Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 206A Translation Al-Ankabut 45-69

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation is a group of speakers discussing various topics including war, religion, and politics. They mention a book and a film, as well as a woman named Elijah and a woman named Zica. The group also talks about a woman named Moshe and Lori being killed by a booster shot, as well as a woman named Lori being killed by a booster shot. They discuss their plans for the upcoming year and mention a woman named Elijah being killed by a booster shot.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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I had to go on a Sunday and out of Saudi Hill Kadeem, I'm about to bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, a Beshara holy Saudi were Sidley, MD wash Lula Dr. Data Melissa any of the who call the webinars either in

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lesson number 207 Surah Tiller uncle booth, I remember 45 to 69

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translation it Lu brucite Ma, that which oh here it was revealed alayka to you men from al Qaeda be the book, what end up in you establish a sletten The Salah in indeed a Salah to the solar plan her it forbids it prevents Iran from Alpha Russia the indecency will Moon girl and the forbidden

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well and learn surely the group remembrance Allah He of Allah Akbar is greatest. Well Lo and Allah Yaga move he knows ma whatever does not own you will do your perform. Wala and do not do JD Lu you will argue you will dispute a hello people l Kitabi of the work Illa except bility with that which here it is. So no best Illa except Olivia those who want to move they did wrong main home from them. What Gulu and you will say I'm a now we have believed Billa D in that which on Zillow, it was revealed Elayna to us. We're on Zillow, and it was revealed in a con to you what Illa Hoonah and our God we're in now who come and your god we're hidden is one we're national, and we know who for him,

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mostly Moon ones who submit work earlier and thus and Zelner we have revealed elago to you al Kitab the Book Fair Lavina so those who Dana whom We gave them al Kitab the Book you may know that they believe behave it woman and from her hula these man who you may know he believes behave with it. Warmer and not yet your hairdo. He rejects Biya Tina with our signs with our vs. Inlet except Alkaff your own the disbelievers warmer and not going to you were that loo you recite men from obably heat before it men from Kitab in any book Wallah and nor to hope to who you inscribe it. You write it BME Nick with your right hand he then then love surely he doubted and mobile pollun The false fires bail

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rather who were it to our verses by Hina tune once clear fee in sudo chests and Levina of those who go to they were given a lot of the knowledge warmer and not yet had he refuses he rejects bat now with our vs Illa except a volley moon the wrongdoers will call you and they said Lola Why not own Zilla it was sent down are they he upon him? I don't verses are signs. Men from Biggie his rap

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all say in nama indeed not but to the signs the miracles are in the near Allah He Allah were in Nama and indeed not but I am loving Iran a warner movie no one clear.

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Do WA and lung not yet for him. It is sufficient for them. And now that indeed we and Zelner We have sent down our lake upon you al Kitab. The book you Claire it is recited or lay him upon them in indeed fee in Delica that law Ramadan surely a mercy with a clock and a reminder, the count for people you know, they believe

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say gaffer he is sufficient delay he definitely Allah by me between me while being a comb and between you Shahidan as a witness. Uriel mo he knows ma what fee is in a summer work, the heavens will up and the earth will Lavina

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and those who are new, they believed Bill badly in the falsehood were Cafaro and they disbelieved. Billahi in Allah, Allah, Ecuador's home be a horsey roll the losers. Were star juluca And they seek to hasten you they impatiently urge you, Bill either with the punishment well Oh ALLAH and if not a jeweler a term Musa one fixed ledger Uh huh surely it came to them either Buddha punishment well at the end no whom and surely it would definitely come to them Bolton suddenly we're home and they learn not yet rule they perceive

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Yes sir juluca

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They seek to hasten you bill either be with the punishment we're in and indeed Jehanne nama Hellfire limo hail baton, surely one that encompasses Bill caffeine with the disbelievers.

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Yoma on de Hilscher who it will cover them are the punishment men from Fofi him above them woman and from the the underneath. Oh Julie him their feet way of Kulu and he will say do you all taste ma what content you were done balloon you all do? Yeah, everybody Oh my servants and Levina those who are new they believed in indeed. We My Earth. My land was here to one extensive, vast, spacious

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for a year. So only me Ferragudo need so you all worship me.

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Kulu every Nuff said. So they're equal to one who tastes a remote the depth some then Elena to us toward your own you all will be returned.

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When Lavina and those who know they believed were Emmylou and they did a solid healthy the righteous deeds. Learn Oba we unknown. Surely we will definitely settle them. Surely we will definitely accommodate them. Men from Elgin the paradise board often chambers that Judy, it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers Holly Deena ones abiding eternally fee her in it. Norma how good a jewel reward ally Emmeline of those who work Alladhina those who Suburu they were patient were Allah and upon bro be him they rub yet our cologne they rely they depend worker a yin and how many men from the button creature love not the hamilo it carries risk for her it's provision Allahu

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Allah yo zuku Her he provides it what a year ago and you were who were and he is a severe the always all hearing or leave the always all knowing whether in and surely if CELTA home you ask them man who Holika he created. A summer worth the heavens will melt and the earth was a horror and he subjected a Shamsa. The sun will come on and the moon lay of Kowloon surely they will definitely say Allahu Allah, for Annette so how you for goon they are deluded, they are turned away.

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Allahu Allah Yabba Soto he extends a risk of the provision Lehmann for whom Yasha He wills mean from very badly he his servants way up there and he restricts law who for him in indeed Allahu Allah be equally with every che in thing or they will always all knowing while are in and surely if CELTA whom you ask them man who Nasrallah he center, men from a summer in the sky, ma and water for her here. So he gave life be he with it above the earth I mean from bar the after multi her its depth, layer coluna surely they will definitely say Allahu Allah. Say Alhamdulillah all praise Lila he for Allah, Bal rather. XL whom most

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have them learn not yet pollun they understand,

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Wilma and not heavy he this L higher to the life a dunya of the world ill except law one, a play a distraction amusement. What else and Larry born again, amusement we're in and indeed $1 The home, Alexa the hereafter lay here surely it will hire when the life low if Ghana they were your Allah moon they know for either but when rocky boo they embark fee in alpha, the ship that are will they invoke Allah Allah mostly seen as one sincere as ones making sincere love who for him Edina their religion for Loma but when Netjer home he delivered them Isla to Albery the land either at once home they usually Kuhn they associate partners.

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Leah cfuw so that they disbelieve Bhima with what they know. We gave them wali a tomato and so they enjoy for sofa but soon er Allah moon they will know

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do work and love not Euro DC and indeed we Jalna we have made Holloman a sanctuary Minun one safe, one peaceful,

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were you to hot off while he is snatched while he is carried away?

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A nursing the people made from Holy him around them. So for then be with Alberto the falsehood, you'll be known they believe will be near and with blessing Allah He of Allah yet for rune they disbelieve

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woman and who have left who is more unjust maidment than who if the Lord he fabricated Allah against Allah He Allah Gede been alive. Oh or Cadabra he belied Bill happy with the truth lemme when Gera who it came to him a laser is it not? fee in Jehanne nama Hellfire MathWorks a residence leave caffeine for the disbelievers when Levina and those who Jaha do they strove fina in US Lana Deanna home? Surely we will definitely guide them sabudana our ways were in and indeed Allah Allah le surely matter with and more singing those who do good.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Or to Luma here Eleague Amina Nikita

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in masalas

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one or equal law he

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doesn't know what to do

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walk Whoa,

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why ILA

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why isla? hula hula

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hula hoops

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Larina Dana kita me mean who's gonna be warming?

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Up me You mean Obi?

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ebme Nika either love the mobility you know, been who I am

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or am I will be

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well thought oh Lola

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Susy let

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me pull in

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the law he was

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match oh god you call me meno know

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yeah this summer

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one lady

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lash oh yes dodgy Luna

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Moshe pontoon

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18 Your mail shall

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be more dusty Oh Julie

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yeah you

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money Lena

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on Larry

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saw you had

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that uremia

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little hot eating called enough he

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really unless he you know so don't

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be me at

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work I am

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let me Lori's Pahala we have Zuko

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who was sent me on Nadi what it is

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do you want to blow us out Thomas shims

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along this fall email me and show me Neva dy up on the Ebola in law heavy pollution in early water his

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Zela Nina sama

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hiya Lemieux

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be he'll have

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lost all illusion

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oh I don't want

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to do

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that either like evil key the

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scene and the Scene

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the new shooting

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will be

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hour let me

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know I want to hug Pavan so meaningfully him FOB belted do you mean oh now Labine Tina here. Oh

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Allah you can even get the needles

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How de la

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la sevida has

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been campaigning, one lady Elijah had Ophelia

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Solana where he no longer had

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see me again

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