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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses trends in fashion and clothing, including " Easter Speaker," a fashion and clothing summit. They talk about "elephant," a term that refers to body image and self esteem, which is a problem that affects everyone. The speaker hopes to discuss " Easter Speaker" in a fashion summit in July.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh you may have heard about my new seminar called trends, and how we talk about fashion and clothing and clothing. But you may not have heard is that I refuse to talk about fashion and clothing and dressing nice and all of that without addressing the elephant in the room. Now, what is that elephant? That elephant is? body image and self esteem? You know, we're living in this culture now where we begin to define ourselves by what other people or how other people see us we put our self worth sometimes in people's perception of us and how they like us or how we fit a certain societal standard of beauty and handsomeness. And that the problem, and

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that can affect us in so many ways. So we start the seminar, I start the seminar talking about that very issue. What is body image? What is self esteem? And are we suffering from negative body image and low self esteem? And most importantly, how do we get out of it? How do we break those shackles? How do we go about improving our body image? How do we go about improving our self esteem, so we feel comfortable and confident in our bodies, and that's one of the many topics that we're going to be discussing in the seminar. So I hope to see you there in July data set on why they come to light or what