Reviving The Sunnah #21

Muhammad Salah


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The speaker discusses the prophets' predictions of praying between events, including between the Adana and the affiliates of the Prophet. They also mention a commitment to pray between every two events, and a recommendation to pray between every two rockers and before the event. The speaker emphasizes the beauty of learning everything about the events and mentions a federal event in Northern Virginia.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back and quickly before it gets dark, it's almost sunset. And this time we call it the golden time. And it's so beautiful to recite your car and to make your supplications before sunset and here I want to share with you an interesting sunnah. Did you know that the prophets Allah Allah, Allah Selim, instruct us to pray between every two events? Every two events, we already prayed between every two others. I mean, if you make them for though, and other for us, they will prove or in between No, no, no, I didn't mean that. When an abuse Allah Allah on his dilemma said in the Hadith, Sol lubaina, Cooley as a Nene Yanni, he recommended

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offering a prayer between every two events. That refers to the first event which is the actual event and the second is the karma, the karma to establish the GMR. So the Prophet sallallahu selama said, offer no fly between every Amazon and karma, that is the meaning of calling it the 92 events, while it actually refers to the first event and the second is the comma Abdullah hidden Omaha fell may Allah be pleased with him, narrated in the sound Hadith that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, merci, bein coolly other Nene salah, bein Cooley, Nene salah, and He repeated it twice, which means there is an hour filler prayer between every two others and now we already know the first is the

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actual event and the second is the karma. But share we know about the emphatic Sunon which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that if you pray on regular basis to Allah cause every day and might, Allah will build the house for you in paradise. And you've been teaching us for rockers before though. So between the Adana karma for the two and two rockers

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and before federal tour rockers, and then after another two rockers and after Asia, two rockers and also after war to workers, so the total number is 12.

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It didn't mention anything between the Amazon and karma for us.

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It didn't mention anything about praying between the Amazon and karma for Ramallah as a matter of fact, some people soon after the call the other four Maghrib they call a comment say the marriage should be offered immediately. After the event, they don't give him a chance to, to pray, sunnah. Likewise between the Adana and karma fresh as a matter of fact, between the Adana and a coma for us, Melody and Asia. It is also recommended but it is not as emphatic. It is not an emphatic sunnah, but Antabuse, Allah, Allah and SLM used to pray between the iron and iqama for Arthur Maghrib and Isha occasionally, not all the time, not like before, though, not like before fetcher. Okay. So here, we

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learn between every other and an economy. It is a committed operation. Some people will say what got you because on Friday, you said that there is no prescribed sunnah before Juma? Yeah true. I said so because the prophets Allah Allah Selim never prescribed in his sunnah before Juma, but there are two actual events not only at then in a coma, yeah, I know. The actual, then is the answer. Then when the Imam claims the member then he says a Salam O Allah, this is the other What about the first event which is about 15 to 20 minutes earlier? This ASAN is like ringing the bell alerting people in the marketplace come over go home make make Austin come quickly before the event is called. Because

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when the Muslim community expanded in Medina and now they're in the marketplace busy with selling and buying they didn't have microphones they didn't have watches to know the time so basically, have managed now federal the hola Juan St. Mo as in a color of event in the marketplace to say really? And how would they say ready Allah

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but this is not the actual event exactly like in federal, there is an earlier event to alert people to get up to eat savour before it is the actual other brothers and sisters. It is so beautiful to learn everything about our dean, whether the father or the wife and and then our effect in Furtick anon infection. Aloha Marlena and founder, one fan Vemma alum tena was it in Elma? Well hamdulillah Allah Kula Haiwan are also below him in Halle Allah not

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mattala Here