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My Writings – Kitaab at-Tawheed (Commentary on the Book of Monotheism)

Bilal Philips


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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my writings in the late 90s and early 21st century. And these writings, as I've previously mentioned,

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were focused in the latter part of the 90s. On textbooks needed for course in Islamic studies for an Islamic Studies Department, where books were not readily available. As I mentioned earlier, I was teaching in the American University in the way

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throughout the 90s. And in 2000, I set up an Islamic Studies Department while still teaching in American University, but set up an Islamic Studies Department in Preston University aged man, because the American University in Dube was not giving the opportunity for setting up a department. So I looked at elsewhere and pressing University became the option for me. So I set up the Department of Islamic studies there and began to run a curriculum based on the medina curriculum as well as that in undermine University in Sudan and last are elsewhere. Other previous textbooks which I spoke about soil Hadith, Sula, tafsir, etcetera,

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became the main texts used for these many of the subjects

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in our feeder 101. We used the textbook fundamentals of Tawheed, which I had prepared from much earlier

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it was suitable, but it did have a need for additional material.

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And what I did,

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because that was taken from classics which had been written commentaries on Cotabato, he'd have Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab I left out certain areas.

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So, what what I went back to do was to put together a text

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commentary based on the needs of the department

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in and also on the book of Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Kitab Tauheed. So, this became a supportive text published as a commentary on the book of monotheism is a supportive text for the Arcadia class. So, once my fundamentals of Tawheed was complete, then students would continue on

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with this text, so this was to help build up the material which was being used for OSU letterhead.

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So have the lab this book was published.

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But published in a limited edition in sha Allah.

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We do hope to republish the text in the future

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and we pray that

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it has been of benefit for those who have read it already studied with it, started from it,

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and inshallah we hope that it will continue to benefit others on into the future. Baraka Luffy comes out a coup de la he we're gonna get