How To Get Whatever You Want From Allah

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How To Get Whatever You Want From Allah (God)! – Dr Tawfique Chowdhury

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I have five kids, my friends

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and I want to tell you how they make dua to me do I mean when they asked me something? This is how they do it, Ibrahim. Let me start off with the first one use of use of is my oldest one. I think the oldest children always a little bit

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soft. Is that correct? The first child always a little bit soft cries cries too much. Is that correct?

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I don't know. But I tend to find I was the oldest one. It was just too soft. I was just too soft and I will just know a little bit I'll start crying. So you so it says Baba Baba. Yes. Can I buy that thing? What is the thing? PlayStation that nice game, no use of I don't have money.

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And you just make us that face of his. And he just turned away and he just shed one or two tears and that's it. Okay, this is how he asks me. Then comes Ayesha.

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Ayesha is my next one. She's the eldest daughter. What does she do? Baba? Yes, you're very nice, but when she comes She comes my hair touches my head. Well, like she says such an unbelievable Subhanallah she's gonna get everything from her husband. Anyway.

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Mashallah, she does everything touches me. soboba How are you? Baba? Can I do anything for you? Like a glass of water? Like some juice? How about the energy test? takes my shoes off. Ayesha. What do you want? Baba? Can I get that present from the No, not now I don't have money. Okay, but that's fine. Then she does go away nice.

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Then comes Xena.

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Look at how she makes a lot to me. Make ask me something. What does she do?

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What does she do?

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He says boo boo boo boo boo. Yes.

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This is a really nice toy. So there Can I please have a previous decision? Please? This is she's a very funny girl, right like that.

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She's seven years old and she's how she asked me. I said no, then. Okay. And then she just goes away. Right? Then this is Ibrahim.

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Ibrahim doesn't talk. He just smiles soboba Yes.

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All he does is smile and I know he's up to something naughty. Okay, just to smile as Abraham No. Okay. And he's still smiling and going away. Then the last one.

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Maria, how does she asked? Three years old?

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No, no.

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Who do you think is successful?

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Who do you think is successful?

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Best negotiator. Who is it? Last one she gets it all the time? Because if she doesn't, she's gonna kill me. She won't shut up.

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I'm gonna ask you this question. Why can't we ask Allah like a two year old child?

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Why can't we ask Allah and make blood to Allah like that? Why?

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And I thought about this look at how she gets everything from me all the time. When Allah loves that I make the Prophet Some said Allah loves it when you make bla bla hates it when you don't make

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the prophecy and also synthetic Hadith, ma sushi and Allah Hema crochet and Allah him that there is nothing more honorable to allow them to.

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The Prophet also said nothing to Khadija Muslim. He said, I just, I just wanted the most incompetent the people are those people who are not even capable of making the law.

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Why can't we ask Allah like a two year old child?

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Oh Allah.

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Oh Allah, you are the Lord of the heavens in the earth. Oh Allah, you are the richest around the poor. Or Allah. I don't want to put my hands down onto dancing.

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Oh Allah don't put my hands down until you answer a DA O Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah give me Jana Oh Allah don't punish me and Johanna. Oh Allah let me see your face will alarm right for me safety from the fire today.

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Oh Allah Don't let me put my hands down until you answer my law or law. I'm not gonna put my hands down until you answer my da. Do you know what the prophets have said?

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He said Allah is ashamed, authentic hadith in Muslim. He said Allah subhanho wa Taala is ashamed

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of his slaves when he raises his hands up to him to return it back to fra

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in Allah Allah is that even AB de de la de

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For Allah is ashamed of his slave when his slave raises his hands up to him to return it back to him empty.

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SubhanAllah How amazing is that? Allah is ashamed. What an honorable King. What an honorable Judge what an honorable Lord he is.

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My brothers and my sisters in Islam, ask Allah like a two year old child.

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ask Allah like a two year old child, you will have everything you want.

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ask Allah like you never asked before. Don't make like the banana

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Latina. I mean,

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what will gender female abrar mean? What the heck are you saying you don't even know. It's like, you know, Zeynep comes to me.

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Please, please, please, please, please, Can I have it? No. So this is the legal way. This is the way. This isn't the way if they only persisted if you only persisted Ibrahim only persisted. If he only persisted they would get their way. But they didn't. Neither do we.

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We are far too hasty, my friends.

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Allah sometimes doesn't answer our door directly. You know why? Because you loves to make us make the law. He loves to hear us beseeching him and making the law to him. He loves it. That's why he waits, waits, waits, waits waits before you answer the because he knows you're going to stop making the law as soon as you get your thing.

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So my friends connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala This is your chance. Nothing as as strong as though

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nothing is as strong as nothing is as strong as Do you know how many verses in the Quran against making dua to other than Allah, how many verses

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500 verses one third Oh Allah, Allah and after 500 verses like this

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in Allah, I mean do Nila

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how many verses are like like that 500 verses of not making dua to anyone other than Allah. Do you know why? Because the scholars say that is the best of the better. Because Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said,

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is the heart and soul of the better heart and soul of worship. And the thing that is common between all religions as though

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this is the month of the this is the month in which Allah subhanho wa Taala will not reject our door, one door every single day. What do I have you made for today? And have you been hasty in your door? Or are you truly making the offer Allah subhanho wa Taala as you should like the two year old child,

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big Allah Allah will not say no to you. Beg Allah Allah will not say no to you. And if you make dua to Allah, Allah remembers you to himself. If you remember Allah, Allah remembers you to himself, Allah. He says, if there was only one verse that was revealed that could show you the greatness of the law. Then this verse would be enough which though which verses that further guru nee as korakuen

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remember me I will remember you Yes. And how powerful