Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 292A Translation Al-Jinn

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated statements and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The group discusses various topics including news stories, cultural references, and war or death. They mention various names and positions, including one of them named Al Huda Haru, one of them named Yaron Haraka, and Galusha Deena. They also talk about a woman named Galusha and her potential role in a war.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Nationale de vuelo Salli ala SUTA Hill Kadeem and avert Pharaoh the villa he Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish rashly acidity were Sidley, MD, wash little of data melissani of gahoo Kohli for veneziana

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Surah two gene is number one to 28

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all say, over here, it was revealed, Elijah to me and know who that indeed he is Sturmer istrouma He listened attentively nefazodone a group mean Elgin of the gene for Callooh so they said in there indeed we, Samina we heard Quran, the Quran, a recital or joba wonderful, amazing yesterday, it guides Isla towards have washed the right back for Armineh so we believed be with it. Well learn and never know Shrieker we associate partners, Bill Bina with our OB a Harada anyone were under who and that indeed he Darla. It was exalted, jet do, Majesty Rabina of our man not it to her that he took Sahiba button, a wife, Wallah. And nor whether the child were under who and that indeed he can, he

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was the Akula he says, Sophie Hoonah, our foolish one, Allah against Allah, Allah shut off all outrageous lies were under and that indeed we won and now we thought on that learn never Dakota it will say an ensue the man while jinn and the jinn Allah Allah against Allah good Eva ally well under who and that indeed he can he was Regehr loon men mineral ins from the human beings your Ozona they seek refuge BT gel with men mineral gin from the gym further ado home so they increased them brought her

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in oppression. Or Raha insane

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were under home. And that indeed day one no, they thought karma just as one and until you all thought and that LAN never yerba artha he will raise Allahu Allah. A herder anyone what Annette and that indeed we lemme snare we touched a summer the sky forward your dinner her so we found it. Molly, it was filled up. How to son with guards. Should Eden strong or shuba and with burning flames

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were unaware and that indeed we could no we were not going to do we sit minha from it. My car either sitting places. Listen for the hearing for the listening

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for man, but whoever yesterday here he listens attentively. I'll earn now. Yeah, did he finds Lahu for him? She Herban a burning flame RUSADA one in ambush.

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What Annette and that indeed we learn not nerdy we know whether Shavon any evil reader It was intended by the man with whom fill in the earth.

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Or Arada he intended be him with them. But Ogbu home there are Russia the right way.

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Well, Anna, and that indeed we mean now from us. of Salah Hoon. The righteous ones were Mina and from us Duna besides their liquor, that Kunta we were thorough with Da da da divided

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were under and that indeed we won and now we talked on that learn never Norges we make incapable Allah Allah fill in the earth will learn and never nurture jeiza Who we make him incapable haha by fleeing

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war Annette and that indeed we Lama when Samir now we heard alHuda the guidance Amma now we believed be with it for months, so whoever you mean he believes be Rob be he in his Rob fella so not your half who he fear

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Is Boxen any loss, Wallah? And nor will I have any oppression?

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Well, Anna, and that indeed we mean now from us and Muslim on those who submit those who are Muslims were Mina and from us, Ocasio foon those who are unjust

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FURMAN So whoever a slimmer he submitted for hola Iike than those that held row they sought Russia the right way

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what a man and as for Allah scicluna Those who are unjust for Canada so they were lead your hand now for Hellfire health all the firewood was unloaded and that if it's the cow Moo they stood firm, they remained straight.

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Allah upon a buddy aka the way let us stay in our home. Surely, we gave to drink them. Man water Medaka abundant Lina Steena home so that we put them in test so that we put them in trial fee in it woman and whoever your adult he turns away on from victory remembrance or be he of his rub. Yes, look who he will insert him are there been in punishment, saw the evergrowing

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were under and that indeed, Al masajid the places of worship Allah for Allah Fela so do not the rule you will call MA with Allah Allah a header anyone

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were under who and that indeed he Lama when armor he stood our blood Allah servant of Allah, ye drew who he called him. God who they were near your kupuna they would be our lay he upon him live in a dense crowd

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say in nama indeed not but other who I call rugby my rub, Walla and not was she who I associate partners be with him? I heard anyone say any indeed I learn not only cool I possess Lacan for you botlane any harm wala and nor Russia the any right way.

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All say in the indeed I learn never ug Ronnie. He will protect me. mean Allah from Allah Aho don't anyone will learn and never agita. I will find men from Dooney heat besides Him, Malta her there any place of refuge INLA except Bella Han, a convened men Allah from Allah, what He said allottee and his messages, woman and whoever you are asleep he disobeyed Allah who Allah what I saw Allah Who and his messenger for inner then indeed LA who for him now a fire Jehan nama of *. Holly Bina Wanzhou abide eternally fie her in it Abba there forever. Had the until either when or oh they saw man that which you are doing they are promised first A or Allah Munna. Then soon they will no man who have

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our food is weaker nasally on as helper, what a Kullu and is lesser? Our Dada in number. All say, in not editie I know whether periurban near man that which do or Duna you all are promised, or he had your aloo he will make Lahu for it. Or be my rob a murderer, a term

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animal nor alive of the unseen fella so not your hero. He reveals Allah upon baby he is unseen. A herder anyone Illa except man who is who he approved, men from Rasul in a messenger for inner who then indeed he Yes, Luke, who he causes to enter men from benei a day he before him were men and from Kulfi behind him rassada a watcher,

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Lea lemma so that he knows and that, in fact, oberlo who they conveyed, Risa alert messages or be him of their Lord. Were a helper and he encompassed Bhima with whatever la de him is with them what I saw, and he counted, he enumerated Galusha in everything, either in number.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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whoa here

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Oh in sannyasa

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yesterday de la Bush the

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one who Shrieker your

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dog Bina tocado saw

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use IP

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law you shall call ball what

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more he can give

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the earth come a long way

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I mean by that is family is

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also the

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theory shop at The

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Mirage Canada

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I mean

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all you need

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is a law have you

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up so

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name oh no I mean you cause you

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famine so

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eager to have long Russian

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body or DNS Paulina

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Lena Tina Hoon v one they are the creator of me as look forward

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long enough

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long he had over guys we're gonna

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should it be me

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Giovanni Nina Margie

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is the why me

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why me

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a hottie Deena

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imaginary body match

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will be

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top on your console in

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the day you want me to continue you're also the leader.

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You'll be more help on email

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Are they

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in the

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