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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of strong brotherhood and acceptance of gifts is emphasized in Islam, as it is rare for individuals to see their partner as an idiot. It is also important to defend one another and help others, as well as protecting privacy and privacy for one's own businesses. It is also emphasized that individuals need to be mindful of others' behavior and values, and practicing Islam to enhance their Muslim society and religion.
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They are with us everywhere we go at home, at work and in the street, but they pass unnoticed. They are treasures that we have in hand, but we are heedless of them what these assets are, inshallah we'll find shortly, so stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, and unkindness guide and whomsoever Lamas guides, none can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I'm your host Waterman Hamidi, welcome to a new episode of your show, for the sake of Allah. Today, we have a beautiful subject in hand. It has to do with the means to strengthen brotherhood amongst the

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Muslims. How can we enhance our brotherhood? How can we increase mutual love that Allah has granted us? How can we help our fellow Muslims? How can we strengthen the Muslim society we have today? Our brothers Brother Mohammed, and brother Abdullah Nana salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Today, we're going to deal with a very fundamental subject that has to do with the welfare of the Muslim society. Now, some means that we follow in order to strengthen brotherhood, they always enhance and they improve the quality of the Muslim society. But today's topics are very important. And they have, we have needed to get to give them special consideration. We know that if someone for example, a Muslim

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needs help, that we are supposed to be the first one to wants to do that. Now the Muslim just allow it, it was settled on total, something called a Bravo Maxim in Arabic, that, you know, sometimes maybe we're sitting together, and

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Abdul Rahman, both Abdul Rahman, he wants to give Hamlet something, and Mohammed refuses to take it, for example, a gift? And he says, No, no, no, you didn't need to overburden yourself with that. But under a man says, No, will lie below a lake, you have to take it by a lie, you have to take it. So now, let's see, what do you think Mohammed, your response should be? If he says blah, blah, you have to take this one. have to accept it? Of course, you have to accept that. Yeah. Because he he made an offer on you is made and you have to follow that. Now, it is this kind of when you accept the brothers gift, and if he says belay alike, and you fulfill that off oath for him, then inshallah

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This is a means to strengthen brotherhood, and it is an obligation upon you. The person has no choice in that some people, you say to him, Allah, Allah, but Allah do this. He just turns away from you says, No, I don't want to do that. I don't want to accept your gift. And that's it. Now they think they have the choice. It's easy, or it's okay for them to say, I don't want to take that. Or if you say a headache, they don't do what you want to do, or they what you want them to do. They don't know that it is an obligation, and they must have just allowed himself as one of the companions. And voila, it said that the prophets Allah

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commanded us to fulfill the oath of other brothers. They say, Blake, you do that?

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Sometimes there's brothers who uses biller in anything. So are we like obligated to answer whatever? That's a good question. Some people the whole time they use the tongue is used to use burlap, they have taken to this habit and they say bill Alec will record everything will this is considered to be from a level at the mean a level it's not considered to be a proper oath. And this should give the brother an advice that it shouldn't be the case of the Muslim that with every in everything that you say, Bill, Alec, Alec, that shouldn't be the case. But if it happens from a person who doesn't normally say that, but inshallah we try our best to answer this oath or to do what he wants to do.

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But do you think they should be in all cases whatever he asks us to do and says Bill aliquid

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Sure, it has to be in good things during the good things in that according to the Quran and Sunnah.

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As you mentioned, this like an order to obey the epsilon cell, so it's like

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We have no choice to do a good thing. And accepting a gift is a good thing. Maybe accepting an invitation something, it's a good thing. visiting a friend is a good thing. So

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it's, it's a means of uniting the Brotherhood. Yeah. Can you provide us Mohammed with examples of where you have to say no, even if he says, Allah, Allah, but Allah will

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certainly like

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backbiting, if he wants to have

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let me say something about another brother or something like that is Billa. Alec, tell me if he does something wrong, or if I seen him doing something wrong, I wouldn't

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accept saying it. And I refuse to tell him about that thing. Very good, excellent Marsha. So you can see that when the condition for fulfilling that oath is that it is something good, something that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. But if he says to you, I'm going to go to the cinema to watch a movie, for example.

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blheli Come with me, vladek he said, I'm sorry, I can't do that. I can't do that now. Doesn't mean come on. But if he says, For example, as I said, gives you a gift bill, a ticket, but a law ticket, then you have no other choice, but to take it. And this is a beautiful example that happened one day, a woman came to Alisha, may 11. And she gave her some dates, she ate some of them, and she left the rest. So the so the woman said to her Ayesha, Bella halleck, eat them all, finished them. But I'll often finish all of them. So she didn't want to she didn't want to do that the message, just allow this and I'm saying to her, even. Because if you don't do that, then you will be sending you

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will be sending. So inshallah, when someone says, will lay a leg, and it's a good thing, inshallah we'll try to implement it. One thing I would like to take your opinion of, which is a different subject, if you see your brother is being dealt with unjustly, he works for a company. And you know, that company, someone took advantage of his honesty. And they managed just to, I mean to exploit him. And now they're blaming him for something that somebody else did. What would you What would be your reaction, man?

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I mean, for example, he's an honest person, there's another one who steals something from the office, some property that belongs to that company. Now they blame it on your brother, who you know, is innocent. And because he's an easygoing person, they take advantage of that. They try to oppress him. How would you respond to this? Course?

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I'll be beside him. And I'll defend him. And I'll say the truth. Even if the truth, maybe I'm working in that place. And if I say the truth, they may fire me. Yeah, miss out. I'll say the truth. Because it's a value. things come and go doesn't last dounia doesn't last less hours be beside my brother? Yeah, because he's Muslim.

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Mohammed, what do you think? If you're in that situation? What would you do? Can you give us something that you can send, let's say they accused him of stealing something that belongs to the company?

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Certainly, will have to come out. And so also, I'll try to present it in a good manner as a Muslim.

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But surely it would be like,

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defending him is the major point would be defending the brother in this matter? Yeah.

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Okay, if someone, let's say, was there, and he saw his brother being oppressed, and accused of something unjustly, so he says to himself, now, that will have nothing to do with that it's his own problem. He got himself in trouble, maybe because of his mild, mild character, or he's easygoing, or he's easy to take to be taken advantage of. So he says, Well, I won't get myself in trouble. He has to get himself out of that. What How would you? I mean, what would be your reaction to a person who behaves that way? I mean, first of all, I see that being really selfish. And second of all, if a person reacts that way, and he says that it's none of his business, and he leaves his butter. And if

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most people act that way, we're going to be a victim of that no one is going to help. No one and no one is going to like that. When no one else no one, no one is going to even develop or, or even like go forward with life. So this is how I see it. So of course, I'll help I'll be there for my butt. So you believe that if it happens, if you let it happen to another brother, one day you turn will come. So you will be in that position. I will find no one to help you. But this is exactly what the message is all about.

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He was an himself. He says anyone who lets down his brother at the time where his brother needs defense and need support, then Allah will make a lover let him down at a time when he needs help and support.

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He's going to come definitely into the same situation. And then he will have no one else to help him because Allah will deal with him justly. Now, if we say, Mohammed, can you elaborate more on the issue of these this beautiful value when the Muslims had, and that they would support their brothers, whatever happened? And we know what happened at the time of vendula when the Mahajan came from Makkah, and the answer were in El Medina, and they helped him with everything they could. So I want you to elaborate more on the situation of the people today, how do they still have the same value? How would they act in time on their brothers need help, and they need support? We'll call the

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Hawker, the 1101 for the purpose of selling, so it's like, you have to help him around in every way. Yeah. And he explained it small for us. It's like volumen it's like aggressive. So you can advise him to stay away from doing the wrong thing. Like being aggressive or other people or something like that.

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Muslims or non Muslims? By the way,

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m of lumen, of course, to

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help him out in his neat, yeah. So that's mainly the two points which cover all

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the issues that would cause cause a brother being in trouble.

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So do you think the Muslims abide by this today?

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You can say in a way you can say in a way that like practicing brothers do these

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things away soon, inshallah.

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But non Muslims, non practicing, it's like,

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it's not in the minds. Yeah.

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We lived for some time in the West. How was the situation with people really help one another? If they see someone being wronged or being oppressed? Would they help help someone out, or they will just keep going? Usually, in most situations, they won't.

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And they would, if there's an interest, like they'll help him so that maybe they have a business together. That's why mustard is there's some few that are out there for you, but really few exceptions, okay. It shows that when you eat when we have strong brotherhood, we will help one another. Always we won't let someone get in trouble and leave him alone. It is the Muslims obligation to help his brother, many people have failed to understand this fact that it is an obligation Your brother is in need, actually.

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One with the good character, he will do that without being without it being an obligation upon him. But Allah made it an obligation in order to regulate this beautiful relationship of brotherhood. inshallah, we mentioned other things about this very important principle, helping your brothers at the time of need and the time of difficulty defending them, because this is a very important social value that we need in all societies. We'll stop for a few minutes. We'll have a short break. So I say to our viewers, as well stay with us.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. So we were talking about the beautiful thing, or the beautiful principle and concept that Islam has in society, which is to defend one another and help one another, the time of need,

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through your experience and through through the lifetime that you spent in the life, the time that you spent, or the stage that you spent in the West, have you noticed any differences between a Muslim society and a non Muslim society in terms of that, I've actually, to be honest, in the Islamic Society, that was I was actually I've been raised in Canada, so they Islamic Society there, you could feel this butter. Like, for instance, in the mosque in Ottawa, sometimes when for foreign Muslims comes, whatever the nationality or color or whatever, if they're in need of money, we all get

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to help him. And if he's in need of job, we could try to find him a job. And if he is in need to just, you know, take a turn and know the city better, just take, take him for a turn. So you could feel that brotherhood. But in that in the in the outside society, in the normal society, it's really rare that you find that kind of butter hood where people help you without, without demanding an interest if it's material or any kind of interest. And in Islamic countries, it's also like, you find the like, the brother of Mohammed said, the one that do Islam and, and are practicing it, they there they are doing this, that's usually the others. They think that Islam is only praying and they

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don't think it's a lifestyle. They don't they don't understand, understand this concept. Yeah, that's about that's just, that's what I don't understand is a way of life. Yeah.

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Everything in your life, and it makes everything better. It's everything. But you know, what I noticed from my own experience is that if you tend to help people and defend them, in the West, they'll think, Oh, this man is an idiot.

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Why is he behaving? You know? Well, you mind your own business? Why do you waste it? Why do you I mean, jeopardize your your job jeopardize? Maybe your safety? For the sake of defending someone else? Why do you do that? People have developed these kind of values, nice can say negative values in non Muslim societies, which is just everyone, as he can mind his own business. Do you agree with that? Man? Usually, the sometimes even through history, a lot of heroes even the West, why are the heroes because they did sacrifices? Yeah. And people forget that. This what made him hero, because he did good to the humanity didn't do good for himself. Yeah, maybe it will. This is the case with

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films, movies and fairy tales. But it's not a lifestyle thing, you can find it there. But still, we can say you will find individuals in every nation in every culture, who still have this natural tendency, because Allah put it in US high value as a good thing to do, which is to defend others. Mohammed, do you think that this is creeping on to the Muslim countries, this kind of attitude? Sure, it is isolating from the society or, or you can say that the oma is occurring with like, increasing

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in everyday life, it's like you've been isolated, except if you have your brothers. So

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it's not.

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Maybe I can just like because of it is like caused by the media and going go to the movies and stuff like that.

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Maybe that's a major reason for that.

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But if you see, if you walk in the street happens that you're walking the street, and there is maybe five people hitting another one.

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How would you behave? How would you react to them? We try to stop them here. But what if there's a possibility that they would attack you as well?

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We don't know the outcome. But actually, it happens a lot. people stop fights, and they don't know who's fighting but they tend to stop the fight. Yeah, it's, I've seen that. I've been in the States. I've noticed that if there's a

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fight going on. Nobody interferes, they let the two men start the fight. But here it's it's way different.

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let them kill one another. Why I mean jeopardize your own safety? Yeah, but it's very totally different. Yeah.

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Yeah, Subhan Allah, so handlesets in the natural attitude of the Muslim, to defend this brother, whatever the situation is, because if you let him as brother, mindset as and as we saw clearly in the Hadith from the prophets of Lhasa lamps, if you let him down, then your turn will come one day where people will let you down will be in trouble. And this is something that people or mean, sociologists, they try to reach that kind of high level of they can say, loyalty, or a feeling of you feeling of your society, you have that love for other individuals in society, so that we see it as one as a whole the society and we want to protect it, you know, through your defending your

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brother, you're going to have a better society, which will show more solidarity, more love to one another. It's some sort of social safety or security. When you establish this kind of attitude, this concept, you are saved that when you fall in trouble, there will be someone to help you. It's this it's the good word, feeling safe. If you're in a neighborhood, that's like, practicing neighborhood, you're feeling safe. Yeah, that's true. Safety is one of the most basic stuff that humans need. Because if you're afraid to get killed and shot

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every day,

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you don't even know if you're gonna live or not just because of that there's a lack of safety. So safety is really important. Yeah, this is why you see some people are really desperate in non Muslim countries, and we find high suicide rates. People just they choose to end their own lives because they know at any moment they Well, it's possible that they will lose even no butter

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Mashallah he converted to Islam. And he even immigrated to Egypt was his old family. Because he was in a neighborhood that was wasn't safe. His kids could get shot. So he chose to immigrate to to Egypt. And he shows safety because the safety in Egypt over his hometown, where he has his family's own family. And well, why is that? It's because of the lack of brotherhood.

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But still, I think there's like, some communities there that like

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do, the sooner.

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The sooner not all, the methods are the same. Right? Yeah, of course, there's areas and areas. That's, that's good.

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Maybe it's limited to certain communities there. But it's a general thing in the Muslim land. But the problem is, the problem is that we are picking up the things from the non Muslims. But we just okay, we're having the same attitude. Now, let's mind our own business were attending to that graduate is taking place, we open Sharla, we will stick to the Islamic teachings in that. And we will implement Islam to have a strong Muslim society. And we can be a good example to other societies, because as you mentioned, really are so many people who chose to live in Muslim countries because of the kind of safety and security that they feel, because people defend each other. Okay.

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And it follows follows from what we even mentioned before about, you know, defending the honor of your brother, even if he's absent, whether he's present or he's absent, you defend him, and you don't let oppression take place. Now, one other beautiful value that we have that and it's a right for our brothers upon us, is, whenever they fall in financial financial hardship, we have to help them help them. And if they owe us some money, to lend them some money, and the time comes for them to pay it back. We know they are in financial hardship. We should give them more time. Yeah, this is an obligation is an obligation for any Muslim general brother and talking about general brotherhood,

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all the Muslims, anyone who's in that situation, we should help them. And you can, I mean, go even Muslim countries and you can see people living extravagantly luxurious life, they have beautiful houses, plenty of cars, and everything they they they just dream of they can get it. And just next to them. You've seen poor neighborhoods, people who don't have even proper houses to live in. So this is not from the attitude of the Muslims. There's something that I can say we have went really far away from this beautiful value. What do you think I've drawn the most Muslims today they should do to

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get rid of this phenomenon that we can see that people really because the rich people on one side of the street and on the opposite side, we can see extremely

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Poor people, some people live actually in graveyards than they are homeless. So what do you think we should do to avoid this? Actually, we should reconsider the concept, the Islamic concept of brotherhood. And we should also reconsider. There's a cat, there's a lot of Muslims out there that don't give this a cat don't give the money that they should give for the poor. And it's even an obligation. And I even recall back in the days in one of the hollyford I don't really remember which one, there was no poor at all. There was the ideal society because default Islam Yeah, yeah, maybe you're gonna tell me she, in which halifa was that. And there was no pool at all. That was a

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colossal for bringing this beautiful example it was a moment. He said to his people go and give the money of the car to the poor people, they came back with most of the money, because people will have to because of this account, and the love blesses the money and puts Baraka in it. So he found they found no poor people. Subhan Allah, you know, another thing that

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a Muslim really should do? As you mentioned, we have poor people extremely poor, and people who are rich, where's the Brotherhood? Where's, where's the concern we have for our fellow Muslims? Do you suffer from this? Does it really bother you that when you are living in a society and you can see that split and that barrier between the rich people and the poor people? What impression does it give you? How do you feel about that? I've noticed that because I've been involved with both practicing and non practicing. I've noticed that the practicing they help out a lot. Even I have a case

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that some brothers have a very poor family from moving into, like they lived in a one room. It's like, total

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way from

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the city. One room, they move them out to like a place small apartment. So it helped like because they know what the practicing is in what Islam teach them. They implement. Yeah, apart from the non practicing, it's like this still.

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I don't know. Maybe they get the western lifestyle. Maybe they have this Western lifestyle in brain

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washing up the media showed that money money yeah, maybe maybe that's the case. You know, you reminded me of the Hadith of the Prophet.

00:27:33 --> 00:27:35

Allah says in the Odyssey,

00:27:36 --> 00:27:47

even Adam and Phil also have Adam spend more on the rest of the people. Then I will give you more provide for you know,

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for your contributions beautiful one, inshallah. We will appreciate this beautiful value in Islam will benefit from it and try to implement it to enhance our Muslim society and practice our religion inshallah we'll be one family inshallah, in paradise This is our goal. This is our objective, and I hope inshallah supplicate to Allah that all of us benefit benefited from that and our viewers as well try to implement that. Try to enhance this mutual love that we have the gift that Allah has given us, and I live in the protection of Allah subhanaw taala

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another time I say Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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