Wisam Sharieff – Memorize Surah Balad – Verses 1-11 – 3×3 Workout

Wisam Sharieff
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I'm going to start the three by three workout for Sura Ballard three by three workout first of all about Ballard one through 11, then 12 through 20, then sir Fajr, one through 1011 through 1718 to 2324 to 30. I thought we tap in real quick here

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and be able to say,

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I hope that not only do you have your goal, but I do hope that you have a mind map to get yourself there. So the goal is awesome, but when you get a map with the little little tiny things you need to do, do a three by three tear for the first time. It motivates you to do more. So macro plan, and then make sure you can get a micro plan to get yourself there. Come on, let's start together.

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We're rolling all over 12345 cameras and audio for an audio. You're five

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Salam Alaikum Peace be upon you. Welcome back. Here we are for the three by three workout Surah Ballard. We're gonna go IO one through 10 Today one through 11. So please buckle in there. 11 is three by three. That's a quite a bit to read. So let's build some patterns. Let's get comfortable. Nothing complicated. In this one. I'd like a posture of dignity. So go ahead open up those hip flexors. Pull back your elbows opening up your airways

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opening up your chest

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will be learning you know shape on your body use your altering vehicle voice use your multisurface voice so it's long term ready?

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We'll be learning in a shape on your Raji Bismillah human raw manual Rahi

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la obersee movie had al Balad la will go see movie had al Balad la will go see a movie had a ballad What the * do we have a ballad? What the Hypno be had a ballad What the Hey, we had a ballad la obersee movie has a ballad What if

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we had a ballad? La obersee movie ballad What the * do we have? Ballad la obersee mo movie hard ballad What the * do we have? Ballad yy leading one. Wala Wiley, the you, Walla Walla Valley, the one Walla LA was the movie has a ballad while they're here. We had a ballad wha wha wha wha LA. Was the movie had a ballad one there.

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We had a ballad. What was the leading

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oppo see movie had Al Baghdadi was the head node. We had al Ballard Wah wah wah ma Wala. Two more times three more times. La opera see movie Hodel ballad one that we have invalid Why didn't why my wallet I in number four deep breath lampada Holopainen in santa fe que la vida follow up on in Santa Fe la pada follow up on in santa fe que la obersee movie had al Balad what igloo B had al Balad wha wha wha wha la de la ba de haut up on in Santa Fe Gabbi de la obersee movie ha. Bala the one that he normally has. Ballad Wah wah wah ma Wanda de la pada ha la Parnell in Santa Fe

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if you want to read it all together, love all go see movie Hodel Baladi there he knows be Hodel Baladi Wawa leading llama wala de la pada caught up on Santa Fe Gabbard

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and I'll do that every once in a while just to keep us keep it exciting. Keep us on our toes kind of changing it up. How many times have I just gotten into that

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and I'm

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Come your background sound. I sound like the radiator in the back. So let's change it up. Let's keep ourself on our toes. I have five

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odier on he he had several Anna Yabo de la la he had Cebu Lane Youngboy de la isla. He had la Cosima. We had Ballard.

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We had Ballard WaWan in one hour, or the Holloman in Santa Fe.

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Cebu El Chapo, the rah rah Lee had to love. The movie had al Ballard what the hate be had

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wha wha wha wha la de la pada holla on

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Santa Fe cupboard. Several years ago, Dr. Ali he had one more idea once you have Kulu like to mallalieu de la obersee movie. Hi, Bella. What if

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we had the ballot? Wha wha wha wha la de La Palma de Haan up in Santa Fe, GABA. Cebu l nine Jaco de la la he had yaku lacto Milan Luba dang go for it. Yeah cool. You like to Milan Luba dang

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yaku like to Milan Luba de la. Si will be hard

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behalf Bala de Wawa leading one hour Allah Allah. Allah Bernal in Santa Fe

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po do Allah He had Yahoo. Like to Milan Luba de la obersee movie had Bella Diva and he knows the Hazal Baladi Wah wah wah ma wala de la vida Hall up on

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Santa Fe cupboard. Sabu and Neha de la la he had your own luck toma Loboda next I am

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Cebu, Cebu and Lam your who had a Cebu Lam Yahoo who I had a Sabu and LEM yella who I had a

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law. Sema we had

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the hate No, we had Al Baghdadi wha wha wha wha la de la caja Kalapana Sanofi GABA added Cebu Jaco de la isla he had Jaco du Lac to ma la Luba, the Cebu LM yella who Oh, I had to lie obersee movie had Bella the one that he knew we had Baladi Wawa leading wama Walla de la powder haul up on Santa Fe,

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or DLR and he he had to Yahoo. Luck to mana Loboda Cebu hola me Allahu Ahad a next IR I'm Nigel whining, alumna John La why you name next one is known watch up, Dane wa had died ina Nigeria Dane the whole thing and I'm Nigel I love ya nine one you said watch I felt 18 will have Aina do Dane I love know John love ya nine. One is no was shefa thing while had Dana one day thing.

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And there you have it that's 10 is but we still have more to go

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