A Life with Allah #12 – Ar-Raman (The Merciful)

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the negative consequences of Allah's Mercy Prvailing policies, including allowing children to have their own names and weight, which led to the return of "roar and fastness" to Islam's physical world. The transcript also touches on the history of Islam, including its use of force and the use of animals as carriers, as well as its use of multiple parts of mercy, including multiple emotions and war of words. The speakers emphasize the importance of letting people know who they are and what they want to achieve, and emphasize the need for people to let them know their true values.
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When Allah subhanho wa Taala created Adam and blue within him the sole Prophet Adam Alayhis Salam sneezed. He said Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah. So His lord said to him your hammock Allah, Allah has mercy upon you. These were the very first words that the ears of man ever heard from Allah subhanaw Medina, words that would define the nature of man's relationship with Allah.

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A relationship of Mercy Rama from the very outset when our father Adam's body had barely just dried from the clay that he was created from. Allah wanted him to know that he has names and that one of His majestic names is Aquaman.

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There is no chapter of the Quran that was named after any of Allah subhanaw taala as names other than sort of 55 of the Quran surah AR Rahman chapter of the Most Merciful, so it's clear that before us is a name of exceptionally unique characteristics. We know what mercy is as a human trait. But since there is nothing like Allah, what does it mean that Allah is

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merciful? Imam Abdullah yam beautifully explains it he said, A Rama to refer to indica Toby is slightly Manaphy Well, masala he either Labadi were in carry high enough. So who was Shaka Talia that the aroma of Allah is a trait which involves sending people their needs, even if they dislike it, and it causes them some hardship.

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And this isn't a strange concept to us as a parent, you may push your child to revise for an exam and impose a temporary limitation on socializing and gaming, and other things that the child enjoys. And naturally, they dislike those limitations. But the parent of course, sees beyond the short term aspirations of the child and realizes that this is an act of long term care and mercy.

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And similarly, when something hasn't quite gone to plan in your life, this may in fact, be the epitome of mercy from Allah man, even if it causes you some hardship at that moment, and even if you don't see it that way.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said,

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Lama Kabbalah Allahu halka catered the FIE Kitab in for Hua India who Malou on other Arshi when Allah Almighty completed creation, he wrote in a book that is with him on top of the throne, and it says in Marathi does a liberal gotta be my mercy prevails over my anger, Allahu Akbar.

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This is not just a book with words within it. If it wasn't for this book, Life as we know it today would be very different. In fact, Life couldn't exist without it.

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So what are the effects of Allah's Mercy prevailing over his anger? Let us begin with the world around us. A miraculously formidable construction that has mercy intertwined in every inch of its fabric.

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Think about how the Earth rotates about its own axis, at a speed of around 1000 miles per hour. A rough man made it that way, so that we don't feel it speed. In fact, it's so unnoticeable, that our ancestors were quite confused about the nature of the cosmos.

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They noticed that the stars, the sun, the moon, all appear to be moving about the Earth, but because they couldn't feel the planet moving, they logically interpreted this observation to mean that Earth was stationary, whilst the heavens moved about us. Subhan Allah so how Merciful Has Allah Muhammad been to us when he made it this way? Imagine if Allah Almighty had left it upon us to provide oxygen to the world. Seeing that 10 liters of oxygen cost around 10 pounds a day. And bearing in mind that man inhales about 11,000 litres of air a day 550 liters of which is pure oxygen. You can do the math yourself for a day's worth of oxygen you need

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then multiply this figure by 7.8 billion human beings who live on the planet Earth today to get the bill for one day's worth of oxygen. No man Subhan Allah has taken it upon himself to deliver the oxygen to everyone free of charge La Ilaha illa Allah that is Allah Rama NG.

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In fact, the effects of His mercy are found within every cup of water. The molecular structure of water is one of one molecule of oxygen and two molecules of hydrogen H two O. In other words, the very substance that life depends

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hands upon, happens to be composed of one element that is highly flammable. And another element that is an oxidizer, meaning a chemical that fuel requires to burn. So simply put Had Allah left it to these two elements to function according to their disposition. The Globe would be set ablaze with one matchstick that is lit.

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But instead, these two molecules have been brought together, creating a miraculous chemical called water that we use to quench the thirst and we use to put out fires.

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Is this not an effect of the Name of Allah Ramadan

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and look how it's been made subtle enough water for ocean divers to penetrate itself is an extract extract benefits from within the depths of the oceans. But on the other hand, water has properties that allow it to carry the heaviest of ships on its back at the same time. The world's largest floating vessel weighing at around 600,000 tonnes, was launched in 2013 by the company shell.

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This is not too heavy for the sea surface it can carry it but ramen Subhan Allah has endowed water with buoyancy, a force that allows for floating so who is the true carrier of these vessels? Who is the one who helps them float to transport essentials from continent to continent? Allah Almighty, He said Robbo como leather use de la koban phone caffeine battery, liter better Omen fugly it is your Lord who drives the ships for you through the sea, that you may seek of His Bounty and then he said in nettle Canada become Rahima he has been ever Merciful towards you. This is one of the effects of Allah Rahman.

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Now take a closer look at your own life through the lens of Rana mercy. What you may have interpreted as an unfair and cruel twist in your life

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may have been in the eyes of Allah Rama, the most favorable turn of events in your life. But the issue is that we challenge the knowledge of Allah and we are impatient. And that's why Abdullah he with the Mossad, he said a person may aspire for some matter of trade or position of authority, which he pursues ardently, until he comes close to attaining it. Then Allah looks at him.

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He says to the angels diverted away from him, because if he attains it, I will send him to hell. So it's taken away from him, but he continues to see this as a misfortune. And he said Saba, Kenny Fula, and the honey Foolad. So and so we do it so and so out to which hit me, when in reality, it was nothing but the Grace of Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah.

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All of what you heard so far is just one element. But what trumps it all is a rock bands mercy, when he sent to humanity, prophets from himself, showing them the way to Paradise, rather than leaving it to themselves to try to figure out the way.

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I mean, just think about the excruciating pain of of wanting a higher purpose in life, as we naturally do. We yearn for it, but not finding the answers to satisfy those high questions. Imagine the trauma of being left to a trial and error approach to worship Allah having no idea how Allah is to be approached or glorified, to not know of His Names, his attributes, to not know of the path that leads to him, each to their own, to find their way to Allah Almighty and His pleasure and acceptance. But no a Rahman has spared us the anguish of all of this, and that's why he said in description of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when that arson NACA Illa Ramadan denied

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me with only sent you a prophet as a mercy to the whole world that Ilaha illa Allah

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that's what Revelation is. This is what Islam is. Far from being shackles or chains, or curtails of freedom. No, the obligations and prohibitions of Islam, the do's and don'ts of Islam, its guidance, its limits its parameters is the opposite of all of that they are liberators, liberty, from our ignorance from our slavery, slavery to our carnal desires to our appetites, rescuers from the whims of man and the never ending dictates of society and their ever changing trends. This is the true meaning of liberation and freedom. And this was the ram of Allah Rama and when he gifted us with the crown of all favors the crown of Islam.

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Allah was merciful when he obligated Salah five times a day, and fasting is a can hijab. Allah was merciful when He prohibited interest when He prohibited Zina fornication free mixing, consumption of or trading with

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Alcohol Allah was merciful when He prohibited these things he was merciful when he said the human manual the Quran, he said a rational and the Most Merciful are lemon Quran he told the Quran

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the ultimate expression of a romance mercy, however, will not be displayed in the life of this world.

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It's been reserved for a time when people will need needed most. When is that? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah's Mercy is divided into 100 parts of which he has only sent down one part to planet earth. And it is shared between the human beings and the jinn and the animals and the creatures. And through that one part they show affection and mercy towards one another. So much so that you see an animal raising it to whom so as to not crush it. So young one,

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wait, pause here for a moment. Think about that.

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From that one part of mercy

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is every expression of Rama mercy that you see in life today, and that you don't the mercy of the mother to her child, the mercy of every doctor towards his or her patient, the mercy of every charity giver to the downtrodden, the mercy of every caring child to his or her elderly parents.

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The mercy of every teacher to their students, the mercy in the animal kingdom, the mercy in the world of jinn, the mercy of the prophets, towards their people, the mercy of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the endless dimensions of mercy as well that we're not even aware of. All of this is but a fraction of one part from a total of 100 parts of our Brahmins mercy. Then what about the remaining 99 parts?

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That Hadith continues will occur Allahu Allah, Allah to sign what is in your hand, we'll be happy by the WHO yarmulke Yabba he has reserved the remaining 99 parts to express them to His servants on the Day of Judgment.

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So now you have an idea what you're asking for when you say you're a nun, have mercy upon me. Yeah Allah when the Rama of Allah mixes with your life, life is a dream come true. Without it life is an unending rollercoaster of grief

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and nightmare that you cannot wake up from.

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A person may recline on the softest silk and eat the finest food. But in the absence of Allah's Rama, that silk may as well be thorns and that food will seem like poison.

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On the other hand, the person may sleep on the cost of bedding, and income may be minimal. But should the Wrath of Allah be with him? That bedding will seem softer than silk, and that poverty will seem like it's affluence. Every trauma is manageable.

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This was the Rama the mercy that the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam experienced as he sat in the middle of a fierce fire that his community had launched him inside of it became bliss.

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This was the mercy of the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam experience at the bottom of a well in Palestine. And a second time in the confines of jail in Egypt, they became moments of bliss.

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This was the Ramadan mercy that Prophet Musa alayhis salam experienced as he grew up in the care of a tyrant became bliss, and the Rama that the youth of the cave experienced

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in the dark and dingy cave, one that they had retreated to, in escape of religious persecution, those moments became bliss.

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What I want to get across here is that should Allah Almighty accept your dua for Rama, you will become the happiest person alive, a happiness that no mortal can ever strip away from you regardless of what they put you through. And that's not my guarantee. That is a guarantee that has come from above seven heavens Allah Rama and who said, now you have to allow Holy nursing morality in Fela Masuka. When are you sick fella Morrissey dalla whom embody him, whatever mercy Allah opens up for people, no one can withhold it.

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And whatever mercy He withholds nobody but him can release it. Now you know, Allah, Allah.

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And despite this all, there will always be those people you know, who will choose to block themselves from Iran and mercy. You know who they are

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Wishful Thinkers,

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who stubbornly justify their sins when people advise them they say, but Allah is the Most Merciful. Who are you to judge me?

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They forgotten or perhaps they purposely over overlooked a basic rule in life at all precious thing.

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Kings require hard work ethic and sacrifice and Allah's mercy is no exception. Allah said what Amity was the act? Kula che My Mercy has encompassed all things for a KUBU hallelujah, you know, you're gonna, what you're doing as the character will let you know whom be it now, you'll be known. So I will write this mercy of mine, for those who fear me, and those who give Zika and those who believe in Allah versus

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work is required for it the same way you don't sit at home without work and expect money to just miraculously miraculously make its way to you because apparently, Allah is reserved the provider, you also can't stick to your sinful or lazy ways but then feel safe and say Allah is that right, man? This requires work and that requires work. Well again, we'll find out what that was. Okay, well, I'll tell you what Rasul Allah, Allah, Muhammad, Allah says, that established the prayer, look, its work and give the zakah and obey the messenger, so that you may receive mercy.

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It requires work. So expose yourself to the Rama of Allah. Don't deprive yourself from it by giving yourself over to a nightclub or your mouth over to a shisha pipe or your eyes over to a certain Internet content or your ears to the layer of music or your wealth over to interest or your liver over to alcohol or your life over to shaytaan what mercy can you expect if we're lazing about for hours on end behind the TV set, wasting away with aimlessness and boredom,

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without ever putting pen to paper in planning for the hereafter? A ramen wishes to share his mercy as he does so every second of the day. It is man who sometimes refuses to be a full recipient of it through the choices he makes and she makes so remove those barriers bit by bit till every part of your inward and outward life is completely engulfed by the drama of Atlanta.