Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 128C Tafsir Al-Rad 25-28

Taimiyyah Zubair
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On the other hand or Latina and coluna de la, those people who break the covenant of Allah mimbar de missa, he after contracting it after making it with Allah, and what is this earth? The Aleste. So they break it how by disbelieving.

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They're called, they don't respond. They're invited to believe they don't believe they're invited to Islam they don't accept. So they're breaking their covenant with Allah.

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They made the last but they contradicted in their lives worked our honor, and they cut off my honor Allah will be useful that which Allah has ordered should be joined, meaning to sever their relationships while you have Sedona filled out and they spread facade in the earth.

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They spread facade in the earth I want you to look at the fire in which the characteristics of Al Bab were mentioned who are they when Lydia Yes, Lido nama Amana, Allah will be a useful way of showing or other way of opponents who will rise up.

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And over here what is mentioned while you have Sedona fill Earth, so the opposite of fearing Allah has what doing facade in the earth?

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Because when a person doesn't have the fear of Allah, than what did the prophets have a lot of SimCity dilemmas that he when you don't have any shyness, you don't have any modesty you don't have any respect for the other, then first not rush it then do whatever you will be in them. There's no limits. So this is why will you have Sedona fill up they spread corruption in the land.

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Hula eikelboom Hola Anna, for them is the curse Willow home su del and for them is the worst home. And what is that worst home hellfire? So what is mentioned over here, about the opposite, that they ruin the relationships. You see, relationships can only be good if one has suffered over what he suffers at the hands of the others. He is tolerant. But when he doesn't have that tolerance when he makes a big deal out of minor issues, little issues, then what does that lead to facade, corruption, and you have Sedona fill out this pet corruption in the man whether it is by breaking promises or by being treacherous or by breaking ties of relationships. The one who is ruining this dunya means the

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one who was reading the dunya of another person the life of another person. In reality, he is destroying his own health.

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What is he doing? He's destroying his own a hill. You know, when people go and break in somewhere and steal some money, you know, destroy someone's property, then okay, they got some money.

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They're gonna have a little bit of fun, but at the same time, they hurt some other people.

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They harmed their duniya. In reality, what have they done, they have destroyed their IRA, they have destroyed their own IRA. So when we are hurting others taking the piece of their lives away in reality, what are we doing, destroying our asset, the one who bothers others will be bothered in return. A lovely absolute risk. Alima Masha, Allah extends provision for whomsoever He wills, meaning he increases it, he expands it and this risk of material provision in this life, he extends it for who for whomsoever He wills way up there. And he also restricts meaning he limits it as much as He wills whenever he wills. So Liz, this is in whose hands, Allah says, he decides he can expand

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it for someone and he can limit it for whoever, whenever a person has given a lot in one year, and in the following year, limited, a person was given very limited in the first few years and then unlimited later. And this can even fluctuate in life a lot less, a lot less. Why? Because this is within the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. And he tests his servant through it for funny who will hire to dunya but they rejoice in the worldly life. The people, they just get very happy for, they get happy with the life of this world, meaning if they have a lot of risk, they're happy. If somebody gets up, they think they're very successful. They think they're very lucky. They're very

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fortunate. Whereas having this dunya having a lot of risk here. That doesn't mean much. That doesn't mean that definitely a person is successful, because well, mother had to duniya feel guilty lammeter the life of this dunya compared to the Aqua it is nothing but matar it is nothing but a temporary enjoyment of brief enjoyment. The life of this dunya is so cheap, the things of this world are so cheap, so insignificant, just something to be enjoyed for some time used temporarily. And Colosse finished. And you know what's so amazing that we see this happen in this life. You go by something you spend so much time

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Energy choosing for the right thing right color right texture. And what happens you bring it home you use it you see you know rusting, you see cracked, you see it going bad and then you say, You know what it needs to be replaced. It dies before your eyes.

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nology that comes out every year. You get a phone every time you get a laptop within the next couple of months. Yes, new technology. What happens with it? Within a couple months, it's it's old. It's old. And when it first comes out, and you have it in your hand, you feel like you're something we're funny who Bill had 20 Other so happy. I have the first iPhone. Yeah, look at it now. Look at it now. And compared with an average Android, what does it look like? It looks so ancient. So bulky, so heavy. Look at the screens, just compare it. But what happened when you first held it? You felt as though you were so lucky. Fundamental will head to dunya. And actually, there's actually a term for

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this called planned or perceived obsolescence, which basically means that things are actually made to run out at a certain time before you know, decades ago, things were actually made and designed for it to sort of last for a really really long time. Like my mom, for example, she would make sure that the blender she has can go as far as it can. But you know what? Now you can't really say that because things are actually made to run out at a certain time. Because there's always going to be better improved technology coming out so it's gonna become useless in front of your eyes. Even if it works perfectly fine. You're outdated because you have it because there is a better option. So no

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matter what we have this dunya no matter how technologically advanced it is, no matter how efficiently it works. Remember there is better engine because the life of this dunya is what just a matar what is matar something that you enjoy us for some time, temporarily. The things of this dunya like dishes, utensils, there matar.

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Now, we see that in every nation, every place in this world, every era,

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people they differ in their. Or you can say economical position, some have more money, some have less, right, some are wealthier, and some are not that wealthy, there's a difference. Always. There's always people who have more money compared to others.

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People don't have the exact same money, right? There's a difference. But we see that in every place and every era, people who have more money are considered to be more fortunate and more successful.

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We know about the richest people of the world, but the poorest people of the world. Are they listed? No.

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We give a lot of importance to people who have money, but people who have less money, they're not given that much importance. But what do we learn over here that this is the division of Allah subhanaw taala. And he can change it for any servant whenever he wills. So what's the lesson in this, if we have been given something, don't be overly happy about it, that this is it. Don't make your focus, the material success of this dunya that if I'm financially stable, if I have a stable income, if I have this much money in my savings, then I'll be happy. No, your happiness should not depend on your money.

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Your happiness must not depend on your financial status.

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If you think about it, someone can be having like a really high salary and they think they're all well and then something happens to them. They get a really bad disease or something and everything's just taken away from them.

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One accident can kill a person.

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I was watching a video recently about a he's a famous rapper rapper, whose name is loon. He converted. Like long time ago, he was rich, he had a lot of money. And he said, rich people didn't really notice what they have, like they have until someone that's less fortunate than them comes along and becomes their friend. And they're like, Wow, you have that car. And then they realize, Oh yeah, I have it done me enjoy it for some time. And then at the end of the day, they just put it back in their garage and then that's it. They don't remember it's just something that's temporary. Until someone that's that doesn't have it. They're like, Oh my God, you have this while this will

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So, if you have something or fairy who will hire to dunya Don't be overly happy about it and think you're the luckiest person on the planet. And if you don't have something, don't feel that you are the most unfortunate person.

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So like I saw a reminder recently

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say that someone out there is praying for everything that we take for granted.

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It's just a reminder to be grateful for every little thing is be grateful for every little thing. Just the very piece that we enjoy in our homes on our streets at night during the day. In our massages, we complain about the heat, we complain that the musty the stuffy, it's overpack. At least it is safe.

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We complain that the faster too long at least you have food at the end of the day. We complain that our house is too small or it's too stuffy, at least it is safe and secure. Assalamu alaikum. We did the class yesterday, this routing of the one of the tip of the when he did the Friday. It said I'm going to share one of the story, one of the person who said please share, I want to talk with the Imam after what he said okay. And he came to him and said please make me dwell either a lot cured me or either a lot take my life.

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The amount he said, I was really wondering why he asked me for this kind of tour. So that he can that he said what's the problem what's right, he said I have a problem. When I want to close my highs during the night, I cannot able close my highs. And I have to use a tool which is hurting me to use this one. In the morning when I wake up to open my highs, I cannot able to open my highs, I have to use the tool which is hurting me so much I can be able to open my eyes. Now. You said remember the small things imagines how many blessings your habit we neglecting, we just do not appreciate it. We just look at Whoa, she has been wy I do not have it. She have this one. I do not

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have it. But we forget all about what we have it inside in our heart. They said Just remember, if you can able to just use your one leg and you walk without one leg can you able to do that. But we never appreciate what we have it in one a robot bodies is what we have, we don't appreciate and what we see other people having,

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we want it.

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We want that this is why we're constantly busy. You know, she has this I need to get this as well. We keep looking at the things that other people have. This is why we're never satisfied with so many things that we have

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our greed, it just keeps increasing and we keep chasing this dunya and we forget the main purpose of our lives.

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Um, I was reading recently about some diseases in the world that people don't know where it comes from, or how to cure it. And I was reading one that made me really sad because we're always so ungrateful, like wasting water and things like that. But there's a disease, it's actually not that rare anymore. It's quite common some places, and basically the person who has it as allergic to water, so that

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it's not even like just drinking the water. Like if it touches their bodies, it like it burns their bodies, like their tears, their sweat, there's a woman in the stage, she can't be in the shower for more than 10 seconds a weak because her body will burn if she does. And since our bodies are 70% Water, she just constantly has a rash.

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I know someone like that it's not I don't know, the severity, like what the range is, but she can't like she, she's been to dermatologists and these prescribed creams and everything. But she says nothing works. And she's had it since childhood. And she says some days are better than others. But yeah, she's constantly got rashes all over her body.

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being allergic to water.

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It makes me think of the Hadees where it says that as long as you wake up with a house and a sound body and enough who drives the day. It's like you have the whole world. And it's so true. If you think about it, if one of those things are missing, then it's like your whole day goes by so bad. But if you have those three things it's like you have literally everything in the world.

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I remember what some things I'm allergic come in my face. Whenever I make what do I couldn't make. It's increased more and more. Until I go to the doctor. I went to the doctor and give me some medicine. But I couldn't wait for those almost 15 days I was doing

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the network we are in it with Yes. And this is just the body.

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And then there are so many other things which Allah subhanaw taala has given us that we can use we can enjoy we can see we can eat we can where we can sit on we can walk with we can drive in so many things. But we're most of the time we're complaining instead of being grateful. I know someone who is an insomniac and I mean

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Like I know people who go through bouts of it throughout the year, but I know someone who's like a full on insomniac. And throughout Ramadan, it hit me really hard because obviously we're lacking sleep. And we're always tired. So you know, I had two days without sleep, and I was finished by the end of it, like I was exhausted, I couldn't even hear what my mother was saying to me. So I was wiped out, made me remember that person, how they couldn't sleep at night, every single night unless you took prescribed pills from the doctor. And sometimes they're like, the pills make me feel sick, so I don't take the pills, and then I stay up all night. And like, they just they cannot sleep. And

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we don't realize what a huge blessing just that sleep is.

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Sometimes we just like look at people what they haven't on the surface. Like, for example, I have a cousin and she's really pretty much Allah. And I would look at her and I'd feel like I'm not as pretty and stuff, you know, but then.

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But then I found out recently that like, she had this problem, so she had to take a medication, and that medication had this side effect. So she had to take another medication for that now she's like drowning in pills. And so I felt like along the lobbies of a normal body,

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at least, like I don't have to go through those unnecessary things. And whenever you see someone with a blessing, instead of looking at their blessing, and you know, overly admiring them and wishing that you had praise Allah subhanaw taala. Because Alhamdulillah praise Allah, Ma sha Allah, La Quwata illa Allah, so that first of all, we are prevented from hesed. And at the same time, we do not become proud about what we have. There is no, you know, hatred for that individual. And they're also protected from that.

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The other day, we went to the hospital to visit a friend. And then we came across another woman sitting outside. And we just said hi. And we passed by and she asked, I was with my daughter, and she has

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a nice daughter. And so my daughter asked her, Are you okay? And she said, Yeah, I'm okay. But my husband is here. And then when I saw my daughter asking a lot, then I stopped. And then I talked to her so and then she was with her husband, who she brings to the hospital three times a week where he has to go through dialysis. And then my daughter didn't understand. So the woman was kind enough to explain that what dialysis is. So that sticked with her the whole day, the whole night when she came home, and she started telling others. So sometimes we just go about that we don't know, the blessing we have in our own bodies. Yes.

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We I also had to visit somebody in the hospital recently. And I found out that the person who was sharing the room with them just come from some surgery, a two year old something man in his 80s. And he fell and broke his hip.

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And nobody was coming to visit him he had no visitors.

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So the people who were there there were just trying to make conversation with him. And he was just saying that I actually have a son who's handicapped was in a wheelchair, and I look after him.

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Imagine this 80 year old man is looking after his son who's in a wheelchair. They've got no family, nothing. So he's lying on that bed after that surgery concerned about his son, because he is worried how's my son going to eat?

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Because his son is on a wheelchair.

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We are very ungrateful people, very ungrateful people.

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We complain about

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so many things, and we don't realize the blessings that we have. We think that certain people certain things, certain circumstances in our lives are actually a problem. They're not a problem. They're a blessing for us. And if we just look outside, the kinds of lives that other people are living, lonely, miserable, empty lives.

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Maybe we would be a little bit grateful

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Oh, we all have problems, but some of them they have ability to be grateful and remember ALLAH, but is the blessing that Allah gives people because people Allah didn't give us ability to be grateful. Whatever he gives us bad or good or difficult. We're not going to be able, because I remember my grandma. Back home, I was really young and I never understood her. She had a disease in her back. And nobody knew what kind of disease was and it was really cruciate in pain that she goes through. And five minutes after she's very normal, and nobody knows what happened. And I remember we have me and my sister at night we have to be one time and time whenever has been she have to confer her. But

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one thing that struck me and I remember, like last five years or six years every time is I never

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Her, seen her, I have a big, whenever you ask her, How are you doing? She said, I'm good. I'm great. I never heard her my grandma saying that she has been. And that's ability, that ability that God gave her because everybody doesn't have ability to be grateful. Whatever they're going through, yes. And those who are grateful to Allah in good times, only then they can be grateful in difficult times. Otherwise, how can a person remember Allah in tough times, in hard times,

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somebody come, I was also thinking that we should be grateful, the sense that you know, Allah has given us eyesight, so we can read the Quran, he has made it so easy for us. And I think all of us here, to be able to worship Him aid to fulfill our promise with Allah to pray, we have limbs, we can bow down, we can go to record, we can do sujood we can read the Quran, we can listen to the Quran, he has given us all of these faculties. And he's made so much easier for us to worship Him because a lot of people don't have that. And then the people who don't have people who are blind, and they're reading the Quran, in Braille and everything, it's so much harder, but they're doing it. And we have

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that and we're not grateful to Allah when we open the Quran that Allah has given us hands to turn the pages. I remember I read somewhere how there was this teenager, and he was really upset that you know, because he was paralyzed, he was really upset that he couldn't so badly wanted to turn the pages of the Quran when he was reading it. And then that makes you think that how easy it is for us. As long life feel like sometimes we're ungrateful because we're not put in the situation where we can be like, you know, South handler and stuff. Like couple of months ago, my friend, she has been in the hospital for years now. And she has a disease called Crohn's where you can't eat anything. So

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the doctors have given her surgery, her intestines have cut into half, half half. So small, she's attached to something. It's really horrible. So one of the ways I thought of like, you know, remembering Allah is that, you know, the Hadees way, the where Allah says, Did you come see me or something? And you know, like, so I went to hug to the hospital to see her. And that that day, when I came home, I really fell down in tears. And I was like, hello, like, I have everything and she was crying. She was like, I don't understand how people are so grateful. And that small, they do this and they don't take care of themselves while I'm struggling for five minutes of my life here. So

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whenever something's bothering you in your life, and if he like complaining or you're unhappy with the way things are, just go to the hospital, literally and just walk through the corridors. Just do that. And you'll be grateful for the fact that you were able to walk so many people just going to the hospital like there's so much reward for that before going to visit the SEC but nowadays, I was in my bio class and the professor's there promoting not going to the hospital because they said that there's so many germs out there that if you go just by sitting in the hospital, you get sick, so Subhanallah you'll get sick. Exactly.

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If you go to the hospital, you will get sick. In the Rila Hanalei Rajan Prophet salallahu Salam said there is no idea there is no contagious disease in the sense that just because someone is sick, that doesn't mean you will also become sick. In another Hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, there is one thing that will continue in myeloma and that is the people saying that, you know, I got sick because of so and so that this camel got sick because of this camera. He said, Where did it start from? Yes, everything comes from somewhere. But Allah allows it to happen. So you cannot get sick unless that sickness is decreed for you. It doesn't mean that you go in the face of

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problems. No, you take your precaution, your protection, you know, when you go to the hospital and you wash your hands when you leave the hospital, and inshallah Allah will keep you safe, but go meet the sick, the relatives or friends who are unwell. Go bring a smile on their face. You don't remove their loneliness, say a word of comfort to them. You know somebody who's unwell. We went to see them and they told me that somebody came to see them for just literally few minutes. Literally a few minutes. She said they came and the district was a Fatiha for her a couple times and said My car is running outside. Somebody's waiting in the car for me I have to go for a class, but she came just to

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visit and that made her day it made her so happy. So there's a lot of Ebro many lessons and a lot of good in this for us when we go see people who are suffering more than us makes us grateful for what we have. Because otherwise we just got lost in our lives. Will Federico been hired to dunya this be happy with the life of this world. We'll call on Lavina Cafaro and those people who disbelieve say Lola on Zillow or li al to middle of B, how come a miracle has not been given to him by his Lord. The people of Makkah. They used to consider themselves very wealthy. You know, of course, they would compare their economical position with that

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that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and would say that we are more rich compared to him how come we were not given prophet hood? There were people in Mecca who are actually jealous of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that why is it that he was given profited when we have more sons, when we have more money, when we have more power and influence, so they consider themselves very wealthy, which is why they were proud and they felt that they were more deserving. And they would say to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that if you're really a prophet, then how come you don't have some super amazing miracle? Like, a lot of gold ore, your house being made into gold, or this mound of stuff

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are being turned into gold. How come you don't show these miracles to us? So they would say no low on zilara Li Aya to Mirai? How come a miracle has not been given to him from his Lord called say, in Allah Illuma, yesha Allah, let's go astray whomsoever He wills with the layman, and Arab, and He guides to himself, whomsoever turns to him,

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meaning Allah allows those people to go astray. Who those whom he wants, and who is it that Allah sends astray? People who don't want to be guided?

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And who is it that Allah gives guidance to those who men and those who turn to him those who are humble. You see miracles. They don't guide they don't bring Eman in the heart of a person. They can only improve the man that is already present.

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Miracles, they improve Iman, they enhance it. They don't cause Eman to happen. Eman only comes when Allah subhanaw taala guides a person and when will Allah guide a person when a person wants to be guided when he wants hidayah in a hadith we learned that the Mushrikeen asked the Prophet salallahu salam to turn mount Asafa into gold. And they also asked him to cause a spring to gush forth for them meaning in Makkah, and remove the mountains from around Makkah and replace them with green fields and gardens. So basically a whole lot of demands. And Allah subhanaw taala he said to the Prophet salallahu Salam, if you wish, oh Muhammad, I will give them what they asked for, if you

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wish, all of these miracles can be shown. However, if they disbelieve after that, I will punish them with the punishment that I did not punish any among the world's meaning such a punishment will come upon them that is going to be very unique, nothing of its like has ever happened.

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Or if you wish, I will open for them the door to repentance and mercy. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, but if the Hello Humberto, but you would rather open for them the door to repentance and mercy. Meaning don't show these miracles. We don't want them rather, yeah, Allah keep the door of repentance and mercy open for the people give them time. And eventually they will believe those who want to believe and who are those people who turn to Allah Alladhina amanu those who believe what automa in Nakano, Bombay decorilla And whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah, their hearts are assured by whose remembrance

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by remembering the money that's sitting in their bank account,

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or by remembering the goal that's sitting in their locker, ya know, these things can never bring you comfort. They only make you worried and more worried, and more worried. That take the peace of your life away.

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Their hearts find peace in what in the vicar of Allah? What does it make? No, it's made Nan is to be relieved from shock from doubt, from restlessness. You see, we experience doubt we experience shakiness. When we are indecisive when we're unsure. We feel nervous. We lack confidence. Okay, we are afraid we get worried. And

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all of these things, they're basically caused by some void. Something that is missing.

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Like for example, you lost your keys, you cannot find them. How do you feel? Happy? No, no, no, you're constantly shaky, you're constantly restless in doubt. You're like, did I put it there? Did I put it there? Do I still have it in my bag? You can't sit in peace. You can't have a conversation and peace. You're constantly worried you're constantly anxious. So when is it that your heart will find peace and comfort? When is it that it will be reassured when you find the keys?

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things bothering you, should you go somewhere? Or should you not go somewhere? It's bothering you a lot. So when is it that you can be at peace when, when that problem is resolved, and you see a good reason to go and you go or you see a good reason to not go and you don't go, you have a question and that question is bothering you. And eventually when you find the answer, you're at peace, this is intimate none. That when that void is filled up, when that doubt is replaced with Yaqeen. When that feeling of uncertainty of indecisive mess is removed, that is its maintenance, when that fear that worry that concern is gone and you are at peace. So Alladhina amanu Wautoma inocula Boom be the

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killer their hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah. Why? Because Allah be the gorilla. He taught my Endo, Nakuru, unquestionably is only in the Dhikr of Allah, that the hearts will find rest. You see if your keys are lost, and somebody says, have a piece of cake, you will feel better have this cookie, you'll feel good. No, I'm not going to feel good until I find my keys.

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It's like a child is hurt. And they're crying, because they want to go to their mom, and you tell them, Oh, play this game, they will play it for a little while. But then again, that baby's going to throw that phone away, and it's gonna go around to find his mom. You cannot distract children when they want something. So likewise, our heart also has a need it needs food. And what is that food? The vicar of Allah, as a crew leader, or Kulu vicar is the food of the heart? And if the heart is not fed, will it be happy? Will it be at rest? Will it be at peace? Will you be able to do anything in life? No, you won't be able to. So what's the solution? Watch your movie. What's the solution? Go

00:32:00 --> 00:32:41

shopping? What's the solution? Go take some medications go for some therapy. These things can help. They can help but they're not the solution. The solution is to remember Allah, that is what will really bring peace and comfort to your heart and nothing else can really nothing else can you see the prophets of Allah, Abu Bakr when they were in the cave, I will back it up with Owen who was so nervous, he was crying, worried. And the prophets have a lot of sense that lesson in the law, man, don't worry, Allah is with us. How come the prophets of Allah Edison was at peace because he was remembering Allah. So that fear that worry that concern, it was gone.

00:32:43 --> 00:33:01

In a hadith we learn that whoever is frightened by the darkness of the night, or whoever is afraid of spending wealth, or he feels weak, to face the enemy, then he should increase in saying Subhan Allah, he wouldn't be handy he,

00:33:02 --> 00:33:14

he should increase in saying Subhan Allah he will be handy he who the one who is afraid of the darkness of the night, or who is afraid of spending money

00:33:15 --> 00:33:55

in the way of Allah, or he is afraid to face the enemy, whatever that enemy, whatever the challenge may be, that the Prophet said a lot of them said that he should increase in the vicar of Allah and which decrease specifically Subhan Allah, He will be handy. With everything that's happening, especially in Palestine. I have so many people around me that share the details and I feel I don't want to look away or ignore them because that in itself makes me feel guilty. And we all feel so overwhelmed with helplessness and sadness, even doesn't matter how many protests you go to, or how many things you share on Facebook, we still can't help our brothers and sisters there. And one of my

00:33:55 --> 00:34:30

relatives, she shared this ayat with us. It is really one of the most calming and it's one of the best reminders from the entire Quran that I love because literally it is, the best thing we can do is remember Allah and that will give our hearts peace, when your heart sick and your heavy hearted and literally, you can't stop crying because of everything that's going on. This is this is what we can do. So you cry before Allah and pray to Him and ask Him for guidance to show you the best way. That is what will bring comfort and peace to your heart otherwise nothing well.

00:34:32 --> 00:35:00

In a hadith we learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Saba Khan waffly, Dune, the movie dune or the morphogens they have gone ahead, they have surpassed everybody they have basically one. The Sahaba said Who are they? And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said they are those who remember Allah, there are those who remain engaged in the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala so those people have gotten ahead of everybody, because there are certain deeds

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

for which you have to be in a certain place, you have to wait for a certain time, or you have to be in a certain state, and only then you can perform those deeds. Right? Like for example, if you want to give sadaqa then you have to find someone to give sadaqa to, you have to have something to give sadaqa with. But when it comes to the vicar of Allah, then really you can do it at any time, because that's what the Prophet salallahu Salam used to do. His wives How did they describe him that used to remember Allah frequently or Hani in every state of his, he would remember Allah, and this is why he was such a calm person, despite the difficulties that he faced in life, what happens with us, we

00:35:44 --> 00:36:28

freak out over every little thing we're stressing out, we get angry, we get upset. We get anxious. Why? Because we don't know how to bring calmness to our hearts. And what's the solution? How do you calm your heart through the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala Asha de la Varna said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to say Allah Subhana Allah he will be handy a staff it Allah a tool will be lay Subhan Allah he will be handy and stuff that Allah Adobo Illa used to say this a lot, a lot. And both of these doing the spear. And doing is the HA was something that the Prophet SAW Allah is Allah made a habit off. So for example, in the morning, remember that incident when you waited a little

00:36:28 --> 00:36:55

longer she was sitting after fajr doing the Prophet salallahu Salam came to see her went somewhere else and came back at noontime and she was still doing liquor, what did he say? I have just said for Kelly met three times and I have earned more reward than you. And what was that they could Subhanallah he will be handy are the healthy worry about NF C was in a towel she want me that actually Mati.

00:36:56 --> 00:37:17

So he would say that in the morning, then likewise, and Hadees we learned that if a person says Subhan Allah, He will be handy Subhan Allah? Are they all of these different forms of this beer 100 times a day, then what's the benefit of that? His sins will be forgiven, even if they are like, the fall

00:37:18 --> 00:37:26

of the sea. Just imagine, you see, what is it that makes us worried and anxious, our mistakes,

00:37:28 --> 00:37:57

our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our sins, they really make us feel burdened. They make our heart feel heavy, so that we cannot relax, we cannot enjoy. You know, we feel awkward when we're interacting with certain people. So what's the way out? How do you relax yourself in your heart by remembering Allah by having your sins forgiven by remembering his glory, His greatness, the fact that he can forgive sins, no matter how many they may be?

00:37:59 --> 00:38:34

The nighttime what Ziggler to say, and you know, it's so perfect in our lives right now. Because when you're driving alone, especially in the middle of the night, per diem, and it's dark, you can't help but feel nervous and anxious. So yesterday, I was just reading that to myself. And so plan a life felt so calm and tranquil, especially when you are going to the masjid. You don't want to feel anxious or nervous while just saying Subhan Allah, we learned everything at such perfect timing. And I felt so relaxed and that I'm in the care of my Lord, there is nothing else and really, really, I felt that it really did give me 16 at peace.

00:38:37 --> 00:39:19

And you see, remembering Allah subhanaw taala. A lot mean you might say well, saying Subhan Allah will be handy under times. That means that after every Salam sitting and doing the good or, you know, when I'm walking, I'm doing the good when I'm doing my chores, I'm doing the good. You can never do a lot of the Quran because Allah subhanaw taala himself says with good Allah, the Quran Kathira remember Allah a lot, the theory. And you see in Saudi Arabia, we learn about the qualities of the Ideal Muslim men and women in ayah number 35 in non Muslim meanwhile, Muslim add money in one won't be natural quantity and we'll call it that. And many qualities are mentioned amongst them

00:39:19 --> 00:39:52

those who fast those who are chased, those who spend in the way of Allah, those who are truthful. And then one quality that is mentioned is those who remember Allah, but with that GFI, Allah is mentioned where there Kadena locka Thielen what that Kira This is the only quality with which cathedra has come. So it shows that a believer the more he increases in his character in his good qualities, the more he increases in his vicar also. Zachary Jana has Salam. What did Allah subhanaw taala tell him?

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

Do you remember? So Allah and Ron we learned what called Rebecca Guffey RA and remember your Lord

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

much a lot moosari Sam How old are they Sam? What did they say? K newsa be Hakka cathedra one of Calaca cathedra yeah Allah we will do a lot of your TSP and we will remember you a lot. Allah subhanaw taala himself orders the believers yeah and you are looking at eminent with God Allah the Quran can feel I remember him a lot. And likewise in the most difficult situations also What does Allah say? That when you're facing the enemy Yeah, you are living in an avenue either la petofi Attend Budo what could Allah kalila and remember Allah how much so a believer remembers Allah a lot? And who is it that does not remember Allah a lot? Who remembers Allah very little? Wala yet Quran?

00:40:48 --> 00:41:34

Allah Allah Bonilla who suffer is this. Those who have never work? Those who have hypocrisy, they don't remember ALLAH, even when they're praying Salah. So as we press on every day, check, how much is it that I remembered Allah? Was I have those who didn't remember Allah except very little. How much am I busy with the vicar of Allah? How much is my tongue busy with the Dhikr of Allah? Or is it busy saying other things? Is it busy talking about other things? And the Prophet sallallahu sallam was asked that what is the best speech? What is the best speech the best words? And he said, that which Allah has chosen for his servants, meaning the angels, and what is that? Subhan Allah, He will

00:41:34 --> 00:41:56

be having the Subhanallah he will be handy. That's the best speech the most beloved speech near Allah subhanaw taala and remember, Kalamata coffee baton, or listen, have you ever done it? Man and Sophie Lawton? Fill me ZAN. Which ones are the Subhanallah who will be handy Subhan Allah who are leave.

00:41:57 --> 00:42:14

And in other Hadees we learned that Subhan Allah will hamdulillah wala ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, you know these occur? What are they say them loudly? Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, are they Difficult to say?

00:42:16 --> 00:42:20

Are they difficult? No, at hamdulillah they're not difficult so we can say them, right?

00:42:21 --> 00:42:31

In Hadees, we learned that these words they cause a person's sins to fall from him, just like leaves fall from a tree.

00:42:32 --> 00:42:37

Just like leaves fall from a tree. Right now you see the trees are full of leaves.

00:42:38 --> 00:43:20

But what will happen as the season will change, these trees will be standing and there will not even be a single leaf on them. So when a person stays busy in the vicar of Allah, then what happens is sins are falling, falling so much so that he is completely cleansed, completely washed, completely washed. In Hadees, we learned that when a person commits a scent and a black mark appears on his heart. And if he does, Stober he does is the foul. And that is also a form of remembering Allah, then what happens that black mark is removed, it is eradicated, it is wiped off, his heart is cleaned. So they could have Allah is too far. All of that is a means of cleansing ourselves,

00:43:20 --> 00:44:08

purifying ourselves. And this is the greatest comfort that you can have. This is the greatest source of peace and relaxation that you can have. No Bill can relax you that way. No food can relax you that way. Because it can fold and all of these things can make you happy in your stomach. But unless your heart is at peace, you cannot be at peace. And you cannot be at peace until unless you have this confidence that your Lord is protecting you. Your rub is hopefully inshallah happy with you. And how is it that you get closer to Allah through the Dhikr of Allah. So Allah basically Lehi that my intall Kulu so this Ramadan, let's develop a habit a few days that are left, let's focus on this.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:20

set targets for yourself every day, I have to say Subhan Allah, He will be handy at least 100 times. Tell me how long does it take to say this once? Subhan Allah will be handy. How long does it take?

00:44:22 --> 00:44:25

Not just Subhan Allah, He will be handy he wants How long does it take

00:44:26 --> 00:44:49

a second, maybe less than that? Maybe a little more than that, depending on how fast or slow you said. So if you were saying it 100 times, how long should it take you maximum two minutes, three minutes maximum. We see the number 100 And we're like, oh, my mom can do it. My grandma can do it. Now I have to do it also. And I have to make time for this

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

insha Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that if I were to say Subhan Allah wa Al Hamdulillah wala Ilaha illa Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

Allahu Akbar. If I were to say these words, they are more beloved to me than anything on which the sunrises leading these words are more beautiful to me. There are more beloved to me than anything on this planet. Anything on this earth, these Kalamata are more beloved to me. Because this is what happens when you increase in the thicker and thicker brings you peace, then that is what you enjoy. That is what you desire. That is what you prefer over everything else. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those people who really find comfort and peace into the care of Allah

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