Waleed Basyouni – Du’a of the man who had everything!

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © A man describes a woman who experienced a sad event and lost her job due to it. She explains that she had tried to pray for her brother and was met with a representative who offered help. She also describes the woman feeling sad and how she turned to the representative.
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He's a very rich man.

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Very, very rich and old,

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have seen a lot in his life. So many experience.

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He is from the Arab united Emirates.

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In one of the interviews, he was asking amazing questions that caught my attention.

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He was asked, you're a person who loved Mashallah Long live full with experience, you start from scratch and now you've considered one of the multi million of billion maybe

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man and your country. Can you share with us a wisdom or an incident that happened in your life, that you learn from it a lot, something like you always remember in your life.

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He said, One day, I left my home for you want to say palace, and I was walking in my neighborhood. And it was so sad. That night or that day, I wasn't feeling good. There are so many problems in my work at home, I was in feel myself very well. And I stopped walking and walking and walking and I went to another neighborhood next door. I passed by this mustard. And they found a man inside the mosque. I said to myself, let me come and go inside and pray to America. And he said, I've tried to rock and this must be my first time to pray them that must say they sell this man pray. I mean by praying making your app.

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And he said, he cut my eyes. I really was I wasn't able to move I was looking at him raising his hand. And so into his that sincerely I kind of envy him how he was so connected to a las panatela. To that extent, he was so into it. And he so his tears next with his words. I saw his hand up for a very long time, as if he begging Allah Subhana Allah and keep begging Allah keep begging Allah. And I said to myself, you know what, I'm not going to leave until I see what this man exactly his problem is.

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So he waited until he put his hand down a little bit and I approached

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he looked like someone who is like a middle class or even poor person, the way he dressed. And he said to him, Salaam Alaikum, my brother, there's anything I can help you with. I saw you saw into I saw so much sadness in your face, that is anything I can help you with.

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He should will lie. I am in debt, and I have to pay my debt, otherwise, I will be in a huge trouble.

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And he said, How much is it? With no hesitation, he said 4200. I said that said and he said I put my hand in my pocket, even in my wallet more than that. And I give it to him immediately. And before he even said thank you to me, he meets to do Chikara Allah subhanho wa Taala he thank Allah subhana wa Tada. Then after he raises his up, he said, Thank you. So so moved by, by by him and he said, I can give you more. He said, No, no, that's it. That's all what I need. I need just 4000

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then I said, anyway, and he said, I took my wallet, and I gave him my business card. And he said, Take my business card. This is my cell phone. Anytime you need anything, just contact me.

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And the reply was shocking to me. His reply was shocking. He said thank you. I don't need your business card. I don't need your contact number. I know who to contact when they need help. Next time.

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I will contact the one who have sent you to me.

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I will contact Allah, the One who have sent you to me to help me.

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He said he walked out from that mustard I didn't even know the name of this person. But that incident, something I will never forget in my life.

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He taught me a lesson and he with his response. I felt like as if I was a newborn as a born again. I was so happy. I felt so different after that. My brothers and sisters. This is an example of a man that you can see his walking in the earth with his feet, but his heart up there in the heavens.

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His soul in the Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is the sheriff, the owner of the movement

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Believing This is the honoring the cream that Allah subhanaw taala had given to those who believe in him and those who turn to Him

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