Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 30B At Takwir Al Inshiqaq

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The events leading up to the end of the world involve the transformation of the cities and the use of the Day of Jgment as a reminder to the people. The importance of the Day of Jgment is discussed, including the Day of Recompense for protecting the Earth and the potential for harm to the Earth if the Day of Jury is not met. The Day of Jgment is emphasized as a day for everyone to stand together, and believers in the Day of Jgment are encouraged to have a strong religion to avoid becoming a victim of a crime.
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Surah two duckweed Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim is a sham suka will not wear either nudelman cataract or even do bamboo so it was either a shadow earthly that were either were Hoshi Hoshi lot will either be held also direct or either new forces a widget or even no odor to So, he let be a heathen been kottelat what he does

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what he does sama Khushi pot well either a lot or either Jenna to Sleaford, I limit enough some Bharat

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when the sun is wrapped up in darkness, and when the stars fall dispersing, and when the mountains are removed set in motion, and when pregnant full term she camels are neglected. And when the wild beasts are gathered, and when the seas are filled with flame, and when the souls are paired, and when the girl who was buried alive is asked for what since she was killed, and when the pages are made public and when the sky is stripped away, and when Hellfire is set ablaze, and when Paradise is brought near a soul will then know what it has brought. At that time. Each person will know what deeds it has come with before Allah, what deeds each person has brought, because that day deeds will

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matter. Over a year, a detailed picture of the Day of Judgment is painted, that how the sun will be wrapped up. Could we all go without this to wrap something up in around way in a circular motion, so the sun will be wrapped up. So it will lose its light stars shall scatter, meaning the force that is holding them in their places today, they shall be finished. The mountains will not stand in their place, meaning every structure and every system shall collapse and everything will be in chaos, nothing will remain as it was and the most prized possessions will be abandoned by people. What is mentioned over here, full term pregnancy camels there will be abandoned by people, animals will be

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gathered even and especially whoosh wild beasts, because such animals usually they live alone. Bears they live alone generally, lions also cheetahs also how are they? Generally they hunt alone or they will live alone. Generally, you see that the way they live. They don't gather up in huge numbers together. But Allah says what he then will who should or should not even they will come together from far off places the seas will burn, water will burn. Yes. And this shows that there will be destruction at a molecular level. at a molecular level, water will finish mountains will collapse and the sand this mud will extinguish the fire. So the earth will be like a flat piece of white

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bread with all of mankind standing on it with no place to hide. And this is when the souls will be joined with the resurrected bodies. The innocent children that were killed in pure injustice, they will be asked the killers will not be given a chance to even explain themselves. Those who abused they will not be asked who will be asked those who were abused. Remember that killing children. Yes, people did it in the past, but sadly, it is done today also

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is even Aslan he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said that India helliya meaning before accepted Islam. I buried alive eight Daughters of mine.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said for each doctor free a slave. He said I have camels. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said then slaughter a camel each for each doctor that you buried. We see that even though this man had repented he had accepted Islam. Still the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ordered that he should give cafardo Why? Because on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask the girl who was buried in life, not the one who buried the girl who was buried alive. And also we see here that records of deeds shall be laid open, publicized, published, each person will know what is in his record and the veil of the sky shall be removed. So everything will be in clear view * will be viewed Heaven

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will be brought into view each person will know ultimately what it has brought alima to Neff soon ma Bharat and that is what will matter that that time. What about our clothes, our closets that are full of nice expensive

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clothes? And what about our shoes? And what about the money? And what about the goal that is in the lockers? What about all of these things? Will they come with us on the day of judgment? No, what will come with us our deeds. So I swear by the retreating stars, those that run their courses and disappear, and by the night as a closest aide, and by the dawn when it breeds that indeed, the Quran is a word conveyed by a Noble Messenger, meaning to be who was possessed of power, and with the Owner of the Throne, he is secure in position, obedient there in the heavens and trustworthy, meaning to be of the leader of the angels, strong and powerful, influential, meaning he such that

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whatever command he gives the rest of the angels obey Him. He is the one who has delivered the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah says your companion is not at all mad, and he has already seen the angel in the clear horizon, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not a withholding of the knowledge of the unseen, meaning whatever he has been informed of, he has passed it on. And the Quran is not the word of a devil expelled from the heavens. So where you going? Why do you not listen to this advice in the coronal aalameen it is not except a reminder to the worlds the Koran is a reminder to who, for everybody in who in the crew lalala mean? The Quran is meant to

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be a reminder for who for all people, Koran is for all but who will really take it as a reminder, benefit from this reminder, lemon Sha a min companion stocking for whoever wills among you take the right course. Whoever wants to fix himself. Yes, the Quran will serve as a reminder to him and you will not will except that Allah world's Lord of the worlds. This is why we should worry that Allah should be happy with us. Because one of good opportunities are taken away from a snatched away from us because we cannot even want to do something good unless Allah allows. So little info Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem it is summer on Foxtrot Delta where Kubota thought what will be helpful for JIRA when

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the sky breaks apart, and when the stars fall scattering and when the seas are erupted. And when the contents of graves are scattered, graves, whatever is in them scattered, nothing will remain hidden. Elements enough some of them are not so good will then know what it has put forth and kept back meaning on the Day of Judgment. A person will see every single action of his he will see every single deed that he has done. Yeah, a U haul in San Miguel waka brb can carry on all human being what has deceived you concerning your Lord, who was the most generous, the generous one? Why are you so deceived? Allah The Hala Kaka fossa worker father luck, he is the one who has created you,

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proportion to you unbalanced you in whatever form he will he has assembled you. So the Lord who has made you so beautiful, has placed everything in your body in such appropriate fashion, every hair, every finger, every nail, every part of the body? He didn't cover the entire forehead with hair like that of eyebrows? No, he didn't make one arm big and the other arm small? No, I mean, the skin is different on your hands, the skin is different on the back of your hands, isn't it? So Allah has made you perfectly in the best way. And look at how all the joints, Allah has covered them with skin, but flesh. Allah has not created you in a haphazard fashion. Allah made you gave importance to

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you and made your whole body consolidated in one piece. Not that parts of it are broken so that you lose them know you don't lose parts of your body. Even if a part breaks, it stays attached to your body under the skin.

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This is how Allah has made you. How could you ever think? How could you ever think that you were a result of some big bang some accident that happened millions of years ago? Can you this is foolish. This is foolish. You think there's no God? How could you think there's no God? How could you be without a god? How could you be without someone fashioning you? I mean, just look at your body. Could this be the result of just a bang? Could it be? It's not possible? Why are you so deceived about Allah? This is the work of Hakeem of Alinea.

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Have Kareem caliber to cut the bone a bit Dean? No. But you deny the recompense and indeed appointed over you are keepers, noble and recording then or whatever you do ki Rahman Khatibi, they know exactly what to do. Indeed, the righteous will be in pleasure. And indeed the wicked will be in Hellfire, they will enter to burn there and on the Day of Recompense, and never their farm will they be absent? And what can make you know, what is the Day of Recompense, then yes, what can make you know, what is the Day of Recompense because there's nothing like the day of judgment that you have witnessed in this world,

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any calamity, any moment of fear that you may have experienced in this world, multiply that by infinity and that is the day of judgment from my mother, aka Maria Medina. You cannot know the enormity of the Day of Judgment. You can never fully comprehend it until you actually witness it. yoma Latham licona, Selena since she,

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it is the day when the soul will not possess for another soul power to do anything. No mother, no father, no daughter, no sister can do anything for another while I'm Maria Wilma Eden lilla. And the command that day is entirely for Allah with Allah. So make yourself make your efforts lilla today for Allah today, so that our decision that Allah makes that day is also good.

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Surah tomahto 15

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Well to those who give less than do, who, when they take a measure from people take it in full, meaning those who take their right info. But then when they give by measure or by weight to them, they cause loss. They have different standards for themselves and different standards for others, allowable Nola econda, whomever who soon, a lot asks, Do they not think that they will be resurrected for a tremendous day, the day of judgment, the day when all of mankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds, each person has to face his Lord. And this is the meeting that we need to

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prepare for. In this life, we prepare for many days. Sometimes we spend weeks and months in advance to prepare for a birthday to prepare for an anniversary, to prepare for a wedding day, to prepare for moving day to prepare for some other days, someone's arrival and someone's departure. And all of these days, they come and they go, some go well and others not so, but this day, this meeting, which is certain, which is most important. This is what we need to prepare for. We have been sent in this life to prepare for the meeting with Allah on the Day of Judgment. yo maya como nessa, Lila Bellamy,

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and this day is not an easy day, a day when all of us have to stand, there is no chair, there is no rug, there is no sofa, there's nothing each and every person will be standing and the length of this day is 50,000 years where people will be sweating profusely, some drowning immersed in their sweat up to their ears, up to their neck, up to their chest up to their feet. Today, think about it. We're not able to tolerate even a little difficulty. So many times it happens that he it gets to us, but imagine the heat of the day of judgment. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the day mankind will stand further Lord, it is a day the length of which is 50,000 years. At that time, they

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will be immersed in their sweat up to half their ears. Some people will be immersed up to half their ears. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam decided this ayah yo maya como NASA de la bella anime and he said what will be your state? What will be your state when a law will gather you for 50,000 years, like how an owl is placed in a bowl ready to be shocked. But then he will not even look at you.

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Meaning for so long after people are gathered alone will not even look at them.

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And this is when people will go from profit to profit to profit. Asking them please beg a lot to begin the judgment. Even if we are to go to health centers there we want to get out of here. We've had enough of waiting 50,000 years of waiting.

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But for the believer, the standing will be easy.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, yo male como nurse with a lot Bella aalameen. That day will be like 50,000 years. But for a believer, this will be very easy, like the declining of the Sun until it sets

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like the declining of the Sun until it goes down. These days especially we pay attention to the last moments before sunset. And sometimes Yes, we're waiting for the clock to move to give a different number. But what happens? Those moments are easy to bear. Tell me a few moments. So for a believer on the Day of Judgment, this entire duration will be like the declining of the Sun until it sets but if right now, we don't pay attention to Allah. We don't give time to him. If we don't remember him, then how will that day be easy. You see when a person is immersed

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In the worship of Allah, immersed, fully involved in it, then what happens? He loses sense of time. Has it ever happened with you, maybe doing something else that you start maybe cooking in the kitchen. And the next thing you see three hours have gone by. You were so busy in it, you didn't even realize three hours went by. So a person who worships a lot like this, with all his mind and attention, losing sense of time basically, for him. For him, the standing of the day of judgment will be easy, because for him that day, will also pass by very quickly. Color in Nikita bell for Jerry Luffy said Jean, no, indeed, the record of the wicked isn't said Jean and what can make you

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know what is said Jean? It is their destination recorded in a register inscribed will that data the deniers those who deny the Day of Recompense, this belief in Africa is disastrous. It will cause great destruction for a person on the Day of Judgment, and none denied except every sinful transgressor. When our Verses are recited to him, he says legends of the former people, he says, I don't understand these tails. No rather, bell Ronna Allah coleauxv him, McCann waxy bone, the stain has covered their hearts of that which they were earning so many, many sins, that there is no fear of Allah left in the heart. And the heart is as though it is rusted, so filthy, without any shine.

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And this damage is irreversible. Because you know that when your car gets rusted, you have to fix it immediately. And if you don't, it will spread and once it spreads collapse, the damage is irreversible. Those who do not seek forgiveness from Allah, who do not repent from their sins who do not clean their hearts, then their hearts also get rusted. May Allah protect us. Ben Ron Allah kulu Bhima can we accept boon Allah says no indeed from their Lord that day, they will be screened, lemme do boon, there will be a barrier between them and Allah, they will not be allowed to see Allah. Then indeed, they will enter and burn and Hellfire Bennett will be sent to them. This is what you used to

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deny. Come. In Nikita palabra de la Fira Leakey? No Indeed, the record of the righteous isn't really your own. And what can make you know what is their religion, it is their destination recorded in a register inscribed, which is witnessed by those brought near to Allah meaning the angels witness that record in which the names of the righteous are written. Have you ever seen lists maybe of people who have graduated or maybe not their names, but their numbers or something lists so people go and find out okay, this is my name. And this is your name? Yes, my name is here Your name is hear that person's name is not here. Just imagine the angels the look at these books, and see the names

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the deeds of the people who are to enter Jannah Yeshua dormakaba Boone. Now what is the religion religion is a place above in the skies where the souls and the records of the righteous are kept a place where the righteous will be admitted? Who are they who are the abre the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, one prayer, followed by another prayer, with no idle talk between the two is recorded in a lagoon.

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One prayer, which is followed by another prayer and between the two prayers, a person didn't say a single word that was useless, no love, no love of speech, meaning he was basically engaged in the worship of Allah. Either he was silent, or he was saying something good, that is considered a Hassan a good deed. His prayer his deed will be recorded were in early June. So if a person talks between the prayers then what will happen, his name will be caught off. So let's do ourselves a favor. And one day someday, perhaps today. Let's have our name also, our Salah also written amongst their religion, in a liberar, Allah feanor EME, indeed the righteous will be in pleasure, pleasure,

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pleasure, pleasure, or moral dilemma on who he asked Cabo de la noir and who, what is the state of the highest level of Paradise being the people who've been in the highest level describe them to us.

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He said, Oh, a middle what meaning it has what no eye has seen or ear has heard. Allah the Exalted has prepared such a home in which your good spouse's fruits and drinks and has set a seal on it, and none amongst his creation has seen it neither gibreel nor any

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An angel and he whose name is amongst they're really young will enter it and he will enter that place which no one has seen such that a person among them will come out meaning out of his home and he will walk in His Kingdom. So no home in general will remain except that the light of his face will enter it and they will rejoice at its fragrance. And they will say amazing is this fragrance. It is from one of the people who are very lean, who is walking in general. He is walking in his gender and we are getting his fragrance.

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And for this it is necessary to be of the overall who are the obrah. Who do bill bill Bill Gates has many good deeds as possible, malice, automaker's amongst those

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on adorned couches, observing, you will recognize in their faces their radiance of pleasure, that will be given to drink pure wine, which was sealed. They're the ones who opened it. The last of it is musk. So for this, let the competitors compete. Those who want to get ahead of others, those who want to be the successful ones, those with outstanding performance, what should they do, they should accelerate this cause and it's mixture is of the sneem a spring from which those near to Allah will drink. Indeed those who committed crimes used to laugh at those who believe the same people once they were laughed at. They were laughed at. And when they passed by them, they would exchange

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derisive glances. And when they return to their people, they would return jesting. And when they saw them, they would say Indeed, those are truly lost. They're in the Union, the people of Geneva once upon a time in this world, they were called balloon, but they had not been sent as guardians over them. So today, those who believed are laughing at the disbelievers on adorned couches observing have the disbelievers not been awarded this day for what they used to do. Those who market the believers today and will be mocked out tomorrow, because what is given now shall be taken then

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SoTL in Chicago Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, it is summer on Shabbat, when the sky has split open. Just imagine the state of that day The sky has split open, why it has responded to its Lord, and it was obligated to do so. And when the earth has been extended, extended solid, so that it has cast out that which is within it and relinquished it, meaning the earth will be extended, such that it will become empty, nothing will remain hidden inside the earth. Every bone every seed every dead every stone every insect thrown out. What are the Natalie will be how will help God. Why? Because it has responded to its Lord and was obligated to do so it benefits the earth to obey its master. Yeah,

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you have insulin, or human being in the home a lot of bigger kernaghan family happy indeed you are laboring toward your Lord with great exertion, and we'll meet him. One day you will meet him one day you will end up with him. You're not here in this world forever. Because each day we live is drawing us closer and closer to our Lord. You see, everything has an end. One day we began the study of the Quran just a few days ago. And when we did the first Jos it seemed like a very long journey very long. But what happened day after day, those who have been coming every day who've been listening every day, you know day after day, what happened Alhamdulillah one, just one just and finally today,

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Allah has made us reach the 30th just also. And this is exactly how our lives are fleeting numbered days, that cannot be increased. And each day that is going by is drawing us closer and closer to our death until the day will come when death will be before us and we will be on our way to our Lord. Each day is slipping away. We don't feel it. But we are in a journey. This life is a journey. We think life is still it's not still it's constantly moving forward. It's taking us at a speed of 60 seconds a minute and 24 hours a day. It's moving, moving and very soon we will be standing before Allah. Then as for he who has given his Record in his right hand, he will be judged with an easy

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account. Meaning Yes, a lot might ask him if he wants by

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He will be forgiven who the one who has given his Record in his right hand, and he will return to his people in happiness. He will return to his people in happiness. But as for He, who was given his Record behind his back, he will cry out for destruction and enter to burn in a blaze. Indeed, he had once been among his people in happiness, the people who will be given the record in their right hand, they will rejoice with their families when on the Day of Judgment, and the people who will be given the record in their left hands, Allah says they rejoice right now with their families, so much so that they forget Allah. So much so that they forget Allah Huck. You see the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, he also had a family life. After all, he had a very big family, not one wife, many wives, not one friend, many friends, not one companion, many companions, not one servant, many servants. But what do we learn, I shadowed the lower on herself, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would be at home, helping his family. But when the other end would come, he would become a stranger. He would go

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family, yes, Allah subhanaw taala has given us our family. We do find comfort and joy in being with our families, eating with them, spending time with them. But if we really love them, if we really, really want to be with them, then yes, we have to spend some time away from them, so that we can be with them forever.

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Because right now, if our focus is on just enjoyment, and happiness, and pleasure that we can find with our loved ones, then when can we make time for other things, for things that please Allah, for actions that make him happy. And if we have not made him happy, then it doesn't matter how happy and satisfied our loved ones are.

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Because their happiness will not matter on the Day of Judgment. This does not mean that we need to leave our family members. This means yes, be with them, be happy with them, but also remember the right of Allah and the right of Allah book in the hulan Alinea, who, indeed he had thought he would never return to Allah. The righteous person lives this life with his family, fearful of his Lord. And their sinful person is living with his family forgetful of his Lord. But yes, indeed his Lord was ever of him seeing. So I swear by the Twilight glow, and by the night and what it envelops, and by the more when it becomes full, that you will surely experience state after state, step by step

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you will move towards your end, you cannot freeze any moment in your life. You cannot stop time. You cannot freeze your life. It's constantly moving forward step by step. So what is the matter with them? that they do not believe? How come? Why do they not believe? How could they not believe you see, this is something so frightening that each step, each change in our life, it is actually drawing us closer to Allah subhanaw taala. That means that each milestone that we reach and everything that changes in our life, whether it is our skin, or it is the number of our age, or it is anything in life that's changing. Remember, it means that we are drawing closer to what our death

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and this is something that we need to remember Latika would not talk about life is not stationary. So what is the matter with them that they do not believe? And when the Quran is recited to them, they do not prostrate to Allah. But those who have disbelieved, deny, and Allah is most knowing of what they keep within themselves, so give them tidings of a painful punishment, except for those who believe and do righteous deeds for them as a reward uninterrupted.

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Why is the reward uninterrupted? because their deeds were like that also, their deeds were also uninterrupted, continuous

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