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spit out hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back, dear viewers to the field of Saudi Arabia scene with embracing Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala said Lepad helpfile kolu accetti him for him lo mein on that but Hepple O Allah accetti him, the coal, the decree of Allah subhanaw taala it became a reality it became manifested became a reality upon most of them and because of this for home life, meaning they're not going to be believing in Allah subhanaw taala what does this mean over here? In the past verses Allah subhanaw taala told us that Allah had sent the Quran down to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the to

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Indira Coleman Mountain View him for him laughing on that he did so so that you may warn people whose forefathers hadn't been warned ie the close forefathers. They hadn't been mourn for home coffee alone and because of that they are heedless away from Allah, Allah azza wa jal, everything that just be weary and considerate and remember the fact that most people in humanity, there's a decree from Allah subhanaw taala upon them, that they're not going to end up believing. And that's because Shavon asked Allah subhanaw taala for him to be granted respite so that he can mislead people. And many people, they end up becoming misled. So Allah subhanaw taala says, I send

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messengers down for people of intellect, and for people who want to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala for people who want to come closer to the message for people who want a shot at Jana, he says those are the people that are going to be accepting the message. Otherwise, look what happened, oh, do Allah accept him? For him like me know, most people, there's already a decree they're not going to end up believing. Now. Let me ask you a question. And you're probably asking yourself this question as well. If there's already a decree from Allah subhanaw taala that many people are not going to believe. Then what's the point to begin with of trying? Well, the reality is, you don't

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know who to side in which side you will be on. Okay. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when a similar question had come to him the prophets of salaam he told the Companions, he said, Immanuel, for Kowloon, we are certainly Mahalia kala do because every single person has been facilitated for whatever he has been created for. So our job is to simply do the actions hoping from Allah subhanaw taala that will be granted Jana and Allah Subhana Allah Allah has mercy is a such an ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala, his generosity is such that if someone comes to him sincerely, there is no way Allah subhanaw taala will reject that person. But if the person is coming to the deen of Allah,

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the religion of Allah, apparently but inside internally, the person is not sincere, then maybe even towards the end of the person's life, they may end up going astray and they may end up going another direction. So that becomes manifest and clear to public and the people that that person never really intended righteous intentions when he was coming closer to the deen when he was acting, practicing basically, okay, so Allah Subhana Allah Allah wants to see shining sincerity within your heart. And when he sees that, that Allah subhanaw taala allows you to be facilitated for the path of Jannah Allah says about these people who will be entered into hellfire, he says in Niger 100 the hem of

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Allah Island overland for here eel of Kearney for homopolymer Hoon. He says that we have made within the necks of these person we have made within the the necks of these people, collars that are made of iron. And these colors, they go all the way to the chin of the individual, for whom matter when and that's causing their faces to be raised up. Now, this is not a reality. This is basically a metaphor. What does this mean? Allah is saying that Allah has placed within the necks of people who happened to be disbelievers who happened to be dwellers of hellfire. He's made them such that they have collars made of iron around their neck and that's causing they're there all the way till their

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chin as well and that's causing them to not be able to put their necks down. Okay, for whom? Makana Haroon, and then Allah continues I'll tell you what the metaphor is about after I explained the next verse because they're related. Allah subhanaw taala says what you mean by any ad him said then I mean kullfi him said then for l che now whom for whom Allah you will soon and we have placed before them, we've placed before them a barrier, okay? And we've placed also behind them a barrier as well. And because of these two barriers that Allah subhanaw taala has placed before and behind the individual for I'll show you now

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home because of that we've covered them up from every single direction and they're not able to see. Now what are they not able to see? They're not able to see guidance. You see, Allah subhanaw taala or many times you refer to our religion as a as a Shira. Allah says in the Quran the Quran in general nomenklatura 10 Min harder for every single person or every single nation. I missed you I've made a Shara and Amon hajus. Well, and both of those the mafia city, the scholars of deceit. They say both of those. Well, there's two opinions. Some say mean HydroShield are the same thing. Others say actually mean Hodgins should are are two different things. And, and the second opinion based on

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that, and that's what I believe is the case as well, because what's the point of repeating the same thing over and over? That's something that Allah subhanaw taala wouldn't do in the Quran, right? So the correct view is that those two are different things. There's a Mahajan, there's a short as well and basically and they both in reference to religion, though, Min Hodge is highlighting the clarity of the religion because the word of knowledge it means clarity. And Shira is is highlighting the satiation satiating nature of, of religion and the fulfilling nature, nature of religion. You know, there are many people who are away from religion and they say what they say, You know what, I'm not

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fulfilled. There's something missing in my life. So Allah subhanaw taala reminds those people that, hey, the religion is a chakra, it's a water body, it's like a little pond, to which animals come and human beings also come, and then they, they can drink from there. So when you drink from this pond, you become satiated and satisfied. That's the thing about this religion. So many times Allah subhanaw taala refers to this religion as a pond at some water that satiate and satisfies human beings. So over here, Allah is Seeing that I have placed within the necks of some people listen very carefully here, because it's a metaphor, and I'm trying to break it down here. Okay, I have placed

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within the necks of some people, iron collars. And those colors are all the way till their chin you know, those colors that you wear that sometimes they used to wear in draconian times where the collar would have the the lever at this side, and so the person can't put their heads down. And and then he says, For whom Mahone and because of that their heads are raised, because an even a coma or thema, there's two ways to pronounce that was basically the the camel that would try to drink water within the Shahara coma hidden as opposed says that he would go and drink water in a time where, where it's already very cold. And specifically, that refers to the month of December in the month of

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January, because those are relatively cold, cold months, right. And that's why the two months that the Arabs refer to his chakra, the market or channel Oh, well, and Karina Thani, which is December, December, and January. This is a time in which many countries in the world are very, very cold. Okay, not everywhere in the world. Of course, as you know, whether it's a different but the Arabian culture had it, that at this time, it's going to be very cold weather. So, so the camels would go, and they would try to drink water. And when they when they would try to drink water, the pond is freezing cold. So every time they'll put their mouths in there, it would be so cold that they will

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put it back up. And the Arabs they started to refer to that habit of a camel or that type of camel, or that scenario of a camel as as, as camels which are female. Because they're putting their heads in, they're trying to drink water, but it's freezing cold. So they bring their heads right back up and it's all the way up. And if you ever seen a camel, you know the neck is very high. And also the camel kind of raises the head as well. A little bit like this. Okay, so that description is all being described in the word mocha Mahone Mahone. And and why is that happening? Why is that being described, Allah is saying that just as the camel is unable to get that pond. Similarly the pond of

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Sharia is right before these people, but Allah subhanaw taala has put a metaphorical iron collar around the necks of these people that they can even look down and drink from this pond that Allah subhanaw taala has made. So it's Allah who guides people, and that's why even those who've been granted the guidance they've been asked by Allah subhanaw taala to repeatedly 17 times a day, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for even more guidance, and that's why we are commanded by Allah subhanaw taala in our Salawat to read Surah Fatiha, which has the question of hours to Allah Subhana Allah Allah for guidance, Idina Surah, open Misaki who Allah grant us this, this path and give us guidance

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to it as well for her

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Mahone Nam and Bailey ADM said done. And this is further descriptive of how far away they happen to be from this guidance. Not only are they not able to put their necks down to drink from the pond of guidance, rather, it's more than that. They've also been blocked as well from every direction. And all of this is happening not because Allah wants you to be misguided, because sometimes people take this and say, Oh, because God has decreed that means Allah wants misguidance from people. That's not the case. If Allah wants misguidance from people, then why would he send this book down? Why would he send messengers down? Why would you send prophets down and some reports have it that there were

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124,000 prophets? So why would Allah subhanaw taala send all these prophets and messengers, if you really want to guide misguidance for people, that's not what Allah wants? Allah wants guidance for you. Allah wants ease for you. Allah wants comfort for you. Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't want misery for you in this life or the next, but it's man who chooses or some men or some women who choose not to accept that guidance. It's right before you the message. It's your choice and my choice whether we take it or not what you're and I'm in being at him said then woman country him said then forever Shana home for home life soon whatsoever when I lay him and it's equal upon them

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and daughter home mmm to the room law, you mean it's equal, whether you want them obey Mohammed, or you don't want them, they're not going to end up believing. Now over here, I'm going to pause and say something very important because some people may misunderstand this. They'll say, Well, if Allah has already decreed, and it's equal, whether their people are warned or not, what's the point of warning? No, no, no, that's not what's going on over here. Allah is telling you that because of the infinite knowledge of Allah, Allah knows what's going to happen in the future anyways, he knows that which was and that which is in that which will be in that which will not be in that which wasn't if

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it were to be how it would have been. This is the knowledge of Allah. Allah knows when a leaf falls from a tree. Allah knows about that leaf as well, while I'm at school, don't interrupt but in Illa, Allah, Allah has knowledge is infinite. And it's limitless. Allah is just trying to tell the prophets I send them that through my limitless and an infinite knowledge. I know, now, I'll give you a finite example of this. A father has five kids or seven kids, or three kids, most of us, you know, probably have just three or four kids, right? But some people they go beyond and they have like 1012 Kids and hamdulillah May Allah give you more children Allahumma Amenia. So the point is that within

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those children of yours, who you have raised, and you have born and you have given birth to and you have fed, you know that this child, if you'd work with him like this, then it's going to work and if you do it that way, it's not going to work. You know that if you give this task to Zaid are they it's going to happen or it's not going to happen, because those are your children. Similarly, Allah has knowledge and art, we have finite knowledge. And that's why even sometimes we say oh, it's going to happen that way. And it doesn't end up happening that way. Right? When Allah His method, Allah and Allah has a much greater example. This is just a finite world. This is only to make Allah's

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example closer to you otherwise Allah's example is nothing like ours, because Allah subhanaw taala is infinite and limited less in every which way. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala knows because of this infinite knowledge of his, and because of this limitless knowledge of his, this knowledge of the SL and the abbot this knowledge of the the past, present and the future, this knowledge of even possibilities that never happened, if they were to happen, how they would have panned out and planned out, Allah subhanaw taala knows the world in this way. And because of that, he's telling the prophets of Salaam, that hey, it's going to be equal, whether you warn them or not, because they're

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not going to believe but you got to do your job anyways. Because that is your job. That is your job and that is to guide to the message in NEMA two zero Manitoba vichara well has your right man I believe Furbish should have will be more accurate in what he did Corinne and then Allah subhana wa Allah says the only person who will truly accept your message is the person who follows the reminder is the person who follows the book, because the word Zika is also used for the Quran as well. And so the person who will actually accept that warning, the person who will be compelled and affected by that warning, the person who will actually reap the fruits of that warning is the individual who

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remembers Allah subhanaw taala and is the person who accepts this message as well. And the reminder when it comes to him, and he has some degree of fear of Allah subhanaw taala in his privacy as well. You know, there are those people out there who basically have have have went away from the ideals of even human beings. Let's not even talk about religion for a second, okay, to a degree that they've kind of become animals. Now

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This person, it's hard to engage with them because they have completely covered up their humanity within them. So Allah subhanho wa taala, saying those type of people, they're not going to be able to be affected by the message. But there are those people who when they sit by themselves, even if they're far away from God, and even if they're far away from religion, they still have some degree of shyness from God, they still have some degree of, of sensibility and humanity within them. These are the people who will be impacted, most likely by your message as for someone who's become completely away from God, in a way where they've basically become an animal, like a person who has

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committed 100 homicides, but even that there are examples in history that people can come back from that, because there may be something that is within the heart, which is known as the wiring of Allah, the Warner and the administer of Allah. But when that guilt also dies, then it's finished.

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There's no chances that Ireland is going to come back. When he's gotten to that level of De Leon transgression, there's no chances that people like Phil around we are going to come back because when the wha I love Allah, when that AT MONITOR of Allah has completely died, it's pretty much done. Okay.

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It's pretty much done. But we still don't give rulings on human beings because Allah subhanaw taala has the hearts of people, as the Hadith has it, that the hearts of people are between the two fingers of Allah Yopa liberal hack ha SHA, Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses to move it in whichever direction so as he pleases, first she will be among Filipino aged and Kareem. So warn that person who accepts your warning. So give that person the glad tidings of forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And also as you're caring, and also reward, which is very, very benevolent, and also reward which is very, very noble and honorable as well. So Allah subhanaw taala gives this person who

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accepts the warning from the prophets, I send them to things, Allah subhanaw taala grants him mercy from the sins that he'd committed in the past. And Allah subhanaw taala grip grants and forgiveness from the sins that he'd committed in the past. And he also gives them a reward, which is very noble. Because any person who's coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala, is looking for two things. You're looking for your slate to be cleaned, you're looking for your sins to be cleaned. And at the same time, you're also looking to be rewarded. And Allah subhanaw taala says, The person who accepts the guidance from the prophets, I send them as is delivering it, and he takes the message in the Quran,

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and he implements it within his life, and he accepts it as the prophet has given it. That person will be given to rewards, he'll be forgiven for all of his sins. And he will also be met with a very noble reward from Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, all of this over here from verse number one, all the way till verse number 11, and even 12. By the way, all of this is the first segment of the surah. And as we go through this, what I like to add I, what I'll do is, I'll stop at the different segments, and I'll say, Okay, from here to here was one segment from here to here was another segment and so forth. Why? Because there is this prevalent idea bit in the minds of some people

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Orientalist and others, who believe that the Quran has no pattern to it. And we believe and argue that the Quran has a beautiful pattern to it, but it takes a level of literary ability for you to be able to see that pattern. And it takes a level of, of analysis as well within the words of the Quran and the sentences and the paragraphs of the Quran, through which you can see that, oh, there's a complete thought here that started at this point. And it finished over here, in that thought there was a preface there was the meat of the thought, and there was also a conclusion of the thought as well. And that thought is very connected to the next one as well, and so forth. And just like that,

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the Quran has these segments that are very, very interconnected. And this is the case with Tula at the scene as well. You know, when I looked at the sutra, and I tried to break it down into different sections, to be honest with you, even high, myself was taken aback at how beautifully this sutra is connected, one segment to another. So over here, Allah subhanaw taala starts off the first segment of the surah he starts it off with the first five ayat, okay, what are they? He tells you, he has seen when Quran and Hakim in the condominium or selling

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that you're seeing, and then he talks about the Quran. And he says to the messenger, so Salam, you are among the messengers of God upon the right path and, and you've been granted this Quran which happens to be a revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. Then he goes into another subsection of the segment, and he says that you've been granted this Quran Oh Mohamed, so that you may warn people. Now, when you warn people, then there's going to be circumstances that those people happen

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To be in, some of those people may accept the message and others will not. So what's going to happen to those people who don't accept your warnings, oh Muhammad, then Allah subhanaw taala describes those people. And after he describes all of that, he goes and gives us a conclusion. And he says, in nanoscale Mota, one, two boom aka demo, Rohan, we're cooler che in Salina who fee Imam InMobi. In

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ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says that we are the ones who will resurrect everyone in National Field Moto 1x Two will market them with a thorough home and we will write whatever they had delivered. Whatever actions they had put forth as well. We will write those down whatever actions they sent before to the afterlife, we had will write those down, thought our home as well. And we will also write down all of the footprints of these people as well. And what does this mean? Now, remember, ALLAH is talking in this segment about the Quran, which is the first five verses, then in the second segment, he is talking about the people who are warned by the messenger. So Salam, and then he finishes it

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off with a conclusion. And he says that you have to be wary and considerate of the fact that everything you're doing, I'm writing it down. I'm the one who will resurrect people on the day of judgment. And I'm writing down everything that was happening. Those people who are Warren, I'm writing down their reactions, the ones who accepted the message, their reactions have been written down. The ones who rejected the message, their reactions have been written down as well. Okay? Their reactions have been written down as well. And even though Allah in these verses doesn't mention, explicitly, the people who did righteous deeds, he only mentioned those people who met the message

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of the prophets with rejection. It's understood that even those who met the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not with rejection, but rather with acceptance, even those are being indicated with within these verses. And that's because in the conclusion is general, Allah is saying, I'm the one who resurrects people, and I have written down everything that they have put forth. And I've also written down their prints as well, meaning all of the remains of their actions as well. And the reason why not we know that this last conclusion is in effect, referring to those people who accepted the message and those who rejected even though the ones accepting are not

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explicitly mentioned, is because Allah's Messenger seldom used this hadith, this particular idea, when he was talking about the people of bento selama because there is a group of people from Jerusalem, they wanted to come and move closer to the masjid the prophets I said Lim said, Stay where you are, because when you walk, Allah subhanaw taala is writing down your artha he's writing down your footprints. Okay, so that's a positive footprint, not a negative one.

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So even though there is no mention of the people who accepted the message, they're already understood, because we'll be able to do that to begin with a shadow. And through the opposites, we understand the other upsides of the opposite as well. So if you have one side of the coin, you see it, you know, there's another side of the coin as well. So if Allah mentioned the ones who rejected the message, naturally, there's also those who accepted the message. So the conclusion is inclusive of both of those in Nononono, you know, try not to market them or Assam we're Kula che in Salina, houfy, Imam, mov and everything. We have collected it together in enamel, McBean in the register,

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okay, so ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah has made a register, and in that register, Allah has collected all of the information. So any action we do is being recorded. And on the Day of Judgment, we're going to witness a little bit of data and cliche and we're going to be asked by Allah subhanaw taala about everything, I asked him Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to have a positive footprint in this life. And the footprint by the way, is basically your sadaqa jariya or your say giardia. It's your charity that is that doesn't come to an end, it's your continuous charity and similarly, your continuous evil as well, because there are those people in this world who keep on investing into continuous

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charity. And they give to for example, a masjid to make a house of Allah or they give to Haman knowledge so that people have knowledge can prevail and children can learn and become dilemma and deliver the message of the messengers as well. But then there are those people who also invest in other things which are evil, and they end up investing evil and putting forth evil for their afterlife. So so long as that evil is continuous, they will be getting reward but not reward rather than being punished for the evil that continues within this world. Okay, so that is like continuous evil. And then there are those people who do righteous deeds and they want to accumulate positive

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reward and

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And so they will also be rewarded. All of that is being recorded. And all of that is the footprint that Allah is talking about. All of that is the metaphorical footprint that Allah subhanaw taala is talking about within this verse. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us have positive footprints within this life so that we meet Allah and we are granted our book with our right hands, not with our left Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was so happy to hear that you're marrying