How to Deal With Different Levels of Religious Differences

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Especially brothers and sisters

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in the workplace, for lots.

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And lots, it's a privilege to be here with you today.

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Conferences, events,

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right, pray that Allah subhanaw taala makes a blessing event full of blessings for us. And he means of benefiting us the job of the IRA.

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This session is final session which is dedicated to the topic of unity. We're going to look at certain aspects of unity.

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Unity between Muslims

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and the advocates of the differences that we have amongst Muslims. And this topic is actually a very, very vast topic, a detailed topic, there are different aspects to the topic, we can talk about the differences or the disunity amongst Muslims that take place in the religious aspect. There's another area where you have differences amongst the Muslims in terms of tribal, tribal conflicts, conflicts within the family. And there are different areas that what I want to inshallah concentrate on is to look at why we have differences in terms of religious aspects and the different differences that we have. What are the etiquettes? What are the rules, and what as a Muslim we should be doing

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in terms of these differences, because we live in a time where many people not just young, but even old people say that they are confused. This is actually something which the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted and forecasted. He said, The time has come before the Day of Judgment. Use. Remarkable Hi, Your Honor, that human being a Muslim will become confused because in the morning, you'll see cursor and we'll speak in one minute in the morning is a believer in the evening is a disbeliever. And it's a time when people are confused. You know, there are different groups and different sects and different people, different types of people love offering the salon

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and doing different things in different ways. And people ask this question, if we own one, we are all Muslims. Why are the differences What should a Muslim do in these times? And we all talk about unity and we know as Muslims we realize the importance of unity. I mean, nobody disagrees with this concept of unity. Every Muslim in every part of the Muslim world will tell you that unity is important. We will need to be one we will we will do our to ALLAH SubhanA di that we made. The oldest McDonald I'll make them listening tonight. Make them one, but our actions are not.

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Our actions do not demonstrate the fact that we want unity. Unity is important. Everybody knows it's important. There are verses in the Quran. That Hadith are the messengers of Allah Almighty He was sending that talk about the importance of the oneness of unity of having that mutual love, and that harmony and peace within the Muslims. And the prohibition of friction, the prohibition of disunity, the prohibition of

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conflict and argumentation and debate in dispute. It's totally forbidden in Islam, and there are numerous verses. Allah says in the Quran in surah earlier and we're testing we'll be happy then Jimmy our before that Allah says, Dr. Lena Amruta Allah have Katakana that's actually one of the verses that the Imam recites when he gets the hook, the sermon of Lika and it's called the hot button harder. Yes, you want us to follow up with the

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law hackers according to your load, as He is quoted to be feared, whereas the Moto Nebula was introduced him

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In this verse, Allah says, we mean for Muslims to have success and salvation in this life. And the next slide there are two steps, two steps for success in this world as well as the next world two steps collectively for Muslims number one Allah Allah is mentioning the first step in the first verse. Oh you will be do you feel you and that in the next verse, Allah says, if you want some steps in this world, collectively individually and what's the second thing that you need to do? What do you move we have been lucky to meet

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all of you. Allah is talking to us address in me a new oil has together all of you tossing, hold collectively, hold on to the rope, hold firmly for associate will be heavily leggy, Jimmy, all of you collectively want to fall Roku do not disunite.

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And then Allah talks about some of the things to the Sahaba or your lover. There are many other verses in them and who buna inqua all the believers are prisoners, one single brother will consistently amongst the Muslims in America for up Butina who worker was shared less than him appreciate Allah Subhana Allah is addressing his beloved messenger for Allah and you say we say in Medina furrows, you know those people who divided the religion, those who make sects and groups and different groups and this group and that group with all the 101 names that we have today, I want to say to the messengers of Allah, Allah will send them in an arena for Roku, the Roku account was

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shared, they became groups the word share, which means they became groups, less the new fishing or messenger, you have nothing to do with them, there is no connection, there is no bond, there is no link between you and those people who dis unit Allah is addressing the Messenger of Allah and he was, as there are many numerous verses, what does that answer but duction whatever we do not argue do not debate don't dispute, what are the hazards? Which is how is that action? You Will you will you will fail, you will lose all your ascendancy and power in the world. Whatever the hell comes, you will become weak. You lose all your mind and your power in the world.

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And this is what's happening to the Muslims today. Because we are infighting, we have fights and disputes and argumentation amongst ourselves. No Muslim groups. You know, it's it's so ironic that in every area without Muslims, there's disunity. There are problems in our context, whether it's conflicts or different groups, different mosques, different organizations in different organizations, different you know, sects from all angles.

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It's typical, like try to wisdoms and they don't fight, whether it's Ramadan, outside Ramadan, or army or cetera. In every area we receive Muslims, this uniting and fighting and coding and speaking which is one of the major sins of Islam. Allah says we're going to have local, you will become weak, you will lose your power and in a sentence in the world, the non Muslims, the disbelievers, the enemies of Islam will over come you a believer should be someone like the Messenger of Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, in what Hadith which is narrated by an Imam Muhammad in his Muslim, no.

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One what a higher of

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a believer is someone this is one of my favorite headaches remotely, no matter. The messengers of Allah Azza wa sallam. DiNapoli said, A believer is someone who loves me no matter what he has made me,

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a believer in Muslim media, you brothers and sisters, a believer is someone in whom love resides. Love, one place of love.

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Love the cause out from a believer level is an abode a utensil, a place of love, without fear of payment,

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and the message of sort of love or anything, there is no good in the one who doesn't love and it's all nothing better. There's at least two things are related. If we don't love others, and they don't have us, when we start loving other people and other some of us, these two things are related. And that's what he said there's no good and those who don't love others. So we know the importance of unity and having mutual harmony and peace and the prohibition on the lawfulness and the testability of friction of argumentation, of correlation of disputes amongst the Muslim and former, as I said, I want to concentrate mainly on these differences that we have in terms of religious aspects. There

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are different levels, the amount of actually discussing Listen, I need your attention on this. It's slightly slightly complicated and deep and not too much. Don't worry about it. We have different levels of data. And as a Muslim, we need to deal with all these differences in terms of religious aspects I'm talking about in a different way. There are different levels.

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Disability the order number one, we have different between the

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the first level we have

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to bring a copy with the FDA love the difference between the man and God between belief and disbelief between the different religions, the differences between the Muslims and non Muslims, the differences between a Muslim and a Christian the differences that a Muslim has with a Jewish person, and also those people who sometimes claim them to be quite frank, and

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you know, he has to be clear cut, even those people who claim to be Muslims, right, and now not in the in the form of Islam, like we all know as Muslims that those people who actually themselves in Islam like in the earlier times there were certain groups who left the path of Islam because they, they denied and rejected basic aspects of Islam. And this is something we have to be very careful. You know, Cooper and Cooper shaman are the field, considering someone to be corrupted is a very severe thing. It's a very delicate area, it's not my job, and it's not your job. It's not our job to start, you know, dishing out verdicts of course, we live in a town nowadays, we have

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so many passions, it's very easy, one of the easiest thing, someone disagrees with you whether you're a cop your motion, if you're moved to the euro innovator, anyone who disagrees point of Islam, that person is totally rejected as though he's some kind of hypocrite.

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It's a habit of the lung and who would do this first level the difference between Cooper Iman, someone

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rejecting an article of faith. And you know, the Honor, Your Honor actually discuss they give a definition of God. You know what go for it. They say that the girl you're removing has been in the room, rejecting that part of Islam, which is known to be out of our religion of necessity. Basic article, it's widespread, every small child will tell you, this is something of Islam. In Kabul, not only women are dealing with the ruler, the D has something obvious. someone rejects Allah, someone rejects the messengers of Allah values, and someone doesn't believe in any of the other prophets rejects parts of the Quran or the whole Quran rejects life after somebody denies age, you know,

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believe in the angels. someone denies but even called of destiny. And all the books, scripts, any other scriptures and the books that were sent to the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. That scope

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should be clear cut, you know, denying basic aspects of religion. And even though we have certain groups like we know, the audience, for example, according to the Muslims, in the form of Islam, those who call themselves Muslims because they reject basic aspects of the finality of the prohibition of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because we need to be very careful. You know, this is not easy, incredible, not only mammon, I mean, even those who are rejecting basic articles of faith, that's the definition of cover, which means something which is categorically proven Islam, something what we call country decisively, totally, absolutely. You

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know, stablished from the Quran, and Sunnah with a decisive absolute text, which is called a premium for Goodwill. So that's some that's the definition of coke. We understood the definition of Coca Cola, someone coming over and disbelief when he rejects an absolute established basic article. And number two, the second part here is that his disbelief or his rejection or his denial, should also be absolute. And some of his denial should also be just like we're saying, you should be denying something which is decisive. Even his denial should not have to, to, you know, opinions. If you can give him the benefit of the doubt you give the benefit of the doubt he's clear cut. And he is

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categorical. In his statement, he says clearly, when, you know, relating from a person who's recovered, I do not clearly he says it out, she spells it out to 10 times I do not believe in angels. You know, there is no two ways about it. One of the great scholars of the early times, you know, nobody said externally he makes a statement. There's 99 ways of interpreting that statement to view the statement of goal. But there's one way you can interpret that statement to the statement of Islam, you still call the Christians

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because the messengers of Allah Allahu wa salam sages, I hear the Holy Moly Mahalia races in his city is our calling is Muslim. We did not hear kirpan Papa huduma. But one of the Muslims, one Muslim says to another old governor, and one of them becomes a cutter. If he is really a conflict. That is a couple other words, otherwise it comes back to you. So it's very severe, you know, and the messengers of Allah he was to look at the definition of a Muslim the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my salah was stopped by that period.

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Take what occurred as a radical Muslim, the one who performs our salah, in dirty facing in the direction of the fibula,

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men salah, Salah, tena our salah, if phases in the direction of our template, it's how slaughtered meet your basic things he's a Muslim, this is a definition of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a sudden, the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam when he gave the sermon in Washington, whether it's a good Muslim or a Muslim or haram, them who were men who were able, every believer, his blood, his world and dignity, his in his honor, is haram, one another Muslim, you can't violate the honor of another believer. So we have to be very careful the definition of good this is the first level of data where you have differences which are often amongst different, you know, groups, the difference,

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this is the level of difference of belief, and this

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has been uncomfortable Eema now, as a Muslim, as I said, In the beginning, how should we deal with this, each level requires that type of, you know, reaction, you know, you know, this is the highest level of disbelief, someone's identity for example, of course, your denial, your rejection will be quite staunch, you will be quite

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I wouldn't say aggressive because that is a you know, it's not fighting and arguing and start growing up Christian. But whoever that is, you just, but of course you are categorical. And you also hear in your, in your understanding, and your denial and rejection of the group. Because this is the first level. Not everybody is accustomed only those people who absolutely reject, you know, the basic articles of faith. And we have to be very, very careful about this because we unfortunately, live in a time brothers and sisters where the field has become very easy. People aren't small, small things cool under the carpet, or emotionally, whether you know, you're involved in *, all your

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life and interaction with your own Muslim, you know, we Muslims are probably the only people who try to, you know, make the numbers of the Muslims as less as less as possible. If you go if you see the Christians Now, anyone who even sounds like a Christian is a Christian,

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they will they will increase the size of the Muslims, you know, you want the agenda to ourselves.

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You will get bored in general, if it's just you know,

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you know, what we're gonna do by ourselves, Russian people, that's what they do only know that this cryptocarbon profit this group cup, and this person has gotten this government's coffee that he discovered he discovered whoever it is involving humans and a waffle, Raccoon capital, whoever doesn't rule everyone is a catfish.

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You've taken everything out of the room, why don't you just go out and keep everybody here, you just go outside yourself, you know, the halogen early timezone group. That's what they used to do. They used to just call everybody a governor and loosen him or call them Howard is because they were hostage, because they will put out let us know everybody else. So this this is this is a problem. But this is a first level, the level of disagreement being uncomfortable facts and the way we deal with that level, if somebody rejects basic aspects of D, then of course we have to we have to tackle that in that particular way.

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So I'm actually very careful I said you know, things like the basic deny those things like you know, denying into not believing in angels or the menagerie Mala because the you know, the books of Allah subhanho data, the different scriptures, even parts of the Quran, if somebody for example, if there is a group who is denying or rejecting portions of the book of ALLAH SubhanA which either the Quran team will come out of the fold of Islam, okay, if there is a group like that, if they are category P theory, absolutely, without a shadow of doubt in the way I just explain, if they are rejecting parts of the book of Allah, then they will come out of the fold of Islam. So this is this is the first

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level been uncomfortable. Okay. And no, so we go into second level, second level. Now this now you approach as a Muslim. The second level, this is the law of difference between Muslims, it's lesser, it's lighter than that the versa. This is if they have been unhappy with the difference between the truth between truth and falsehood. You're not considering the other group to be a god. But nevertheless you consider them to be deviated like in the early time we had all these deviant groups and sets like the as I said, even the house nobody called them because they were part of this the martyr zero because the houses we had the jewelry etc. They are still Muslims, but they are involved

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in balada below that means deviation and fiscal meaning they are not on the correct track. Okay. But there are still nevertheless Muslims. There are people who have the you know who you can't consider them to be.

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I will tell you

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fold of Islam because they're not rejecting basic fundamental articles of faith. But they are severely deviated, like, for example, if somebody, you know, he categorically sits there and starts slandering, you know, the word of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for example, of course, that person, you know, is deviating. If someone's rejecting parts of the Quran and doing that, then that person becomes a cutter. But if they don't reject parts of the Quran, but they're sitting there and just absolutely abusing, slandering, you know, ridiculing, and you know, rebuking and swearing, I'd say that I will look at a different your love that I know, for example, that person, you know,

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is on berada, this person is on deviation, there's no two opinions of other again, I don't, I'm not saying here that you start having an argument and punch in and say, Okay, let's go outside. And let's have a much No, no, no, there's not one simple thing, we need to know where our stance is where we stand, we say this is instead of being unhappy, well, if you want to, if you want to

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review code for if you want to, for example, rebuttal.

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If you want to write a rebuttal or something like that, against that particular group or individual, then you, you know, tone your approach will be to that level, the second level, the way you deal with, Danny, for example, is not like the way you would deal with this person has to be slightly different, because that's the first level, this is level number two, somebody who's going to have another level. I remember having having love for the Sahaba or having love, even having luck extra for one company over another company. That's not deviation. You know, sometimes some people like so the people who are from the Shia community, some of them they have extra love for them. You know,

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that's a basic extra love for the firing of the messengers of Allah are you sending that in itself is nothing wrong with it, even if somebody has more than positive

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karma Maharaja, more than general because we cannot call that absolute deviation. Some people have actually left for the family, having love for the families, the messiness of Allah is Amina Nima it we should have loved, even people have sort of understood in that one July because sometimes they fail to realize and we need to have this extreme love for the family and the messengers of Allah, Mama shelter with your lover and one of the great evils on this Oma. He used to have this excessive love. And he was actually from the family of lawyers and just love it who said it. Somebody said, oh imam in Peter Wagner, Tasha, you you've got some Shia Islam in you sound like a Shia. He's a why

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because I love the family of the messengers and Love Life Center. And then he said a few lines of poetry. I can't remember all the lines. But he said in one of the lines is in Canada In Canada of Ross Bootsy. She grew up

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in Canada roughly earning her money projection into Kalani behind Iraq, if being a Shia is to have love for the family of the messages

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that led the two worlds near Western Michigan.

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Love for the family and the message alone

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is the size of the month. But this is a second level Anyway, time is very short. Third Level these two levels number one Bain and Company what Iman belief and disbelief second level of data which has been unhappy with both truth and falsity. These are the two areas where you are you know, when you're quite maybe not aggressive, but you are strong in your position, and you consider the other party to be either gullible or on false. Okay. But besides that, level three, level four, level five, these are pregnancies whether it's complete scope for difference of opinion, and that's why the understanding or the level number three, first four. And then third level is we have a

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difference of opinion in secondary aspects in issues is how we praise Allah in how we you know, first in how we perform eats or how we raise our hands and pray or launch we say I mean loudly or not, we have a visa, you know, how many records we offer? You know, we do three, two salons a one salaam you know, we recite behind the emo we don't decide whether we raise our finger this way, oh, we're going this way or don't raise it or whatever. It doesn't matter. You know, there are problems. Nowadays people would debate only long about these issues, and they only pray. And it's crazy until when you pray just pray anyway, whichever way you want to print will just print nice and nice. And

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it's great. Those two quarters until one o'clock at night in England, they were having a debate on whether you should say I'm in love your sanctuary. And both of them Mr. Fraser

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argued about value and suddenly and they just didn't never developed none of the two because they will go snooping, you know, at least loudly or silently, which is crazy. We don't live in a town where we can debate and argue about these issues about these visitors who are a secondary issue.

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Secretary Mattis whether you read on this day or the second year the third you just do read at least just do it. You know, just do one thing any day just do it it doesn't matter. Take notice or se you can follow the American have previously praised some way at least just pray the flu or if there are these differences of Madonna, this is something Allah wanting. This has happened since the time of the Sahaba of the oboe brothers sisters this is something which the ALMA Alma the LACMA it's a mercy it's something for lead on this OMA, this is third level have mentioned the fourth and final metal just and the fourth is what better to do and what better not to do over out of money or overly

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wrapping up the year

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to make notes about these things, you know, it's good to make notes.

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Most people are not enough has enough. You know, it takes more than it still is good to hear that somebody can answer with you.

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Solution, read books.

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You should always try to make notes as much as possible, even if it's recording but it's good to make notes sits in your head.

00:26:08--> 00:26:09

So if

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Obadiah which is something which is better to do and what's better not to do like raising your hands in prayer, everybody agrees all the Imams of the Ummah Agree 100 Disagree you can raise your hand if you weren't going to who you really are and so forth.

00:26:25--> 00:27:03

Now isn't truth nothing whatsoever? It's just they prefer not to they have evidences, every emerge every mother every school that are evident. It's not just you know, sometimes people that you know, every school these things are not created with like, for example, the Ford School of Thought they will not make in India or Pakistan or Bangladesh. Like some young people think that based on the Quran and Sunnah every month that is based on the Quran and Sunnah they are explanations, interpretations of the Quran and Sunnah. That's why I tell them people don't have 100 You say if if you are a Hanafi or don't say I have a shepherd if I follow the Hadith in schools explanation, or

00:27:03--> 00:27:30

the interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah that's basically what it is. Some people follow the Hanafi school explanation of the Quran and Sunnah some people follow the sheltered schools explanation of the Quran and Sunnah tends to follow that Maliki school explanation of the Quran and Sunnah some people will follow somebody you might even think he has an explanation of the Quran, sunnah. And some people follow their own explanation of the Quran bring everybody has to follow some explanation. You can't you can't just on the court you have some

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higher evidence and you can't just click apply for no reason at all. You can't just you know, these issues pick up 100 and make a judgement because there are some times five different contradicting Hadith opposing Hadith without without appreciating the totality of the Quranic guidance and the Hadith. You could just pick up Sahil Bihari and you could get DBH and you could pick up the Quran because the VAT the Quran says yes, the human Shall we interview Aisha Allah give me its people with the heart. You could be dealing with with the Quran you could pick up second to call you could read the Hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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the one who does not research his Salah is not very you read if somebody follows the Hadith, for example behind the Imam he loves reading you haven't read? You come out of the ocean someone says Brother Do you read about having yourself? No I didn't. This is a heal body volume. This page number is clear cut black and whites. The messengers of Allah is the One who does not recite Surah Fatiha your Salah is a very now it's not as clear cut as we think it looks like this is

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there's so many other evidences you have to appreciate and look at everything collectively. And then you come to a conclusion. If you take that literally someone you know has the folks that Allah are you saying Moses is

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the one who doesn't have a murder trust. He has no Eman that means whenever you cheat you become a prophet. You know that's a hadith clear cut. You say? Let him either amanatullah la sala de regionalist is 11 Masjid, the one does not pray in mercy and He there is also a does that mean every time you pray home you say is invalid. Nobody says So meaning ALLAH is not compete with her and then you have to look at text of the Quran. It

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says there is no condition to leave it to the experts and let's just go nuts and Tim Alton copied and said, you know, just relax, just have coffee, come back, ask the experts whatever they say is going to do it. But that's another topic anyway.

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Number three, we'll pick the issue issues matters of jurisprudence and juristic juristic issues and we have number four which is of money or what's preferred what's preferable or not preferable And number five, if they have been measured, you know, you'll you'll

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mess it up.

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No, you explanations or maybe you know, you know

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inclinations you know some people have different within within the legitimate they

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It means people have certain inclinations, that particular school or particular masjid or particular madrasa or something like that.

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You know, somebody feels more comfortable in this you know, I can see Masjid some someone feels more comfortable with Omar here some people, as soon as July some people feel more comfortable with maybe a masjid in Scarborough, somebody might feel more comfortable with the masjid in areas but anyway,

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but this way commercial. Now in these three levels, areas number three, number four, number five, it is absolutely haram, for a Muslim to be staunch to be aggressive. In number three, number four, number five is edit. And that's when etiquettes come in the first level and the second level, as I said, you have to approach the first level in a slightly stronger way. Second Level slightly less for both of them, you have to reject the opposing party. But number three, number four, number five, that's where everybody still outcomes, the etiquette of disagreement. We look at the Sahaba or the Allahu Anhu. They disagree, but they never disunited, there were differences, major differences are

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delighting our vessel, they love it and say that it has to get by with your loved one a major difference of opinion. So you there already shows that you've heard of the law and she said whatever it's saying claims that promise a lover I even said in his notes. He never said he stole his denial of the line are virtually Allah and he said yes, Mohammed said Allah said them when you went to Morocco ascension, he did see his good to Sahaba they disagree with the enemies, they will not say there was any mistake, this is just one example many examples, too, from the title to have out of your mouth until today, people always disagree and Allah wanted this you know, there are many

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reasons why there are differences, but Allah wanted this because of a wisdom. So that we kept you know, so we carry on investigating, researching, reading books, more and more books come out, you know, otherwise they will enter this competition and whenever somebody musasa people are putting in the effort and each job is taking place, everything was clear cut, that's it we have about five books, though the books, it's all clear cut, there's no need. Allah wants you to us to keep on striving, striving until the Day of Judgment books and books that people put in the effort. You know, there are many reasons like for example, the word guru in the Quran. If you look at it from a

00:32:21--> 00:32:50

linguistic point of view, Allah says those women who go into you know what divorce, the waiting period. So, that is the whole pre approval. Now, if you look at the word linguistically, from the Arabic language point of view, it means three menstrual periods, it also means three periods of purification between between the menstrual periods, both meetings, some Imams to one meaning or a month, another, some Sahaba to one meaning another group of companions to another meeting. Now Allah, Allah is you know,

00:32:51--> 00:33:18

I didn't know he knows the Unseen he knew beforehand, he has knowledge of the future. Now Allah knew from before and didn't know I know that they told me come with a group of Sahara will say it means menstruation and they'll bring evidences a group of Sahaba will say it means the period between menstruation will never bring evidence or even about the same as on the hustle and just put up put down what he was really meant. But I could have done that instead of oh, we could have us Hey, nobody would have disagreed.

00:33:21--> 00:33:27

And your story know Allah will rule now you guys until Yama keep on debate, as long as you have

00:33:29--> 00:33:48

as long as you learn to respect one another. That's what we need to learn. Learning should respect one another. We learned to agree to disagree you kind of non Muslims, they have differences, but they still be you know, they are still points when it comes to important matters. And that's how the early scholars we always talk about the center.

00:33:49--> 00:34:25

Are we like yourself or when we're nothing compared to the center of Saudi Arabia? Well, you could you mama Shut up. Learning can be great human. Somebody came one of the leaders of the time came to my clinic, having a machine or someone different narrations mentioned different people that look we want here in America wrote a book called and said, I want you to come up but you descend to all the different lands of the Muslim world. And I want to compel and forced all Muslims to follow your book. That's it. My mother said no. Why should we force everyone to follow my book that we really have the different ways that they've understood and learned from their scholars from their teachers?

00:34:26--> 00:34:26


00:34:27--> 00:34:50

yet Tony Romo, everybody follows that percentage according to that we're calling you read what your Bible you want to measure. Let them do it people. People tend to allow people go to Allah in different ways in our human shares, and one time the difference of opinion and one of the Imams after they had a disagreement, he said to him, yeah by Musa Musa

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

Can we still be brothers while the masala even though we disagree on particular issue, you can say my brothers he doesn't matter. We can

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

So this is the point, hit default and Unity does not mean a problem today, we have misunderstood what Unity is. Unity doesn't mean every single Muslim black wife, Malaysian, Indonesian, African Arab Avani Cajun, they pray Allah exactly the same way offer the you know, quote in exactly the same way.

00:35:24--> 00:36:05

So in the same way as a currency, it doesn't mean that that's all it is. And that's the word that's where we, you know we are mistaken unity, agreeing to disagree, agreeing to disagree appreciating differences of other people accepting valid differences of opinion. That's what Unity means, I will offer much like this, I know the problem, you know, this person is okay in the pool. So sooner, you can go to you know, different cities in different highways and different roads, people are using different highways. This this is what Unity means, you know, and that's why some of the Ottoman they said that these differences that we had, they even dislike to use the word enough or

00:36:07--> 00:36:50

they said use the word sock Siamese whiteness and goodness in Islam. Document 100 Rhodiola was one of the great Imams. Somebody wrote a book called kitab. The book of differences of opinion, human Muhammad said, led to some me he don't call it the book of difference of opinion. But it sent me he gets on a staff call in the book in which there is scope, that is ease that is whiteness that is broadside, accommodating different ways. Don't call it a difference of opinion. And many of the Imams said the same thing as well. So we have to run with this and then I'm going to conclude very soon, we have to appreciate the differences that Muslims have. We need to learn the other etiquettes

00:36:50--> 00:37:31

of differences of opinion. And we need to avoid argumentation that's very important. It's actually one of the worst sins once there's a habit of some of us have a diversity and emotional dimension. You know, they were discussing debating the matter of destiny and the message came to them. He saw them you became very angry. He said I'll be another woman to have the courage to this is this what you ordered to do? This is what you're saying? Is this your job Argosy University and then he said the people in America have not given to the people before you got destroyed because of their argumentation in religious matters. We have to avoid optimization. We have to reduce matters. You

00:37:31--> 00:38:09

have to avoid argumentation. Well now is the RP deen is better. argumentation in itself is an innovation you honorable anybody Allah once he was sitting in in measures when students go to people because these two people are arguing one of them is saying Quran is crazy. The other one is saying poor are not crazy. This is an old issue. But anyway, the one who said Quran is created he was on the false on falsehood, and the ones that are on is not created, he was on the truth. So anyway, they bought into his message to his gallery said look, this guy he is the same Quran is created among Abu Hanifa said, don't lead to some new album do not offer yourself behind both of these. So

00:38:09--> 00:38:49

his students Imam Musa was sitting there, they said we understand the one Quran has created his own pot, so we shouldn't pray Salah behind it. But what about the one who's truthful? He says you know Huma says RPD will Manasa Devi but both of them they actually argued had an argument in religion a matter of religion and argumentation in a matter of religion in an innovation and that's I don't even pray behind the one was on truth because he argued so even argumentation we have to avoid argumentation brothers and sisters and you know we need to remember sometimes and this is very very important points here Mr. Rotimi are a whole lot from the greedy Muslim consumer he actually does

00:38:49--> 00:39:33

say that sometimes you know these differences of opinion that people have just what's preferred or what's better to do there are most I have recommended he said some time to bring peace and harmony bring hearts of the Muslims close to one another is given more importance to an over and above doing a must to have act so he says for example that if for example who you choose to avoid you need to do Amin loudly but if you think that if I do it solidly is going to bring harmony and peace then it's better to do it silently than love. Because more important is more rewarding bringing love Malta Bahasa within Muslims that doing the most I have access, if you think that it's more preferable for

00:39:33--> 00:39:48

you to raise your hand but you are in an area where most of the people are, you know, not raising and you should respect their wishes and not reason and vice versa. There's nothing wrong it's actually more important to secondary issues more important is to bring hot house have a wonderful week off.

00:39:50--> 00:39:52

You we go into messy we're so excited so we can see okay.

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

We just make it's just you know, just to make this to give and take people we will do that.

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

Just to hurting people, and you know, then that, you know just escalates and escalates and networking, Pakistan won't, you know, they will keep telling the masjid and beat people harsh and it'll be a little harsh. What happened is both developments do the opposite. You know, the army incited legitimate. I mean,

00:40:17--> 00:40:17

they happen in

00:40:18--> 00:40:27

some places, honestly, these places are arguably the greatest species that can achieve. It's been ridiculous argumentation, just go on YouTube.

00:40:29--> 00:40:52

And just check. They will just type in those indeed, well, the Wahabis Mookie syrupy TJ mtsc, whatever, I don't know how many different and you see people are in the group of people here. You know, like 10 people, you would only say your body books. 10 people knew what they are doing. Anything is like the life depends on it, about what relationship I'm in love the same.

00:40:55--> 00:41:11

People have any sense. And then they shout to them to take a look at this son. This is it's a Scottish independence and how to use the Army Learning suddenly both Okay, doesn't matter. There's no logical, it doesn't matter. I'm the one who obviously the foreign army.

00:41:13--> 00:41:55

Victory is wonderful to us. And then you know, and is it okay that I was watching one on YouTube and he took another Hadith, you know, page number 130 is no, it's not the other. And he's putting the same in behind. Now argumentation disrespecting the book of Hadith of the messiness of Allah to the point, you know, is there some logic in that? So argumentation really needs to really be avoided, to try to bring harmony and peace in this, it could be much more sense, but I think I've gone over time, maybe. But anyway, Inshallah, so remember these differences, that, you know, I just want one last point, I want to end, we need to sometimes realize that what happens is a lot of our

00:41:55--> 00:42:35

differences are based on you know, ignorance, we fail to appreciate and realize what other people do. You know, this is a very important point. And on this point, you know, we, we don't really know the reality, or we don't appreciate what other people are up to. And we just sit what we've heard in our side of the fence, we sit on that side of the fence, we just assume and presume things on this side of the fence. And we make our judgment on whether those people are like this without even looking around the room. That's majority of our properties are based on that. If we slightly just go into the other camp just to see because five, even if you want to please come and see us 99% Of all

00:42:35--> 00:43:03

at least 90% of your assumptions will be incorrect assumptions. And this happened is a clear evidence of the inner time of Imam Abu Hanifa. There's a good greeting just two news. There's a great new mom called Imam Imam has a virtual man has led halogen Cooper who's our innovative Muqdadiyah innovator who's come out and call for activation, Cooper, Bader everything. So who's that to innovate that has come out, you know, so

00:43:04--> 00:43:39

he said I didn't say anything. After you know, three days I went back to my house where he was dealing with the place of residence and I went and took out all those papers all those use my side and it should have been of Islam. You know, all the rules of Salah Taha was a god hedge and fasting based on the Quran and Sunnah. Remember, which what appears of Imam Abu Hanifa but of course based on operands and I took pull them all out. And what I did was I just wrote on them not MacFarlane, this is the opinion of Normandy, not Abu Hanifa and I went to mama rosary and I showed him I said what do you think of this event is much as he said he used to give the other as well as the the

00:43:39--> 00:43:39


00:43:40--> 00:44:10

Remember, you can either as I recall, what he wanted us to do or not. And he said after he finishes he showed me those papers he said what are these papers? And he will the agency is looking at it and he was it was time for you calm was he putting it in the papers in his go to those days. And then he's supposed to lead the prayer after that it was really it was so amazing. Whose food is not mine. Amazing this person isn't a greater aliveness there's someone amazing you know with all his grace and inside of him.

00:44:12--> 00:44:36

And you know, this is the same person you were calling elevate yesterday, Abu Hanifa. So stuff we would love love is going to be another thing God stretches me that's what I seek the forgiveness of Allah Allah. Totally wrong. You love them. Because better than you like, you know, the news that reached me is contrary to what you know what he The reality is sometimes just trying to find another reality as the output.

00:44:37--> 00:44:40

But nobody has to go to the wrong cinemas.