Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 206B Tafsir Al-Ankabut 45

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of the Quran in helping individuals achieve their goals is discussed, including the need for physical activity and mental health. The title Islam is linked to personal and spiritual health, and the importance of learning and studying is emphasized. The use of the Quran in guidance for one's health and success is emphasized, along with the importance of not being afraid of words and actions. The use of feascia for spiritual health is also discussed, along with the benefits of following the Prophet's message.
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Jews number 21

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we are now going to begin the last third of the Quran, the last third section of the Quran. And let me give you a warning, this part of the Quran is going to go much faster in sha Allah compared to the previous two parts. The reason being that a lot of the sutras in the last 10 Jews are actually mucky.

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And they are also very short compared to what we have covered so far. If you look at the list of the surah names in the most half, can you open up your mouth and open up the list at the beginning or at the end where the pseudo names are there? Quickly, what do you see the first column

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is from Surah Fatiha to solid

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which Surah

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Surah unka booth

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and then how many more columns until the end of the Quran how many more?

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Three more. So alhamdulillah. Today inshallah we will complete the first column

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and the first column is two thirds of the Quran. And now inshallah we will begin the last third of the Quran in sha Allah

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and unhandled Allah the reminder that Mr. Shazia gave us was very, very important.

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That really to have Quran in your life is a huge blessing. I don't know how many of you were there yesterday for the convocation. But as I saw the number of people that came in this room, to attend that gathering, I was amazed and so many people that I met, everybody was saying that this is such a unique gathering. It's bringing such a different feeling. Because all of these women have come in here, not to attend a wedding, not to celebrate Eid, not to have some kind of a party. This is celebration of the blessing of Quran in our lives. So what has brought us together over here is nothing except for the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala in total uncovered earlier, we learned about

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Ibrahim Al Islam that how He admonished his people that you worship these idols simply because of your love for each other. Right? And there, we asked ourselves that what is the reason behind our relationships, our friendships, right, our connections, our acquaintances, that when we go to meet somebody, when we have somebody in our lives, what is the cause that brought us together? And Alhamdulillah yesterday, so many people could say I know this person because of the Quran. I like this person. I love this person. She's my sister, because of the Quran because of the book of Allah. And this is really a blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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because, you know, loving the Quran loving people of the Quran is part of loving Allah azza wa jal right, and those who give importance to others, because of the book of Allah, because of Allah subhanaw taala This is called Loving for the sake of Allah. And such love such friendship is what will be a source of great honor for a person in this world and in the next world, especially on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among such people. So sudo to run Caboose

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lesson number 206 I n number 45 to 69 or to Luma or here ileka Amin el kita what our theme is Salah, in our Salah 10 her annual fascia you will mancha wala Victrola he Akbar wala who your Allah mo Mathis maroon ot Lu recites read Otsu from tilava and ohtsu is an armor. It's a command. It's an instruction that you should read. And the command is being given to one person. The verb indicates one person who is being addressed because it's singular Gulu and the command is for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first, but after him the hokum is for every single one of us that you must read. Who is it that is giving us this command? Allah is giving this command that ohtsu do

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tilava Recite, recite what read what MA or here la Camino kita

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have whatever that has been revealed to you off the book, meaning from the Quran, whatever it is that you have been given, whatever part of the Quran you have been given, you have been taught you have received, then what should you do? You should recite it, you should do it's still our

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dilla what kind of tilava tilava love Leah first of all Tilawat of the words, meaning recite the words, continue to recite, recite them for yourself in your Salah for your reminder, and also recite for who for others in order to convey the Quran to them. So Otello, tilava love Leah, meaning recite the words of the Quran.

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Why recite the words of the Quran, you see the context of the surah. Remember sootel Anca booth is the surah that has a very powerful beginning, reminding us that as a believer, you will definitely have difficulties you will definitely have painful moments in your life because of what because of your Eman that in the way of Allah, you will face many challenges. And then so many examples were given of the previous prophets, what kind of difficulties they faced in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. And remember, this is a murky surah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was experiencing a lot of difficulty. Why how, first of all, the way receiving way itself was very heavy

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upon him, and then think about it, reciting it to others reciting it to those people who were rejecting Him who were making fun of him who were mocking at him. This was something very, very difficult upon him. Think about it. If you have to talk to somebody who doesn't respect you, is it easy? Is it easy? No. And then if you have to talk to them about something that they completely disagree with, is that easy. That makes it even more difficult. Correct. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what was he told at this time, or to you recite, keep reciting, meaning do not grieve? Do not feel weak. Do not give up. Do not be sad. seek comfort, seek strength, through what

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through the recitation of the book of Allah. Recite it so that your heart is at ease. When you are nervous when you are feeling sad, when you feel rejected? Where is it that you get your strength from? Where is it that you get your motivation from, from the book of ALLAH, recite and do not be sad automa are here la comida al Kitab. Recite whatever that has been revealed to you off the book. And remember that tilava First of all, is Dilawar love Leah, meaning recite the Quran because when a person recites the Quran, definitely he feels better after that recitation is in itself. How is it that you feel better? Because reciting the Quran is not like reading any other book, any other book

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that you're reading, you can just, you know, open it up, not move your mouth, read it in your head, isn't it? You can lie down and read. But when it comes to the recitation of the Quran, what is needed for you to recite the Quran properly? Do you have to look, you have to look, you have to look really carefully. You have to pay attention to the photos and the customers and the spoons and everything and now with the color coding was helps, right? Because they help you recite the Quran with proper that week. So that demands from you that you pay more attention. Correct. Now, when it comes to the actual recitation, is there any physical effort involved on your part to recite the

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Quran? Yes. Do you feel tired sometimes after having recited the Quran for, let's say, half an hour or an hour? Yes. Now what happens is that when we are feeling sad and down, we need to get up and do something. We need some physical activity, isn't it? And one of the best activities that we can do to uplift our mood is what the recitation of the Quran because it doesn't just require you to be physically involved. It requires you to be mentally involved, and when you're mentally involved as well. And Alhamdulillah when you're able to understand the meanings of the book of Allah, then what happens it's like food for the soul for the heart for the brain for your body, everything you just

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feel like you have regained life you have regained strength. So Otomo here, la communal Kitab Why are you sitting so sad and down and low and depressed? No, open the Quran and read it. Recite it. Help yourself. Otello that after Tila love Leah. There's also tilava in me here

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Dilawar elmedia What does it mean by that? Meaning read the book, meaning study it, study its meanings, reflect on its meanings. Learn it. And even if you've learned it, review it, exercise your brain, right? So many times in the Quran, we are told so many people lie Archelon they do not use Apple, right? I fell out Archelon Do you not use apple. So use your mind, to understand, to study to learn the book of Allah autonoma Ohia la Camino kita and thirdly, to our also our millennia of actions, meaning follow the book also. And notice what has been said, Man, or here in a communicator, whatever that has been revealed to you of the book, meaning don't just read through

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the scene when you feel sad, okay, and only sutiya scene because this is what many Muslims do that anytime they want to, you know, recite the book of Allah, they only go to Surah trc. Right, or certain other students that they have marked, but man are here in a communal Keita, whatever that has been revealed to you off the book, recite it, read it, because each portion of the Quran is powerful. Each portion of the Quran will give you a different kind of strength, a different kind of motivation, and you need all of it. So Otello, ma are here in a communal kita because Allah subhanaw taala has revealed this book, for what purpose for our guidance, isn't it for our help, for our

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assistance, that when we find ourselves lost, when we find ourselves confused, where is it that we get guidance from, from the Quran, so this book has not been revealed in order to be put away. This book has been revealed so that it is recited, recited for what purpose for yourself, for your own good

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for your own health for your own well being.

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And not just that, but also read it to others conveyed to others. If you think about it, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam how is it that he implemented this command of Allah or to Luma or here in a communal kitab? Do we find that Hadees do we find narrations in the sera where we learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam was reciting the Quran?

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Are there any narrations?

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Tell me any incident that you can remember where we learned that the prophets Allah Allah Addison recited the Quran. Go ahead.

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Okay, when his head was in the lap of eyeshadow below Ana, so at home, yes, he would recite the Quran at home and he's relaxing, sitting with his family. Okay, good.

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When he was leading the Salah, good. When else did he recite the Quran?

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Yes, that many times we learned that the delegation of so and so came, or a certain individual went to speak to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to advise him, right? That don't do this and so on and so forth. And what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do? In response, he recited the Quran. Did this recitation have an impact on those who heard it? Yes, it did. So the prophets on a lot of Senem didn't just read Quran in his Salah for his own personal worship, he didn't read it for himself only to get reward, or for himself, only to get that, you know upliftment, to get that motivation to get that strength that he needed to continue with his mission. He also recited the Quran to others, to

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convey the Quran to them. And this is something that we need to understand also Otsu recite, for who for yourself, and also for others.

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Help yourself through the book of Allah, and also help others with the book of Allah. Earlier in total Anca booth we learn that all allies besides Allah, what are they? Are they stronger? Are they Weak?

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Weak, how weak are they? What was the example that we learned? Just like a spider's web. Now think about it. So many people are clinging on to they're holding on to spiders webs, aren't they? Whether it is money, or it is their career, or it is some Idol or it is any other thing that they're holding on to? Right? That is what motivates them. That is what they're pursuing? That is what they're running after. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say? That we're in the Ohana beauty lab at Lion Caboose. The weakest of all houses is the house of the spider. Meaning whatever they're holding on to besides Allah, sooner or later, it's going to break it's going to shatter. And the people who are

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holding on to spider's web for protect

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Shouldn't for support? What's going to happen to them? What's going to happen to them?

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Are they not going to suffer?

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Do we not find people suffering in this life in this world? I'm not saying suffering in the sense of, you know, suffering from poverty or suffering from some other physical condition, no suffering, emotionally

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suffering, you know, in their relationships, that no matter what they have, they're not happy. No matter what they acquired, they're not satisfied, no matter what it is that they gain, they're not happy with their condition. And even if they're happy right now, what is going to happen to them in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment, so who's going to help them?

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Who is the strongest source of support Allah subhanaw taala Allah Aziz,

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who's Kitab, whose book is also Allah Aziz, Allah Himself is almighty, and his book is also powerful. So bring this Quran in your life for your strength, and bring this Quran in the life of other people also, so they can be strong. They can live for Allah, they can fulfill the purpose of their lives, or to Luma Ohia la camino al Kitab. And you see the Quran what does it do? When you read the Quran? When you study the Quran, when you follow the Quran? What does it do? Basically, it connects you with your Lord, isn't it? Because what do we learn that nothing can draw you closer to Allah, except for that which has come from him?

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The Quran has come from Allah it is Allah speech. It is hugging Allah Hill Mateen isn't it? So if we want to draw closer to Allah, if we want Allah's help, then what is it that we need to hold on to the Quran? So oh through my or here, la Camino kita there is nothing that can give you strength. The way Quran gives you strength. It gives you a motivation to keep going to keep trying, no matter what situation you have fallen into. No matter what situation you find yourself in this Quran. This rope of Allah will help you come out of it. So Otello never stopped reading the book, never leave the Quran, ot loop, keep reading, keep reading, keep getting stronger. So automa Ohia la camino al Kitab

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and then what Hakim is Salah, and establish the salah, perform the prayer. Why perform the prayer? Because after Tila of the Quran, from among all the practical actions, remember that Salah is most important because just like Quran, it helps you draw closer to Allah Salah what does that do? It builds your connection with Allah also.

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How that when you recite the Quran, what are you doing, you're reciting the words of Allah, you are receiving what Allah has to say to you. And when you perform the salah, what are you doing? You're asking Allah, for what did I set off on was the theme, isn't it? You're asking Allah. So when you need help, it has to be both sided right? Communication has to be both ways. So Allah's word the Quran, that is his speech, that is his message to you. That is his guidance for you. Now what do you have to ask for? What are your needs you asked for them were in Salah. So Hakuna Salah established the prayer also. And remember that if a person has Quran and Salah in their life, if a person has

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Quran and Salah in their life, then no matter what test

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no matter what mission,

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they may be in, they will survive. This person will survive because he has Quran and he has Salah if you think about it, the Prophet sallallahu sedums life was it easy after he received prophethood? And just keep the McKee era in mind? Was it easy? It wasn't easy. When you study the Sierra, how many times is it that you cry?

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Seriously, how many times so many times in just the beginning of the profits on a lot of sums mission, actually even before that, when he was born, you know, when you learn about the situation that he was born in the fact that his father was already dead, and the fact that his mother died soon after and the fact that his grandfather also died, that brings tears to you.

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And then when the Prophet saw the loss and received prophethood how people treated him you know, just that one incident that you learn Buhari about how the prophets Allah

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I was I was once praying in the carbon how Abuja and his people, they came and they put the camel innards on him and he couldn't even move. You know, the description of that incident is so it's so heartbreaking.

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And you wonder, what kind of a heart did the Prophet salallahu Salam have? How can he keep going? What was it that gave him strength? Tell me what gave him strength. It was the Quran. It was a recitation of the Quran. And then it was the salah. Didn't the Prophet salallahu Salam say that the coolness, the comfort, the joy, you know, for my eyes has been placed in what? In salah? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam found comfort by performing salah.

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What is it that we find comfort through

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watching a movie?

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Seriously. You know, here we are stressing out and there we are not doing what we should do to get the strength that we need.

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Go ahead.

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salam alayka LeBrock I was attending Friday Hotbird and the mom was giving the talking about the three wars of Sri Rama and they said if you someone asked you what is the great blessing of your life, you will see because my existence my life and becoming Muslim, but if you see the three Rahman Allah subhanaw taala did not mention Ramadan kala kala insaan you said Allah, Allah mille Quran so the Quran is better than your existence because of Quran coming before your existence. And that's why the understanding of the Quran knowing that it's a great great blessing then your existence Yes, very true that we think as long as we are alive, you know, we're lucky. But before the hulk of

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incense in toto Rockman What is Allah says Allah Al Quran so this means that as long as we have Quran in our lives, we are lucky.

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Okay, that is great fortune having Quran in one's life. So, over here, first of all Otsu recite, secondly, Auckland masala, establish the salah. And having these two things as part of one's life, this is a source of great strength for a person through all of life's trials and difficulties. You know, like I said, was Salah to know that Salah is no, it's light, it keeps giving you hope, no matter what dark situation you find yourself in. It keeps hope alive. And then Allah says in the salata, indeed, the salah indeed the prayer done her, it prohibits unfair from a fascia, the immorality while Mancha and wrongdoing. Salah prohibits a person, meaning it stops a person from

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committing immoral actions and wrong actions. This is an added benefit of Salah that it stops a person from wrong action. Now what is fascia? What is mooncup? You know about these words we have done them many times before, but just as a quick review fascia, remember it is that which is obscene that which is shameless whether it is words or it is actions, and mancha is that which is wrong meaning deeds are words that are unacceptable in the Sharia, and as well as human nature, meaning you're just don't accept it. It's just immoral.

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So Salah stops a person from indecent sees from shamelessness from wrongdoing, it prevents a person so Salah is like a protection against sin. Salah is protection against sin. This is what Allah subhanaw taala studying us over here, how the thing is that Salah has a great impact on a person's life.

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If that impact was not there, we would not have been instructed to pray five times a day. I mean, think about it. Praying once a day. I mean, technically could have been enough if you just think about it. You don't just have to perform your religious obligations once a day, okay? Fine, maybe twice a day, five times a day. Why? Because there's something that Salah does to you, which is essential for you. You know, it's like you need five meals. Okay? I'm not saying like five full meals, you need a breakfast and then you need a snack and then you need a lunch. And then you need a snack again and then you need a dinner. And then sometimes you need a bedtime snack also, right? Do

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you need food throughout the day to keep your body going? You need it. Even if that snack is just, you know, one slice of app

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But whatever it may be a few nuts and seeds, whatever it is, but you need it.

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Can you survive on just one meal a day?

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Can you? If you do it, what's going to happen? Is it gonna affect your productivity? Is it going to affect your physical health? Of course, has it never happened with you that you skip breakfast and you don't have a proper lunch? And then by the time you get home, you eat some of the integers collapse on the couch. Right? Doesn't it happen? Why? Because you need more than one meal a day. Salah also is essential for our spiritual nutrition. Okay, spiritual health. What is that impact? That's what we're going to discuss. Awesome lesson. I just would like to share a story of my friend she came and knocking door in the middle of the day and working hard and I opened the door and she's

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crying. What happened? She said, I don't want to go back to my husband. I don't like my husband anymore. What have been on she doesn't want to talk. And then she kept talking on and on about him. But she didn't want to say like, what happened exactly. Just she saying I don't like it. So I said, Okay, pray Touriga. She's very litigious. She said, I can't say she is all over you now. Go make, make do and pray to her. And then she went Washington she make will do and she prayed to raka she calmed down. And then when I asked her what happened, she said they fight over socks. Subhanallah fight over over socks. SubhanAllah. And then when she prayed to Raqqa she realized like, calm down,

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she calm down. And she like, I tell her remember what good about him. And she started remembering. She calmed down. Salah really Slyke turn her Anil fascia or Mocha, very true. Very true.

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And oh, we're not supposed to expose our sins, but I think this will be very, very beneficial for many of the girls here, the young girl, especially when I was younger. In middle school, I used to read like, some worst kinds of books like, yeah, and it's really popular amongst young girls, especially to read these kind of books. But I noticed that I'd be missing Fudger for like, no reason I'd sleep on time, whatever. And then I'd miss Fajr like, prayer was always important to me. But I read those books, and I would also pray, but I would miss Fajr but, um, the law, I noticed that these books were my reason for, like, my bad relationship with my parents and missing Fajr

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especially. So then I stopped reading them. And then Alhamdulillah I was able to pray. Yeah, so see, because when I was important Alhamdulillah because of that fascia, Mancha, automatically, it got kicked out of your life.

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Even if you don't see like an effect in your life from reading these books, I swear, like there's definitely an effect in your life a negative effect from reading these types of books somewhere you don't notice, you'll just be frustrated about something and reading these kinds of books will be the reason so please stop for your own sake.

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So my gum

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yesterday I came home really, really tired. So I remember I was downstairs to home I'm like, I'm yawning. I'm super tired. And I was like, Stop telling me you're tired go to sleep. So then I made my way to my room but I hadn't prayed I shot yet. And then I jumped on my bed and then my two sisters looked at me like did you pray it? I'm like, No, I'm gonna pray. I'm just getting some energy so that I can stand up to pray. That didn't make any sense. But then after realizing how that didn't make much sense, I got up and I made my vote when I started praying and that's when I like had actual energy but I thought originally if I slept on my bed for a little bit, got some energy

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that I would be able to pray, but I probably would have like slept and not be like probably miss the salon or something.

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