Ebrahim Bham – The negative and positive of the material world

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of finding the right balance between the positive and negative aspects of the material world is discussed, along with the negative consequences of missing material wealth and the importance of finding the right balance between the material world and the Holy Quran. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of missing material wealth and the importance of learning the Iranian language and achieving success in various fields. The segment ends with a discussion of the benefits of the " material world" and its potential for delivering positive outcomes.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Milena via bada bada de la vida kitabi hula Sharia Tabata Shariati. I'm about to photo Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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robina artina dounia Hasina.

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orfila karate hasenhuttl joaquina

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Wakata Allah fella hora Nakula hyah to dunya la hora combi la isla Aurora. Sara colocalizing

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respected elders, brothers, mothers and sisters. We begin by praising Almighty Allah azza wa jal for the many favors Allah has bestowed upon us. He has granted us the blessed day of Juma May Allah tala makers value the blessed day of Juma and of course, the day of Juma is and has a very great affinity, the greatest and the most blessed day in the week with the most blessed creation of Allah there is a great affinity and on this day of Juma we have been emphasized. And we have been commanded to sensor rotations upon our beloved nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala send his choices, the Garuda and Salaam upon our beloved nivia Karim sallahu

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alayhi wa sallam

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we have

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the topic that I have at hand today is an important topic. It is the right balance with regard to the positive and the negative in terms of the material world, that we are living in this world that we come into contact with it on a daily basis. And I don't know I just hope that people have been able to tune in on to missler are able to hear if anyone can give an indication otherwise we will carry on in Sharla. However, we are living in this world and that is what is important for us. We are living in this world. It's not something that is an abstract thing. It's we come into contact with it on a daily basis we enjoy aspects of this world. But and we are also aware that in our

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Sharia in our religion, there is a certain degree of sensitivity with regard to this world we have been warned with regard to some of the negative aspects of this world. For example, in the hood pie recited diverse who Allah tala says Don't let this material world do not let it fall out of Orinoco Do not let it deceive you. Allah in the Holy Quran tells us a lot more animal hyah teutonia eva wanna know that this material world is an amusement of play, it is not the reality it is not the permanent aspect of your existence. So on one hand, we have a situation where we enjoy the material things. On the other hand, we also have heard from scholars and we are aware of what the Quran and

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Hadith has told us and wonders with regard to the negative aspects of this material world. Now, how do we get this right parents? So therefore, let us first speak about this in this short period of time that we have inshallah before Juma? Firstly we must know that now has made this material world alluring. A little in the Holy Quran it said. z nursey hobo chahatein Mira Mesa, he will Bernina wala panauti real makan Tara minahasa hubby will fit 30 well musawah Murthy well and Jaime will have the second bruco of Surinam, I'm sure Ali Moran. And Allah says, I have made these things alluring for you. You know, Allah has made alluring for the person the the attractiveness of the opposite

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*. Allah Allah says minutes the hubby will fit the gold and silver I've made it a loading. Allah has made it alluring. Yet at the same time Allah subhanho wa Taala has also warned us with regard to it. Now what do we find? Let me just very briefly give you some aspects with regard to finding the right balance in the short period we have Firstly, this material world is part of life's possession. It is not the only possession. It is not the only consideration. It's not the only aspect that we look for. There are those people who are so enamored by this material world for them there is no other existence. There is no other

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consideration other than this material world and the Holy Quran says in the 18 so far

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Here in La Jolla, tuna tuna, tuna yamana seen many people feel it is only this material world is not gonna love we're not gonna die after this after it is only this material Well, there is no accountability. But for us No. material world is part of life's position. It's not the only possession not the only consideration. There are other great and noble objectives for us to think about. Allah in the Holy Quran says what if one min Allahu Akbar

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the pleasure of Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala is the greatest treasure. So that's the first thing. The second thing Allah in the Holy Quran has told us that although you are living in this material world, you are living in this material world. It's it is something that is not permanent.

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It is temporary. The year after is permanent. It's a more evolved and just existence therefore give preference to that over the material world. So that's in Surah sub Esma where we are told to recite surah sub Esma in the prayer for Juma but Allah Allah in the Holy Quran said cut off the Hammond has a co worker a small OBE for Salah successful or those who purify themselves, but oh human being you have given preference to this material world. We are here to Hiroo avoca but accurate is better, more permanent and it is everlasting.

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Allah this command and this message is not only in the in the Quran, in Sofia hola Sophie Ibrahim amasa Allah Allah has been saying the same thing. So the second thing is, firstly, material world is part of life's possession it is not the only possession and consideration Secondly, the year after is more permanent more evolved more just give it preference. In the chameleon for dwama in the law he back whatever you have in this world is gonna be destroyed. But what is in the year after what we have seen in the year after for you, your good deeds will never ever be destroyed. There's a second thing. The third thing, this dunya is not the highest of our aspirations. And it is not the be all

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and end all of our entire desires may be occurring so slim us to make dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Hello mulata Caledonia Akbar Amina

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Bettina we're not allowed to sell italiana, aluminum aloha cofina Hamada, Allah do not make this material we're not actually dunya para homina the greatest of our aspirations and our desires when our mobiles are eliminated, do not make it the reason why we gain knowledge and do not wanna make it the be all and end all of our desires and everything is only this material world do not let the soul then fall asleep. More often than not.

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While there are positive aspects with regard to this material world, more often than not, and many times this material world it attracts and it takes us towards negativity, which lack of material wealth does not take us to so much different types of negativities therefore nebia creme de la la wa sallam used to say, I, I do not fear for you lack of material wealth. I don't feel poverty for my home, but I fear that they will be given a great amount of wealth, and they will be attracted to this wealth, and they will be destroyed spiritually by this material wealth, the way the people of the past was destroyed. I don't feel poverty, I feel abundance and look at what is happening today.

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How much of the evil that is caused pride, arrogance, neglect, heedlessness of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of this is because of our

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our keeping and our love for this material world. And not even a fraction of those evils are they when we do not have this material world. So more often than not, while there are positive aspects and I'm coming to that, but more often than not, we find that there are many negative aspects with this material world that we get involved in. And therefore the Quran and Hadith has so greatly warned us with regard to it, that many times we have to be warned with regard to it, that this is something that it is something that we have to be worried in concerned with regard to it. Therefore, one day, you know, when the treasures of the Persian Empire came to Madina munawwara when it came

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into Madina munawwara it was piled into the courtyard of Matura nabawi and O'Meara yellow Tran who saw it and he started saying distribute it. I don't want to see any of it before the end of the day. It must be the

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booted in when he saw the amount of wealth that was on the coattails of Madina, munawwara Omar started weeping after Rahmani, came and said, Omar amirul momineen Why are you weeping? People are happy that material wealth has come and is going to be a certain degree of prosperity. And Omar said,

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Omar said, Man, I also know I also know that this is a situation I know people are happy. But I also know this much. Wherever this particular material world comes in, in its wake, it carries bitterness and hatred and neglect of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I know I don't say that we do not love it. I know we love it. And I know that people love it. But this is the reality of drama and whenever this material world comes in, it brings in its with many negative aspects. And then in the material in the spiritual world where it matters most. This particular material wealth will have no benefit unless you utilize it correctly. When Allah coonan so matawa says Allah in the 21st to para, what a

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great lesson in terms of the value of this material world in the eyes of Almighty Allah. Unless he had it not be that everyone would have followed One way would have become one.

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ledger Allah I would have made for those people who deny Allah subhanho wa Taala what would I have made? Lima Peru Pura man Lee blue team, super farmer, for those people who deny Allah, I would have made the most palatial homes I would have made the roofs would have been made of silver. The staircases would have been made of silver, I would have made it easily available for those who deny Allah. Why didn't I do so for the sake of palatial home for the sake of the material world wealth, people would have queued up to deny Allah to get it therefore I didn't do it. That's a reality. Allah says that had it not been for the temptation that people would have queued up to deny Allah I

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would have made all of these available to those who deny Allah Spano tala. So, this is for us to get a perspective with regard to this material world, which I have made mentioned that what it is, firstly, it is part of our possessions it is not the entire possession. Secondly, the year after is permanent therefore it should be given preference. Thirdly, it is not the highest of a person's aspirations and a desire. Fourthly, more often than not, it attracts us towards negative attributes makes us hitless neglectful of Allah, it makes us proud, arrogant, those are the type of things that it leads towards therefore, we need to be careful. And in the spiritual world, what is its reality

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and value in the eyes of Almighty Allah via cream sauce from said locality dunya locality Julia dattilo in de la Hey, Jana Hubba Odette in that if the material world in the eyes of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala was equivalent to the window for mosquito Allah would not have given Allah would not have given a disbeliever even a glass of water to drink, but in the eyes of a light there is no value. Now on the other hand, there are many aspects of positivity, these are some of the warnings, these are some of the temptations and these are some of the things that we have to worry about. Now, on the other hand, there are many aspects of positivity that is in this material world. There are

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many aspects in cultural malaise. There is an incident that Omar Avi ultra no one day saw a person making dua that he was saying, Oh Allah save me from this world. Allah keep me away from this world keep me away from this world. Monrovia Latino, ask him What are you making? He said, I'm making this door. So morellato know us. You don't want risk. Allah said I want to say you don't want children said I want so he said Why do you make dua to Almighty Allah you don't want dunya?

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Hmm, don't you want those he said I want to say don't make dua that you don't want to make dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah give me the good of this material world and keep me away from the negative material world keretapi sobre la la,

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one of our great scholars, you know, here to save whatever good we are going to get.

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Whether that good is to do with the spiritual world with the material world, why they do it is to do with being good to your to your family members, making available to them the needs of life, whether it be even to the 16th he used to say that together with the negative aspects of this material world. The positive is such that everything you are going to gain is going to be gained from this material world. He used to say even Jenna you are going to get from this material world. How are you going to gain Jenna? Jenna you are going to gain by doing good in this world. So all of a sudden this will become so valuable. How are you going to gain Jana adonia Morocco. Tunisia is a sewing

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ground for the after. Now the year after you are going to get people

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Because of being in doing good in this material world, so this material we're all of a sudden becomes so valuable, it becomes the means of you gaining Jenna, it becomes a means of your between good and the after this material world through it. There are so many positive aspects that you can gain. You can earn good deeds, by giving charity, you can get in good deeds by earning a livelihood, you can earn good deeds by feeding and providing the needs of those people who are dependent upon you, all of that is attached to this dunya. So this dunya all of a sudden is not only negative, also many positive aspects that are attached to it from this from our team. And our Dean is a

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comprehensive Dean is a pragmatic Dean. It can never just allow something in which there are so many positive aspects attached to it. Therefore Nivea cream sauce Lim said labasa Bella mnemonic tequila has our gel, there is nothing wrong with well for a person who Fiala Nirmal molars solid liver gel will reveal gradually, Sally, very, very great in this material world. For those people who are good, very good at this, he's going to utilize it correctly and therefore the Sahaba club, they utilize this material world correctly. They earn the deal and they dunya from this material world, they will take it will stay behind and say this is dunya we have nothing to do with it. They were in

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the forefront with regard to achieving excellence even in this material world.

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As a GDP saboteur the Ultron who nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam

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told him that go and learn the Iranian language, the Hebrew language, he went to go and master it in two or three weeks.

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He didn't say this is done Yama, why must I go learn it? He learned it for the sake of Dean. He learnt it for the sake of Dean give, you know nebbia cream sauce, gave great tidings give glad tidings of Jana. For the first naval expedition that will take place in the scuba gear Kareem saw some said the first army that will go out can fighting on the sea. Those people are in Jenna. Now, obviously, this would require the Omar to be proficient in shipbuilding, and to be professional experts in Navy for it to happen. How is it going to happen? If you saw some said the first Navy of my Omar that goes

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out in the path of Allah the agenda is how is it going to happen if you're not proficient in it? How is it going to happen if you do not become an expert in in these type of things. And that is why we find that throughout history, Muslims were in the forefront of technology. Right. And these were type of things, the love of knowledge can be seen in our history. Every major Islamic city in medieval times have an extensive library. In fact, the private libraries of Muslims in Cordoba were more than the entire libraries of Western Europe at that time. Every major Islamic city at that time Cordoba, Baghdad, the library is that time it's so many books, that even in the private rivalries,

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what people had in the libraries were more than the entire libraries of the Western world at that time. So, this is what what we are saying that we need to understand the right talents, yes, there are certain things that we have to be worried with regard to, you know, not becoming too attached to it, not making it the be all and end all of our desires, being careful with regard to becoming so engrossed in it that we forget Allah subhanho wa Taala. But yet at the same time, for us to remember that in this particular aspect, in this material world, through this mean of this material world, we gain all, all excellences both materially and spiritually, so that we make this material world of

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excellence, we make this material world, one of achievements for us, our family members, the oma and the entire humanity. This is what the entire oma has done throughout our history. Nowadays, I find it amazing. Today we find people saying for example, and maybe chrome crude with us, we hear people saying that, you know this whole virus is there, where are the Muslim professionals to be able to guide us with regard to what is right and wrong, because there are so many different types of theories that is there, if we are not going to become proficient and be in the forefront with regard to medicine, then how are we going to be able to gain the expertise to be able to advise and to be

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able to find our own solutions. So therefore, when we when we forsake this material world in that particular way, we are prejudiced. So let us find the right balance and the right balance is be aware with regard to the negativity below.

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With regard to the warnings Islam has sounded out with regard to it. It has told us to not become so enamored enamored by it. Look at this beautiful verse, who may conclude with it couldn't can

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tell on to the people who prefer of Almighty Allah. If your children, your parents, your extended families who are morally corrupt, so well that you get you you accumulate with Shona casada the businesses that you feel lost in and the beautiful homes, Yamasaki, Nutella, Dona, you know, the houses that you live in la comida la he was truly what he had in feasibility. If it is more beloved to us and align Israel students saving the path of Almighty Allah wait for the decision of Allah. Wait for the punishment of Almighty Allah.

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So that means Allah didn't see is not Beloved, it is Beloved.

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Your houses are beloved, the family is Beloved. Your businesses are beloved, but do not make it more beloved that Allah is law school and the Dean of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Find the right balance or stay away from the negativity, but let us also embrace the positivity through this world. Let us create a legacy and legacy that will serve us well. Our families and the oma waka Juana and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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