Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 275D Tafsir Al-Waqiah 68-82

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has been discussed, including the use of trees to light fire and the importance of gratitude and lightening the way we think about the pandemic. The title "IT" in writing is discussed, including its meaning in relation to "IT" and its relation to "IT" in various writing styles. The importance of the Quran in shaping behavior is emphasized, including not denying gratitude and not denying its potential for harm. The segment also touches on the use of "bringing" in shaping behavior and how it is used to express gratitude and appreciate blessings.
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So here different proofs of resurrection are being given that, have you seen the crop that grows? What role do you play? All you do is that you just saw the seed and the rest, Allah subhanaw taala makes the plant grow. What's the proof of that? Because whenever Allah wants he can cause the plant to die. And then once the plant is dead, once the crop is dead, you can do nothing to revive it. This is not a convincing enough proof for you. You need some more convincing. Okay, a follow up item. Then have you seen Have you considered a mat? The water? A Lolita shrub moon, that which you drink the water that you drink? And you don't even think about it? Where does it come from? Who made

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it and dumb? Did you and delta mu who? You bring it down? Did you bring it down? Meenal musli from the rain clouds? I'm National monzi loon or is it we who caused it to come down who bring it down? Who brings it down from the rain clouds. The word el Muslim is the plural of Muslim, Muslim. It's also a name. People give it to girls Mozilla and Mozilla is used for a rain cloud and white cloud that is beautiful to look at. Have bull Muslim have seed of the muslim meaning hail

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YBNL Mussina is used for the moon when it appears through the clouds meaning the clouds are surrounding it. And then you see the moon in the middle. So mosun rain clouds. Allah says that who brings the rain down from these rain clouds? Do you do that?

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Can you do that? No. You can keep looking at the clouds wondering if rain will fall or not. You have no control over it

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mean recently how many times it happened that it became cloudy. Clouds came and went and no rain fell or very little rain fell. And then finally we had rain storms right? But how often it happens that clouds are there above you. You have no control you cannot say okay rain should fall now because it's really hot. Or my grass really needs that water.

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You have no control over it. Allah brings it down and sort of aged i A 22 Allah says we're also gonna Rhea Hello alcohol for an Zelner Amina sama EMA and for us at now como who won the anthem law who because in in the we make you drink this water, you have no control over it. When Allah asks a national Munzee loan, what's the answer? Yes, Bill entire abana It is You are our Lord Who does this loan Usha Oh, if we will do our Allah Who jajah We could have made it into a judge who judge bitter, salty water.

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We have done this word earlier. Sea water especially is described as a judge because it's so salty. Even if you tried to drink it, you couldn't drink it. It's so salty.

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So if we wanted, we could have caused salty water to rain on you.

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Because if you think about it, most of the water that is evaporated daily is from where? From the seas from the oceans. And the water in the oceans and seas is salty or sweet. It's salty. Imagine if water was evaporated like that salty. And it fell down on us in the same way salty, what would happen to our houses? What would happen to our crops? What would happen to us?

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What would happen Lona sha Allah will jajah And yes, there are times when because of extreme pollution. There is acid rain

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and what devastation that causes. So low Nichelle Would you allow Pooja Falola the schoolroom so why are you not grateful? Why don't you offer thanks to Allah. When rain falls, you get upset

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that your picnic got ruined. Or you got a little wet. You get irritated and angry and you call rain bed

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when this is in fact a blessing from Allah, Lola, Tasha Quran Why are you not grateful that the water that falls on you is pure and clean.

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Why do you not say Alhamdulillah

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and you see where the started from the water which you drink

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the water that is sweet, easy to drink sweet not necessarily like sugar sweet, sweet as in not salty, so it's easy to drink.

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I follow Atim still not convinced? You need more signs more convincing

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For a tomb then have you seen a narrow the fire allottee to rune that which you ignite to rune while Raja era is used for lighting fire, starting a fire. Have you ever seen the fire that you can do that you ignite? or unknown? Is it you? Who are unsheltered? Don't you produce Chateau Raja? It's tree? I'm National monsoon or are we the producer? Do you produce its tree? Or have we produced it? What's the answer? By Antonia Robina?

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Fire from tree? Yes, because we're used to igniting fire. We don't even like fire actually. But those who do we're used to doing it with what? With gas or something, right? But originally, what is it that people light fire with? Or what is it that they did it with with wood

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and you can actually try to do it also. You take pieces of wood and you rub them in a certain way. Right? You strike them in a certain way and you continue to do that until it becomes really hot until finally it turns into fire.

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So the Arabs they would use particular trees for lighting fire. The monk there if

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they used to use these particular trees to light fire, the branches of these trees were perfect for it in truth Yassine at all. So it is mentioned Allah de Jara la comida shadow Akbar Inara. For either and two men who took it on.

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So until unchecked shadow data how did you make these trees? Did you make them grow? Who made them grow? Who produced them? Allah did national Jalna we have made it meaning the fire we have made this fire does kiloton, a reminder.

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This fire is a reminder for you a reminder of what of hellfire.

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The fire of this world is just a reminder, which means that the fire of * is far greater,

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far more hot compared to the fire of this world that is more fierce compared to the fire of this world. Any fire in this world, whether it's in your kitchen,

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or a campfire, or a wildfire, whatever that fire is, it is a reminder of help.

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That when your hand burns, or when you stand in front of the oven, than when you see things charred and burnt. This should remind us of *, Wilma, Tao and Lil McQueen. This fire is also a matar a provision for who lil McQueen for the travelers. McQueen is a poor enough McQuinn McQuinn from cough Well, yeah, Kava. Kava is used for empty, desolate, deserted place.

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Right? And basically wilderness. So no people live there. There is no water, no vegetation, no electricity, no of 3g, nothing. This is our

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All right, complete wilderness. So Moquin are who travelers because when a person is traveling, then he goes through places that are completely deserted, meaning no people live there.

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So we have made it as a Mata for the Musqueam for the MacQueen, meaning something that they benefit from, they can line up the fire, and they can use it for the purpose of light or to warm themselves with to prepare their food to chase away dangerous animals. So many benefits for the travelers. So where did this come from? Who made it? Did you make it? No, you didn't? Who did it? It is Allah who did it so fast have been so glorified. This smear of big with Name of your Lord, allow leave the Most Great do this be of your Lord? Say Subhan Allah.

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This is what the ayah is telling us. So once you Say Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhana Allah he will be handy Subhan Allah Allah Aleem, Allah has given you all of these blessings, will you not thank him, how will you thank him by glorifying Him? Because gratitude is with the heart also with the tongue also. So express that gratitude.

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fella. Oh, Cosimo fella. Oh, Cosimo, so no

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oximeter, I swear, Lau over here is not negating the customer. It doesn't mean I don't swear an oath nor law is negating anything that's going on in the mind of the listener.

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Right of denial of rejection of doubt. So let's stop it up. SEMO I swear I take

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An oath be my work here in new Doom by them a welfare off the stars my welfare plural of the word mo fair remote their place of work our work are what does what car mean to fall so mo care is the place or time where something faults.

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So the place or time of the falling off a new Doom of the stars, meaning the rising and the setting of the stars meaning before dawn and the time of Muhammad or the east and the west, Fela oppo seems to be my welfare in new Doom. We're in now who and indeed it locka Simone surely an oath lo talamona If you only knew it is our leave it is great. This is a very powerful oath. This is a very serious oath, a very great oath, because who's taking it?

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Who's taking it? Allah?

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This is something very serious. So pay attention or you people.

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And what is it that our attention is being drawn to? In who indeed it meaning what is being recited to you? It is local and on Kareem, it is surely a noble Quran. It is a Quran a recitation, that is Kareem, Kareem. Remember the meaning of cutting we learned earlier now buried in what are Kareem What does curry mean? beneficial? Right. So this Quran is Karim. It is beneficial.

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It is Karim. It is honorable. It is respectable. It is held in the steam cathedral Nefer its benefits are endless a lot.

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Basically, the word Kadeem is used for something that is praiseworthy, that is of good quality. So it deserves praise. And this is why we see that Kareem is also used to describe Allah Allahu Karim. Allah is Karim the angels also they're called key Rahman key Rahman Khatib in Quran is a plural of Kadeem. Quran is called Kareem the messenger in the hula colo Rasul in carrying rasuna is described as Kareem.

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Right? So Quran is Kareem, what does it mean, it's praiseworthy, it's very important. It deserves your attention. Or you listeners, why? How is it cutting? Because it is Allah speech. It is Allah's word. It is the guidance that he has sent for mankind to bring them out of darkness. And the Quran is Kareem, it's very beneficial. How is it beneficial? It's recitation itself is a means of reward.

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It's recitation is Schufa. It's a healing.

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Right, it's recitation. It's reading it's understanding is a means of transformation. It transforms hearts.

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It changes people, completely changes people. And I'm telling you, I've seen this, that how people are not affected by anything. Anything, but when the Quran comes in their life, they become a completely different person. What changed them it's the Quran. Quran is Karim it's very beneficial. Its guidance, its benefits are endless. So all people pay attention. This is in the whole of Quran Kareem and see how this is being said. For Allah. Oh, Cosimo be Mercury neutral. No, stop what you're doing. Stop all your doubts. oxime will be my work there in new June. I take an oath by the setting of the stars. Were in the hula kasama low Tala Munna, Aleem and if you had any knowledge,

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this is actually a very great, a very major, both because Allah is the one who's taking it. So are you attentive? Now, when you're attentive, then you should know that in the hula Quran, Kareem this Quran is noble, it is beneficial fi keytab in Maknoon it is very important. It is Viki tab and it is in a book which book Maknoon that is well preserved well protected. We have done this word earlier also Maknoon so Kitab and Macoun. What does it mean that the Quran is written in the book which is well protected? What is that well protected book? It is low hanging by fools. It's called Low hold my hold my folders and guarded protected no shaitan can reach there. So it is V Kitab in Maknoon.

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The Quran is written in the low Hallmark fools

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in Surah herba 13 to 16 Allah says feel so Hooven mocha Rama not for it Mata Hara, the ad Sephora ki Rahman Bharara

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Leia masu it is so Kareem this Quran is so noble that Leia masu none can touch it being the Quran that is written in low * Mfold none can touch it. Elwell Mata Haroon except the completely purified ones and who are the Moto Haroon, it is the angels you see Matahari the singular of this word is Maha, Maha is one who is completely purified.

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Human beings can never be Makaha we cannot be motherhood. Why? Because even when we clean ourselves physically, we may be very dirty in our hearts possible right? We may be externally very clean.

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But right behind that skin is what filth

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you understand. We can clean ourselves, but within a few moments we can become dirty again.

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Isn't it? We can be Mutata his, Allah loves the Mutata hit right?

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In Allah your Buddha webinar where your hibel muda hitting muda him is one who tries to purify himself like he performs will do he washes up. Right? But motorhome is one who is completely purified.

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And who is that? It's the angels.

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Right? Because the angels they don't disobey Allah. They don't commit any sin.

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They don't eat and drink. They don't need to use the bathroom they don't have all these issues that we have.

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So la Yama, su Il Mata Haroon, this Quran is so honorable, so noble, it is recorded in the low Herma falls and that no one can touch it, except the angels.

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Human beings cannot go there. Some say that this verse is talking about the most half that is with us that is with people that people write. And so they use this idea to say that only a person who has wudu can touch the Quran. But this is not talking about us. This is talking about who the angels and it's talking about the Kitab Maknoon, meaning the low Halima fools.

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Right. But learning from this, learning from this, we can say that yes, it is better to touch the most half in a state of purity. However, if a person is not in a state of ritual purity, and their hand is clean, it doesn't have any impurity on it. There is nothing wrong in touching the most half.

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Because when I shall deliver on her said that she was in a state of menstruation the Prophet sallallahu sallam said it's not in your hand.

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It's not in your hand, your hand is clean. Once a Buddha and a little more on who was in a state of Geneva, right the state which requires also and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw him somewhere and he said and Abuja little or no disappeared, and after a few moments, he came back and he was all wet. So the prophets Allah wa salam understood that he had just taken a bath, this is an Buhari. And he said what happened he said that I had to take a bath and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that a Muslim is always thought her

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the body of a Muslim is clean.

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It is clean Yes, in order to pray you need will do for the laugh. Yes you need will do but this aisle is talking about not human beings rather the angels but yes from this we learn the etiquette if the Quran is so noble, it is so precious. It is so important, then yes, we must touch it with what kind of hands clean hands of course, and it would be better if we are in a state of will do but a person is not prohibited from touching the most half if they don't have will do so anyway, Leia masu ill Mata Haroon, what is this book? It is 10 00 middle of Babylon. I mean, it is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.

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Think. Then the lone

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Mirabella al Amin

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revelation from WHO? From the Lord of the Worlds,

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the Lord, the Creator, the owner, the master of everything that exists.

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Isn't this enough for us to show respect to the Quran?

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Because it is the message from WHO? From Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mean.

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Think about it.

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If there is, you know, an invitation that somebody sends us, somebody and that's somebody who happens to be the mayor of the city that you live in, how we will show off that invitation. We might frame it.

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Right? We just want to make sure that everybody knows

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Was that yeah, we got an invitation that addressed us from the mayor of our city. The mayor, not even the Prime Minister of the country, or the president, the mayor of our city. We're so impressed by these things. We give them so much importance. The Quran has been revealed. It is the word of the Lord of the Worlds.

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Give some respect to this Quran.

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Treat it with respect. Don't you realize what's in your hands? Then Zeno, Mirabella al Amin,

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FRB handle Hadith the unto mood he noon,

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what for be Havel Hadees, then with this speech, this statement, this discourse meaning this Quran,

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which is the speech of Allah, you are to this unto mode he known you are moody known towards it.

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Towards this Quran, Medina, this is your state, moody he known as a * of mode when and who is mood when modeling is someone who is indifferent towards something takes it very lightly. Basically, it's from dune don't is oil. Don't be to be Dooney. The wind is oil. Right? And mother hen is someone who puts oil on something, greases it.

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oil or butter or the likes of it, they put it on something, greasing it. And when something has been greased, from Can you hold it firmly? Can you know what will happen? It'll slip from your hands, it'll fall from your hands. Right? So this is why the word mud hen is used for someone who takes something lightly. doesn't give much importance to it doesn't treat it with respect. The respect that it's worthy of Medina is used for someone who is hypocritical regarding something meaning he says something and does something else. Like for example, if a person says to their child, you know, the child is saying, I really want to go here and the father says yes, yes, I'll take you, whatever.

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Some people do that. Yes, yes, I'll give it to you later later. We'll do it later. And when is that later? Never. He's lying to his own child. Why? Because he doesn't take his child seriously. Right? Or he doesn't take his word seriously. He's being a mother when you understand what's happening. This is what when Allah says FRB handle Hadith he intimate he know this speech you don't give it the due respect and the honor that it deserves from you. You believe it? You take it lightly. You don't give it much respect. This Quran is Karim so important. It is in Kitab in Maknoon so important that Lima su Il Mata Haroon so important that it is Tenzin middle Abdullah Al Amin

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what should our attitude be with the Quran? What does Allah say who the Al Kitab Bilco WA? Correct.

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So if we don't hold it firmly,

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if we don't bring it in our lives then we are also being Medina if we read it, and then we cry about it and we talk about it and we preach about it, but we don't bring it in our actions. This is Ultimate him

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FRB Heather Hadith he and Timothy noon, what a jar Luna is a comb, and you make your that is your provision.

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Meaning the provision that Allah has given you, you make the sugar for it. Sugar is not written in the eye, it's not part of the eye, but it's implied

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that you make the gratitude for your provision being the provision that Allah has given you. How is it that you show that gratitude under come to the bone that you deny? You deny allah and You deny his book, you deny His law?

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Is this the thanks that you offer for everything he has given you?

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When he gives you material things, you take them happily? And what's the shukan? What's your response? What's your answer to Allah took a V Boone you deny the book that he has given you? You don't believe in it? Is this the thanks that you have to offer? Is this how you should respond to Allah? For be a ye Allah era be chromatica divan, you have so many blessings that Allah has given you which blessing Can you deny?

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So many blessings are listed over here in the previous verses? What did you make for yourselves? Who gave this to you, Allah gave you and what are you doing in response, you are mistreating his book, the book that he loves the book that he sent to you.

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You see there are two things. One is the creation that Allah has created. Allah Allah Who will halco Well

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Umbro write. One is the creation that Allah has created. And second is the amount the command that he has given

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the creation that He has created us, the things that He has given us, to us to enjoy the air that we breathe, the food that we eat the beautiful things that we look at the sounds that we enjoy the people that we live with, right physical blessings that Allah has given us.

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All right, second is that among the commands that Allah has given us, to pray,

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to give in charity, and all the commands that Allah has given in the Quran for women to wear the hijab, for example, lower the gaze etcetera, etcetera, right all these commands Allah has given.

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Remember, that the command the law is more beloved to Allah, then the Hulk,

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remember this rule,

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the command that Allah has given to people to follow, Allah likes them.

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Allah loves those commands, which is why when a person follows those commands, then what happens? He becomes a more corrupt to Allah. You understand. And remember that hadith Guzzi that how does a person drawn near Allah when he follows those commands which Allah has obligated him with?

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And then when he performs voluntary good deeds, then he draws even closer to Allah.

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Now, the things that Allah has given us the food that we eat, remember there is the halal in it and the Haram in it.

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So what does it mean? The things, the tangible blessings, they're not all beloved to Allah. In fact, they don't have any worth near Allah. Because this entire world is not even worth a mosquito swing before Allah.

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But what do we think? We think, if I've got the money, if I've got the looks, if I've got the beauty, if I've got world if I've got worldly blessings, God must love me.

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And Oh Allah, thank you so much. Thank you so much for this and for that, right. However, who is it that Allah truly loves? The one who has taken the Quran? Because Allah of Ramadan? I love Al Quran. The first blessing that Allah mentioned is which one?

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Which one? The blessing of Quran Talim of Quran Hi Eurocom Manta, Allah mal Khurana are lemahieu not the one who has accumulated a lot of wealth and knows the best makeup and knows the best fashion? No, it's the one who has learned the Quran and the one who teaches it.

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So we think if I have money, God must love me.

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Whereas the reality is quite different. Who is it that is beloved to Allah?

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Who is it that his beloved to Allah, the One who follows his commands?

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Right? Now, the reason why I'm going into this discussion, is because when it comes to tangible blessings, worldly blessings,

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we feel very happy. And we will thank Allah for them. But when it comes to religious blessings,

00:28:26 --> 00:28:28

when it comes to the blessing of Quran,

00:28:29 --> 00:28:37

then what is our reaction? Do we accept it happily? Or do we have some kind of hesitation or discomfort in our hearts?

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If we get $5,000 We just go outside and the money is falling on us. Gold is falling on us like it fell on a tube or Lucena would we take it happily? Who would collect it happily? I think every one of us would. Right?

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But when Allah is giving the Quran, I after I

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then how do we take it

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knowing that Quran is more precious near Allah than gold

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and I have the Quran is more valuable near Allah, then silver.

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If a person were to go in a marketplace and return with a camel, that is huge.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:28

That is pregnant of the highest breed,

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and a person could sell it and make a lot of money. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you go to the masjid and learn one I have the Quran that is better.

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FRB handle Hadith he and Timothy noon.

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The reality is that we don't value the Quran the way we should value it.

00:29:49 --> 00:29:52

We're not greedy for it the way we should be greedy for it.

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We don't desire it the way we should desire it. We desire other blessings, the things of this world

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which have no worth near Allah. We have them we think we're lucky. Allah has given the Quran to us and we think we're unlucky

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with a jar Aluna is ACOEM and Nakum to cut the boon

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how is it that you show gratitude for all the blessings that Allah has given you? You deny him you reject him?

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If he gives you good food to eat, you eat it so happily so quickly. A part of the Quran to read then what happens? What is the state of your heart

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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I felt all I need to move

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to move

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loan as

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a school home

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shedule whatta ha

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she Oh

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na nah no John

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Wayne, the sub dish Bismil beacon lovely fella Obasi movie

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we're in

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now me

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Kareem V kita

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ly ms

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after the handle hottie thing,

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more than he know what

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is Funcom and

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calm to get the ball

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