. fondue mother Tara. And in a beautiful way, after addressing his son as Oh, my beloved Sonia punia. And after informing the son of the stream, and of course the dreams of the prophets are why they're not like our dreams. They are, in other words, what they dream they have to fulfill because it is inspiration from Allah subhana wa Tada. He tells his son about his dream. And he asks he sent from my data. Tell me what do you think what what's your opinion about this matter?

00:56:38--> 00:56:47

Of course, knowing full well that it doesn't really matter. Because when unless speak some an hour by now what can we say? But he asks, he said,

00:56:49--> 00:57:21

Call a Betty. He suddenly responds, oh, my beloved father, and of course we always joke Imagine if a father My say theories and today, oh my beloved's and I've seen in a dream, even something far less. I have to take over your call. I've seen in the dream, that I have to kick you out of the house and you have to go live by yourself now and support yourself. Subhan Allah, what would a what would the response be in such a situation? But of course, he was no ordinary son. And this was no ordinary father.

00:57:22--> 00:57:27

Gourlay, I bet if Alma Murray said oh my beloved father do as you have been commanded.

00:57:29--> 00:57:36

Saturday dooney insha Allah Amina sobbing and you will find that I am going to be from among those who practice patience

00:57:37--> 00:58:26

for them Assalam wa Taala who will intervene then they both submitted to Allah and he turned his son's forehead away. And he was about to slow the and some narration speak of him actually proceeding with the act of cutting but then the knife being blunt wallow and and when he was about to slow down or whether the knife was blunt at the end of the day, a miracle transpires that idea and now. And Allah subhanho wa Taala calls out whenever they know who and we call out to Him a Ibrahim, oh, Ibrahim, but a South Dakota. Yeah, that is enough to fulfill the command of the dream. Just you being the you showing you willingness to sacrifice for Allah Subhana Allah as Allah asked

00:58:26--> 00:58:34

of you, is sufficient to to fulfill what the dream entailed.

00:58:35--> 00:59:30

And then Allah says in Cavalli can edges ill mursaleen and in that manner, in the same manner, we Allah recompense those who do good. So just to analyze before we can carry on with the story, maybe Ibrahim and I said it was him shows his willingness, not only to fulfill the command of Allah, but also to do it in a way, whereby despite its difficulty, he is contained and submits to Allah. And despite its impossible nature, he sent me smile and I set out to SLM because he's on the on the short end of the stick here is the one being sacrificed. But still, he's taqwa of Allah Subhana. Allah is a man in Allah, his love and respect and trust of his father dictated that he has to obey.

00:59:30--> 00:59:59

And in the submission, showing the willingness to obey Allah is low, with pleasure all the other model the being pleased with Allah. This is when a load that rewards them and shows the satisfaction that this is enough for me that I Allah, I'm not asking you to sacrifice your life for me. Just be willing to sacrifice anything and everything for me. So behind Allah, then Nabil Ibrahim la salat wa salam is

01:00:00--> 01:00:51

Well, we are informed unless is in there, Heather Lahu el Bella will move in. Certainly this is the greatest artists, this is the most difficult test. What what makes it difficult? Was it because of his fear of cutting? No, Was it because of his dislike of worshipping Allah and obeying Allah? No, was it because it was a very special person? No, it was the joint feature of being a tremendous sacrifice. And that the very the object of his sacrifice is his very own son, who he probably loved more than any other human being on this entire planet, even himself, and any loving father would be able to attest to the fact that he would sacrifice his own life for the life of his child, that he

01:00:51--> 01:01:34

would place himself in danger for the safety of his child, in fact, for the safety of his old family, but afford to do it with his child, you know, if there is the family would be sacri would be saved because of his sacrifice, even more so because of his own son. And here it is, that very son, that very gift of Allah, that he's commanded to give up for the sake of Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And in probably the most difficult of ways, in in a way, that he would not only be witness to the passing in the database, and not only be the cause of the passing of the database, and but imagine the graphic nature of what one would see the doing such an act, as many of us would feel today, if

01:01:34--> 01:02:15

somebody feels a bit of sensitivity, for witnessing the sacrifices today. Know that that is a feeling that comes from Allah, it is the Rama in the heart, if you if you if you getting a rash of seeing blood, then you know cutting and this happening, that's not Subhan Allah, Allah save us, that would be a bit of a sickness happening me, you should feel joy that you are fulfilling the command of Allah. But that feeling of sadness, that feeling of, of empathy and sympathy, that feeling of sorrow and, and remorse and consciousness of death, must overwhelm us, because that's the feeling that was present when he brought him and he sent me a smile. And I said that was sent out. And we

01:02:15--> 01:02:58

should manifest these feelings, which is why it is imperative that we at least witness the sacrifices today. Now this of course, I'm saying in full consideration that I have to stand here and advocate that all Muslim oma, don't be irresponsible today. This is a day where we celebrate sacrificing for the sake of Allah does not put our lives at stake today, by fulfilling our regular cultural, traditional and perhaps even sooner practices of physically congratulating each other, embracing one another hugging and kissing and hand shaking. It's a terrible feeling that under their varied, we have to confine ourselves to these regulations. But it is for the sake of following the

01:02:58--> 01:03:43

laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This type of behavior is espoused within the sooner of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam, when necessary, and despite it being against our norm, beginning with our Nia, that we are doing this for the sake of Allah for the preservation of life, Allah will reward us and we can celebrate our next read together again in sha Allah with everyone present. And it will require just a little bit of suffered a little bit of extra software. And I'm saying it with a smile on my face, because I know that now it's like this is circa sobor. As far as I understand that we've had enough that it's been so long it's been, it's been two years now. It's been for eons

01:03:43--> 01:04:31

now. It's been 200 seasons now, it's been the deaths of countless individuals in our close circles of at the very least within earshot of ourselves as a community we have buried so of the soul, we've lost all ama, by excellence. We've lost assets to this to this Oh man. We've lost young children. We've lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and as we speak, there are those whose lives on the line under severe conditions and the ventilation and our hearts and I will do is go out to all of them now low super high now with the I let him move this pandemic from us. But my question that I posed today reflecting on the story of an IV Brahim, as I said that to a Salaam, you and I, all of

01:04:31--> 01:04:59

us, we've experienced death, and we've experienced the impact of death. And we've experienced the tremendous fear of death. We've experienced the fear for our own life. And we've experienced the tremendous loss grief that overcomes us when we lose a soul. Would any single one of us be willing to undergo all of that voluntarily? We did so under duress, a low diner please

01:05:00--> 01:05:45

This Bella over our world during our lifetime, and we faced all of what I just mentioned unwillingly, no one wanted to die. Those who passed on of the virus or any other cause of death, those are passed on through the pandemic. Allah granted them the status of Shaheed they are Hiro is very much sorted out Alhamdulillah we don't need to worry about them, we can miss them, we can make dua for them, but we need to worry about ourselves because really main behind an outdates are yet to come. Would we be willing to sacrifice in such a way to experience loss as we have willingly, voluntarily for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is what Nabil Brahim I said to a salon did

01:05:45--> 01:06:07

his own son. And this isn't the first time he said it. I said I was willing to leave his wife and his son in the middle of the desert, no cabin, no Zamzam know how long nothing, just leave them there. Because it was a command of Allah subhana wa Tada. This pandemic gave us the opportunity

01:06:09--> 01:06:21

for when we choose to not voluntarily submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala either ita. It is through the mercy of Allah that He puts us through a situation where we ended duress submit ology behind our data.

01:06:23--> 01:07:06

But how tragic would it be, and I speak here will allow you firstly to myself, that this entire experience passes us by and I pray and I sincerely hope and mcdu I that it's passing us by now in sha Allah with the vaccine rollout and, you know, sophisticated advances that have not taken place and so on, we hope and pray that this third wave is the last wave. And we can then look back at this time in our lives, and reflect on all the lessons that we've learned. But right now today, I ask, What lessons have I learned? Not in theory, but in my life. However, I responded to these challenges this

01:07:07--> 01:07:44

year in voluntary submission that Allah Allah put me through that, that Allah Allah put us all through. Allah brought us down to our knees. Did we go down on our knees? Did we turn to Allah while we were down knee and back to him? Or are we hiding away waiting for the light of day to come out again? Or are we hiding in our bedrooms? Are we hiding under the covers? Are we hiding on our couches? Are we hiding in front of our screens? Are we hiding online, or waiting for that return back to the previous life returned back to the old normal?

01:07:46--> 01:07:49

I wish I shudder to think

01:07:50--> 01:08:35

the consequences of being amongst the raw feeling after such as this from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's like in my mind, it's like a lay synchronize as the elderly, no catalyst, any. You know, it's like when the father says to the Son, you know, this is your last warnings. I had no scene. That's what it feels like. And if you add this since recently, of this feels like em is about to happen. We're lucky you're not alone. And I would say don't be afraid of thinking such thoughts and saying such things. That's not speaking doom and gloom for even if it is that this is the advent of karma, even if it is that we are about to witness the emergence of the malady, even if it is that this is

01:08:35--> 01:09:16

the beginning of the in the install Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam says the install plant the three still have open Allah subhana wa dialler because we are the right side of the faith line. We are from among those who believe in Allah. And it's illa levena amanu, Aminu, solly, hottie whatever. So we'll happy whatever. So we saw that those are the successful ones. May Allah make us from among them. But it is not going to be the wise thing to sit back, relax and wait for gamma to happen. And just sit in our homes and wait for the virus to process by and sit and wait to see who's still alive at the end. Because that's what it feels like people should I feel like people shouldn't even send

01:09:16--> 01:09:58

Jen aza notices anymore, they should say I'm still alive notices, because they need to kind of balance each other out. It's like SubhanAllah. That's how it feels. And if you felt like with the recent looting in our country, the craziness in our country, if you felt like Hold on a minute, but isn't this like yeah, jujin Matthews and Allah you're not the only one who felt like that. And one low alum. It's not the literal interpretation, but it certainly as a resemblance of what we were told by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam which brings us to the idea of sacrifice. Allah has placed us in a situation where we unwillingly were forced to sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhana

01:09:58--> 01:09:59

wa tada and

01:10:00--> 01:10:47

When it's up to us to decide, am I going to be pleased with my sacrifice? Or am I going to resist? Am I going to resist? No, I don't like it. I don't like the way things are, I don't like what Allah is putting me through I am just going to wait it out. Now this is where we get to decide. And so today we ask, while Allah has placed certain things upon me, and you know, I was forced to sacrifice whoa I walk away from this experience, having given up that which is required to be given up for me to gain closeness unto Allah subhanho wa Taala Lenten Allah aloe vera tuned fecal matter hibu you will never attain righteousness and piety until you give up of that which you love. Until you spend

01:10:47--> 01:11:35

of that tissue love for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Today we celebrate our sacrifices. Because just like in the case of NaVi Brahim and I set out to I said, Well, if I day now who be the behind our VM, we Allah, we replaced that sacrifice with a great sacrifice. And what is that? That is the sacrifice of certain animals that qualify for the higher that will be taking place today. The sacrifice of lambs, of goats, of sheep of cows of camels, under certain conditions, and as we fulfill that sacrifice, we remember the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala without going to Allah He fil a hearing Salah Muna Allah Ibrahim, then today, being the day of

01:11:35--> 01:12:19

Eagle, Allah Hi, and I know, I will usual he blends up, hopefully not in place. Hopefully that will be the responsible thing to do for us to have alternate implants today, believe me, like the other lady would ask for that, for that consideration of others, but the best deed says Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam marami lebu Adam, it is impossible for a human being to do a deed Yeoman her on the day of our aid, a humble Illa Allah that is more beloved to Allah mean iraq it Domine then the sacrifice of blood, the spilling of blood, obviously referring to the to the sacrifice of the sheep and the goats in the cows, etc.

01:12:20--> 01:12:37

Why, in the Yeoman dmrb Caronia, for this animal will be presented on the day of KML with its horns of Laffy eyewash idea with its wolves with its with its wool. We're in the demola commune Allah he be mccannon cobbler

01:12:38--> 01:13:26

and that blood that will be spilled today. Before that blood falls on the ground that blood falls by Allah and every bead, every bad deed of the person offering the sacrifice and the family will be forgiven by Llosa behind with Allah for every Hey, for every little wooly fiber on the on the body of that animal shield are not shared. For every wooly fiber, the sins will be forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala either felty will be high enough, sir. So this is how we celebrate today. It's not the production of meat, we're not running an EBITDA. It's not the size of the animal. It's not the glamour of the Ufi layer. Allahu Allah deema the bland the meat that doesn't go to Allah was not

01:13:26--> 01:13:31

interested in that there are conditions there are rules or regulations. But while I

01:13:33--> 01:14:19

mean come, what reaches Allah is the piety from inside of you, that piety that inspired you to take 2000 3000 rands and spend it in the course of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to buy an animal to sacrifice on this day purely for the sake of Allah so that we can give sadaqa to the poor. Such is the beauty of the oma look at the effects. Look at the effects of Islam on the world. It is a proven fact that among the poor and the needy, there isn't a single other time in the year, we everyone or not everyone, but all those within reach of Muslims. There isn't a single other time in the year that all the underprivileged have access to meet likely is around.

01:14:21--> 01:14:59

We understand that you know that some people never have meat throughout the year, except that even when the Muslims are sacrificing for the sake of Allah, we understand that the the issues that transpired in our country with the looting and the violence, we understand there's a story behind it. We also know there are deeper issues behind it. We know they are serious racial tensions. We know that the serious tensions due to the economic divide, we know that these ridiculous poverty and the the disparity between the rich and the poor. The haves and have nots is huge, and we know that they still have the effects of apartheid. Those are the deeper Lange issues and we can speak about

01:14:59--> 01:14:59


01:15:00--> 01:15:41

When the time is right right now we are in a crisis but think about this for a second those vt underlying issues that we just mentioned practice Islam in the world and those underlying issues disappear following brother and sister under normal circumstances not under the pandemic we stand shoulder to shoulder inshallah we are one oma. When we stand on the plains of our of our in the same clothes we are one oma black, white, pink, yellow colored, it doesn't matter we are one before Allah subhana wa Tada. the poverty line will be eradicated over time, as we eradicate the consumption of Riba, the Rebbe that we that we basing our world economies on is what is destroying this world and

01:15:41--> 01:16:24

making the rich richer and the poor poorer. And when we contribute to it, when we buy into that system, then we are part and parcel of the problem. The establishment of Zakah would ensure that there would be proper economic distribution, property distribution Subhan Allah, so Allah subhana wa tada allow us to see the beauty of Islam. And that if we practice it in our own lives, and in our family's lives, and in our community, that we can bring hope back into the world again. This Deen will shine bright when we allow it to shine in our lives. Just now with the with the looting, and in the aftermath of Muslims giving so much sadaqa we love to give sadaqa even when we go through

01:16:24--> 01:16:53

difficulty, what a vow that was for the people in this country to see the selfless behavior of the believers melosa behind with Allah grant us the understanding, it was on this day and we conclude we conclude on this note Bismillah it was on this day and this hadith comes in Bukhari and Muslim where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stood in front of his Sahaba much like I'm standing in front of this empty Masjid with a few brothers and our mum and and Marlene here today.

01:16:54--> 01:16:56

He spoke to the people,

01:16:57--> 01:17:09

Yeoman. On this day, the day of sacrifice, walk all of you who do it he and he said in his goodbyes, and there are various narrations of this. You ask the Sahaba rhodiola at home, a yo yo mean?

01:17:10--> 01:17:49

Which day is this? Now couldn't do one eration They said, We thought that maybe it's going to give it a different name because we all knew what day it was. So as you're asking which day is this same response. They said, Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah, His Messenger, no base. He said, yo moon Hara moon, this is a sacred day. Then he asked Salalah Why do SLM au ballad in hatha which land is this? Of course he's on Hajj. This is his speech in the digital Wada. And he speaking to them in the sacred and he says which land is this? Now of course, everybody knows when you're standing in Morocco and you're standing on the plains all of you know who you are. They said we thought perhaps he's going

01:17:49--> 01:18:25

to tell us something different. We said Allahu Allah, Zulu Allah, Allah and His Messenger, no base. He said, By Allah don't hide our moon. This is a sacred land. It's sacrosanct. countries do anything. Yeah. Then you ask them to lower it was lm au chahatein. had that which month is this? And of course we know we're in the month of Elijah. We know the occasion it's one of the sacred months you can just do anything in that month. And once again, they repeated Allah what a pseudo Adam he told him Sharon haraam on sacred man. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continued and said in Medina acoem lahmacun

01:18:26--> 01:19:19

haraam en la cuchara to me, como, si Bella de kumada fischeri kumada. He said, Indeed, your blood, your love, and your honor, among one another is more sacred than the sacred nature of this day, in this month, and in this land. Your love, Your Honor, and your blood is more sacred than the sacred nature of this day, in this month and in this land. Again, if we make Islam shine bright in our lives, the world will shine once again. If we understand that, yes, coming to the masjid, the sacred Yes, ie the sacred and our sacrifices is sacred and hiji sacred and we deprive the will of these things. Reminder on this day from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ease, those things are sacred, but

01:19:19--> 01:19:59

your lives Your Honor, and your blood, your wealth of each other to one another is most sacred by Allah Subhana Allah Allah Subhana Allah. This is the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu it was sent to me see, do not return after me to disbelievers. We are going to be striking one another's next and you're going to behave with ignorance. He says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam let those present conveyed to those who are absent, because perhaps the one who, to whom it is conveyed, is more mindful of the message than the one who conveys. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked at Halle Bella, have I conveyed

01:20:00--> 01:20:47

message do you ever conveyed the message to you? They said Nam, he turned to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah and he said Allah who Mashhad Allahu Masha, Allah, you'll be witness, you'll be witness. And this classic scene, this picturesque scene of Rasulullah sallallahu, ala send him standing in hajj with the Sahaba. Speaking to Allah Subhana Allah Allah makes our heart once again, a little in our eyes, while up a little for another Hajj season at boss, we a handful only from among our South African brothers and sisters could stand on the plains of alpha, and another handful from around the world. Subhan Allah, and we pray on this day, it allowed them to open up once again,

01:20:47--> 01:21:29

is those of mercy upon us and allow us to reverse these roads and reverse these guys so that we may visit the sacred house so that we may visit the cover of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam mal exit our bake again, maybe maybe make a complete tober so that whatever it is that deprive us of making our bacon the plains of our offer, Allah remove those sins so that we can once again stand before him love, bake along Mallaby, whatever it is that causes and Allah doesn't want to see us around the Kaaba right now. But alota Allah allow us to repent from those sins so that we can be guests at the Kava once again, whatever it is, that caused us to be deprived of standing before the power of

01:21:29--> 01:22:14

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam to not be worthy of standing before him to greet him with outside earth. And I said, May that sin be wiped away from our lives and obliterated May the lessons that Allah wanted to instill within us through this pandemic. Being still deep within the recesses of our hearts, we pray and we we make do we implore Allah subhanaw taala to place tremendous subud in the hearts of all of those who are experiencing today. They first aid without the beloved fathers, without the beloved mothers, without the beloved teachers, without the beloved students without the beloved neighbors, we pray for those orphans, those widows, those widows, we pray for

01:22:14--> 01:22:55

those who who are suffering today right now as we speak, to take a breath of a when the rest of us can breathe without giving thanks to Allah once we pray for them, and we ask that a load data, alleviate the difficulties remove the pain from them, remove the stress and the trauma from them. Now let's remove this plague this this virus, this pandemic, whatever we want to call it, well let Allah remove it completely entirely from our lives and from this world and maybe return unto him with our hearts in the proper place filled with new folders containment so that we do can reunite with our families and our loved ones in the era to be from among those who it will be Satan to them.

01:22:55--> 01:23:04

Yeah to enough Sumitomo in Erie Illa Robic at all the model the further Holyfield a body where the Holy jannetty Allah

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avi Wahby. Hamdi will carry me boo cuando el cine

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Clio see nella hoody now I know getting McAfee rune Isla

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Sora vida y Zed on down

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road a lot although I borrow money

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all women live in Nashville bondo rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen por la came back to me McAfee well Jan natto Lin Manuel de Landa, il Allah ma alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Masha Allah sonny. Sega now wanna be Jana Habib, Mohammed in some lala land he was a lumber Allah, Allah He was a marine. Allah in Asana cauliflower alfia Rafa Dima today in

01:27:57--> 01:28:14

our phones are bill Janaki one magic and and Allah Mohammed Hamblin elayna, an alumna Hemi laner, Islam, Allah Mohammed laner. Eman well then we'll see a colombina vaca laner who from our first true condition well,

01:28:15--> 01:28:30

Allah may not have been well I don't know your alarm in copy while you're on your alarm enough believe what your own alarm and nothing was alarming. You need

01:28:31--> 01:29:03

your alarm and I Danica saw the handler Medicare or hamara honey alumna female Madonna, Allah nahi Madonna, Allah nahi Madonna Hamilton a yarmulke alameen Allah Mughal Hagana Hagen Neruda Machina, Cheyenne Matura banana for a while I'm alonza hamaca Bula Wadi Jara can learn more. Yeah, no, no. Yeah, dude. Oh, hey Jana, Ya Allah Amina.

01:29:05--> 01:29:24

medica Rama Rahi Allah is an Islamic Muslim. alone is Janice llama Muslim in Allah is jealous. No one was to mean once too narrow communica serene. A lot of Filipina Walla Walla Dena while a Muslim enormously not well not me Nina in

01:29:26--> 01:29:33

a min whom word North America or a hammer I mean, Allah nephila, whom are Hamamatsu young Yana, Allah, Allah.

01:29:36--> 01:29:59

Allah, Allah hamara hum, Kumasi, Ghana, whether there was an se Russian and begin was it their cane washer her guy was trying your hand. Well hasn't our like Africa danika thought Luna like a fatherland arena? Yeah, a year to a national motorman in in a year ala Miguel Raja Maria for the holy vi

01:30:00--> 01:30:18

badie wonderfully Jan Nikki alpha. Fishman, Amanda hailer handling planning or Amanda Rahimi Medical Medium yeah can I Amelia gonna stay in there no sir awesome stuff so a lot a lead in and I'm gonna let him lead him on a VA lien me.

01:30:20--> 01:30:28

You also make for the Oba summit and grandson. May Allah Allah be upon

01:30:30--> 01:30:36

Bismillah Rahim Allah Jan had a no load, no load and Mubarak cannon pay by the

01:30:37--> 01:30:44

robina harbor habla Nang is watching now will do react innacurate ironware jalna mustafina Allah my

01:30:45--> 01:30:46

Allah, Allah,

01:30:48--> 01:31:17

Allah, Allah hit the road because karma is a mood and Donna Phil Hollywood my alley in nepotism in La robina originality. Chyna jr Hasina was an actor that has an account working at Urbana. Now Jen Mehta and Alibaba radhiya Aziz yada yada mulani Carla, Carla in Nevada, Luna Allah nanny, you're Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam mutaz Lima lawmaster Leanna Mohammed

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was in at the height of our

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favorite Asya inaka Allah coalition Kadir Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allahu Allah.

01:31:35--> 01:31:39

Allah Dena Amanullah Kamiya cocoon reformed a garda

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aka mama salon

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and hamdulillah here

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on collage