Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 291D Tafsir Nuh 21-28

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The loss of wealth and children due to the pandemic and the need for people to commit sin and increase their wealth is a loss for all, including McCurry and Elizabeth. The use of idols as symbols of victory and the punishment of deaths in Islam is discussed, including the punishment of deaths and the punishment of individuals for refusing to pray against the Prophet. The story of Jesus's death is summarized in a series of slides, and the transcript ends with a recitation of verses that state that Jesus is a good person, but they do not believe in him.
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Verse number 21

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called a new one know how to use Salam said, Rob be in the home. Oh my lord, indeed they now know Hollis Anam is directing his complaint to Allah. He's saying, oh my lord, indeed they as in my people as Sony, they have disobeyed me, meaning they have rejected everything I've told them. Every time I invited them, they rejected me every time. Whatever, I invited them, they disobeyed me. What tomorrow and instead, they have followed somebody else. they've rejected me. And they have chosen to follow somebody else. And who is it that they're following Man Who Loved Me as in whom Allah Who Loved Me as it lamb not yes, it who it increases him, man who his wealth were one or two who and his

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children, meaning someone whose wealth and children do not increase him in LA Harada. Except in Los,

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they have chosen to follow someone who's got wealth and children,

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a parent, you know, power in this world, or things because of which people, they become respectable. So he's got this wealth and children, but because of this wealth, that he is increasing in his loss. Because for many people, it's their wealth, and their children that take them away from God, that make them commit sin, that take them further into disobedience. Many times a person will say things like, you know, if I was doing anything wrong, why would God give me so many blessings?

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Right? Or if so, and so person is really doing something wrong? Why would they be the happiest person in the world are apparently happy at least.

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So they're deceived by their wealth and children, and their wealth and children is not increasing them except in loss. Really? This is so sad. lumea zid who Malou who will well adieu who ILAHA Sera, we think if a person gets wealth and children, they have Casa No, we think they're successful. But notice, with the wealth and with the children, what is happening, they're going further in loss.

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So just having wealth and children doesn't mean that a person will be successful. Because here, there are people who have wealth and children but they're going further in loss, millennials Elumelu, who were willing to do inner Kasara. So they have chosen to follow such people, those of wealth, those have children have worldly prestige. And it is because of these things that they are increasing in their loss. When mackerel and they have plotted Macron a plot that is Kibera that is immense. They have conspired an immense conspiracy. muck is a secret plot, or plan to harm someone. Right. And it's also described as a scary filled facade to exert one's effort in causing trouble.

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This is MCRA. And obviously, this is secret behind the scenes. So macaroon macaron Kabara, they have been running around behind the scenes, trying to create trouble, they have come up with a master plan to oppose me to contradict me. So now people don't even listen to me. When I go to them. They put their fingers in their ears. When I go to them, they just cover themselves up. They draw the curtains, they block me off, they don't even want to listen, this is their McCurry

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who has done this, the leaders have done this, those whom they follow. It's as if these verses are talking about the situation in Morocco when these verses were revealed. Remember the prophets of Allah who when he was sent them also, what happened? His opponents were mainly who it was the chiefs of the tribes. And what did they do? They did mucker they spread false rumors about the prophets of Allah who said lies about him. So that when people would come into Makkah, what would they do? What would they do? They would plug their ears, like one of the companions said that he came to Makkah, and he stuffed his ears with cotton because people had warned him there is a man. And his magic is

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in his words. If you hear him, that magic will affect you. So be careful. So in order to save himself when he was in Morocco, what did he do? He plugged his ears with cotton. Imagine

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this was the mucker done by who were the chiefs. Right? So this companion, what did he do? Then he said, You know what? I'm a pretty intelligent man. I can't be affected so easily just by mere words.

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Let me at least see what this man is saying. Right? So what happened he went to the prophets of Allah who said and heard the Quran found a completely logical, effective and believed. So we're Makkah who makan Kibera. Even the enemies of new Hyundai sedan

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conspired similar plots will follow and they have said meaning they have set to their people the leaders have set to the nation, that latter the Runa never ever leave Don't you dare leave at all. Do not leave at all. Ali Hata comb your gods mean no is telling you to stop idol worship and you What are you going to do? You're not going to leave your gods at all, while at other honor. And don't you dare leave? What then the worship of what do not leave as in Do not leave worshiping what what is what? The name of one of their idols? What Eswaran nor suar Don't even leave worshipping suar wala Yahoo's and don't leave your hosts either way or Oh, and don't leave your oneness and

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don't leave Nestle. They named their idols and they said don't leave these idols at all. It is said this idol whose name was what was a male idol named after a call men and it is said that it's from the word wouldwould is love. So what loving God knows what the meaning was to where it is at that car was their female at yeah whose it is said that this was an idol that was with a lion face and they prayed to it for relief Europe, it is that that this was horse faced from awk awk is to set free so it would set them free from their problems. And then nestled was an eagle or a vulture faced idol. Whatever it was, these are some details that have been narrative. But regardless, Allah

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subhanaw taala mentions the names of the idols over here and the point is that look at the muck that the leaders are telling their people naming their idols do leave this one don't leave that one and don't you dare Latta the Runa Latta the Runa cpws works which repeated twice and they chose the emphasis with which they prohibited their people and laughed at the Roma is very strong. Noon was shut that means definite and with Allah prohibition, don't you dare not at all, at any cost. Don't leave this one. Don't leave this one. Even our boss will deal on where and who there is a Hadith in Bukhari, in which we learned that the names of these idols formerly belong to some pious men, some

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righteous people, and when those righteous people so a person whose name was what another person whose name was Sua, another person whose name was yo with another person, his name was Euro, another person, his name was nessa so these were actually people, human beings, and they were righteous. So when they died, shaitan inspired

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the people to prepare and place idols at the places where they used to sit at.

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So there was a particular place where, let's say, this righteous man by the name of word would live or he would worship God over there. So what happened? They said, You know what, this place is so sacred. So let's, you know, this man, what righteous man is gone. But let us make an idol. Call it what and keep it here, so that we don't forget him.

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So initially, the intention was really good, we will remember him, we'll make an image of him so we remember him in memory of you understand? And then eventually, what happened? They started worshipping these idols and they forgot Allah.

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So over time, over the years

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those pictures or those images turned into idols. Now what happened? We all know that no holy Santa eventually what happened with this people there was a flood all of them were destroyed. No, holy Santa was like the second Adam. Right? But ship came again.

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Isn't it shoulda came again, idolatry came again. So shame upon revive this idolatry again, and he continues to do it. He continues to do it. In fact, even our bestel de la Martin who said that all the idols which were worshipped by the people of Nora, who are worshipped by the Arabs later on,

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those idols that were destroyed in the flood, right. I mean, the concept of Schilke was finished. But what happened chef Han was still there. So down the road 1000s of years later, he came to people again, and he led them to schicke wakad urban Luca Fiera. New highly CERAM said that uncertainly, they have misled many.

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They have misled many who these chiefs, these leaders of this nation, they

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have misled many people.

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What does he do? Lolly? Meena Illa. Allah Allah, new holy Salam praise against these people. No. He says, Oh my Lord do not increase such unjust people such oppressors except in error. They choose error for themselves, give them more of it.

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They choose error, give them more of it. Why? So at least the rest of humanity will be rightly guided

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mimma huddly T him, Allah subhanaw taala says mimma because of huddly it him their sins, which sins numerous sins? were what were their crimes over here? Was it just the act of schicke? Was it No, look at the way they treated no honey center, look at their arrogance, look at their rejection. Look at their stubbornness upon falsehood, even though the signs were so evident the message was so clear because of their sins. Allah says all recall, they were drowned. In what in the Great Flood for older lino Nowra. And as they were drowned, they were admitted into the fire, which fires this Oh, *. But we know that people will be put into the fire of * when on the Day of Judgment. But

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here look at the sequence. They were drowned for over three Lunada. And immediately after that, then the next thing was that they were admitted into the fire. Yes, regardless of how a person dies, if there is for him fire in the buzzer, he will enter the fire. And if there is for him a garden in the buzzer, then he will enter the Garden. Because remember, after death is the life in the grave, or life in Alberta until the Day of Judgment. When a person dies, he's not just finished. No, there's a different existence where in the buzzer and what is the buzzer? The state one is in until the day of judgment. And that state is either of punishment, or of bliss. And there's so many verses in the

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Quran and statements of the prophets of Allah have produced him. The proof to this. One of them is this verse, Even the people of Rome what do we learn in sort of the last fifth? I have 46 Allah subhanaw taala says a now to your Aluna or lay her we'll do one more Ashiya people of our own also they were drowned. But fire is what they are presented upon in the morning in the evening, we omit the cusato and the day that the Hour will be established. Abdullahi Liu Allah Fiona shudder are the admit the people of Iran to the most severe punishment.

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And from Hadith also, we learned there is punishment in the grave or there is reward in the great the grave of a person whatever that is. However, that is whatever condition a person is in, when they die, ashes or sound body are eaten by an animal or drowned in the water, whatever.

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In reality, it is either a garden from the gardens of Paradise, or it is a bit from the pits of *. For Odyssey, Luna, they were admitted into the fire. We learned that once a lady came to our I shall deliver on her and she gave the alteration of Lauren, that may Allah protect you from the punishment of the grave. So I have a little warning. She was really surprised by that with that, what do you mean? So she asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, is there a punishment in the grave? And he said, Yes. He said, Yes, this is a Hadith reported in Makati. And there's so many Hadith that proved for this. Remember that once the Prophet sallallahu sunnah was passing by certain

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grades, right? And he was made to hear something that others were not made to hear. And what was that the sound of the people who were in those grades being punished. And he said that they are being punished, but they're not being punished for anything major. One of them is being punished because of because of what backbiting no Mima, because he spreads backbiting goes to this person talks bad about one individual then goes to another always going person to person spreading evil.

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Such a person is punished in the grave. And really, we need to think that when we sit with people, what do we talk about? Who do we talk about? What do we say?

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How often do we talk about people and how often do we talk about important things, useful things? What are our conversations about?

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And the thing is that the more time you have on your hand, the more free you are, the more time you have to talk and as you have to talk

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And people keep asking you so what's up, what else is going on? Well, you've spoken about what's going on in your life. Now you have to talk about what's going on in other people's lives.

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So use your time, productively busy yourself in good work. So you don't have time to talk about other people's lives. And the other person was being punished for because of splashes of urine.

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He didn't take care of bottle, spread filth, and also let filth remain on their body, the prophets of Allah who when he was sent him said that most of the punishment in the grave is because of urine.

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He also said, protect yourselves from it, for most of the torment of the grave is because of it.

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In another nourish, and we learn that the punishment of the grave is for who it is for those who turn away after seeking knowledge. After learning, the truth is clear. It's evident.

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They're up on it, meaning they're following it, and then they leave it they turn away from it. There's an Irishman, and Behati, in which we learn unasked the law on who said that there was a man who embraced Islam. And he learned Surah Baqarah. And he learned sort of earlier in one, and he knew how to write. So he was also the scribe of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But what happened later is that he became a Christian, he left Islam, he would ascribe lies to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he would say, Mohammed knows nothing except what I have written for him.

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He knows nothing except what I have written for him. So what happened this man he died eventually. And when his people buried him, in the morning, they saw that his body was out of the grave. So they said, This is the act of the Muslims, they have done this out of revenge for him, that he was buried, but they took him out of the grave, and they threw his body out. So they buried him again.

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And the next morning, they found that the Earth had thrown his body out. Again, this is this is an act all Muhammad and his companions saw the Lord he was. So they dug the grave for him as deep as they could, for the third time. But in the morning, they again saw that the Earth had thrown his body out.

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So when this happened so many times, they realized that what had befallen him was not done by human beings. And so they had to leave his body out because every time they buried it, it was thrown out. There tried so hard many times.

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A person who knows the truth,

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knowingly rejects it and turns away from it turns away after it.

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When there's punishment in the grave for such a person, another Naresh and we learn that a person will be punished in the grave and he will say why, why is this punishment being given to me and he will be told that you performed prayer without will do and you passed by an oppressed person and you did not help him.

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This is a Hadith in a sutra to Saha number 277. For

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two reasons are given for the punishment in the grave. What are those reasons? Firstly, you prayed without will do?

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Praying without wudu really? Who are we fooling here? One is that a person? You forgot? I mean, he thinks that he has will do but he actually doesn't. That's a different case. This is he knows he doesn't have widow. She knows she doesn't have it. But still she's praying. What is this? Who is the person fooling?

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For this is our that will cover

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and secondly, you passed by an oppressed person, and you did not help him. You passed by a person who was being oppressed who was being treated unfairly and you did nothing to save him.

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For this is a double cover. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make dua in his sunnah and he would teach this door to people like he would teach them a surah of the Quran.

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Imagine he would teach this God to people just as he would teach them a surah of the Quran Allahumma inni are either becoming either be Jahannam what are they becoming either?

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What are all the become in fitness and mercy hit the jungle? What are all the becoming fitness in my helmet? So we see over here the people of New Harley Sam mimma huddly dm Ollie Rico for older fellow now. They were drowned but immediately entered into the fire. phenom Yeji, doula home and they did not find for themselves.

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ELVs Min dunlea He, besides Allah Ansara any helpers, meaning none could protect them from the punishment there was no one who could help them at all. We'll call a new one and no hurleys Salam said, Rob be oh my lord, lotta dogs do not leave. I'll be upon the earth mineral caffeine among the disbelievers, the deniers, the Yarra and inhabitant. The young is one who is the one who lives in a doubt. One who lives in a house, a resident, he said, Do not leave upon the earth, even a single resident is single dweller that denies you. In other words, he's saying every denier finish him off. Why is he praying against them? Because he conveyed for 950 years, and it was clear that they were

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not going to believe. So if they would be left as they were, what would happen to the future generations? What would happen? They would be the same. This is explained in the following verse that in NACA into their home, indeed you or Allah, if you were to leave them, if you were to spare them, Yulin, lewrie Badak, they will forever misguide your slaves, well, I usually do and they will not beget meaning give birth to illa fabuland cafardo except every Fajr and Kapha. Meaning then, the future of humanity is what that they will only be faddish, wicked and Kufa extreme deniers.

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So, he made draw against them. This was when the secondly 950 years, we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that no Halle Sana will be called on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will call him a new Harley, some will say love bake was sardick Oh my Lord, here I am at your service. And Allah will say, Did you convey the message? And no Hallasan will say yes, his nation will then be asked, Did he conveyed the message to you? And they will say no more than or came to us we have no idea they will lie.

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So Allah subhanaw taala will ask know how they sent him who will bear witness in your favor. And he will say Muhammad and his followers because this Quran is how it is the truth is, it is Yaqeen So based on this knowledge, the OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will testify in favor of new Holy Son and that yes, he conveyed Rob bill fieldly No harness and I'm prayed that Oh my Lord forgive me while he while he there yet. And also my parents forgive me and my parents walima the Hala and also forgive the one who enters Beatty my house Minun as a believer, whoever comes in as a believer, forgive him also.

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And then he doesn't just end there. Forgive me, my parents and those who have believed in me. Well, it'll mean one more minute.

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And forgive all the believing men and all the believing women.

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What does this refer to? Who does this include? Every believing men and believing woman until the Day of Judgment? What does this show? Know how the sinner what kind of a person was he? A well wisher sincere, someone who wanted good for people good for humanity, which is why you prayed for even those who would come much after him. What does he do Lolly Mina inlet Avara and do not increase the wrongdoers except interval or what is the bow? Complete destruction? total ruin.

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What the botnet that be raw, same route. Basically Tibbett is used for a broken piece of gold. So imagine a brick of gold or something and a broken piece of that. You know, when you have even a small broken edge, then it's ruined. So well that doesn't usually mean a lot about and so what happened? Allah subhanaw taala responded to the draw of new heights

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and the Great Flood was sent

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and all those who denied him were drowned in Solitude i a 32.

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Allah's parent artist says that the people have no harness Anam Fallujah, no agenda Dannevirke 30 Elena, they said, Oh no, you have argued with us and you've argued too much. We don't want to hear you anymore. Fuck Tina Bhima 30 duna in conterminous Saudi pain bring us what you threaten us with if you're truthful, meaning we don't want to hear anything else. Now bring the punishment into the hood i a 36. Allah says we're all here Illinois, and now who lay your minimum in komikko, Illinois and

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it was made clear to new Harley Sam that now nobody else is going to believe. So new Harley sulla made this

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wrought against them, after it was made clear to him, and this was after a struggle of 950 years. This is the story of slavery, of courage, of steadfastness, of hope, of gratitude, not of bitterness. Because look at the end he's praying to Allah for forgiveness. Why would a person seek forgiveness when they realize their shortcomings and when they realize they're in need of Allah? He always saw himself as Allah servant other than shockula Let's listen to the recitation of these verses all

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being nouns only you

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do Oh

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walk all over

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one I have

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a small walk on their own water no caffeine at all.

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me to him repo for Odell seen who now

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further NeoGeo

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Dooney Lehi Oh fall woke on. Love Billa

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we need caffeine and the

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meal we know that CO

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UTM Mina

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Mina Mina Do you want to add as the Morley Mina?

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Subhanak Allahumma will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta, a stuffy to cover a taboo in a Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

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