Bilal Philips – Ramadan 2019 Reminder 02 – Plan for Ramadan

Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of stopping and identifying goals in the culture of the-you- afraid. The goal is to change one's life and make it better, and the plan is to make a difference in their lives. They discuss cultural and spiritual impacts of the-you- afraid plan, and encourage the group to make a plan to do it.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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some more thoughts for Ramadan.

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before Ramadan

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it's only a few days away.

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I mentioned earlier in my previous thought

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about the importance of stopping and trying to identify what really are the goals of Ramadan?

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How should Ramadan really be?

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Do we really want Ramadan to be a yearly ritual which has no impact on our lives? Or do we want Ramadan to be a life changing experience because that's what Allah has prescribed Ramadan for.

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He prescribed it, to change our lives to make our lives better.

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You know, when the prophet SAW solemn spoke about Ramadan as being a means of purifying us from sin.

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all previous sins erased

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with a single Ramadan,

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I'm sure

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you can understand very easily that the Ramadan that we have been doing are not going to be a means of erasing sin. In fact, in our Ramadan, we tend to add sin,

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the complete opposite of what Ramadan is supposed to be about.

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So my brothers and sisters, it's time for us

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to make a plan

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for this Ramadan, to make a difference in our lives.

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When we have to do things in the material world, we're not going to start a business. When I study a particular course, we're gonna get married, all the different things that we do, we plan for them. And we know the well known saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, we all know that. And we apply it in our material world, or material life. But when it comes to spiritual matters, we treat it completely different.

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So here we are stumbling bumbling, falling into Ramadan,

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as we did last year, and the year before and the year before that.

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Where we wake up, finally, today is Ramadan. We're fasting to our soul or whatever.

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And we enter into a new set of rituals. We just changed life order around a bit. Days become Knights Knights become days, and we shift into second gear and we keep on rolling. That's not going to change anything in our lives.

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So if we are to make a difference,

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this Ramadan

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or if Ramadan is to have an impact on us to change our life, then we have to do it differently from the way we've been doing it. Because the way we've been doing it is just

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cultural. Traditional

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no spiritual involvement. Oh, yes, we do make taraweeh night but, you know, most of us when we're doing Terra, we were so full of food. We can hardly stand. We're about to fall over. We're hoping that the mom would hurry up and finish so we can get home. You know, go into another mode, party, play cards,

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watch movies, whatever.

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doing these things. This is the Ramadan but that Ramadan is not going to change anything in our lives. So

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brothers and sisters, let's make a plan.

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A plan to do Ramadan. The way that Ramadan was meant to be done.

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What do you think about that?

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Think you agree with me? It's time

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so let us do it. Sharla

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So don't want to lie

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