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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi and mine. My brothers and sisters Welcome to another session the 16th session of reflecting on the names of Alaska. And these names have been given to us by Allah because he wants us to call into these names one of the reasons why the Quran we have it as the Quran is the Quran is actually explaining to us how to call Allah. So Allah could have started the Quran by saying, you know, Anil Hamid, another Buddha Alameda, I am the most praised I am the, you know, Lord of the of all creation, Allah could have started unlike that, but that would be more like Him,

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showing his power and authority which he has, right he has all the power, he has all the authority, but he would come across the human to as, you know, a very powerful a very, you know, a God that wants to subdue human beings and wants to show them who he is and wants to get them to all accept who he is now, instead of doing like that, what Allah did is that he he revealed the Quran by saying al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen that all praise every form of praise belongs to Allah is due to Allah and acknowledgement robola alameen who is the Lord of all creation? Why Why was it like that? Because what Allah is doing his his revealing the Quran in a way that humans find it easy to relate

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to Allah by by being given right by being given the very words they need to use to reach Allah so the Quran in other words has you know is there from the beginning to say okay my servant you want to connect with me okay say they say Alhamdulillah sarahan right call me like this call me through the name of Rob called me through the name of Allah called me through the name of Rahman Rahim called me through the name of Malik of King, okay, call me through these names, say to me dinner guide me there's so what Allah has done is that he's given us the very words we need to call on to Allah and Rasulullah Salallahu Salam You know, there are many other areas or there are many drugs which are

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Matsuura or these are these these are no no matter what he means that they have been given by the props that Allah has come to the Sahaba of how to call Allah now. The the the best of all creation is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and he teaches us through his methods of how to call Allah so there are many doors, you know, yeah, our hammer rang for example.

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All one who is the Most Merciful of those who are merciful? Yeah, our hammer Rahimi. Okay. Yeah. krummenacher amin and many different words you know, he told us so from the plan and from the sooner we learned that they are giving us these words to use in order to call Allah azza wa jal. So please continue to use these names on a regular basis. And call Allah through these names and discover these they learned Furthermore, about these names like what what do these what effects can these names have for me in the situation that I'm in? And that's something which has been a theme throughout the whole of the sessions that we've been doing in Ramadan that you know, you find

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yourself in a particular situation you look at the name near the names of Allah and you say, you know what, that is the most closest to my situation. Like I need this particular you know, help from Allah like I need my answer to yeah Mooji boo, you know, I'm gonna I'm going to call it a lottery and we'll give you and would you be emoji or like for example, I'm really you know, facing that I might call this trial when or I might be where I need my honor to be to be you know, established so yeah more so one who gives honor so you repeat your Maria Maria Marie's. Maybe you want to, you know, be dominant in that particular case of your so yeah, xizhou Okay, the one who, yeah, as he is

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the one who has the mic and the power to dominate others, you could use that name. So these are names that are there for us to use in different situation to get corsola another name we come to today is the web. A tower means the one who accepts the returning of his servant again and again and again. Now, look, Toba is to return. Toba is not just to seek forgiveness from Allah it's misunderstanding if you think the Toba is seeking forgiveness from the light no Toba goes beyond seeking forgiveness. seeking forgiveness is the foul. So when you say I suffered a lot of seeking forgiveness, but when you you know you can seek forgiveness, but you might not really change. You

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might not really say Well, you know what, I'm never going to do this again or something or or for example, let me give you a different example.

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If they're just to get get an example, okay, if there are some parents and you

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They the son has has left the house in our inner in rage. Okay, the son left the house in a rage. The son was in the wrong but he said, You know what, I'm leaving this out, I'm going out there, whatever. So the parents calling back No, come back, come back, this is your home. What are you doing? Now You've insulted us. So, Oh, you've disobeyed us, you've made wrong and so on. So if the sun was to say, from from a distance, you know, I texted his mother, my father and says, you know, okay, I was wrong. I seek forgiveness from you. Okay, so that's forgiveness, that is that is sought. But if he was to then say, you know what, I was in the wrong and you know what, those are my parents

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and they need me or something, Oh, those are my parents, I want to be with them. So if the person returns home, that that is another that's, that's on a different level. When we have when we disobey Allah. And when we've committed the sin. We've not only committed a sin, but we've moved away from Allah we've moved away from hate the thought that you know what, he's our Creator, we shouldn't be. We shouldn't be sitting in front of him. We shouldn't be doing these things that are of disobedience and you know doing things that will anger Our Lord, we shouldn't do those things. Now. we've committed a crime, okay? Of course, all human beings, they do make, you know, make sense. There's

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not a single human being watching this or in the world right now that is not sinful, unless they're underage, or unless they're insane. Or you know, and so So anyway, every human being more or less is sinful. And and the famous Hadith says that kulu money every single you know, son of Adam, they make they commit sins. Well, halal hopper in at the baboon, the best of those who have made mistakes who have committed sins are those who returned back to a learner. What does that mean? That means Look, if I say stuff, Lola, or suffering in the local village, forgive me, okay, I've, I've, I've sought forgiveness. That's one step. But the second step, what I'm really supposed to do is to say, look,

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Allah, I'm going to return back to you, I'm going to come back to you mean that. What this means is that I'm going to do my best to abide by the code and abide by the sooner I'm going to do my best to now listen to you. So Toba is some something different. And for Toba to be completed, a person had to fall for this person to say, you know, okay, I'm now ready to say I will try my best to listen to you.

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There is the thing that a person needs to show regret, a pessimistic regret, but the whatever they've committed the same, a person needs to show no regret. And then a person needs to make an intention, that they're not going to go back to that it stopped the self. So number one is to stop the sin. Number two is to show regret. And number three is to make an intention not to go back to the sin again, these three so when a person has these three things in their heart, it firm in the heart, then only a person has has has completed their tober if you've also hurt a human being or you've taken something of them, which is not yours, and you need to return it back to them, then it

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means an extra thing, which is you need to now you need to now return that thing. Or let's say you've you've harmed or you've you you've caused mental harm, even to a human being, you need to now seek forgiveness from them as well as Alaska. Because Allah doesn't forgive from human beings with the mantle, other human beings unless those human beings forgive them. Okay? Yes, Allah can forgive that too. But that's a very special blessing of Allah only very few will get otherwise the normal system is that if you've harmed another human being or you've, you've been cruel to them, or you've done something wrong to them in any form of shape, then you need to seek forgiveness from them as

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well as as well as seeking forgiveness from Allah. So Toba is when we when we say that we will come to you a lot. We're going to listen we're going to be good good individuals. That is that is tober. Now for that, look, we've got different phrases. We've got a start flow, a suffered a lot of info seeking forgiveness, I seek forgiveness from a lot of great who are supplying a lot of what Rahim I seek forgiveness from Allah. Surely Allah is the one who's forgiving, and He is the Most Merciful. So that's in terms of our Estefan. We can even extend it and say I suffered a lot. I love it. I know. And I seek forgiveness from the from the one lonely Who is the one on the God and there is no

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other God besides Him. Now Toba is to use the word tubal in there. So we say if you say stuff in LA to LA, I seek forgiveness from Allah and I also returned back to LA here's where Toba is mentioned. Or I start with Allah Allah, Allah, Allahu Allahu Allah, which which are word with you, which we've received from the messenger sallallahu Sallam teaching us how to make that Toba. So, as I said to you again, and again, you're you can just sit down, you can just have a whole lot of United I know what to realize. You don't

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get much sensation out of it you don't you don't really feel anything okay to make it something lovable put a tune to it

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as long as

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you know

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how you local you're more adobo lie

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II now that is something where you've put a true to it you're you know you're you're saying it from your heart You're You're really meaning it it's got a different feeling it's like the Quran if you if you read the Quran and say

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Alhamdulillah datamine agraharam Rahim Medical Medium yagnam that's that's on one level but if you put a tune to it which we've been told by the province of Latin that Allah loves the tune that you put in so you say hamdulillah euro Miller alemi manual or hain Maliki only need so now you've got a different you know a feeling to reason I put the same with Stefan Sangeeta spear the same as Subhan Allah say with 100 now okay when you're doing this Zika you don't want to say to my mother

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man you can already feel nice like you know monotonous it's a bit dry but if you say you know Subhana Allah you will hamdulillah he will

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in Walla

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Walla How will

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you know Ronnie are only now you've put a whole different tune to it you kind of feel wow you know what I want to say this this feels beautiful to say okay, so that's so that's that's something which which you need to do with your own tuner something so that you enjoy the moments that you're remembering a lot it's it's a win win situation because ally enjoys hearing you being so passionate calling him and you feel passionate as well calling a lot and you end up spending more time doing

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liquor of Allah azza wa jal

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the you spend more time doing that big just because you put a tune to it. So find your own tunes. Even if it's with simply serve ourselves

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in Allah forevermore Omar I still get a lot ah nama food.

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Or, as some of you don't know how to eat a stove you

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lie, a stove you know how to move in a so get get you know, getting a place of find a place where you're not going to be disturbed by others you know you alone will allow us to find new tune and call Allah seek forgiveness women situation your your sins have been removed, then the barriers between us and Allah are removed which means that we feel that closeness to Allah azza wa jal and to work toward meaning that he is now accepted us as close servants or servants are growling towards him. And don't forget, look, you know that he says James had the humble heart he says that whoever whoever draws a span towards Allah is dead and Allah will draw you know our whole arms and towards

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whoever grows and then towards Allah and Allah will you know, come to arm lengths towards them and whoever walks to a lot level run to run to him so you know that that had to show that look, Allah is very happy when he's seven tends to him and i'd love knows that we will get into a situation where becomes we become sinful, but it's a case of us showing our thing that you know what, we messed up and we want to come back to you Allah, Allah loves that. Okay. Now, the next name that you have is element again. And monarchy meaning that the one who takes revenge Okay, in the poor analyze well in the in the beginning of surah, Allah Allah said, you know, Allah has he assumed Linthicum Allah is

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the Mighty One who who is the one who can take revenge. Now, this is an all inspiring name. And ally Yes, if you wants to, he can take revenge, but most of the time, he doesn't do it. So make sure that you got the balance right in understanding the names of ally in terms of most of his names being positive, and a few that are there that are there to cause inspire them to inspire all insiders. This is one of those names so allows you to you know, it's not like someone's done something wrong to allow where he feels Oh, personally, I've got this vendetta against so and so my servants and I need to teach them a lesson. It's not like that. Usually what happens is there are servants that

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that cause harm to other servants. Okay, there are there are humans that will cause harm to other humans. And because of that,

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Those other humans that have been wronged on their behalf, Allah is multiple. So it's like me knew if you had a problem, then you could say that I've taken the person that you've taken personally. There's nothing personal for Allah to take. There's nothing person for love today given that, you know, in that sense, but Allah azza wa jal he, on behalf of those who have been wronged, he could take revenge for them on over another set of people. So that's his name, element taking.

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The next name we have is Allah Phu. Kham to the name Allah for Allah, Who means the Wipeout of sins allow for means the one who will wipe the traces of sins, Oliver foon, recovered before is that he forgives sins often again and again. And one is to forgive. But one is to wipe away its traces. What does that mean? So you know, we say commonly with our, you know, between us forgive and forget, we say between ourselves as humans, we say, Please, let's forgive and forget, meaning that let's forgive each other for what we've done wrong. Forgive me for what I've done wrong. And forget it, meaning that don't bring it up again, like remove all traces of what I've done, like any records of

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what I've done, you know, anything in your heart that is there against when which is you know, somebody that you might forgive someone, but you still feel like, you know,

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he's done something wrong. So so there's still a record of something that you've done wrong. So if you were to be completely, you know, if you were to have your slate completely clean, then you need to come to the name and our food, which is a lot you know, we can not right now say Allah forgive me for my sins. Okay, that's one thing. But don't forget, the angels have written it.

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And it's in the book, and the books have been in the file and the files will be stored away for the Day of Judgment. And that one book is going to be given to us on the Day of Judgment where everything is going to be recorded. And the earth has also recorded what we did and the sky has recorded what we did, and our hands and feet and whatever and our skins record what we did. So there's there are plenty of witnesses of what we've done. So now what we need to do is we now need to call Allahu Allah, for Allah Who is the face of sins, who's the one who wipes away sins, completely leaves no trace, meaning that not only I want you to forgive me awful, but I want you to,

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you know, just just delete it and wipe it away from my records from what's been written in my books. Make sure that the earth doesn't witness against me make sure the sky doesn't witness against me on the Day of Judgment. Make sure my own body doesn't witness against you on the day of judgment on my skin or whatever it is make sure there's no traces of it whatsoever. So I don't have to face any trial for this either it can be completely forgotten. That is awful. And that is why I'm living through her the way that we've been given by the messenger sallallahu eyeshadow Villa on her is that on this night on the other party which is coming in the last night. We call Allah Israel through our

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food through his arrival. So Allahumma inaka foon Karim, Allah you are the face of sins you are the most noble the most generous to help

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you actually love to wipe away the traces of sin you love to wipe away anything that will could put me in a difficult position tomorrow because of the sins that have done far for me so therefore wipe away all those sins from me all records all traces all evidences whatever, wipe them all away. Yeah cream or in certain race. Yeah, kind of all in the beginning certain regions are phone cutting is that in the beginning, so there are different forms integration. So a lot of my neck our phone carrying hibbeler off of our family along with Nick our food to him rather far for me, I carry different narrations regarding this. So you know, we should we should increase and it's not just for

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a lot of other this, this this law. So don't think that I can only use this on labor harder, you can use it any moment you want in your life, and to ask a lot to you know, wipe away our sins completely. And something that we need because the thing is, if we've done something wrong, then I don't want to come back to the day of judgment and have to see that in my records or have to face questioning on that again, I want it to be totally wiped away in one go. There. I don't want to I don't want it to hold me again in the future and that's why I'm in the car okay.

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that's the name of apple. And then we come to the name of Allah is

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the one who is delicately merciful. Now, one is two identical merciful and one who shows affection, very, you know, subtle affection towards his towards his servants. One is a Rahim Allah has Rama he has mercy. But one is to be delicately

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merciful, one is to love one servants. One is to be very

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compassionate and very suddenly sort of, you know, be affectionate towards one servants and that is what our offer is. So Rama normally you could probably find some traces of how Allah has been merciful on you but a rove you won't have any trace you won't be able to know how exactly Allah is being merciful towards me. I know roof look Rafa, Rafa has this thing of having this kind of loving mercy, where you pity someone, can you pity someone and that's the meaning that we get from our growth, but Allah azza wa jal, he often likes to pity us. And because of that, he wants to show his subtle mercy towards us. And he'll do something for us which we never even realized. I want to tell

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you. Like for example, this provision is something that we can see okay, we can see okay, I love provide this love provide not is giving me this in my life. And these are provisions on luggages to every human being. However, there is a way sometimes when Allah really wants to be good to you. And he is very often what he will do is he will provide you that risk or that provision in a way that you never even realize how it came to you.

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So Allah said in the Holy Quran, where Zuko Hoon, min hifu lyase rule, he probably he will provide them in a way that they don't even have any collection of how to provide you that only the man who doesn't. And I'm telling you that there are some some times in your life, you kind of think, Wow, how did I manage to do that? How did how did all these things coming to place? such a coincidence that that happens when that happens? It only comes together and then you know, I suddenly get this great thing in my life where Zuko who Allah said, you know, why did you call me hateful? Is it Allah can provide in a way that a person can't even calculate, you won't be able to calculate how this is

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going to come. So we have a plan of how we think Allah might providers. So that's something that we've got in our minds that okay, you know, if I do this, if I do that, sometimes beyond or away from all your plans, something comes along.

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And it's so beneficial to you. And that's where Allah is Raouf that he has his specific subtle mercy towards the servants in a way that they can't even tell how it happened or how it came to them. The next name company is Malley could work a medical move which is the owner of the Dominion now this we've covered in one covered medic when covered Oh, we covered the kingdom one of the early names in the in the series. Malakal monk is the one who is the owner of the dominion and if you look in Surah, number three, item 26, you will find Allah teaches us how to call him through my wood Allahumma medical mark to the MOCA mentorship, save the Save is only to say this, say oh owner of

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the whole Dominion of everything that is there. Okay? So tell me you can give any of this to whoever you are. But you can take it away from whoever you want. And you can give dignity and honor to whoever you want. And you can disgrace whoever you want. We will hide all goodness is in your hands, meaning that I'm looking for the goodness from you. I'm not looking for you to take things away from you. But I'm looking for you to kindly give me you know, the things that I don't have and I need and I would want I want you to give me those things. So Malakal MK, the owner of the Dominion now if you want to get something from a lot from his dominion from his possession, which means that Yeah, of

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course he possesses everything. That's the name to use. Okay. Yeah, medical milk. Yeah, medical milk. Yeah, American milk if you want the subtle masala Oh, yellow leaf, which is another one. Yeah, we're off yellow to the southern Mercy of Allah. If you want to get some of our law, which is in terms of ownership. Yeah. Malakal milk. I'm asking you to give this another one which was who was the last man strollers is the next name? They literally were the crown. But if you can call Allah through this, you have to say yeah, very generally welcome. So again with Malakal milk, you don't say yeah, man, the cool milk in Arabic When the possessive form? You have to say yeah, Mally kalmak

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so if you're saying the name on his own medical DJ, he is medical. But if you're actually calling a lot to distinguish, say, yeah, Miley kalmak that's our because how arbic works, if you know how the grammar works, and the same with the Julia Lally column, so you know, Luca, Luca means he is the possessor of majestic qualities and he's the he's the great giver. Well, he could I'm the one who honors and and gifts to others and he's very generous one of one of the majestic qualities and one of generosity that's allowed. And if you call Allah through this name, then the way you do it is to say yeah, then generally will Ekram all possessor of great majesty all possessor of great giving an

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honoring and and being generous towards

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His servants I'm asking you to be generous towards me and I'm asking you to show me you know your compassion and to and to give me so there's lots and lots of thought some of these phrases to us how to use them so one of them is this year they generally will economy Another one is yeah How are you dramatic Esther is oh one who is ever living on whose sustains everything I'm asking you to you know, have mercy on me or through your mercy give me help. So when you start to do I look when you when you make do either there's some adaptive law so number one is that wish you may face the Qibla it's good, you don't have to face the front of a bra number to add them up guys to raise the hands

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but you don't have to reach out for another one is that and one is conditional, which definitely you have to have your heart in bra that that is definite. And the next thing is to send silhouette and the personal loss and because that's been mentioned, it's good to get your order accepted. Another one is to praise the laws of justice fan so these are the words that you use you call Allah's names first, because you're going to again, you're going to ask for something so you should start off by by you know, saying like what would the person do in this world where if they went to see the king was see the queen? They would say all Your Royal Highness and you know all your you know your so

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Your Eminence, your your your great highness and all these words why you don't just say, you know,

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Elizabeth, Elizabeth, or you don't say, you know, if it's if it's an Arab King or something, you don't just say you're Mohammed, Mohammed Mohamed, you know, you you don't you don't address them like you'd address anybody else. You know, you have to say you know, Your Royal Highness Your Majesty, your world excellence and so on. You give them all these the and then you say you know their name and what you want. So the same way, when we you know, in fact, it should be more formal as well so that there's a there's a Tana or there's a praise that we give to the king, when we are when you're first talking to him. And you say those words of you know, you are

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you are the Most Merciful yada yada Rahim Yeah, Kareem or one who is so generous, yeah, then generally will calm and so on so forth. You use these names, too. So you know, you're saying that Your Royal Highness, Your Majesty, the possessor of such great qualities, you know, you're the one who is so merciful. You're the one who has so much excellence in terms of how he is towards his servants. So you've set all of this and then you're going to ask what you want. So these are from the adverb of, of draw. So that's the only one. And the final name that we come to today is a ship, okay? Now, a mock simply means the giver of one's

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justice or the giver of one's rights. So we have a label, which is justice, and we have kissed in Arabic, which is your portion of the justice, and whoever gives you your portion of the rights that you own or your rights, or your justice is limited. And that's a listening meaning that there are there are certain times look, you know, there's something that that is mine is my right, it's my possession is is I should have that, but people wrong, you people take it off you people you know, do all sorts of things to try and you know,

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get one over you and so on. It's horrible, it's wrong. Yes. But allows them again is the one that will give everyone the right, okay, now sometimes you don't receive your writing as well so but you don't get the justice in this world. And that's why that look, the way Allah designed this world is that there will be quite a few of us in certain situations, we're not going to get what we want and there's going to be people who wrongest but Allah has promised the Day of Judgment which means that on the Day of Judgment, it's going to be everything is going to be nuts, it is going to be all to do with giving people that their right and their justice that's why

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in the Quran what obeah will just it says no one talks about the dangers not everything will be dealt with with absolute justice that every owner of every right that was wronged or the right was taken away from them or they never received the Justice will that will be established for them and given to them on the Delta that is one promise and last taken on himself and nobody will see any wrong whatsoever on the Day of Judgment so if you even in this world if you want to get your right and you are even allowed to come to your rescue for for some some right of yours that have been taken away or someone has wronged you, then you can say yeah, Matson yeah motya motya Matson and

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Ruby repeat that name. Again and again. Now.

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It is also okay for you to

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you know, combine different names of Allah xuejun to try and try and get that effect. So you can say Matsuyama Rahim Yeah, came and then you know, Yamato, you can combine different names, because they're all our last names. I'm recalling him through that. Now. Finally, before you leave today, I'm going to send to you say to you that look, again, we've had a wonderful response from people

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With this brother frequently, I'm gonna ask again, please, brothers and sisters, if you've signed up to the by the 313, you know, we've now in the latter half of Ramadan, you know, just send those people give in Ramadan, people are ready to give a number on your friends and families have saved money to give us or the car or the car or whatever it is in this in this month. So just reach out to them so that they diverted towards this cause that is there. And we normally, you know, distribute the monies through many different places, but a lot in Bangladesh, some in this country, and we give it to people who need it. And we give it to people who usually don't ask for it. So there are many

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projects that we've done, okay, we're talking about, you know, doing projects, giving people you know, mending the houses, building houses for them, you know, making wells in places where there's no water, giving people food food parcels, giving rituals to people giving sewing machines, giving, you know, making AI operations for people, people whose health is really bad, giving some money to all that, you know, ambulances and so on. So for the we've done a lot of project, so the monies that have been raised, some of you have been asking, Well, where's that money going, where the money goes to many different, you know, projects that we've got, and we don't say it's going to go to this one

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specific one or that no, we send it to all pay. So every penny that is raised, we try to distribute it, you know, equal to many different projects, okay, so that you get rewarded everything, instead of getting reward for one thing, you get rewarded everything inshallah Allah and others have signed up for this Ramadan giving, and again, look, later to Qatar is going to become very soon, guys, now, four more days time, we're going to be entering the last 10 minutes. So I'm going to ask you that, you know, again, this this company gives, if you started part of that, then you know, what you do is, you know, have your amounts ready, if you just sign up and have your amounts ready for the for

00:31:44--> 00:32:15

the last 10 minutes or for the rest of the month. And you might want to know get more for the odd nights, it's up to you whatever you want to do, but don't miss out on a little bit later for further and the reward that you can get. And finally, what I'm going to say to you is that on Saturday, Saturday is going to be the final session we're going to do so on that day, I'm going to be doing tuxedo pseudocode that later to get in front of her and we're going to do a scene of that. And we're going to end up with the end with the diet as well on Saturday. So please send that message to your family and friends that if they're not if they're not listening to the rest of the 99 names that at

00:32:15--> 00:32:38

least on Saturday they can listen to later or otherwise that night. How powerful is that night? Where did Allah say about that? What are the descriptions of that? What can we do on that night? How to find that night? What are the signs of at night, all of these things are there in the Hadith and we're going to discuss that inshallah on Saturday. So I'll see you tomorrow again the next day and so on. On Saturday, we're going to have that special tuxedo suit. Zach Mohit Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa