Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 136B Tafsir Al-Nahl 41-44

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Are we the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 136 Surah, two Nahal io 41 to 64. Now in these verses basically we looked at two attitudes towards the Hulk. One is of those who are arrogant, they look down on the truth, even if they get it, they don't accept it, they oppose it. Their words, their comments are very arrogant. And they plot and plan to harm and oppose the prophets as well as their followers. And on the other hand, is the attitude of those who are humble. Those who accept the truth, even if they don't fully get it, they accept it. They don't procrastinate. They don't justify their wrong their sins. Rather, they're humble, they accept the truth, and they do it. And they they observe it, as soon as I find

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out about it.

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Now, obviously, the person who will accept the truth and adhere to it in a place where there are people who are against it, there are people who are opposing it. What do you think the followers of truth are going to face? What are they going to face opposition, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what happened? The leaders and wishes Yukina of Makkah, the influential people, they became the arrogant ones, they justified their schicke they rejected the Accra they rejected the Oneness of Allah. And whenever the heck was mentioned, they became upset, they became angry. On the other hand, were the sahaba. Those who accepted the call of the Prophet salallahu Salam, they

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responded, they obeyed. They were humble. But then what happened to Billa LeBlanc

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and what happened to have a bucket of Lauren who and what happened to her responded Lo and who and what happened to most Arbib intermodal de la noir and who was everything happy and nice for them? No, they had to face a lot of opposition hostility, and then it came to the point of persecution. So when they were suffering from persecution, what were they told some of the Muslims, they were told to migrate where you learned about it, the first migration was to ever cine Habesha. Soon after that, the Prophet said a lot isn't sent another group of believers to have a shot the second migration to ebace, India took place. But then when the persecution became really out of hand than

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what happened, migration to Medina and then finally the prophets, Allah Madison was also told to migrate. Now when you are being opposed, there are basically two ways one is a resistance.

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And the other is that you'll just leave everything and move somewhere else. Avoid the problem, go somewhere else where you will be at peace and you can do what you want. Right? Both are noble. Both ways are noble. Resistance is also noble. And Hijra is also noble. Initially in Makkah, what was it resistance meeting, that's what the Muslims showed. But then what happened when it became out of hand, then it was that they were told to do Hijra.

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Now, again, when a person is being opposed when he's not being allowed to do what he believes is true, then there's two attitudes. One is that you stick it out, you don't give up, you adhere to your beliefs, regardless of the price that you have to pay, whether it is resistance or relocation, Hegira, whatever it may be, or that you say, You know what, it's too tough. I can't do this.

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God's not too strict. He's Merciful. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't demand this from us. You know what? It's okay. Allah knows my situation, I will let go of this, I will leave this I will also leave this I will stop doing this. And as a result, eventually, it doesn't even seem like a person believes. So in the next hire, this is what is mentioned. Well ladina heard your roof Allah He and those people who did Hijra in the Cause of Allah, meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions. They did Hijra Philippi. In meaning in the Cause of Allah, because they believed in Allah. They did Hijra in order to earn the pleasure of Allah mimbar the mouse slowly move because

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they had been oppressed. They had been wronged. They had been opposed, they were persecuted. Why were they persecuted because of the truth that they wanted to adhere to? Because the truth that they wanted to practice? Allah says such people who've had to leave their homes for the cause of Allah. No, don't think Allah is going to leave them deprived. No, he's going to compensate them with something that is far better. Learn oboe we unknown surely we will definitely settle them. But

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to settle, Allah will definitely settle them give them a whole

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On fifth dunya in this world has Cena which is good in this dunya he will compensate them with what is better. Like when the Muslims migrated to Medina. What kind of a home did they find in Medina? Think about the welcome they received. Do you hear about such welcome anywhere throughout history that some immigrants came and people welcome them happily. Now what happens immigrants are coming. And people say Go back, go back, go back. We don't want you here. You are a strain on our economy you are a burden on us. We have so many problems because of you. But look at the home that the hygiene found in Medina Lobo, we are known for dunya Hassan was a little extra to Akbar. And surely

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the reward of the Hereafter is far greater, low can ojala moon if only they knew Who knew those who expelled them, that wish to be keen, if only they knew that what they got in Medina was better than what they left behind. And what the believers will find in Jannah is going to be far better than what they have left in this dunya. You know, the enemy wanted to harm them. But they weren't successful in harming them if only they knew. And low can ojala one can also refer to those believers who are hesitant in taking this big leap for the cause of Allah, this big step in the way of Allah, they're hesitant, they're afraid. Allah says if only they knew that when you leave

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something for Allah, Allah will compensate you with something that is far, far better. So remember the context of this idea. It's a murky, pseudo right. And persecution had increased Hijra had been taken place. So the believers are comforted. That Don't worry, when you have to leave your home when you have to leave your friends, your relatives, the city, the streets, the markets that you are so familiar with. Don't worry, life is not over. Allah will give you better

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Allah who will give you something much better now and later. And this is a promise for who just the Mahajan who emigrated with the prophets of Allah and the Sunnah. Know, for everyone who leaves something for the sake of Allah. When you leave something for Allah sake, don't feel like you have lost something know, you've actually gained something, you've actually gained something in what something that is much better. It's like when you are investing your money, you feel like oh, those $5,000 are gone. But no, no, don't think it's gone. It's going to bring you more, it's going to bring you more when you're paying for your education. And you're like 10 grand for one year, ouch.

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You know, I tried so hard to save all this money. My father worked so hard to save all this money and it's gone. Don't worry, it's not gone. When you get your degree and you get a job, you will make this money back. In two months, you will make this money back in three months. Insha Allah Insha Allah, Allah put Baraka in that. So this is what we hope in this world right?

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Now, again, when a person gives up something for Allah, Allah will give him much better now and later. And this is a huge encouragement for everyone who is confused about losing that dilemma, that should I hold on to what is right? Or should I be a little relaxed here? What should I do? What do we learn from this? Don't compromise when it comes to health? When it comes to Allah's command, don't compromise over there. Don't stick to it, adhere to it, Be firm on it. And Allah will give you Allah will give you something much, much better.

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You see, the thing is that this Deen it demands a change from us. A change, a big change, a change in lifestyle, a change in our thinking, a change in our habits, the way we speak, the way we dress, the way we celebrate the way we entertain ourselves. So this change can be very difficult for many people. You know, there's a certain point up to where you can say, Yeah, I can make these changes. But this is going a little too far. I don't think I can switch my job. I don't think I can, you know change the way I dress for each people because their weaknesses are different, their struggles will also be different. But those people who make that change, for them is a huge reward. And for those

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people who don't make that change, then what do they have at the end? A little enjoyment of this world and nothing beyond that. May Allah protect us. So this is where we all need to look at ourselves that since I have come to learn about the many commands of Allah subhana wa

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Follow? What is it that I have changed in my life?

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What is it that I am striving to change in my behavior, in my habits in my lifestyle, that anything I found contradicting Allah's law, I left it even though I had been doing it all my life.

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I left it because it contradicts Allah's law. I replaced it with something better. And even if I did not find anything better right now, I leave the matter to Allah that will original earthly Rottie Akbar, the award of the Hereafter is better. Those who change themselves, according to Allah's law, his directives, those are who people have knowledge because Allah says locanto Yharnam, only if only they knew. So those who actually bring about this change will keep adjusting themselves. They are people of knowledge and those who don't change, do they have knowledge?

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Do they have that earn? No.

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Because they're in What's the proof of that, that a person has knowledge? What's the proof of that actions? The change the adjustment that has been made in the attitude in the behavior, and whatever it may be? You know, for example, if there is someone who is, let's say, eating something, haram, and it's clear that it's haram, and you see that they're eating something haram, you give them the benefit of the doubt, or they don't know.

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But if you come and ask them, you try to tell them and they say, Yeah, I know.

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You know, yet you don't know like what's going on here? If you know that, how come? You're eating this? And if you don't know that, I'm telling you stop.

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So who is it that has really gained knowledge, the one who has brought about a change in himself? Who are those people? Alladhina Sabado, Hala, Bohemia at our cologne, they are those who do suburb,

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suburb. Why? Because this change requires a lot of suburb.

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When you have to hear things from people, because of the change that you're making, in your lifestyle, in your speech in your dressing, or whatever it may be, you have to do a lot of subber over what you hear from people, what you receive, have heard from them. And also, you have to do some and the greatest opposition is from where? From the heart.

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Because other people when they say something to you, you can block them off. You know what you're pretending to hear, but you're not actually listening to them. You can walk away, but if your heart is frightening you

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if your heart is not ready, can you block that off? Can you shut that off? Can you walk away from it? No. So what is the most important thing, most important requirement for change Subash Alladhina Savile Row Warilla, behemoth of a cologne and they rely upon their lord with regards to what the future, the future because obviously when you make a huge change, then you are scared, what's going to happen later? What's going to happen? So at that time you do Tawakkol on Allah, it's okay Allah Who will take care of me, Allah will provide for me, Allah will substitute this with something far better. While I'll be him yet Allah Kowloon.

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I've been trying to make my wardrobe better and stuff like more Islamic and stuff. And because of that most of my clothes are not very plain and very, like, elderly type clothes, right? Yeah, boring. So like, because of that many people like mistake me for my mom's history. So like, whenever my relatives hear about this, they're like, why don't you just dress like a girl and then like that, that will defeat the whole purpose of gaining and gaining a home, right? There's no point.

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So there's something required over there that when you're out somewhere, and you and your mom are both dressed in a very similar way, an average teenage girl would be dressed differently from her mother very differently. So when you hear such comments from people, it's very discouraging.

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It's discouraging. So what do you need over there summer and Tawakkol also

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double call also with regard to the future that hopefully things will change hopefully, you know, it'll get easier hopefully people will understand and you know, what, inshallah Allah will give me something better. Where a lot of Bohemia to work Hello. So these two things are key to a successful life. Because life if you want to have progress throughout your life, if you want to become a better person in anything that you're doing, if you want to improve, you need to constantly change, meaning adjust, adjust accordingly.

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Your circumstances according to your situation, and for us, we change according to what what we learn what Allah subhanaw taala likes. So that is scary, that is painful. And it also requires a lot of hope and reliance on Allah subhanaw taala Why not be him? Yet our Cardone.

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And this is true, that when someone leaves something for Allah, Allah will give him better. When a person relies on Allah, Allah will not disappoint him.

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The Sahaba left Makkah, they left their homes, they left their money. You know about the stories of hijra, they had to leave their loved ones also. But in Medina, did they not find amazing brothers and sisters, amazing friends, who loved them sincerely, who preferred them over themselves?

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And in Medina, did not find the benefits of this world also, of course, they did, yes, initially there was a lot of struggle. But soon what happened Allah subhanaw taala, replace their poverty with wealth, remodel the low iron, who when he was the Khalifa, he would give huge you know monthly stipends to them or hygiene like large sums of money to the margerine. And he would say to them, who BarakAllahu Li had them a word like Allah Who for dunya woman, the horror like I feel guilty of one, take it may Allah bless it for you. This is what is promised to you in this life. But what Allah has stored for you in the hereafter is much better, much better. And then he would recite this idea

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that those who do hijra, who leave what they love for the sake of Allah,

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Allah will provide them a good home in this dunya and certainly the home of the Hereafter is better, but this cannot be done except by who Alladhina Sabado wire Allah Akbar him, yet Allah cologne. So these two things sub and

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one I will sell them in public, and we did not send before you anyone meeting any messenger, because you overhear refers to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Remember that whenever the singular form is mentioned, okay, you meaning a person is being addressed, and it's in the singular form, the primary address is to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then sometimes the address is extended to his alma also. All right, this is just like, when the older child is being addressed indirectly, who is being told the entire family. So remember that sometimes the address is exclusively to him the Prophet salallahu Salam, and sometimes it is directed to him. But who is

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meant his OMA over here? Who is the address to?

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Who is the address to Wilma? I will send lemon Oberliga.

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Who the prophets of Allah Islam is the OMA mentor over here? No. Because obviously, there were only some people who were chosen as messengers and after Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Is there any messenger that is coming? No. So we did not send before you meaning any messenger in that except regionalen Men, meaning every messenger that came before you was who a human being the jail is the plural of Roger and Roger is used for Amen. So first of all, this tells us that all prophets were human beings, not angels, not gin. And secondly, who were the men and not women?

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Now person might say, why, why not? How come there weren't any women messengers? Why were messengers always meant, because the responsibility of prophethood is not an easy one. It is not as simple one. It's actually quite difficult. I mean, you're studying the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam, he's zero. And you know that the kind of difficulties he had to endure? Were not that simple. And for that, you need physical strength. And you also need emotional strength, which, in general, who is better at men or women of men? How often is it that you see men crying?

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Hmm. As opposed to women, or girls? How much do they cry over every little thing? Right? And also, the thing is that over time, throughout history throughout various civilizations, various cultures, who is it that has always been given a leadership position? Generally, it's the men. So this is within the nature of people that they will accept something coming from a man, especially a man he will only act

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That's something coming from a man. But he will not accept it coming from a

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woman. Do you agree with me or No, I'm not saying this is how things should be. But this is how they are, whether we like them or we don't, this is how it is. And also remember that Allah subhanaw taala has given each person their own strength.

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Women have their own strengths, and men have their own strengths. And the strengths the abilities that men have been given there are more suitable for prophethood as opposed to the strengths that the women have been given. So women also learn in publica, we have not sent before you enlarge Magellan except for men. No, he lay him we did way to them, meaning while he was sent to them, our message was delivered to them. And this is how they became different from the rest of the people. What is the difference between the prophets and the rest of the people? What's the difference? Why the prophets receive revelation and the other people they do not receive revelation. The difference

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does not lie in their physical body in the sense that the prophet is made of light and the people are made of, you know, mud, they're human beings, they're made of human matter, but the prophets are made of light, so they don't have a shadow. No, there's no basis for that. The only thing that differentiates a Prophet from the rest of the people is what, why and obviously with the way there are other characteristics also, first Alou Allah decree so as the people of the wicked, what does Vic refer to Scripture? Because whether it is the Quran, or a scripture that was given before, what was the purpose of it, remind people of their purpose in life, and teach them that which they will

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remember, so that their lives can improve so that they can worship Allah subhanaw taala. So first Alou athletic people off the wicked are the people of the People of the Scripture, the scholars of the Jews and the Christians. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Ask them, ask them what that who were the previous prophets? Were the human beings or something else? And what is the answer that they will give you that all the previous prophets were who they were human beings in quantum letter alimony? If you do not know me? If you don't know about this, whether the prophets were human beings or angels, then what should you do? Start assuming things? No, ask the people who do know, even if

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they're not Muslim, because the scholars of the Jews and Christians, what were they they were Muslim at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sunnah majority of them were not. But still, the Quran is telling us that we should ask them.

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So what lesson do we learn from this, that anything in life when we don't know about it? If we are ignorant about it, don't draw your own conclusions. Don't go on assuming things yourself. Rather Ask the Experts ask the people who have knowledge about that science, about that field.

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And this is a very, very amazing principle

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that some people they said that oh, you said that in your Quran, you will find guidance about everything.

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What about such and such matter? There is no mention of this in the Quran. What about that matter? There is no mention of that in the Quran. So you know what answer they were given this idea that first aloo athletically In Kuntum letter parliament, if you don't know about something, go ask the experts. So the Quran teaches us about everything. And this principle that if you don't know something, go ask the experts and find out. So this is a solution to every question, every problem first aloo Allah decree in controllata, or the moon. Now, what does this I mean? Why is it that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us over here with so much emphasis that the previous prophets were

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also human beings, because the people of Arabia, they objected at the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that how could you be a prophet when you're a human being like us? How's that possible? If you're a human being like us, what makes you so good that you should be chosen as a prophet and how could you have the ability to receive revelation from God? So Allah subhanaw taala answers over here that this is how it has always been, this is not something new. Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not a new profit. There were profits before him and they were also human beings in total for con is seven. It has said what Kalu Mellie had the Rasul yet coloboma, why am she felt

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as well? That what is wrong with this messenger? What kind of a messenger is this? That he eats food and walks about in the markets? If he's supposed to be a prophet, he should be sitting on some fancy chair, you know, with so many people around him, and he should have a lot of money and a lot of superpowers.

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Here's what kind of a prophet is he that he lives like a normal human being. He eats food, he has a family, and he suffers the trials and difficulties and problems of this life. Allah subhanaw taala says, Yes, he is a prophet. Yes, he is a prophet, a human prophet, a human messenger. And this is what makes him the perfect messenger. Because if he was not a human being, how could people relate with him? How is it that he could relate with other people and convey the message to them?

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam was so perceptive he was so understanding of people, he was so kind and friendly with them. And this is the reason why people were attracted towards him. And this is the reason why they were able to accept his advice, because of his behavior and the fact that he was so good as a human being, if he was an angel, people will be scared. If he was not a human being some other creation, that again, there would be a barrier, there would be a big gap. So yes, the fact that the Prophet salallahu Salam was a human being that has been proven over here. And at the same time, people are being taught that if you don't know about something, don't go on objecting and

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passing judgments. Go as the people of knowledge

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been begging, it was Zuberi, with the clear proofs and the written ordinances, meaning every prophet that was sent before you was sent with what Bill by unit with the beginner as well as a zoobel bayonet discipline of by, you know, what does it refer to miracles, miracles that the prophets were sent with, so that the people would be convinced of their prophethood people will be convinced of their truthfulness. And these begginer they help the people believe in the prophets. So, in other words, we are being told that it's not difficult for you to recognize Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as a messenger, he has been sent with clear proofs, clear evidences, as well as was Zuber and the zuba

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zuba is a plural of Cebu. And Cebu is from the root letters ze BA, ra, Zebra, zebra literally means Catawba. To write. What does it mean? What does that mean? What does it mean to write? Okay, so what do you think Cebu is literally something that is written? Clear. Now as the board is also used for what is also the name of what the book that was given to who that would earn a seller.

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So over here is Uber does not mean the scriptures of that with Ernie Sinha Zuber over here in its literal sense, that the prophets were also given written messages, meaning ordinances, commands, knowledge laws, it doesn't mean that every prophet was given a written scripture. But rather what it means is that when something is written, it means that it's legal. It's coming from somewhere, it's being sent to someone. And obviously, what is written is something important, it was worth writing, either it had a command or it had some advice or some important news, some important knowledge information. So so but over here, it gives a meaning of messages scripture, knowledge, laws,

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commands, so the prophets were equipped. The prophets were equipped with do things, proofs as well as scripture, what unzila elago, Vikram and we have sent to you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the reminder meaning the Quran, y li to beginner liveness so that you can make clear to the people you can do to been for the people to be is to clarify by and is to be clear. So to begin to clarify. So we sent the scripture to you why so that you can clarify le NASCI for the people clarify what for them man new Zilla la him that which has been sent to them. And also the scripture was sent with you so that you can explain it. Why Why Allah Allah, homeopathic Corona and so that they can

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reflect. Now if you think about it, guidance, Hidayat was sent through two ways, prophets as well as scriptures, books. Now, was it not easy for Allah subhanaw taala to just send the book. Was that possible? Of course. Would it be sufficient to guide people? Would that be enough for the guidance of people just a book, know what was sent rather, who was the book sent with him?

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messenger et Hamad Al Kitab in Sua hibel kita. Why? Because you see, today people will say, Oh, the Quran is there, just look into the Quran. Just interpret it however you want. Just read the text and interpret it yourself. Use your own mind to interpret it. Forget about what the prophets have a lot of Salam said that was 1400 years ago, we don't really need that. We don't really need to accept the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and you hear these kind of arguments all the time. And especially when people say things like the Quran should be re interpreted. There should be a modern interpretation of the Quran, according to today's world, some interpretation that will actually fit

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in today's world that can be a source of guidance for people today. But is this correct? No. Because if the prophets instruction was not necessary, than Allah subhanaw taala would not have sent Prophets than he would have simply sent scriptures. But the fact that it has no Quran, the Sahaba al Kitab was sent someone who brought the book a messenger was sent. What does it mean that you cannot separate the book from the bringer of the book. You cannot separate the scripture from the Prophet. There are both connected, both of them together become a source of guidance. Over here Allah subhanaw taala explains to us that the reason why the Quran was sent to the Prophet sallallaahu

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Salam, the reason why he was chosen as a messenger to receive the Quran and then deliver it to the people was what highlight this word lead to obey Hina leanness lead to obey in alumnus this was the prophets job. His job was not just to convey the Quran, just recite the Quran so that the scribes would write it down so that the people could memorize it, and then pass it on from generation to generation. No, yes, that was one of the things that the Prophet sallallahu sallam was required to do yet through RNA here at that he recited to the people the verses, but in addition to that, what was the role of the messenger little by Hina Lin nurse, you explain to the people that which has

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been revealed to them, because otherwise they cannot understand the Quran. They cannot understand the Quran without looking at the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam let me give you an example. The last three verses of Surah Baqarah. What do they say? Beginning from the Lahemaa for sama Watty. When I fill up in Tamil, do Murphy and fusi come out of who you have said can be Hila that to Allah belongs everything that is in the heavens and everything that is in the earth. If you reveal what is in your heart, or you hide it, Allah can call you to account

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for your field, you may your shirt or your diploma your shirt, then he can forgive whomsoever He wills, and he can punish whomsoever He wills. When this idea was revealed the Sahaba what happened? They were so worried that like, okay, with regards to our actions with regards to our words, we can control them, but our feelings, our questions, our thoughts, if Allah hold us accountable for that we're doomed. So the one to the profits of a lot is that I'm seeking clarification. That what does this mean? And the Prophet said a lot of Saddam explained to them what that meant. And you've studied at the feet of these verses earlier. Now this is just one instance, where when the Sahaba

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heard and if they could not understand how they were to implement it. So they sought the clarification from who, from the prophets of Allah is Allah, another ayah in the Quran

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about Eman and

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well Emile Basu Imana, whom Bill Holman that he does not mix his Eman with Zoltan. So the Sahaba they're like which one of us is free from lunch? Every single one of us commits lunch. So the prophets of Allah Islam said that no loom over here does not mean any sin. What does it mean? Schick in the Shipka Lavon went ugly. You know, when you read instruction somewhere, you're like, what does it mean? I don't fully understand it. What do you want? A video tutorial? Someone to show you what happens in a test the questions are written clearly but still people keep calling the teachers they keep asking the invigilators and they say we're not allowed to tell you anything. All the

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instructions are there on paper, but as human beings what do we want that human connection another person to explain to us what is written even though we can read it ourselves? So lead to bacon Allah Nassima New Zealand la him well our Allah homeopathic Quran and so that they can reflect. So what do we learn that the Quran it tells us what to do? And the Sunnah of the Prophet of Allah

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under Saddam it tells us how to do. The Quran tells us the law and the Sunnah tells us the procedure. It's the practical aspect. It's the practical demonstration. And both are needed. You need the instructions and you also need a demo.

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Remember that there are different ways of understanding the Quran. If you look at an ayah of the Quran, there are different ways of doing it Snapseed or interpreting the ayah in order to understand it. One is that you look at the rest of the Quran. Okay, you look at the rest of the Quran. So for example, Iman has mentioned in one place now you wonder what is Eman? So you look at the rest of the Quran that What is Allah subhanaw taala tell us about Eman so for instance, sort of the Bukhara you open up you find out Alladhina you may know nebula baby where your people know salata remodels Oklahoma and raccoon and then you also learn while Latina you know not be mad on Zillow, elite woman

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on Zillow in public will accurate to whom you clean and so from these verses you find out okay Eman is that you believe in the era you believe in the scriptures. So this is one way of interpreting the verses of the Quran. The second way is that you look to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Hassan did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam explain an idea of the Quran in any way? Now remember that the prophets are a lot of them did the bean he clarified the verses in three ways. He told us the meanings of the verses how in three ways. First of all, through his words, when he told the people so for example, he said no loom over here does not mean sin. It means shank. This is what his words

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his statements that explain the Quran to us. Secondly, his actions. Now for example, in the Quran over and over again you learn about a Salah where you play Munna salah, tell me which I have the Quran, which Surah of the Quran tells you the method of prayer,

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which Surah where's it mentioned the method of prayer.

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It's not there in the Quran. So then how is it that you will establish the prayer you will just say oh salam means prayer. So you just you know, remember God wherever you are asking for whatever you need in the morning in the night during the day, whenever you feel like you just raise up your hands and you pray to God in fact, don't even have to do that. Just pray to God in your heart. Is that what it means by up mana salah? No. When you look at the life of the prophets of Allah, some you find that Salah has a specific meaning.

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It's a specific act of worship, that is supposed to be performed at specific times in specific ways.

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Now, the third way in which the Prophet salallahu Salam explained the meaning of the Quran was through approvals also get through his approvals when someone did something, and he approved of it.

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And there are numerous examples of this. So for example, at one occasion, this man he was traveling with his companions. And at night, what happened was that he became Genova and he needed to take a bath, but it was extremely cold or he was very sick. So he did not take a bath. And he prayed Salah without having taken a bath.

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When the Prophet salallahu Salam was informed about this, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said you prayed without taking a bath? He said, Well, Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, I'd love to do and fossa calm. Don't kill yourselves. So I remember that I had that, you know, you're not supposed to kill yourself. And if I were to take a bath in that cold night, then I would literally die. So the Prophet sallallaahu Selim smile to the point that he was laughing.

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So what does it mean he approved of this action, that if a person is sick, or he fears that he's going to get sick, or he's going to die, okay, his illness is going to get really bad, if he takes a bath. So he does not take a bath and instead he performs what I would say among

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the prophets are a lot of times so now tells us that you can do that. So the point that I'm making over here is that understanding the Quran correctly is impossible, without referring to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu if you don't refer to the Sunnah, you cannot understand the Quran. And remember that the Quran was revealed in a certain context. You know, when there were certain situations in the life of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam It was then that those verses were revealed. So you cannot remove the verses from the context in which they were revealed in you cannot separate them. You have to keep both of them together.

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So little vignette and a Nassima Newsela la himolla, our Lomita for karoun and so that they would give thought they would reflect reflect on what on the Quran, because when they see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reciting

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The Quran reflecting on the Quran acting upon the Quran, then it helps the people understand the Quran better.

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And if they do not understand how can they reflect how can they derive lessons for themselves?

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will lead the learner Josephine

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Mooney Mulan

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Hassan wala as you all

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know Ken

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Levine ensemble Sabo

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be him Yeto

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no he

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building it was Lobo was

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Eli you can make drawn into

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Sima, Xena ena.

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