Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #742 Some Ahadith On The Dajjal

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed in a series of segments covering various topics, including the first three legions, peace being on Islam, discretion and confusion, and the resurrection of Islam. The importance of protecting people's identities and giving them access to speak is emphasized, along with the use of words like "verbal act" and "verbal act" to describe events. The live program on the Prophetipping of Islam is also discussed, including the implementation of lie and the use of a woman as a symbol of peace. The importance of protecting people's identities and giving them access to speak is emphasized, along with the upcoming OMA and housing program.
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I used to be the this is this religion to

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Santa Monica Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back to another edition of gardens of the pious Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim on praises due to Allah we praise Him and we seek His help. So our law guys is a fully guarded one and also ever Allah leaves a say in London can show him guidance. May the greatest peace and Salutations be upon Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So my dear viewers This is an episode number 742 in the business series of Guardians of the pious which is compiled by Imam Yahya initial, and never we may Allah have mercy on him. And guess what it is a 27th episode in study in chapter number 370, which I would like quickly to recap remind you that this chapter began

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with discussing some of the major Signs Preceding the Day of Judgment, including the Antichrist, then afterward miscellaneous subjects, and today's subject is one of the most important one of the unique is subjects because it tackles not established foul indecision rather, a shefa logMAR, the greatest form of intercession, which is exclusively booked for one person, that person their greatest man ever walk the Earth Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam so without any further ado, pay close attention. We're going to read the Arabic text of the Hmong Hadith bear with me in sha Allah we enjoy learning the meaning of this fascinating Hadith it is actually Hadees number

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18 166. Good news this hadith is agreed upon its authenticity. And you all know means that means it is narrated by many notice at least two from the trigger emails Bukhari and Muslim have both agreed to narrate in this highly profound Hadith. So the Hadith goes as follows.

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And anyway or not, or the Allahu Anhu called

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Coronavirus. Sula is hola hola ARIA cinema feed our team Kofi our Illa is euro we cannot achieve

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but it has been an asset and upon NSA util what are the NSA you do? NASCIO Malkia ama health and who wanna me mother that is my Allah who every now and after enough he saw he didn't why?

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But you will still woman mother, or you will smear her one more day. Whatever no men homos chance furlough NASA blueness, you're not alone me while Kirby normally ever be here after I kill the man Oh my head not in order to kill. I have no right to kill. I'm worried about myself. That I've seen Neff seen I've seen myself, myself myself. Go to someone else and you will suggest for them go to Jesus ASAP peace be upon him. So they will go to Jesus peace be upon him and they will say to him, boy inside the Messenger of Allah and His Word.

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And his rule

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which Allah subhanaw taala have created directly and you talk to the people while you're in the garden. Please intercede for us with your Lord. Do you not see our miserable condition?

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A Sally Salam will say today my Lord has become so angry, as he has never been before. nor will he ever be like this. Hereafter. He is will not mention in his film, but will say I am worried about myself. NFC, NFC, NFC, go to someone else go to Mohammed is be upon him. In another narration, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, said they will come to me and say, Oh Muhammad, You are the messenger of Allah and the Last of the prophets. And Allah has forgiven you your past and future sins. Please intercede for us with your Lord, do you not see our miserable condition? The Messenger of Allah peace we have been added, then I will proceed under allah throne and fall down in

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frustration before my Lord, then he will bestow upon me knowledge of such praises and glorification to him, as he has never destroyed upon anyone else before me. Then I will be addressed Oh Mohammed, raise your head, ask and your request will be granted. Enter see and your intercession will be accepted. So I will raise my head and I will say

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My followers, oh my lord, my followers, oh my lord, my followers, almighty Almighty, my Lord, then he will be saved to me. I'm 100 admit into Jana such people, as those who are not subjected to reckoning through the royal gate of heaven, then the rest of them will be admitted along with the rest of mankind through the various gates of Jannah. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him further saved by Him in whose hand my soul is, the distance between the two sides of the gates of Jannah is like the distance between Mecca and Hotjar, or between Maccha and Basra and vuestra is a place in a share in Syria. The hadith is agreed upon its authenticity. We still have a few minutes

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before the break in order to

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shed some light on the meaning of this beautiful Hadith. Fact number one,

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the Shiva has been mentioned in the Quran in multiple places. What upon Allah Almighty confirm like in Surah Baqarah inadequacy, the goods, the Quran, man the loving yesh farewell in the lobby is which means who is he holder to intercede with him without his leap? And he said about the angels the noble purify angels. Well as for ONA, il and Emmanuel Tada, they will not even dare to intercede for anyone, unless if Allah is pleased with this person and he permits them to intercede for him or her or them. So a shefa the concept of intercession is something that is proven in the Quran. And obviously in the sound sunnah. What does it mean? It means there are different types of

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intercession, then great is intercession at large is what is mentioned in this hadith, and it is booked, preserved exclusively for the greatest man ever walked the earth, that is Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. This kind of intercession, brothers and sisters, is referring to what will happen on the Day of Gathering soon after resurrection. We'll talk about IQ, after I quickly tackle the various types of indecision, intercession, of the Prophet, and of the different prophets, of the angels, even our family members towards their other family members of the martyrs of shahada in order to give a help to somebody who's good deeds and bad deeds or even so that they will be good

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with and they will interject there are some people who are doomed to * and Allah Almighty will save them at rescue because of the intercession of others, whether the prophets or the angels are the righteous people, or some people who will be in hellfire already, then Allah the Almighty will accept the intercession of some people in heaven in order to rescue them from Allah. What about the greatest intercession which is known as a chef outdoorsmen

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it is the greatest and the very first, Allah subhanho wa taala. stated in the Quran, thou rural mela eco la vie Amin Kenanga Cordero hum Sina Alpha Sana, possible soberano jameelah. Almighty Allah spoke about the Duvall piano when He will resurrect, oh, those who are alive of the human beings of vision train of the angels, everyone will be selected in a huge plane, obviously, not our Earth, because Allah said another area, Yamato, but the arboviral are the same what the earth will be a different earth, but it will not have mountains, you will not have valleys you will not have oceans and seas. It's all a single plane look an open street or playground, but enough to encompass all the

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living creatures from the time of Adam Alayhis Salam to the time of the last human being who exist on Earth. Allah knows how long would it be 10s of 1000s of years hundreds of 1000s Millions of years Allah knows best. The magnitude of people who will be beyond your imagination, alike was the jinn kind. Then they will be standing in this open place where

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an unlocking person will be able to see all of them

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and one of our Allah will address them all of them would hear the sound of those who the Almighty Allah or the angels or the caller upon addressing them. This situation occurred

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into the eye of Sauron to marriage would last for one day. There is one day, on the Day of Judgment. It's called one day. But the equivalents of this day to our time will be similar to 50,000 years of our time, I will lie. Yes, indeed 50,000 years of our time, but who's going to live for 50,000 years? Well, this is completely different now. Because of our resurrection, they will not need us anymore.

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There will be either eternal life in Jannah, or God forbid eternal life in hellfire. So we're not talking about the lifespan of human beings in the dunya. This is different. This is his eruption, for reckoning. And reckoning hasn't started yet, the hisab has not begun. People will be just standing in wait waiting for one for Allah to decide to begin the recording. But Allah Almighty will create sun which will grow so close to the heads of people, that people will melt, they will sweat and this huge plane will be covered with sweat. Some people will drown in the sweat, but they will not die. Some people the suit will be up to their nose up to their chins up to their mouth up to

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their chest up to their ankles, everyone in proportion with the level of their good deeds or bad deeds.

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And when this situation would last people to standing melting out of heat.

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There will be on the other hand, some people would not suffer any of that. You know there are some Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said those people Allah will shelter them under a shade that he will create on the Day of Judgment. Those people serve upon your will whom Allah Allahu Allah here, mela Villa de la Vela, it will be those people, those who shall intergender without previous recording, it will be those people, those who loved one another for the sake of Allah, they will be among the included special shame Allah will create

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that they will be sheltered they will not suffer and the time they will not feel it, it will be like our regular day, but ordinary people they would feel while standing for a period of 50,000 years

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Subhanallah when they stopped me at the airports, a call you go on we're gonna be done. Sometimes in the States, it takes me six hours cushioning, we're going to be teaching this time and so then even some Muslim countries, I think about it Subhanallah

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I hope I wouldn't have to stay that long in the Hereafter. And those people are torturing you or those people are given half time to Muslims, you know, do not repent, they will stand for 50,000 years, and they will beg for mercy, where they will not be eligible for mercy if they do not repent, if they do not seek forgiveness from Allah and from the people whom they have hurt,

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and persecuted.

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So when people would suffer most, and the condition would be extremely miserable. They will talk to each other. There are billions and billions of human beings. Every one of them knows now the story of Adam and he is the father of humanity. No one is gonna say, evolution theory and our father, the ape, and we came from a single cell. None of that this is all fake. This is all nonsense. Already I've seen the hereafter already know the fate. So now you recognize that Adam was the very first human being go to Adam, why Adam,

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because Allah created him by his own hand. And we say never Hafi him away. The only Allah bees, the soul into him, he did not give him off his own soul. This is not true.

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This is a belief of those who believe in incarnation. That is not true. None of the creation has of any of the spirit or the souls of Allah. Neither Adam nor a Salah Salem or anyone. But he breathed the soul into him. Yeah, and he gave him life. So say Ya, Allah fashion you by his own hands, and then he breathes the soul into you. And he made you living by his own hand. Now like there is no decoration where he said can be and he will create it. No, Allah invested in you. So you're so special to Allah. So what do you want to talk to Allah? Ask Allah to begin the reckoning, who want to be dismissed? Who cannot take it anymore? Can you imagine that people would like to be dismissed

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even if they go to hellfire. They don't know that anything will be worse than that. Don't you see how miserable our condition is? So Adam Ali Salam will deny and will decline who say my me you know

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When Allah created me, and he let me live in heaven, He forbade me against eating for a monetary. He disobeyed his command. I forgot an eighth on the tree. I'm extremely worried about my son. I don't know what is going to happen to me. Then he will repeat three times Neff see NFC, NFC, I'm worried about myself, I'm concerned about myself, I feel for myself, I'm not worried about anyone else. But he will give them a hand go to somebody else. Go to Noah. Because they say no, he's a second father of humanity after the flood, of course. So they wanted to know what is your point when

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you say whatever they say to Adam, after praising Noah, admiring him, and Allah subhanaw taala admired him in the Quran when he said, you know, can Abdun shockula He was indeed a grateful servant to Allah subhanaw taala. So that's why they will remind him how Allah admired him. So Muslims or non Muslims will learn that Allah has admired him in the Quran, and will remind him with Allah's favor upon him, and that Allah has admired him, take advantage, go and talk to Allah. He say, Yeah, but

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Allah granted me and answered supplication. He said, If you make this application, I will answer and I used it, to invoke Allah against my people to destroy them. They didn't know how to Salam say in Surah Noor, Rob Bella Tada Rohan, I'll be mineral calf theory in the Yarra My Lord do not let any non believer live on Earth, destroy the world and Allah accept it is and he said the flood which destroyed all human beings and other living creatures, except those who believed and joined no peace be upon him on board of his ark. Then he will say NFC NFC NFC myself myself, I'm worried about myself and He will direct them to Ibrahim manage Salah as for Ibrahim Ali Salam, I prefer to take a

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short break, then we'll get to continue.

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When we return back after a couple of minutes Inshallah, please stay tuned.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. And welcome back to the second segment in today's program of gardens of the pious. I know this segment will take phone calls, answer questions, but the hadith is kind of long.

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So allow me to wrap it up first, then shall I'll be more than happy to take your questions and phone calls in the remaining

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So let's head Noah, peace be upon him. After declining the nine axis He will direct them to Ibrahim Al Islam was also known as the father of the prophets.

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And from Rahim Allah Salam, the two lineages of Israel and its hub, extended over the whole earth, masha Allah. So all the prophets would come from the lineage of Ibrahim Ali Salam, and a lot of medicine in the Quran. What the Hydra law or Hema Holly Illa Allah has taken over him as a hollyland. The word Holly means intimate friend, he loved him so much. And he said about Ibrahim, he's a whole nation by himself, the nation often in Rahima clan or olmesartan. Call Italy Lai Hanif and what a miracle mean and Mushrikeen he was only single so believer on Earth. And we all know his struggle and striving hard to spread monotheism and to bring people to worship Allah and on and so

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on. And what happened to him when he was sworn in fire

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and why he's been through. So they will go to Ibrahim Ali salaam, who will go to Abraham, all mankind, all people. Yeah, Ibrahim, you are holy Lord, man, Allah stickiness an intimate friend, and you are the father of the prophets. Don't you see our miserable condition? Enter, see, ask Allah to the to start the hisab the judgment. So Abraham Ali Salam will say look, I've lied a few times, and I'm worried about my sins lie. But they have Rahim Ali Salam was truthful. And he's a father of the prophets. Well, he perceived when he said to his people, they wanted him to join them to a festival where the worship idols and said I'm not feeling well. He wanted an excuse to leave him alone. So he

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perceived this as a lie. And number two, when his people left to attend the festival outside he had a plan where he went to the table and he destroyed all

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It was with the exception of one of them, where he put the X next to him or on the shoulder of the Idaho they return. They said, who did the said Ask him? It looks like he's the one who did it. So I said this second line. And when he and his wife Sarah visited Egypt, and the Egyptian pharaoh was a very wicked person, and try to you know, Ray, his wife, Sarah. So he said, you know, if the as you say, You're my sister, and the reality are all brothers and sisters, so he was worried that could be a lie, then he will decline. I say, No, no, no, I'm worried about my sense. Go to somebody else. Myself, myself, myself. I'm worried about myself, and I'm worried about my sense. You all direct

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them to Moses and Musa alayhis salam, as you know that he has punched somebody just just and he killed him innocent. He was so powerful. So despite the fact that he's Kelly Mola, he was the very first person that Allah spoke to him directly without a barrier. And and and but he said, I'm worried about the sin of killing somebody without right. So leave me alone Neff. CNF see enough's. Then He will direct them to a Sally Sarah Hey Sally Salem people will praise will praise Him as follows Yeah, hey sir. And Kenny medulla Rohilla. You are Kelly metal Alka Isla Maria Morocco men. Hola Korea created you miraculously. And you're able to speak to people while you were in the

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cattle. And Allah subhanaw taala created you via conferee Akun. You know, he said come and you will create it. And he his mother. Never been with a man virgin birth. This is so miraculous. Like Adam was created parentless. You're created fatherless. after all. You are a chosen Prophet of Allah. So intercede for us with Allah asked him to begin the reckoning. Race Ali Salam would not mention innocent he didn't commit innocence. He didn't commit in essence, peace be upon him. So what he will say NFC NFC NFC because what happened with the people, the followers of Jesus peace be upon him who altered his faith and his monotheistic message, and they ended up either considering him as God or

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the son of God. And that is obviously clear in Surah Finisar in social media and finally sort of Aida is Ali Salam will disown his own people. He will say what Allah will ask him Yeah, he said no money and the altar in the hero in your OMYA Isla Haman lunula all so Gohara Can I have only an Akula man i Sorry, we have in common to call to HuFa

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Darla Murphy nfcu Allah Allah Murphy enough sleep in the will so he will deny all what Ben who is ill dead on they said that Jesus is God or the son of God who say you know best I didn't. And then eventually by the end he was in the room for in a bad who were in town feel known for in Africa and tell Aziz will hacky. Oh Allah you want to punish them all your servants if you want to throw them in *, they deserve it. If you pardon them, you are the Almighty, the old wise, but Neff CFC.

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Then Jesus Peace Be Upon Him will direct all mankind to seek the help of Muhammad, peace be upon him. What kind of help to intercede before Allah who said before Allah said man's levy ash Pharaoh in the who,

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who is here who would dare to intercede with him without his permission and leave. And in fact,

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the Almighty Allah promised Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as he was still alive, that you will be I want to share with you in whatever well Musa fine, he will be our moment and Shaquan will our Yani upon resurrection, the very first human being, he will come out of the earth will be Prophet Muhammad. I will shuffle the first human being who will then have to intercede will be Prophet Muhammad, you may intercede in your intercession might not be accepted, but our Mustafa is imprecision will be honored and accepted Mohammed and the very first person to set his foot in Jana is Mohamed Salah la salud. He taught us peace be upon him that after every

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exam, we should repeat after them wasn't then after every event we should say along malapa had hit our determine was solid. Emma grant Mohamed El will see that I will fully Oba

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Some are common, more than in the reactor that raise into a praiseworthy position which you have promised this MACOM this condition, this praiseworthy Rand which Allah promising is the MACOM of shefa. A Shabbat will augment which no one will intercede nor dare to intercede beforehand. So Prophet Mohammed, Salah Salamone people who go to him and remind him with Allah's favor upon him being the last, and the final messenger will say, Allah and Allah, I'm ready for it. I am for it. I'm the one whom Allah made by saying, he is a chef. Then he will proceed towards the throne of the Most Beneficent, the Almighty Allah and He will prostrate himself for so long doing what? praising

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and glorifying the Almighty Allah with words and phrases of praise and glorification, which no one ever praise Allah with how did you learn that Allah inspired him with these phrases and words of glorification? Then all of a sudden the Almighty Allah will talk to him in front of everyone Oh Mohamed Arafat said

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Raise your head, rise up ish far too sharp found intercede your intercession will be accepted and you will be granted acceptance will sell Toyota and asked anything you want you will be given you will be granted whatever he asked for Allahu Akbar, don't you? Don't you feel very proud, being followers of Prophet Muhammad Salah salah. All the messengers of Allah

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will deny access and will decline even mere interceding but the Prophet Salah Salem will intercede on behalf of all people. Then the Prophet Salah Salem will be given access to talk. His first words will be Europe, almighty Almighty almighty. My lord, please save my people. Save my followers save my nation. So the Almighty Allah will tell him you see this right gate

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on Al Jana. Admit through with those of your OMA who shall enter Jannah without reckoning along with my even as then what did you do? And what did you not do? Yet who knew on Elgin Nutter the lady who said they shall enter paradise without even cushions without being recalled or asked or accounted there are so good? They are so you know putting the trust in Allah so much that they are true believers go Bismillah and then agenda have how many gates

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agenda has eight gates, eight gates, one of them is exclusively for those who will enter agenda

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without previous recording, and then he said and the rest of your own measure internal Jana, among the rest of mankind, look at this OMA being very distinguished, being very special, being chosen by the Almighty Allah, not because of our complexion, not because of the color of our eyes, not because we were so but because of the qualities quantum higher or matted or courgette Linus tech, more own filmography what an Hoonah Anil monkey what would mean would have Allah because you enjoying what is good you for bed what is evil, and you truly believe in Allah? The only people on earth as of today who truly believe in the Oneness of Allah and pay sincere Do you wash it to the Almighty Allah are

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the Muslims, anyone other than Muslims, they do associate with ALLAH, others in worship, but they do not even recognize His presence, His Lordship and obviously, his worship. May Allah Almighty bless us all and keep this OMA steadfast on the street path, so that we enjoy the intercession of the Prophet SAW Selim, and then we'll be capable to intercede for others as well. That was a hadith quickly and I don't think we'll be able to take another Hadith but maybe I can take a couple calls. Before we conclude the program, as you know, today's program is a live program as salaam alaikum

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wa live from India, welcome to Guardians of the pious

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Go ahead, shake my

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I have one question.

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In India, we are having heavy deposit system for house in which we pay five lakh six lakh rupees for a fixed term like two

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

Two years and five years and in in that we don't have to pay any rent for that period of time, but many scholar says that it is not permissible as we are not giving rent, but they are not considering inflation factor in that means, last year my currency was 72 rupees per dollar and this year my currency rate is 82 rupees per dollar. So, if I'm giving three lakh rupees, the value will be less in next year. So, isn't that isn't that consider as a rent

00:30:39 --> 00:30:54

look definitely my respected brother, I would like to tell you there are that if the government is offering you a house at a fixed price at a fixed price, you pay

00:30:55 --> 00:31:51

them down payment, then you pay over a period of 10 years whatever amount with no interest this is permissible 100% But if they tell you the price is that much and because you will pay over the extended payment over a period of whatever number of years there will be interest generated equal to any percentage even if it is just 1% this interest is rebar is usually that is not permissible. So, if you cannot go around it, then maybe some rich Muslims can do this on behalf of the Muslim community can chip in and buy houses and resell it for people at a fixed price without charging interest. Okay. And Riba and Islam or Eden usually or having to pay usually is one of the major sins

00:31:51 --> 00:32:11

and one of the destructive sense who should avoid it. It will be only permitted in some necessities and very limited condition. The include buying a house or buying a lot or buying a car may Allah Almighty guide us what is best. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In fact, we run out of time, my dear viewers, we will live from Abuja,

00:32:21 --> 00:33:11

Nigeria and today I enjoyed visiting a beautiful school and soon after this program, due to visit another school, and I'm very very impressed with the performance of the students here. And the way that they recite the Quran, Mrs. Quran even with different dialects May Allah bless them all. And I would like to see this all over the world not only here or there or in Saudi or in Egypt or in Syria, rather all over the world a whole holy war stuff online you will also know Allah on sad and I'm hung on and he also he also limit us the McCarthy era. Masala Monokuma rahmatullahi wa wabarakatuh Allah Our God is the greatest, the one and only glory to Him. He only used to be the

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best and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgiving Allah about an empire that was shipping guns, fire and stones, sending letters to the cheapest

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day ignore that forgetting all about how bad guys are shipping cars fire and stones. Selling the best were the cheapest

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